Tal Kim
Tal Kim 15 минут назад
So no groupies? Dang just one
Josay- did-it
Josay- did-it 16 минут назад
He will never win !
Bradley Howard
Bradley Howard 16 минут назад
Rodgers wasn't the best QB of his own time because Brady was better before him and has been better than him the last few years too. (Plus the extra 5 chips) Now the arguments that people used to possibly suggest that Rodgers was somehow "more talented" or any nonsense like that, are already gone to the direction of Mahomes. Mahomes has already shown more talent than Rodgers ever did, and has won and MVP and a chip in the only two years as a starter (31 starts!!). Plus every made up stat (QBR, TD:INT ratio, etc) Mahomes will surpass Rodgers in a walk.
manninla 16 минут назад
Lawd Amin, fix up yuhself bruh. Don't get to comfortable
trop tro
trop tro 17 минут назад
Jordan other level .
DOnONe733 17 минут назад
Call it what it is - conjugal visits
-.- 18 минут назад
Thats a 2020 in one video
Giffond Hall
Giffond Hall 18 минут назад
Hopkins is clearly better MT has drew brees throwing him the ball
Player 1
Player 1 18 минут назад
And I love DC but AGAIN if he walks away without beating Bones then that’s all I’ll remember. 😐
Trap323a 18 минут назад
MOLLY good lord you fine sheesh!!!!!
CurlyCrusader 18 минут назад
Nobody on first take knows a thing about MMA.
Shadow Warrior
Shadow Warrior 18 минут назад
Why do you care over what anyone believes? Mind your own freaking business.
GW Lilly
GW Lilly 18 минут назад
Pure Trash...
M Lewis
M Lewis 19 минут назад
FIVE YEAR OLD BLACK CHILD EXECUTED! BLM NOW! A five year old black child (Cannon Hinnant) was just executed by white supremacists in front of his family! The Main Stream Media has imposed a complete blackout on this story but people need to know.
Salami Boyz
Salami Boyz 19 минут назад
Whoever is Reading this: Your skin isn't a paper don't cut it Your body isn't a book don't judge it Your heart isn't a door don't lock it Your life isn't a movie don't end it it You're beautiful Be you.. Stay safe (by the way I’m also a small youtuber looking for your support ) I didn't create this quote Just wanna spread positivty❣️Plzz
Robinson Ayuk
Robinson Ayuk 19 минут назад
Can anyone make 4:35 a meme please😂😂😂😂😂
Ron Duece
Ron Duece 19 минут назад
"The power of what?" Molly tried to bait him 😂
LeGM 19 минут назад
Gotta work on the next Goats... gonna make it *Splaaaaash* big time inside my IG models
Isaac Slater
Isaac Slater 19 минут назад
Jalen says "I've been tryna tell ya" no, we already knew that jalen! Dont try and act like you was only one noticing him
JoshDaKing 19 минут назад
Max was scrambling for dear life this excerpt 🤣🤣
Player 1
Player 1 20 минут назад
Good interview from DC
AWSME J 20 минут назад
Boy Tmac killin Fournier 😂
DingoAteMyBaby 20 минут назад
"Well thats what it was" lmfao. Love it 🤙
LeGM 20 минут назад
The King needs some amusement.. where are my *IG models from Akron Ohio, my hometown and city*
isacc Carter
isacc Carter 20 минут назад
John wall need to hurry n come back
LeGM 21 минуту назад
Gonna smash those *LeIG models* like there is no tomorrow
Carlos Williams
Carlos Williams 21 минуту назад
So he went from a buck 135 to a buck 125 back to a buck 135🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔then buddy say thank u hoime quan. Who tf is that😂😊
frank yebuah
frank yebuah 21 минуту назад
“Can’t go down in the pm neither”😂😂😂
YNN JAEE X LORDJAY 21 минуту назад
Kendrick “MmmAhhh” Perkins
Karen 21 минуту назад
Donovan mitchell already got visitors in his room
Chris Kerr
Chris Kerr 21 минуту назад
Hey Stevie......i wanna hear u talk about the ratings. Not only about the NBA, but your show as well.
Justin Queiroga
Justin Queiroga 21 минуту назад
Jalen frowned in that Kobe commercial 😭
Eddie 21 минуту назад
LeGM 22 минуты назад
*I miss dominating those weak east teams..*
Larry T
Larry T 22 минуты назад
These players haven't gotten laid in weeks.
Vaudi6 Ave
Vaudi6 Ave 22 минуты назад
Manning has 2
xXcamp heroXx
xXcamp heroXx 22 минуты назад
You can completely erase the WNBA problem by lowering the rim to 9 feet.
H. Sowande Gray
H. Sowande Gray 22 минуты назад
A master class of tip-toeing around the subject.
