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Ayush2727 14 часов назад
in india they take a week sometimes
DahDaniel Dude HQ
DahDaniel Dude HQ 14 часов назад
Bruh I’m watching this video in a McDonald’s drive thru right now
Sone 14 часов назад
That Savanna is super whiny and annoying like a child not getting her way . She definitely is unprofessional unprepared and uneducated with no grip on reality/facts. She throws them alternate facts at President Trump . 😂 These silly cry babies are going to throw a whopper of a tantrum when he wins in 7 days . 😂🇺🇸
Donovan Greenwood
Donovan Greenwood 14 часов назад
Christianity Boxing Mafia
Christianity Boxing Mafia 14 часов назад
Gates should be in prison for life
mark griff
mark griff 14 часов назад
You only need to see the emails to see where Joe made his millions ,selling out the US to China for millions and whenn he was VP he gave his brothr a one and a half Billion contract to re build homes in Iraq..of course as w now know Joe gets half of all profits or bribes..
Erik Schiller
Erik Schiller 14 часов назад
*burns down all stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and restaurants* “It’s so racist that we don’t have any of these near us”
Jolisa Ramos
Jolisa Ramos 14 часов назад
preston maxey
preston maxey 14 часов назад
dude i dont care about whats in a nug ill still eat em
kyle groth
kyle groth 14 часов назад
We waste so much money in this world on nonsense. It shouldn't matter how much something costs when it comes to our planet.
bonnie johnson
bonnie johnson 14 часов назад
my favourite Dominions is the thin crust Brooklyn Pizza minus the pepperoni, then add the six cheese topping...
MetalDetroit 14 часов назад
Since only Democrats owned slaves, only Democrats should pay reparations.
Sugianto Atmodjo
Sugianto Atmodjo 14 часов назад
I want robot girl my wife
Mel Taylor
Mel Taylor 14 часов назад
I love how all these politicians make their millions by selling books. We all know it’s a cover for corruption. Who in the hell would buy a book about this man? Come on man.
Juana94100 14 часов назад
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pennaCarlson larsensJohns 14 часов назад
Well aside the trading gain, I personally what to learn a lot more from Ben Mason and gain more experience, he is really someone I'd what to be like trading wise
strugglesKing lattinFarmer
strugglesKing lattinFarmer 14 часов назад
Been trading with him for over a month now, the result has been instantaneous, plus his client management is something I really admire about him, looking at my trading portfolio never gets old for me lol, thanks Ben Mason , you're the best in what you do.
catsdab69 14 часов назад
I feel this is just what I need, I have been carrying out personal trading sessions for the past three months now, with little or no gain, I have a lot of questions and challenges. I am contacting him, thanks for this information
chocodu76380 14 часов назад
Ben Mason has been one of my key revelation this year, trading under his guide has really exposed me to alot of things these cryptos can yield when effectively utilized
Hannah Zavier
Hannah Zavier 14 часов назад
Very accurate man, his signals accuracy is insane, I made $45,000 worth of Eth, that's aside my trading equity
bigjohnowens 14 часов назад
If you want to know why so many of us (Black People) can't vote for Joe Biden this should give you insight
Back to the Grindhouse
Back to the Grindhouse 14 часов назад
When one and only one Doctor (Fauci) is allowed to dictate and direct this coronavirus and facemask defense, you are shutting down over a hundred years of research and facts, and evidence by professional medical scientists who can and will and have proven what is and what isn't real, effective etc. When medical doctors are censored and completely deleted off the internet because their expert advice is contrary to one guy (Fauci) you are creating an environment of mass ignorance and stupidity. By allowing this (Dr. Fauci) to remain unchallenged in every conceivable manner, you will be and shall remain in the dark and less informed. Anyone who is complacent and okay with this does not deserve life. When I see Trump and his wife wearing those stupid facemasks, I get the sinking feeling we have been defeated by secret people with hidden identities and super-secret agendas. Apparently, Trump does not have enough authority to pound out this pandemic? We are all screwed and don't anyone dare try to say vaccines will save the day. We are in a Medical Deep State Martial Law and I had hoped Trump would be smart enough to end this. If Trump loses re-election, Fauci and Gates will ruin every antidote vaccine Trump and professional medical research scientists have developed and FORCE ON YOU Bill Gates vaccination which will be embedded with the mark of the beast mind control microchips.
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson 15 часов назад
One if the worst fast-food restaurants in history.
