Richard 19 часов назад
How's the little hubby relations going? A wonder nobody ever see him around..Go figure!
Stephen Chisadza
Stephen Chisadza 19 часов назад
Did he answer any of their questions?
2022Cole Cianciulli
2022Cole Cianciulli 19 часов назад
T by bybhh bbyy. Y yay but. Y yyhyyyhyy y yobyb b y y y. Y y.
WaffleBoy 19 часов назад
Stop reaching. The bengals are not drafting any other QB then burrow. Especially with the first pick
Robert Epps
Robert Epps 19 часов назад
Five Gum
Five Gum 19 часов назад
Why does it matter if a QB is black or white not everything is about race
Yannick Noumbissi
Yannick Noumbissi 19 часов назад
He said and 1 after every shot😂
John Gonzalez
John Gonzalez 19 часов назад
KB8/24: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
KING DAMIAN 19 часов назад
Pure idiot
Yannick Noumbissi
Yannick Noumbissi 19 часов назад
Why isn’t d-lo and russel Westbrook starting all stars?
Marlon Blade
Marlon Blade 19 часов назад
Why shouldn't he play? He's had a rest!
Nathan Strait
Nathan Strait 19 часов назад
Can’t wait till the Bengals are really good with Joe Burrow and these guys have to talk about it. It’s going to be great.
Juan Ignacio Ordoqui
Juan Ignacio Ordoqui 19 часов назад
Is this show from 2004???
Diamond 19 часов назад
Drew has 2 years left and I don’t think teddy can win a championship so I’m keeping drew
Edgar J
Edgar J 19 часов назад
He hates Lebron and he hates Kawhi.. back to philly
Dark demon
Dark demon 19 часов назад
That women is still very pretty
David Ellis
David Ellis 19 часов назад
Put Pete in the HOF as a player ! Bonds & Clemens as well with an *. At this point , MLB is being cynical to punish them but not Astros players.
Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis 19 часов назад
You're never too big to hug your mom.
late bloomer
late bloomer 19 часов назад
SurgeTheSplurge 19 часов назад
Mason Rudolph gets hit the head with a helmet. Max-“not a big deal” Kansas st Kansas brawl Max “not a big deal” Astros cheat. Max “this is good for baseball”... headass
nneely613 19 часов назад
I can't stand people who think the louder they are the righter they are
Cum Expender
Cum Expender 19 часов назад
I really can't stand Steven A Marblemouth!!! All he does is scream like a lunatic and talk like he's from the ghetto with his 4th grade diction!!! Give me way more Jalen Rose and way less Steven A Marblemouth
Tello Ag
Tello Ag 19 часов назад
Like= Westbrook saying “and one”
Itee Tee978
Itee Tee978 19 часов назад
Now that’s a package Chase and Tua.. But No... Tua to the Chargers thanks..
All American Rides
All American Rides 19 часов назад
He does not look happy to be playing in the NBA right now. He misses Duke and his classmates. You can see it all in his face
Dru Lopez
Dru Lopez 19 часов назад
Does ESPN know there are 29 other teams in the league other than the LeBron led Lakers?
Fin Hack
Fin Hack 19 часов назад
Thank you MJ Finally you spoken Different era
Sethu Pathy
Sethu Pathy 19 часов назад
As Rafa said he is improving everyday... Very happy to see Rafa played high level today
Shawny Daze
Shawny Daze 19 часов назад
Jordan need to concentrate on his team in Charlotte that need desperately to have a winning season. Love him as a legend of the game but he's a terrible owner.
kaizen hipolito
kaizen hipolito 19 часов назад
khabib vs MCGREGOR rematch please
J. Garrett Conner
J. Garrett Conner 19 часов назад
Tom is still better than Jimmy G.
Mike Kiviranta
Mike Kiviranta 19 часов назад
That post fadeaway looked nice. Didnt know he had that
Solarview 19 часов назад
Just look like he should be playing football, dude massive
Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more
Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more 19 часов назад
Effeminate men stop crying, and get some back bone, the NBA and NFL playoffs and superbowls and championship ate rigged by the Illuminati satanic control ⏳
Old school
Old school 19 часов назад
The guy in the black shirt has some good hands, the guys backed off of him ! And when you grab a chair you have been Wooped ! LOL!!!!
late bloomer
late bloomer 19 часов назад
GNB 19 часов назад
0-2 with zion call it how it is
Andrew Gornostaev
Andrew Gornostaev 19 часов назад
Honestly, I imagined Zion’s game, he plays the same way I thought. (Sorry to my English.I am russian student.)
