Last to Leave The House, Keeps It
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Last To SHOWER Wins $10,000 - Challenge
I got her pregnant...
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Spin the Wheel, Do the Dare.. **KICKED OUT**
The hardest time of their lives...
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Guess the Word, I'll Buy It - Challenge
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$50 Hotel Room VS $5,000 Hotel Room
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We Spent 24 Hours in a REAL LIFE Minecraft House!
I've never been this angry in my life...
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This is going to change my life forever...
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Whatever You Draw, I'll Buy It Challenge
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She didn't deserve this at all... **I FEEL BAD**
Buying Every Item From The 99 Cents Store!
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Anything You Can CARRY, I'll Buy It Challenge
NERF Hide n Seek in $20,000,000 MANSION!!
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The Real OG Flexin
The Real OG Flexin 21 секунду назад
And hot
nadil wijesundara
nadil wijesundara Минуту назад
Are you living in the faze house now
Fonzi Минуту назад
I just pushed morgz down the stairs the amount of likes is how many steps
Brayan Bonilla
Brayan Bonilla Минуту назад
The cop is a stupid cop.
NanoTheLEGEND Минуту назад
Elite Clappz
Elite Clappz Минуту назад
I don’t care about shoes I would rather get followed by rug
Fonzi Минуту назад
I just pushed morgz down the stairs the amount of likes is the steps
Khmerseoulja 2 минуты назад
There is no Sriracha pepper lol, its just thai chili pepper they use
RIP 2 минуты назад
My birthday is in 4 more days!!!!!!
The Real OG Flexin
The Real OG Flexin 2 минуты назад
I am 11and eat medium wings
Stew Dog
Stew Dog 2 минуты назад
Fernando's Crazy Adventures!
Fernando's Crazy Adventures! 2 минуты назад
Fernando's Crazy Adventures!
Fernando's Crazy Adventures! 3 минуты назад
Erxziii 3 минуты назад
No hate but if it’s his Lamborghini shouldn’t it be on papa rugs channel ? Jw
Peshal Ganorkar
Peshal Ganorkar 3 минуты назад
he kinda weak
Charles McDonald
Charles McDonald 4 минуты назад
Faze I need a pair of yeezies
Lil Ale
Lil Ale 4 минуты назад
Sahar Poursamavi
Sahar Poursamavi 4 минуты назад
Why would he push him he knows it was a prank
Its Madz
Its Madz 5 минут назад
He NeEd SoMe MiLk -Anthony 2019
Zid Klifford
Zid Klifford 5 минут назад
i got goosebumps when the time heard the outro song
marcdaghost 42
marcdaghost 42 5 минут назад
That really wasn't fair for jessica
BlxnkLol 5 минут назад
rug ur vids actually improved soo much! good job
Felix On mobile
Felix On mobile 5 минут назад
Them neon green ballenciagas are 🔥
Javiel Sthilaire
Javiel Sthilaire 6 минут назад
Great Video Rug! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Pio Antonio Ortega
Pio Antonio Ortega 7 минут назад
Its cool that brian is wearing the same shirt from where he got pranked by nor(idk the spelling)
LANDON CALLOW 7 минут назад
Bro I like just subscribed like 2 weeks ago and who’s thinks Brian should get to 20mil!
mekaeel adeel
mekaeel adeel 7 минут назад
one like equals one wish for rug
Elie Daoud
Elie Daoud 7 минут назад
How does a takie look like Cheeto’s
Jenny Buxton
Jenny Buxton 8 минут назад
Appreciation comment for whoever films and/or edits these videos!!! Great job
Nena Diaz
Nena Diaz 8 минут назад
Penny wise
King of Demons
King of Demons 9 минут назад
I did everything you said and I need some new shoes I am a 7
A-aron Vlogs
A-aron Vlogs 9 минут назад
Wasting water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miguel Kajy
Miguel Kajy 9 минут назад
Rug got a new tattoo look at his snap on his wrist it’s in Arabic writing
Andres Mejia
Andres Mejia 9 минут назад
Rug why is someone vaping in the back 💨🌬
The Triple Brothers 123
The Triple Brothers 123 9 минут назад
I wish that i was there
King of Demons
King of Demons 9 минут назад
I want shoes pls send them to me
Gabey Durow
Gabey Durow 10 минут назад
I subscribed and I followed your Instagram hope I win
T.I.M fever
T.I.M fever 10 минут назад
Gets to win a Lamborghini For a week
ツProdigy boxed you
ツProdigy boxed you 10 минут назад
You do realize there are holes for the water in sewers and if there are people near it it echoes into the sewer 🙎🏻‍♂️
Allie Santos
Allie Santos 10 минут назад
Why are you giving your dads Lamborghini in my part that is rude
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 10 минут назад
Papa rug: 2 seconds Timer: 6 seconds
Josefina Hernandez
Josefina Hernandez 10 минут назад
Were is pugsley?
Christian Santos
Christian Santos 10 минут назад
nice lets go good one but he got mad
Noha Tv
Noha Tv 11 минут назад
I got grounded for a month because I spent 5000 dollars on my moms credit card on goat, AT LEAST I GOT SOME 🔥🔥🔥
TikTok Control
TikTok Control 11 минут назад
Hydra Claps
Hydra Claps 11 минут назад
Rug I love u ♥️♥️♥️
Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar 11 минут назад
Faze rug:ima start to eat healthy In today’s video: *shoves 10 takis in his mouth*
Nano831_KC 11 минут назад
mexicans would won easily
Peppa Pig Roblox
Peppa Pig Roblox 11 минут назад
lit girl yoga gymnastics channel
lit girl yoga gymnastics channel 12 минут назад
Faze rug
TheSinicanEmpire 12 минут назад
I want those soooo much omggggg)
Renee Thweni
Renee Thweni 12 минут назад
I thought he going to.keep it the car
20Blacko 12 минут назад
To bad I already know Anthony won. Because he put on Instagram Lamb for a week 😂
Isiah Nunn
Isiah Nunn 13 минут назад
Ghost pepper
ETHAN D 13 минут назад
Yeah Anthony GO GO to Africa with that lambo
Heartist 13 минут назад
Jessicas little diamond fang teeth things. wahhh. Sexy af.