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson 15 часов назад
I have been living in Micronesia for 3 years and before that in the Philippines. When I get offered Spam I rarely eat it and in the rare occasion I do eat it I regret it. It tastes like s***! People who like it have no taste 😂 😂😂
锅巴小米 15 часов назад
China Joe is a national security risk
Piero OCCHooa
Piero OCCHooa 15 часов назад
A real old fashioned automatic can actually be lazy pleasure to drive and very reliable. CVT and double clutch transmissions are a pain and too unreliable
bonnie johnson
bonnie johnson 15 часов назад
this economic debt driven Godzilla is going to dwarf the last one
Piero OCCHooa
Piero OCCHooa 15 часов назад
Try push starting an automatic car
KARMA777 15 часов назад
Prolife vote Trump for freedom. Walka way from the democrates that want to create cahos.
DahDaniel Dude HQ
DahDaniel Dude HQ 15 часов назад
Fun fact:if u don’t know what adipose tissue is it’s basically Fat yeah it’s where most of the fat is so that it why nuggets are not healthy
Diamora Diaz
Diamora Diaz 15 часов назад
Now we know, you don't make that mich money selling books and giving conferences.
bonnie johnson
bonnie johnson 15 часов назад
Mitt Romney and his bain capitol are corporate raiders of the worst kind..
Mateo Montoya
Mateo Montoya 15 часов назад
Hahaha speaking events and books?? Lmao nice try fact is nobody cares or likes Joe Biden he made money being a crooked politician and if the crooked media were not so bias they would show that to everyone.
Bucky 15 часов назад
Of course he doesn’t own anything because wealthy people use the diversity of various trusts then manage the trusts by controlling what the trust owns.
Venkat Babu
Venkat Babu 15 часов назад
Everything has two debates pro against. Compromise pay.
HappY HalloweeN
HappY HalloweeN 15 часов назад
bonnie johnson
bonnie johnson 15 часов назад
the coming debt financial collapse will be many times worse than the last one..
bonnie johnson
bonnie johnson 14 часов назад
imagine the cousins biting and devouring each other, these corporations are over bloated financial diabetes cases.......greed is never satisfied....Eccl.6 "Better is an handful with quietness, than both the hands full with travail and vexation of spirit". Solomon....side note of wisdom...there is no such thing as artificial intelligent..
Gerald 15 часов назад
Break them all up.
Saint Abejaron Agnis
Saint Abejaron Agnis 15 часов назад
Welcome to the Philippines, where Jollibee is the Supreme Ruler of the Fast Food Industry and McDonalds can "sipsipin ito at umalis".
Dragonfly Fab
Dragonfly Fab 15 часов назад
I am not a crook!
thomas aquinas
thomas aquinas 15 часов назад
I'm a big fan of Elon Musk, but I do notice that people on the web have a certain tunnel vision. For instance, they think that anyone or anything that's topping the web interest must be tops. Well, Tesla Motors has normally been ignored in discussions of the future of vehicles, given the size of their opposition. Tesla might win in the end, and I wish them success, but companies like the Big 2 and VW have huge leads in outlets, support systems, maintenance, and units in service...
Rainbow Light
Rainbow Light 15 часов назад
Anyone can look smart with a teleprompter.
Bruno Pinheiro
Bruno Pinheiro 15 часов назад
If the American people vote for Democratic leftists they will put the USA in the same socialist leftist misery as the Venezuelan, Argentine, Cuban or Bolivian people ... Beloved American People WAKE UP and learn once and for all LEFT HANDS IS EVIL Left-wingness has always been the misery, suffering and death of nations. PLEASE vote 🙏🇺🇸#Trump2020🇺🇸🙏
Jason Keller
Jason Keller 15 часов назад
Anyone who asks for the Teamsters is stupid! DON'T DO IT! They are just as corrupt.
Travel Richie
Travel Richie 15 часов назад
The winter is coming!
Josh Richards
Josh Richards 15 часов назад
You just don't get it, do you?
Eric Alvaro
Eric Alvaro 15 часов назад
Of course they are, that's why Hillary won the presidency in 2016.
SEBASTION HAWK 15 часов назад
huh?...wait a minute...CNN did not tell me this!
Maryono Soit
Maryono Soit 15 часов назад
Maryono Soit
Maryono Soit 15 часов назад
Eashan Padyal
Eashan Padyal 15 часов назад
volvo is now a chinese company and cost cutting is first priority and safety and other things are consider to be null or last priority
Kevin 15 часов назад
1:11 rubio: you're not getting arrested i'll take care of it myself alex: oh you'll beat me up? grown ass children 😂😂😂🤣
zioncommand 15 часов назад
Because people will believe anything, if it fits their character and agenda. People also believe things without fact checking. Ignorance is why people believe anything.
jerry B.
jerry B. 15 часов назад
Fords are junk. Lexus - best cars in the world
derschwarzgeist 15 часов назад
Imagine one of the Acronym News Networks giving Milo a relatively fair shake. How far we've fallen, in just four years...
