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dakota Dodson
dakota Dodson 4 часа назад
Bro he almost sounds like Kevin gates
Lazer boy Leroy
Lazer boy Leroy 4 часа назад
I say I put my heart on ice heart on ice, I GOTTA GO TO SLEEP 😴😴
Trinity Rudolph
Trinity Rudolph 4 часа назад
Bet them niggas that recorded him and was “hyping” him but laughed behind his back when he turned away salty now
Roseanna Conception
Roseanna Conception 4 часа назад
That’s exactly how I feel 💔
Derrick Sagland
Derrick Sagland 4 часа назад
Simple like orange juice 🍊🎲🍹
Roseanna Conception
Roseanna Conception 4 часа назад
Love this song,,, green fucking light
Lazarian Bloodsaw
Lazarian Bloodsaw 4 часа назад
Me rod gone do a song one day y'all gone enjoy the message the season at hand no more pain we all gain
Robert Mapp
Robert Mapp 4 часа назад
He one of the realest rappers that's out now 💪
carmen lee
carmen lee 4 часа назад
damn i'm in love with his ass
jamaury team team
jamaury team team 4 часа назад
Best and faith and god +Jesus
DJ McCray
DJ McCray 4 часа назад
Used to not like this song, but I started listening to the lyrics it is actually a good song. He a good rapper very talented
hobo 02
hobo 02 5 часов назад
Fat boy SSE clone
Annie Bailey
Annie Bailey 5 часов назад
Omg I just love rod wave
Marvin Hall
Marvin Hall 5 часов назад
The truth
Truescribebeats 5 часов назад
They shouldn't a gave that boy a chance...Now he trendin 😂😂😂
Marvin Hall
Marvin Hall 5 часов назад
Fire bro keep up the good work God is good
Jason Rich
Jason Rich 5 часов назад
On God 💙
Mani Simone
Mani Simone 5 часов назад
"I'll fly high with my God. Soul been broke in half i got too many scars. Put my trust in em and they broke my heart. Death gotta be easy cuz life is harder" damnnnn i felt that
Melissa Owens
Melissa Owens 5 часов назад
Not one dislike rod YOU KILLN ITTTTT
Brianda Rodarte
Brianda Rodarte 5 часов назад
Kya Smith
Kya Smith 5 часов назад
I feel him in this song #OnRepeat #RODWAVEUP
Princess Shawny
Princess Shawny 5 часов назад
Where Did “Brace Face” Come From 🥴
sir mcneil-lewis
sir mcneil-lewis 5 часов назад
What happend to the video to this song I like can't find it on here anymore been searching fa it fa bout 2 weeks😤
Laylay Lay
Laylay Lay 5 часов назад
Awnnn you havin twins 😍😍
Laylay Lay
Laylay Lay 5 часов назад
MBO TJ RECORDS 5 часов назад
J. hxncho
J. hxncho 5 часов назад
It’s called “ Thug motivation “ for a reason y’all 💯. I see so many comments saying “ I can’t wait to be able to say this & that “ mannn do y’all get that $$ man 💯. This song motivating asf
Ashley Staten
Ashley Staten 5 часов назад
I love rod wave but can he show the world who tf trey is that’s making all these beats
DJ Lunchbox
DJ Lunchbox 5 часов назад
What ya know bout wearing ya heart on ya sleeve?
Iyana Smith
Iyana Smith 5 часов назад
I put my heart on my sleeve
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
YoungBoy Never Broke Again 6 часов назад
Watch It Lock Jitt 🔒
Makeit Out
Makeit Out 6 часов назад
Go to telegram and type in gift.card777 his name GiftCardGod999 he sell gift cards I brought an Amazon i paid 490 it had 1000 on it
Coreakers Gay
Coreakers Gay 6 часов назад
Man i really love this man ❤❤❤
Tyquita Otis
Tyquita Otis 6 часов назад
That’s rod wave and it’s lit to so lit
slime love
slime love 6 часов назад
"Turn a nigga block into a gay parade wit them dicks" bars
Makeit Out
Makeit Out 6 часов назад
Go to telegram and type in gift.card777 his name GiftCardGod999 he sell gift cards I brought an Amazon i paid 490 it had 1000 on it
The Shorters Unfiltered
The Shorters Unfiltered 6 часов назад
I like how he start off talking
Alan Tamplin
Alan Tamplin 6 часов назад
You Only Fall Off 💔 You Find Off Who Really Love Ya ❗️🙏🏾
marcnel metelus
marcnel metelus 6 часов назад
I need to find what type best is this
Dario Castanon
Dario Castanon 6 часов назад
Not gon lie first time hearin this it was lit but the second time It almost made a mf cry
Naruto74 6 часов назад
Weight of the world on your shoulders
Jonboy !
Jonboy ! 6 часов назад
2.2M in 5 days boa you hot💯
invxke 6 часов назад
“I don’t want no more love i feel it’s poison” 🔥🤧
Anesha Clowers
Anesha Clowers 6 часов назад
I feel like he's talking to me and about me ... I love this song ❤
Marii1k 7 часов назад
If this don’t motivate you what will Message to myself: I promise to get money and live life to the fullest and take care of my family💯
BangBang HTX
BangBang HTX 7 часов назад
I apologized for sleeping on today's music I ran into dude out of nowhere on RUchat man homeboy is deep and his music is some real shit 💪💪
KING_JEFFY209 ' 7 часов назад
Damn bro i cried to this shit man
SincerelyRae 7 часов назад
💯💪🏾🙌🏾 Rod Wave is a MOOD !