Dayion Pierce
Dayion Pierce 13 минут назад
My birth day is dec 20 yay 4 weeks
Infø -_-
Infø -_- 13 минут назад
3:00 i laughed way more then I should of 😂😂😂
Renee Thweni
Renee Thweni 14 минут назад
I can not believe it Anthony won congratulations for Anthony
Oswaldo DeLeon
Oswaldo DeLeon 14 минут назад
Make a a video of this Song
Track Gangsta
Track Gangsta 14 минут назад
Let’s get papa rug a new jacket, every like = 1 dollar
SavageGirl67 14 минут назад
At 13:26 anthony takes a sip of milk so technically jessica would win.. 😂
Angel Hurtado
Angel Hurtado 14 минут назад
Save Africa
Rosa Mendoza
Rosa Mendoza 14 минут назад
Are you still going to box Tanner Fox because in a video you siad Tht if Logan Paul fights KSI or if Jake Paul fights KSI you siad you will fight Tanner
Sudais Mohamed
Sudais Mohamed 15 минут назад
I did all of the things you said to my G
Renee Thweni
Renee Thweni 15 минут назад
I can not believe Jessica left the shower I do not blame her
Kayla M
Kayla M 15 минут назад
When Jessica said high school girls eat takis for breakfast, she wasn’t wrong but the hot Cheetos too😭
XxSinisterxXYT 16 минут назад
When the spoon challenge started: Jessica walked like she was a at a photo shoot😂
Giselle Olivera
Giselle Olivera 17 минут назад
I actually did the challenge with you cause I was eating talkis without drinking water (I don’t like milk)
Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis 17 минут назад
Kelly Davis in Macon GA🌺🍃🍀⚡🌱🌼🍀🍃🌱🍀🍃🌱🍃🌱🍃🌼🍃🍀🌱🍀🍃🌱🍃🌱🍃🍀🌱🍃🌱🍀🍃🌱🍃🌼🍃🍀🍁🍀🌱🍃🍀🌸🍃🍀🌸
Ashley Alcala
Ashley Alcala 17 минут назад
Video was funny
Didier Chavez
Didier Chavez 17 минут назад
This is so easy bro
Meekathaung Gaming
Meekathaung Gaming 17 минут назад
Blazen isnt hot tbh but some other wings are
Renee Thweni
Renee Thweni 18 минут назад
I think jessica will win who agreev👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
50000 Subscribers Before 2020
50000 Subscribers Before 2020 18 минут назад
You will become a millionaire in 2020 Like to activate ⬇
Jacky Martínez
Jacky Martínez 18 минут назад
Me: **watching them suffer by wanting to drink milk** Brian: **wants milk** Anthony:**wants milk** Jessica:**also wants milk** Me: **eating cereal and milk watching them suffer**
Armando Mendez
Armando Mendez 19 минут назад
Keep the earrings in
Isaiah Mendoza
Isaiah Mendoza 20 минут назад
Jesica is hot
Tommy Stills
Tommy Stills 20 минут назад
Who has been watching sence 2015
Ghosty Shedz
Ghosty Shedz 20 минут назад
Imagine a contestant was lactose intolerant
Renee Thweni
Renee Thweni 20 минут назад
faze rug got 9 not 10 faze rug dad lie 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Ann Manjares
Ann Manjares 20 минут назад
Rug always crack his voice
Harley Villicana
Harley Villicana 20 минут назад
Is it a gaming room
bbaby lani
bbaby lani 21 минуту назад
“girls in high school eat these for breakfast” 😭
Jerome Tanagras
Jerome Tanagras 21 минуту назад
I want to see noahs family, like mom, dad, brother and sister! Faze Rug giving gift to theme!
Francisco Arana
Francisco Arana 21 минуту назад
1.max 2. Eric 3. Michael for the giveaway I really want those pair of shoes and I'm a size 8 I hope I get a pair😍
William Avilla
William Avilla 21 минуту назад
How much likes is how much birthdays Anthony said
SniperMaster 21 минуту назад
Anyone else notice at 3:49 papa rug looks like he is in pain??
Gang time
Gang time 23 минуты назад
Where did papa go at the end
Temp 23 минуты назад
Can you put win the Lamborghini for a week in the title
K squad
K squad 23 минуты назад
faze was born the same day as my sister
ツMarcos 23 минуты назад
Damn Jessica always wearing airtight clothes
Renee Thweni
Renee Thweni 23 минуты назад
I hate spicy food 😳😳😳😳😳
Christie Ditto
Christie Ditto 23 минуты назад
Wrap your car as a Ouija board
Steven Romans
Steven Romans 24 минуты назад
Pure capsaicin pepper most hottest pepper ever
LIGMA _ 24 минуты назад
he gained so much weight lol
Juan Gavina
Juan Gavina 24 минуты назад
Broo u got them off white black Air Force Mann I wish I had them but I’m broke as a joke
Juan Jimenez
Juan Jimenez 24 минуты назад
Dude Jessica is hella soft and what a wast of water
Gamer Squad Studio’s
Gamer Squad Studio’s 24 минуты назад
I will eat all of the spicy food
R Bros
R Bros 24 минуты назад
That cereal looked like dog food lmao