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Me and I
Me and I 15 минут назад
Does anyone else experience a flashback to Disney Infinity when watching the layout phase?
Kyle Leww
Kyle Leww 29 минут назад
Disney: Pixar think about it, a great movie concept which is very thought provoking, but how will we make this into a toy!!!!!!! Pixar: Or we could just make a good movie... Disney: so you mean, throw the main character down the sewer, clump up the blue woman from "Inside Out" and BOOM, new toy!!!!! Pixar: but... Disney: DID I STUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyle Leww
Kyle Leww 29 минут назад
Disney: Pixar think about it, a great movie concept which is very thought provoking, but how will we make this into a toy!!!!!!! Pixar: Or we could just make a good movie... Disney: so you mean, throw the main character down the sewer, clump up the blue woman from "Inside Out" and BOOM, new toy!!!!! Pixar: but... Disney: DID I STUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jona 17
Jona 17 46 минут назад
Alexandraaa Nr
Alexandraaa Nr 49 минут назад
Humans are a disgrace to the world
0:22!!! OMG
Caden William Williams
Caden William Williams Час назад
0:27 MY LEG!
Zeek Час назад
Man, why are so many people being so ungrateful? Just look at it! It'll be amazing! This is not going to be like Inside Out, the only similarity is the art style, but come on. That is to be expected. It's by the same studio!
The Jack'o' Lantern
The Jack'o' Lantern Час назад
I do not understand how people think this is like inside out, this movie looks great.
Myzell Patty
Myzell Patty Час назад
Now this pizza is looks good this is making me hungry
Jude Katsianis
Jude Katsianis Час назад
Y’all are hating on the trailer, we all know your gonna end up seeing it then, enjoying it
Robert Harper
Robert Harper 2 часа назад
Pixar: Makes a good movie Disney: *exists* Pixar: Oh yeah, I forgot about that
PhantomWay290 2 часа назад
Why is this in my recommend in 2019 lmao
GreensAndBeansGaming 2 часа назад
Was wondering if you had Disney plus gift cards, so if you just want to pay the 70 bucks for the year subscription and give the card to somebody for a present? So there is no credit card info needed, if you give it to a teen they just have to plug in the numbers on the card and they are all set.
GreaserCentral 2 часа назад
He is half the man he used to be 😜
Young Hoover
Young Hoover 2 часа назад
Disney plus has that 🤖
Heba Stars
Heba Stars 3 часа назад
Cool ♥♥♥♥♥
Epil Hype
Epil Hype 3 часа назад
Even though it was short best pixar movie ever cause of all the emotions it makes you feel... thats what makes a movie special and good
Shawn Lyall
Shawn Lyall 3 часа назад
Another unanounced Pixar movie
Anonymous Dolphin
Anonymous Dolphin 3 часа назад
Maybe this movie will actually be good, but am I the only one who can’t stand the character designs?
Ali Furkan
Ali Furkan 3 часа назад
I like memes
I like memes 3 часа назад
who is here because of AJR's overture
Jietro Raximoff
Jietro Raximoff 3 часа назад
That was easy. Trick 3 guys with pizza! 😆
Elizabeth Leija
Elizabeth Leija 4 часа назад
I’m not crying you are....
Nickson Guerrier
Nickson Guerrier 4 часа назад
Joy & Sadness
Ahmed Yossif
Ahmed Yossif 4 часа назад
I want kingdom hearts add this in their next game Am I the only one?
cottage cheese
cottage cheese 4 часа назад
i’m literally only watching this because overture by AJR
Shaq eel O kneal
Shaq eel O kneal 4 часа назад
Wow! This is unreel!
Emilu 5 часов назад
I thought this was going to be a super Carlin brothers fast facts 😂
jaypee blogs
jaypee blogs 5 часов назад
The name of music ?
Marc Ivanchenko
Marc Ivanchenko 6 часов назад
israel tufiño dtg
israel tufiño dtg 6 часов назад
Espectacular mi infancia
Stuart Wise
Stuart Wise 6 часов назад
It reminds me of Jar jar from star wars What a load of rubbish Pardon the pun
格薩爾Gasar 7 часов назад
This is one of the best movies I've ever seen , I'm 53 yrs. old and I mean what I say !
