Nikkle Averes
Nikkle Averes Минуту назад
I love this song than Be happy ^-^
Jason Peters
Jason Peters 2 минуты назад
Camera person stop being drunk on set ffs
Tejajuana Haynes
Tejajuana Haynes 2 минуты назад
Yes girl this song is fire and I'm proud of you nessa and even people was bringing you down you still posted your song your a savage and don't give up Keep making more music ok girl do your thang and keep doing it and don't let haters back you from doing what you do girl gave confidence in your self don't pay attention to hate comments I believen you I love you and I'm a supporter I love you girl❤❤❤😁😁 I'm here to bring you up and being a supporter I love you
Kim Wiley
Kim Wiley 5 минут назад
Camera man 🏁🏁🏁🏁
Jayla C
Jayla C 6 минут назад
i would be in “pAayyAin” too if i had a cameraman like this for my music video and it came out like this 😔
Tiffani Gui
Tiffani Gui 10 минут назад
Nikkle Averes
Nikkle Averes 10 минут назад
I love this song than Be happy ^-^
Kyran B
Kyran B 11 минут назад
This and be happy are both terrible my dog has more talent than any tik toker
Force the Reaper
Force the Reaper 16 минут назад
I love you Nessa
Iman Hana
Iman Hana 18 минут назад
Us: attacking cameraman Cameraman: I'm In PaIn!!!!!
Jamela Balintong
Jamela Balintong 25 минут назад
Why did you kiss Chase?😕
Xx_ Sunflxwer _xX
Xx_ Sunflxwer _xX 32 минуты назад
Bless her she doesn't deserve hate... 😔
N Korobova
N Korobova 36 минут назад
Nessa! It's so cool.Love from Russia 🇷🇺❤️
lizzo campos
lizzo campos 45 минут назад
Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur 49 минут назад
Girl we love you just try to focus on that ignore the haters❤️❤️❤️your voice is so soothing and ppl say they get Billie Eilish vibes bitch it’s a compliment 💛❤️💙💙and you should definitely release more songs in future !!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kellyn R. Lloyd
Kellyn R. Lloyd 49 минут назад
TikTok has some drama
chahood amazingness
chahood amazingness 50 минут назад
the video would have been better if she recorded it with her phone than hiring a drunk camera man. ...
Michael Aparicio
Michael Aparicio 51 минуту назад
Madison beer vibes
Slime Pusheen
Slime Pusheen 55 минут назад
I don’t like the things Nessa did, but she definitely does not deserve hate for this.
JASMIN TEJEDA 56 минут назад
aww i fell so sad this is so sad
Ellie Buhler
Ellie Buhler 57 минут назад
it’s the ✨amazing✨ voice for me
Ellie Buhler
Ellie Buhler 58 минут назад
please stop tearing her down ik she made a mistake but no one deserves to be told to die
Gotcha 59 минут назад
Nessa: 👁👄👁 The camera man:↗️↘️➡️⬅️↙️↖️↙️⬆️
Ellie Buhler
Ellie Buhler 59 минут назад
Guys instead of bullying people, the world is going through a lot rn. Focus on that. Be kind. Share love w the world. Stop tearing others down.
Nevaeh Green
Nevaeh Green Час назад
Man I truly think y'all are telling the truth 🤣 how hyped can he get.? 😂🤣
Eva Hernandez
Eva Hernandez Час назад
-Aesthetic-Gaming -
-Aesthetic-Gaming - Час назад
The only thing I hate about her she made charli and chase done the rest I ok whith her
Meiaazaviraaシ Час назад
THE CAMERA MAN 💃🕺🕺💃🕺💃💃👈👇👆🏻👉
Amy Todescat
Amy Todescat Час назад
Robyn McSwain
Robyn McSwain Час назад
She actually don’t sound that bad. The cameraman just suck.
Amy Todescat
Amy Todescat Час назад
Yah_girl_Arianna Gavino
Yah_girl_Arianna Gavino Час назад
Even if you don’t like Nessa or don’t agree with some mistakes she has made you HAVE to admit she sings so good!! ❤️
Alexia Martinez-Lugo
Alexia Martinez-Lugo Час назад
Donald Trump Scrolling Trough Tik Tok: Im in pAyennnnnnnnn
j a n a
j a n a Час назад
i don’t understand why she gets so much hate. she doesn’t deserve it. some of the people that are hating are acting like they’ve never made a mistake in their life. nessa is a human; humans make mistakes; they have feelings; they aren’t perfect. ily nessa, don’t listen to the haters 💕🥺✨
The Angel And Liam show Forever
The Angel And Liam show Forever Час назад
I love this song so good
Tweason Videos
Tweason Videos Час назад
I honestly like the way the camera man is moving. It just gives makes the video seem more intense. And I love this song.
