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No shit Sherlock
No shit Sherlock 40 минут назад
Wow that ass is big do you know what's also big MY LOVE FOR JESUS CHRIST can I get an amen
Lova Miss.,
Lova Miss., Час назад
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Amy V
Amy V Час назад
I just noticed that Zendaya was the black ninja after 6 years 😊.
Rainer Erdmann
Rainer Erdmann Час назад
1:12 This was foreshadowing something
Martina Semprini
Martina Semprini Час назад
me encanta q este inspirado en la pelicula ni idea
lama_achié Час назад
J'ai trouvé des pépites en terme musique.
Doha Hmt
Doha Hmt 2 часа назад
Savannah Regalado
Savannah Regalado 2 часа назад
T.i is In the video 😂 like if u saw him
TreePerson5555 2 часа назад
Me at 11: "Parental advisory explicit content" welp...
ColdPop - Fortnite
ColdPop - Fortnite 2 часа назад
Here before 1B
Jefferson Reis
Jefferson Reis 2 часа назад
Até hoje eu espero esse feat acontecer.
Nova Starr
Nova Starr 2 часа назад
Iggy: work All the Leo’s: can’t relate
Gisellé 9v9r Crrz
Gisellé 9v9r Crrz 3 часа назад
Mostrar tu cuerpo no es estar a favor del machismo . Eso es envidia, con ese culo yo igual lo andaría mostrando XD , lo tachan d sexista y luego salen en bolas XS .estoy de acuerdo con muchos derechos feministas pero me dan asco las que odian a Iggy x como son sus videos , ella canta genial !😱🙋
melaninnn 3 часа назад
imagine if they was bestfriends in real life doh 🤸🏾‍♀️🖖🏾
Acentrixes 3 часа назад
What the fuck is going on here?
Can we reach 100 subscribers without video?
Can we reach 100 subscribers without video? 3 часа назад
The people who liked this comment is officially before 1 billion views
Nova Starr
Nova Starr 3 часа назад
How did the old man agree to do this video?
Bleno mesclando
Bleno mesclando 3 часа назад
Amo ruchat.info/show/video/k3i1zqqCdamIhKI.html
Bleno mesclando
Bleno mesclando 3 часа назад
Bleno mesclando
Bleno mesclando 3 часа назад
ruchat.info/show/video/k3i1zqqCdamIhKI.html ❤
Kimberly Santana
Kimberly Santana 3 часа назад
I love Clueless!
reeya vk
reeya vk 3 часа назад
Lola so catchy 😍😍 I love how Iggy always slays 👑 the fashion is just so fucking good 😍😍😍
Malachi Jenkins
Malachi Jenkins 3 часа назад
Who else came here because of tik tok like if did
شعليك اب اسمي؛-؛.؟!!
شعليك اب اسمي؛-؛.؟!! 3 часа назад
هسة ما فهمت انتي تغنين تركصين..؟🗿
Camille Jones
Camille Jones 4 часа назад
GOD bless you all. GOD loves you all.
tshepherdvideos 4 часа назад
I like this song
simona H
simona H 4 часа назад
Valkyria Rubik
Valkyria Rubik 4 часа назад
I used to like this mv too much when I was younger and now I recognize thats really ridiculous a woman with tiny clothes at a marcial art
Tu Uyen Dinh
Tu Uyen Dinh 4 часа назад
Crazy Days
Crazy Days 4 часа назад
Can you shoot ball bearings out of a paintball gun ? ruchat.info/show/video/r2i-moCWeZqpfZ4.html
蒔絵まきえ 4 часа назад
i always mistakenly thought it was a song by Gwen Stefani
Barrelin' Monroe
Barrelin' Monroe 4 часа назад
I'm having Chilis flashbacks. Sweet Jesus I'm so glad I'm out of food service :(
Jailen Manuel
Jailen Manuel 5 часов назад
Is that James
Youtube bri
Youtube bri 5 часов назад
i see james charles OMG
Samuel Araujo
Samuel Araujo 5 часов назад
Саша Антонова
Саша Антонова 5 часов назад
...i remember Savior from Mystic Messenger. Creepy))
Jay The Great
Jay The Great 5 часов назад
Tiktok it's your turn to get this song back
Alexandra Forero
Alexandra Forero 5 часов назад
This song is old , and I just noticed that T.I is there hahahaha
Sarah Kostelec
Sarah Kostelec 5 часов назад
This song deserves to be a HIT, its never to late
Guilherme Silva Amaral
Guilherme Silva Amaral 5 часов назад
Quem do Brasil está aqui?????