xander S.M
xander S.M 7 часов назад
The video made the song better. BTW that’s not a compliment... the song ain’t it tbh💯
Caylen Turner
Caylen Turner 7 часов назад
My man man rod wave
Antanasia Coleman
Antanasia Coleman 7 часов назад
He sound good 👍👍👍
Bobby Klinger
Bobby Klinger 7 часов назад
Imagine being on the other side of that glass when he dropped this for the first time 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Ty Smith
Ty Smith 7 часов назад
🔥🔥🔥 his music is the vibe we all need💯
Jaliyah Holliday
Jaliyah Holliday 7 часов назад
This my song
Jay’s Vlogs
Jay’s Vlogs 7 часов назад
If anyone could get this in the one hour version for meh u da goat
bob king
bob king 8 часов назад
Favorite rap singer who agree
UglyMyPlayer 8 часов назад
Congratulations to him with the twins officially dad wave
Young 5 Peso
Young 5 Peso 8 часов назад subscribe please 🙏🏾🔥
Maria Shaw
Maria Shaw 8 часов назад
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JailynWayda 8 часов назад
When you going through it.. This the song you needa listen to 🤘🏽😢
elijah ej
elijah ej 8 часов назад
My name is elijah dejean and I can sing like you
Zion Tolbert
Zion Tolbert 8 часов назад
I love you and this respect
Kerry Smith
Kerry Smith 8 часов назад
My life story 😩
Demetrius Claudio
Demetrius Claudio 8 часов назад
Him and Quando need to put that money thing aside and make song that will be a fucking hit 🤦🏾‍♂️😴
Telor Hall
Telor Hall 8 часов назад
Whoever dislike hating
Lady Key
Lady Key 8 часов назад
Sidney Larkins
Sidney Larkins 8 часов назад
This needa be on Apple Music
Sabir Shah
Sabir Shah 9 часов назад
I like this shit man
Audavious Whitehead
Audavious Whitehead 9 часов назад
People change like the seasons, I'm asking what's the reason? Then I been thuggin' dolo, lay in my bed and cut off my phone I smoke that dope alone, me and others don't get along You can peep the pain in my face but I hide it deep in these songs .. I felt that
Ashto K
Ashto K 9 часов назад
Autumn Hamilton
Autumn Hamilton 9 часов назад
I’m gon die in my Human Minks what bout yall😭💛🤞🏼
Shawn knight
Shawn knight 9 часов назад
See u as the next BIG..
thunder thighz
thunder thighz 9 часов назад
Jonea Farmer
Jonea Farmer 9 часов назад
Mann I fuk this
Raymond Tiger
Raymond Tiger 9 часов назад
Main real life
ohygee p
ohygee p 9 часов назад
this dude ... this the one that is goin to put you at the top
GBOY MostRequested TV
GBOY MostRequested TV 9 часов назад
I like it rod
Platinum amv
Platinum amv 9 часов назад
Who wanna see rod wave and no cap
George Price
George Price 9 часов назад
Biloxi Mississippi bruh 🙏🙏🙏gasss
CHAIN GAMING 9 часов назад
Why this not on Spotify 🔥🔥🔥😩
Mike2x 2x
Mike2x 2x 9 часов назад
Just bought my mom a brand new Audi
choppa_boy_jay_ Perry
choppa_boy_jay_ Perry 9 часов назад
Bro she look so fie(Young M.A) In this song
Nellie Roberson
Nellie Roberson 10 часов назад
choppa_boy_jay_ Perry
choppa_boy_jay_ Perry 10 часов назад
Did you all see Young M.A.
BRIAN KIARIE 10 часов назад
Rod wave New Video alert!!
Lu Wop
Lu Wop 9 часов назад
BRIAN KIARIE check this out 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Rell SoSa
Rell SoSa 10 часов назад
Xclussive Destinyyy
Xclussive Destinyyy 10 часов назад
Good luck 👍🏾🍀 Rod wit yo twins 👯‍♀️
Lu Wop
Lu Wop 9 часов назад
Xclussive Destinyyy check this out 🚨🚨🙏🏾
tamia whitcomb
tamia whitcomb 10 часов назад
you are one of the coldest rappers ever in my opion
Taey Boogie
Taey Boogie 10 часов назад
This when he came to Cincinnati 💪🏾💯💯💯❤️
Lu Wop
Lu Wop 9 часов назад
Taey Boogie check this out 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Katrina Miller
Katrina Miller 11 часов назад
Angelica Seattle
Angelica Seattle 11 часов назад
I dont know how you get down wit them clowns but I'm a soldier
Jesus Speakz
Jesus Speakz 11 часов назад
Blow up!
Lu Wop
Lu Wop 9 часов назад
Jesus Speakz check this out 🚨🚨🙏🏾
Ta'liyah Rogers
Ta'liyah Rogers 11 часов назад
I love you Rod wave 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Jimmy Martin
Jimmy Martin 11 часов назад
I was Poppin this before it hit a million
Bryan Ibanez
Bryan Ibanez 11 часов назад
I hope you win brudda , from san jose ca i peep the real nigga in your vocals , youngboy n lil baby act hella diff now . You inna same level as them but i see you humble . Keep uh hit comin
Amber Swindell
Amber Swindell 11 часов назад
love this song
Edward Pratt
Edward Pratt 11 часов назад
I think about the ones that dont deserve me.
Antione Harrell
Antione Harrell 11 часов назад
How would you feel is I told u that I need your love
Sean Miles
Sean Miles 11 часов назад
dope shit this shit hit
Marvel Neerd#Siderverse
Marvel Neerd#Siderverse 11 часов назад