Dream of Norris Nuts
Dream of Norris Nuts Час назад
she is awsome ❤
Priya Aa
Priya Aa Час назад
Love u nessaaaaaaa
Jamie Renee Johnson
Jamie Renee Johnson Час назад
I love how this song just came out and I’m already singing it like it’s nothing your voice is beautiful don’t listen to the hate girly!
Yeahh Okayy
Yeahh Okayy Час назад
Girl wth is this😧
walh Час назад
Whaaat!?, i didnt know that my mum filmed this
YellowStars Час назад
josh the heck did you do.
yorge Час назад
Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith Час назад
I love all the comments with sm drama it’s funny 😂
SpGoocrxzy233 Час назад
Still don’t forget what she did to hurt the queen/Charli
yorge Час назад
kritika Час назад
i cant wait for more music from this queen
The 42k ppl who dislike are the ppl who are jealous
I just noticed alot of the comments are about the camera man and nessa has her retainers on ;-:
allison cheng
allison cheng Час назад
The cameraman is filming just like the kids recording a fight in middle school
LaurenSian Wiley
LaurenSian Wiley Час назад
He renagading behind the camera
Amy B
Amy B Час назад
Nessa: 😭😇 The Cameraman:⬆️⬅️⬇️↗️↙️↖️⬅️⬆️⬇️⤴️⤵️🔄↩️🔄↖️⬆️⬇️🔼➡️↘️🔁🔀↪️⤵️🔃🔄↩️⤴️⬅️↙️↖️⬆️🔂
LaurenSian Wiley
LaurenSian Wiley Час назад
Jeez was the camera guy flipping pancakes behind the screen that camera going whoop slide to the left.. slide to the right zoom zoom in soom😂 out
Bleach Slurpee
Bleach Slurpee Час назад
guys she’s obviously in pain 💔😿
Elvire Red
Elvire Red Час назад
Im sorry but whenever I hear "iM iN pAiIiIiIInNN" i have flashbacks and start dying💀
Nia Jackson
Nia Jackson Час назад
the camera man is a better tik tok dancer than her
Aaliyah Barsh
Aaliyah Barsh Час назад
since everyone is talking about the camera man or how the lyrics don't match which makes no since im just going to say it Nessa you voice is beautiful and so is your song keep going.
D1orelle Час назад
I hear ✨a u t o t u n e✨
Payton Curtice
Payton Curtice Час назад
That 4.8M views from me listening to this song over and over again . Love this song so much ❤ Hope you bring out more great songs in the future ❤❤❤❤
Rebecca Barahona
Rebecca Barahona Час назад
ok but her music is good
-irischan- Час назад
I like the song but the video is giving madison bear vibes but no hate I love the song ❤️
Aysha K
Aysha K Час назад
i hate that i actually like this song
sunny xflower
sunny xflower Час назад
cameramen what happend did u got eyes in ur eye? or... u got drunk ? u need to chill camera man. .
tikkytokies 2 часа назад
She was obviously directing to what happened between her and chase
Mariam Chidiac
Mariam Chidiac 2 часа назад
nessa this is super good and I am so proud of you
Victoria Saccoccio
Victoria Saccoccio 2 часа назад
The camera man is having way too much fun with his job
Sophia Antunes
Sophia Antunes 2 часа назад
I love the part when the drops fell on beat lol. Love this song btw :)
Victoria Saccoccio
Victoria Saccoccio 2 часа назад
The camera man: ↔️↕️↖️↗️↘️↙️↩️↪️
Emma-Leigh Walker
Emma-Leigh Walker 2 часа назад
We have all made mistakes but absolutely no one deserves the hate she gets .
Victoria Saccoccio
Victoria Saccoccio 2 часа назад
Aidan Gallagher sounds different here😻
Jeremy Tristan Ibasco
Jeremy Tristan Ibasco 2 часа назад
the camera man lmaoooo
camila martinez
camila martinez 2 часа назад
I don't need anymore my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Samantha Whisler
Samantha Whisler 2 часа назад
I Love the song ness