Lennie Taylor
Lennie Taylor 22 минуты назад
They asked this like 4 times this year
K-Sean Hyman
K-Sean Hyman 22 минуты назад
Stick with the heat 🔥🔥🔥They gonna make some noise in the playoffs
Cameron Thomas
Cameron Thomas 22 минуты назад
😂😂😂 Stephen A wild!!
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez 22 минуты назад
That last cheesy smile at the end 😁
Big Boy
Big Boy 22 минуты назад
Putting 2 goats in the thumbnail I see
MIDNightPT4 22 минуты назад
“I’m a booty, leg, and hip man to the core” - Stephen A.
Elliot Worix
Elliot Worix 23 минуты назад
Molly =WAP
Jordan Clayton
Jordan Clayton 23 минуты назад
Stephen A made a lot of feminists upset
KevinTooturnt Reacts
KevinTooturnt Reacts 23 минуты назад
For everbody who is listen 🗣🗣 dont giv up we in this together🤜🏾🤛🏾 i pray if yall wanna be RUchatrs like or Great dont give up💛
The Bjorn
The Bjorn 23 минуты назад
"NBAs not gonna let them come" *awkward pause*
home9dog2blue 23 минуты назад
SAS in the thumbnail lookin like a 1980's vinyl disco album cover 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jorge J
Jorge J 23 минуты назад
LOL, Max can and I get an Amen on that!? 2:38
MrPolo 24 минуты назад
Texans have hella weapons what are they talking bout
AIR WHITEY 24 минуты назад
Tyler Herro is about to blast Katya.
TheKidFromCleveland 24 минуты назад
So much for "airtight"
Andre A
Andre A 24 минуты назад
I’m convinced he’s on steroids or HGH just had a roid rage
X-Factor's D hat
X-Factor's D hat 24 минуты назад
I’m a rockets fan. I know for a fact this is the 3rd time they’ve debated this topic lol. Wow
tomrocks1999 25 минут назад
I can't explain how funny this segment is, they are literally all three on the same page of what they are trying to say but can't really say it out loud cuz its live television, you can just see max and Molly laugh all the way, one of the few times Molly actually made it better.
Giffond Hall
Giffond Hall 25 минут назад
For the love of god stephen a just let it go nothing you can do will change jerry's mind
Lmarcus Ewing
Lmarcus Ewing 25 минут назад
Lol this all come from donovan mitchell clapping sum cheeks on live
Bauer Stephens
Bauer Stephens 25 минут назад
Big Boy
Big Boy 22 минуты назад
Big Boy
Big Boy 22 минуты назад
Ray Cash
Ray Cash 25 минут назад
He used to be really good, but now he just gets stomped on every time he’s in the playoffs. People aren’t scared of the Packers like they used to be. Now it’s Patrick and Lamars time!
manninla 25 минут назад
I agree with Steven A. Funny its been a very long time since Steven A won in a debate for me over Max
Sunny Darko'
Sunny Darko' 25 минут назад
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez 26 минут назад
When Stephan a is old he’s gonna be preaching on ESPN!!!!!!👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌
Jarvis Juice
Jarvis Juice 26 минут назад
Jerry Jones doesn’t have to release a statement in regard to George Floyd
Keith Jones
Keith Jones 26 минут назад
The pace Westbrook brings to a game does wear the other team down.
Nick Jim
Nick Jim 26 минут назад
well DHop is the better deep threat, so he has more big play potetntial. dude didnt drop a single pass in 2018
Matt Shin
Matt Shin 26 минут назад
Stipe should call our Bones if he wins
Richard R Smith
Richard R Smith 26 минут назад
Some player is paying Stephan a a lot of money to try get laid
dennies barsolaso
dennies barsolaso 27 минут назад
For me its harden the most important to the team.he can score anytime he wants
King Richmond
King Richmond 27 минут назад
Times is rough huh
Sherron Davis
Sherron Davis 27 минут назад
I swear, Molly gotta get that thang beat up for like 3 hours.....I'm sorry, I can't take it no more smh😍😍😍
Knock Out
Knock Out 27 минут назад
Having two stars is great, but Houston still doesn’t have a solid coach.
Taona M
Taona M 27 минут назад
Molly thought she heard the power of the WAP
M Dogg
M Dogg 27 минут назад
Some thots going to be coming to the bubble hahhaaha
Random Guy
Random Guy 27 минут назад
"He might be the only human being not to frown in 5 years" - Stephen A Smith
O Dogg
O Dogg 28 минут назад
Will fuller?!? He can't catch
mikatteba225 28 минут назад
Molly, when she thinks she slick but she somewhat clueless...
Nimbus_Wave 28 минут назад
The end when Stephen starting smiling 😭😂😂😂
Shy Mochi
Shy Mochi 28 минут назад
*BTS will make an OFFICIAL COMEBACK with “DYNAMITE” on AUGUST 21 at 12AM EST it will be their first FULLY ENGLISH song. Don’t forget to check it out!!*
SuperPunch76 28 минут назад
“Can I get an Amen on that Max?!?!” Max: whispers“amen”