JSkitt 19 часов назад
Their division is also becoming more competitive, Arians has the Bucs trending in the right direction, Panthers new HC looks like he knows what hes doing in his team building skills, and the Falcons look like theyve fixed their biggest issue midway through their season
Dixie Normis
Dixie Normis 19 часов назад
X_ZgLiTcH _X
X_ZgLiTcH _X 19 часов назад
They’ll be drunk
Citizen X
Citizen X 19 часов назад
It’s way harder to make it as a white cornerback in the NFL.
Tío Paco
Tío Paco 19 часов назад
Let the player choose: go to Guantanamo bay for two years or send them to Iraq for two years, but they got to be punished
P C 19 часов назад
As a psychologist, I'm sure glad kawhi chose to play basketball. He shows symptoms of being a sociopath.
Tag Lordy
Tag Lordy 19 часов назад
If Steph us healthy he should play . At least some games
Tiyon Watson
Tiyon Watson 19 часов назад
Him on mami would be nice
prashanth j achar
prashanth j achar 19 часов назад
10:40 what a answer? That's R. Nadal
Mason Rahal
Mason Rahal 19 часов назад
Pete Rose bet on baseball. On the team he was managing. Unforgivable
TWCGoat 19 часов назад
Yea if their GM was smoking crack
Chris Carlton
Chris Carlton 19 часов назад
A very poor decision on behalf of ESPN to allow Stephan Smith to do commentary on anything involving the UFC. Smith has no class and needs to have a fat glass of Humble Pie. Not shocking at all that ESPN would allow this to happen, by far the least class news organization in the land.
earnest lyons
earnest lyons 19 часов назад
Regardless of how wrong he is. I understand and agree!!! I could have lasted longer running. And before everyone says "its different until you're in the octagon" nope wouldn't catch me in 40 and I would have landed more!!
SlimePack 19 часов назад
Westbrook legit says and 1 after every shot
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka 19 часов назад
Then she cries when she doesnt get your way. Comical
clint brunke
clint brunke 19 часов назад
Conor now fighting at 170..... Come back for the super fight gsp fight McGregor at 170 .
mav stevens
mav stevens 19 часов назад
Pete cheated the game therefore he should shut his mouth. My aunt says he doesn't deserve the hall of fame
DaaBoys2138 19 часов назад
Barry Bonds the greatest player ever in my opinion!! Pete, Barry and Rodger should be in the HOF ASAP!!
flowerz 19 часов назад
DaaBoys2138 who’s Rodger?
Michael Dougall
Michael Dougall 19 часов назад
White chocolate on the glove was the best and the glove definitely tried to trip him his face was tighter than a string on guitar 😂😂
Syrio Forel
Syrio Forel 19 часов назад
Kobe and Lebron respect each other Media hates KOBE.
Steve K
Steve K 19 часов назад
Why is he not playing for Memphis anyway? Until he gets traded why not play?
Thomas Thortvedt
Thomas Thortvedt 19 часов назад
This man child is literally a big baby😂 with high intelligence tho. He's gonna be great for the league
Rachel Sinclair
Rachel Sinclair 19 часов назад
I don't understand the MJ and Lebron comparison? They don't play the same position, and don't have the same amount of championship wins. A MJ and Kobe comparison makes more sense, also comparing Lebron to Magic is more fitting as well.
jerk chicken
jerk chicken 19 часов назад
They would be doing staffard a favor
Leon Leo
Leon Leo 19 часов назад
Nadal busted him.. I still find it amazing how Federer is able to beat Nadal sometimes. Fed is no where near as powerful, faxt, or athletic as Nadal. Shows you how great the top three in tennis are STILL
Baha panty
Baha panty 19 часов назад
Hey My Cubbies didn't cheat to win the World Series.
Drum Head
Drum Head 19 часов назад
The MLB Commissioner has to admit that he does not know. They (MLB) did not do a comprehensive investigation, as was done for the 2017 season.
kelly kistley
kelly kistley 19 часов назад
That's why I Like LeBron as My GoAT ...
Timothy Chamberlin
Timothy Chamberlin 19 часов назад
Seems like such a good kid.....
P C 19 часов назад
Let's just face it. If LeBron played against Jordan, he would just bulldozer over Jordan and Pippen both. Can you imagine Jordan trying to guard LeBron? He would fly into the stands because LeBron is a 300 block of muscle coming at you at 60mph.