Wool YuY
Wool YuY 6 часов назад
Finally some church music.
Сергей Долганов
Сергей Долганов 6 часов назад
Hey mambo, mambo italiano
ss 7 часов назад
I wanted that pink and yellow soooooo bad in fourth grade
Lydia IG_lyllldia
Lydia IG_lyllldia 7 часов назад
Get y/our kids a lot of books. :)
ss 7 часов назад
T -ROCK 7 часов назад
if "havana" and " I like it " have i child it will be this song !!!! no cap XDDD
Sally Wally
Sally Wally 7 часов назад
This hit diferent when your name is Sally :/
daddy levi
daddy levi 7 часов назад
fresh comments is so nice to read and scroll. stream y'all!!!
Abeiku 11
Abeiku 11 7 часов назад
Come on guys .... let hit 1billion views for iggy 🙏🙏...we are almost there.....
Uttam Sharma
Uttam Sharma 7 часов назад
I am offended. . . . . . . . Where is nagin dance?
Liam Origa Official
Liam Origa Official 8 часов назад
Who was here the day of its release and not because of Tik Tok and the National Anthem ?
Lark 3
Lark 3 8 часов назад
i searched for how to get a new fucking pc and this showed up
Gatocrak 9 часов назад
Otra canción cristiana que bien v:
trixxie Slayzz
trixxie Slayzz 9 часов назад
This song is shit what a SHITTY THOT
Cranberry Juice
Cranberry Juice 9 часов назад
I truly wonder if this is monetized 🤔
K E T Y 9 часов назад
Mambo italiano
hakera kera
hakera kera 9 часов назад
The nostalgia
miksu latina
miksu latina 9 часов назад
Who is in Coronas Team ahahahaha
Belinda McPherson
Belinda McPherson 9 часов назад
I❤️u, iggy. Youre gorgeous. Aussie aussie oi oi
Yuh Get in to it
Yuh Get in to it 10 часов назад
He sound like he been smoking fo a long timer
Klaudia Chachalakova
Klaudia Chachalakova 10 часов назад
Why is this underrated :(
Jamie Spainhour
Jamie Spainhour 10 часов назад
I can't stop laughing at the fact they're doin 1 of my favorite movies EVER!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA
dexterr 10 часов назад
jaky alip
jaky alip 10 часов назад
6 Years
Ifra Shahid
Ifra Shahid 10 часов назад
02:30 Me: *SIRI!?*
Bello Chris B
Bello Chris B 10 часов назад
buen tabajo xavales
sadboi hour
sadboi hour 10 часов назад
this is black widow the movie plus kill bill anyone notice this only me ok :')
ʎllᴉɯ 10 часов назад
Can’t believe this was 6 years ago 😭
Ajoy Nath
Ajoy Nath 10 часов назад
I ❤ iggy so much!
Lee Gou
Lee Gou 11 часов назад
Putting this in my Christian music playlist, along with Get Low, Rack City, Spiderman Dick, and Ram Ranch 1 - 200.
Göksel Arda Akar
Göksel Arda Akar 11 часов назад
I'm here for 1B!
Meisha Smith
Meisha Smith 11 часов назад
Please claim your " here before 1 bill card " here: 💳
Aaron Coronado
Aaron Coronado 11 часов назад
Deane Murray
Deane Murray 11 часов назад
Come on, someone’s gotta make a heathers themed music video now.
Carlin 11 часов назад
Alguém de Agosto por aqui ?
Khallel Vitor
Khallel Vitor 4 часа назад
Sou de janeiro kkkk
Carlin 11 часов назад
*Alguém do mês de Agosto Por Aqui ?*
Angelixari 11 часов назад
Imagine this song mix with 7 rings
Elias Lemos
Elias Lemos Час назад
It was going to be one of the best but adds money from card b
Ranbir singh lahry
Ranbir singh lahry 12 часов назад
I like music, 🔊
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 12 часов назад
Luv it🎧🔥🎶💯
Edge Daruca
Edge Daruca 12 часов назад
Back in the day im singing this without knowing the song when im in 7th grade.