Alex 15 часов назад
I had a fresh & easy in my town growing up, and I still miss the roasted bell pepper hummus 😢
Daniel Roberts
Daniel Roberts 15 часов назад
I put more stock in the daily horoscope than political polls.
Trace Ford
Trace Ford 15 часов назад
Their prices are absolutely Ludacris. They tried to charge me $40 for a digital copy of SimCity 4. Mind you this game came out 20 years ago.
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God 15 часов назад
Jorge Garza
Jorge Garza 15 часов назад
If do away the electoral college, you're have to do away with the House of representative. Texas
Jorge Garza
Jorge Garza 15 часов назад
@kokichii nice English 👌 guy.
kokichii 15 часов назад
Nice grammar my guy.
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God 15 часов назад
porter robertson
porter robertson 15 часов назад
You know where I get all my stress and other bull crap? It’s from school not social media
kokichii 16 часов назад
This better not screw up my recommendations-
Joseph LaFrance
Joseph LaFrance 16 часов назад
gap insurance is BS.
Joseph LaFrance
Joseph LaFrance 16 часов назад
sales people are pushy assholes . when I go to the dealership their like sharks less than 5 mins they on you I just tell them when Im ready i'll find you boy they get irrated. lol
Lưu Phương
Lưu Phương 16 часов назад
«Today, the coronavirus outbreak spiraled out of control in the United States» Has it ever been in control in the US?
presh pesh
presh pesh 16 часов назад
I have been trading for about 6 months now and just about every trade backfires and slaps in my face . Nearly impossible for me to catch more than a few points . I try to do top down analysis but it doesn’t work for me . I say to myself , clearly I’m in the 90% that lose money , so I open a demo account, do my analysis , then take the opposite of what I would normally take and get the same result . I’m starting to feel hopeless, Any advice for a struggling trade ?
Monica Antonio
Monica Antonio 15 часов назад
@Sari Barker I just looked her name up on the internet and i got everything i need to know about her
Marielle Wilson
Marielle Wilson 15 часов назад
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Dr.ervin Galen
Dr.ervin Galen 15 часов назад
Great to see financial content about JULIANA GUNAWAN LEE really increasing over this time when people need it most. Looks like we all feel inspired by similar topics at the same time :) so we must be doing something right!
David Hudson
David Hudson 15 часов назад
she assist investor by guiding them, you can find all you need to know about her on google by searching her name
erica Lorraine
erica Lorraine 15 часов назад
I’ve been searching for such trading assistance as my job takes most of my time leaving me with little chance to focus on trading. How do I get in contact with her?
gary mcfall
gary mcfall 16 часов назад
Yes... ford will price gouge people at the dealers for the new Broncos. Then they will go the way of the Toyota FJ.
Henry Postulart
Henry Postulart 16 часов назад
Compared to Canada, Germany’s system sucks big time…
Ghostly 16 часов назад
Why aren't it free?
Nicolo Don Diego
Nicolo Don Diego 16 часов назад
Their ice coffee in dunkin is damn good!
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 16 часов назад
Oh, US elections just sucks, like polls show one candidate as the winner while in reality the other candidate wins. In North Korea, polls are conducted and they produce accurate results.
sohil parhan
sohil parhan 16 часов назад
If the roads in U.S are bad then please visit India. The city roads are not good but Express Highway is like butter
Joseph LaFrance
Joseph LaFrance 16 часов назад
good luck getting a Tesla repaired they've gone the way of apple.
Arthur C
Arthur C 16 часов назад
In fact the bookie odds is the most accurate poll we can have. Due to people wont fight against their own money.
Jon Italia
Jon Italia 16 часов назад
He makes 2:43 sound like a bad thing lol
Alan B
Alan B 16 часов назад
0101 Kk
0101 Kk 16 часов назад
So all his wealth increase is from his tours and books sales. Who is dumb to believe this?
Keith Shackleton
Keith Shackleton 16 часов назад
Sorry America your health system is for the wealthy and for corporate profit. It is not about the poor. Universal Healthcare works for all people and is not about profit.
Freudian Slip
Freudian Slip 16 часов назад
This has got to be the biggest bamboozle in history.
My Daddy
My Daddy 16 часов назад
Northern Mexico is full of lithium I wonder how badly are we going to screw that country for their lithium.
Perry the Fbi Agent
Perry the Fbi Agent 16 часов назад
Bruh just pay your taxes
GIG ECONOMIA 16 часов назад
I'm not a Jeeper person but jeeps are well built and have an excellent following!🤘🏼
I'M_BAAT_ MAN 16 часов назад
In America gas stations are in convenience stores, In Canada convenience stores are in gas stations.
Coronavirus is reparations says the universe!!