Wade F
Wade F 19 часов назад
Hes trash that's why. Please draft someone anyone
AJ Aqua
AJ Aqua 19 часов назад
Not impressed he's fat.
Music guy
Music guy 19 часов назад
They SHOULD have a 1 on 1 tourney in the all star game
Belal Moosa
Belal Moosa 19 часов назад
MJ is my Superman 💪🏽
bye brothers
bye brothers 19 часов назад
Yep he’s gonna go from one of the best OL to on of the worst
Pats12Dude 19 часов назад
Max still mad from a few years ago when he said Brady was gonna “fall off the cliff” then that same year he lead the greatest comeback in super bowl history down 28-3, for the W. Max a hater and will always be one
Benjamin Todd
Benjamin Todd 19 часов назад
Y’all forgetting they still got boogie 🤦‍♂️
Nathan Manzo
Nathan Manzo 19 часов назад
Man on the right kinda looks like Jonah Hill.
John Koziol
John Koziol 19 часов назад
Anyone who gives any of these videos a "thumb's down" ABSOLUTELY has no heart and soul WHATSOEVER!!! These videos get me teary-eyed every time and this one is no exception.
Bashiri Bowden
Bashiri Bowden 19 часов назад
Champs we are speaking to you.
Tayda Franklin
Tayda Franklin 19 часов назад
Yet uncle Pete can't get in the Hall of Fame
JJ 00
JJ 00 19 часов назад
they should just send some of the players to anger management therapy
Troll Life
Troll Life 19 часов назад
The reality is like they said, a new cornerback isn’t going to get the lions to that next level. If they pass on Tua fine, but they are probably going to be trash again this season
Brand Gadfly
Brand Gadfly 19 часов назад
If you blow a man a kiss you should be slapped
hibiki847 19 часов назад
Saints I feel have one more shot to do this. 2020 season will be our last real opertuninty. Realistically what I see as future is drew stays 3 more years. Teddy goes into free agency and we keep taysom hill and after 3rd season brees and we move on with hill. (Note if brees SB this year. Or the unlikely chance we somehow do next year I see brees retiring and then taysom hill)
KingCapricorn115 19 часов назад
Ben was not a rookie in 2006, Rachel. He was drafted in '04. The SB year was his second season. Do better lol
B U 19 часов назад
He's heavy but I'm pretty sure his Bf is less than 20% which is excellent for someone 6'6 280. If he's really 8% bf that's insanely incredible.
Mecias Rivera
Mecias Rivera 19 часов назад
MJ just giving a answer that ppl want to hear but in my honest opinion MJ would rather say “6 rings, the GOAT, I changed & revolutionized the game” end of story lots of other NBA players have spoken about MJ saying he’ll always be the best player ever
Christian Cook
Christian Cook 19 часов назад
Think about the 555 miserable souls that gave this a thumbs down. Good god...
Steve K
Steve K 19 часов назад
Iggy is intelligent and articulate. After another season or 2 his future is in broadcasting.
Clayton Young
Clayton Young 19 часов назад
Adam Silver AKA Nos Feratu
Jay mere
Jay mere 19 часов назад
why he block buddy shot like tht😂😂😂😂
Marlon Blade
Marlon Blade 19 часов назад
SAS about to hit the town? 🍻🥂🥃😂
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka 19 часов назад
SHUT UP SERENA!!! The umpire should have ended the game when you started opening your mouth.
Oliver Rudolphi
Oliver Rudolphi 19 часов назад
"There hasn't been a single good three point shooting bigs not named dirk or kd" Kat would like to have a word with you
WO0 yEAHHH 19 часов назад
Here come the RUchat critics 😂😂😂
C R 19 часов назад
2:08 .... Illuminati hand flash. Stay woke
Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh 19 часов назад
Bunch of America idiots 😂😂😂, best sports in world is football not American football, the real football 💯🔥.
TheGasSmoker 19 часов назад
JS DUB7 19 часов назад
St all so broke you got a former warrior talking about the current warriors..yall trash..
Jaleel Sobers
Jaleel Sobers 19 часов назад
Rachel wasn’t covering a rookie Ben he was in his second year
JasTheKariol 19 часов назад
I was like "why from all NBA teams did they pick Charlotte to play with the Bucks in Paris???" and then I saw MJ and thought "oh yeah, right."