How I'd Improve
How I'd Improve 7 часов назад
0:19 mood
Smaragdwolf 7 часов назад the end they´re bound together and a full City is cut off their Energy-Source, since the Track is destroyed
Shrink Tank
Shrink Tank 7 часов назад
This is a MUST WATCH film for parents who have kids on the Autism Spectrum. It's a masterpiece!
kate m
kate m 8 часов назад
AH I tear up every single time she reaches out to pet him and that look on his face :<
Aldana Pugliese
Aldana Pugliese 8 часов назад
Siempre las historias que le hacen llorar después terminan haciendo al terminar buenas
yOINk 8 часов назад
Whoever disliked this video needs to rethink there life choices
человек 8 часов назад
Я плачу
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell 9 часов назад
Reminder that the guys name is Joe.
I Love Animated Movies
I Love Animated Movies 9 часов назад
Fred Tölgyesi
Fred Tölgyesi 9 часов назад
Omg they have AJR music in it I'm so happy cause their music is really great but they're so underrated
I'm gonna play games
I'm gonna play games 9 часов назад
_I thought we were gonna get the first black led Pixar film but then the blue blob thing came, and the annoying side character came and I lost interest :(_
Mc Telekom
Mc Telekom 10 часов назад
AbiSoulz 10 часов назад
When the main character turned into a blue booger I was like ‘I thought this was gonna be a musical...’
Xendag 10 часов назад
0:54 oof
Nickname Nickname
Nickname Nickname 10 часов назад
The cartoon has not even come out yet and you all already say that this is a failure👍
Sam Sepiol
Sam Sepiol 10 часов назад
It must be so cool to say like, "Yeah, I work at Pixar Animation Studios". Or even getting up in the morning knowing that you're going to spend an entire day inside this building and earn a living on top of it. I mean, what else does a person need? :)
Richárd Petneházi
Richárd Petneházi 11 часов назад
Why dislike????
lucas olarte
lucas olarte 11 часов назад
Me parte el corazon me lo partee 😭😭😭😭
МэЙбЛ 11 часов назад
I cried from the beginning
gadiza mutiara
gadiza mutiara 11 часов назад
Bar akbar ini gw gadiza
KingDead 47
KingDead 47 11 часов назад
Idk this movie looks good i don’t understand how we can hate a movie even before its released.
jenson booth
jenson booth 11 часов назад
Ajr in a disney film let's go
Angelic Tears
Angelic Tears 12 часов назад
Why is everyone hating on that poor blue blob thing? Give the movie a chance guys. You don't even know what it's going to be about. 😂
Wash Mcdoo
Wash Mcdoo 12 часов назад
I already know that this is going to make me cry
Helmy Geery
Helmy Geery 12 часов назад
Toy Story 4 in the best
Ariel Arias Petzoldt
Ariel Arias Petzoldt 12 часов назад
Emmet (Ian) Shrinks Rex Dangervest (Barley) Rex: It Worked! The Gun Is Huge, And The Spaceship Is Huge, And You’re... Oh No!
Gideon Davis
Gideon Davis 12 часов назад
Man, white males are pricks....
Fallout Fan
Fallout Fan 13 часов назад
This is the sonic movie all over again
Sami Kazmouz
Sami Kazmouz 13 часов назад
0:22 this will be the new meme of 2020
Aamiramalik Aamira
Aamiramalik Aamira 13 часов назад
R Tori
R Tori 14 часов назад
Looks so bland :(
ʍɛʟɮɛʀτʊ 14 часов назад
Constellation Animations
Constellation Animations 14 часов назад
SONG: Overture AJR The Click (In case ya didnt know 😋)
Зарина Самигуллина
Зарина Самигуллина 14 часов назад
Жаль русских нет😕
Galex Grace
Galex Grace 15 часов назад
I am crying right now because the dog didn’t take the attention right away because he was used to just getting a abused and he was scared at first
Lightra Scales
Lightra Scales 15 часов назад
I saw this in a movie theater and I only watched it again because it had overture in it.
Cornelius Alfred
Cornelius Alfred 15 часов назад
Bad word alert
Volt 15 часов назад
AJR fans anyone?
Kelly Laco
Kelly Laco 16 часов назад
0:22 YUCKY!
Fahmi Febriano
Fahmi Febriano 16 часов назад
Fahmi Febriano
Fahmi Febriano 16 часов назад
akash das.
akash das. 17 часов назад
Lyndee Shallberg
Lyndee Shallberg 17 часов назад
Okay but I’m actually crying real tears
Amal 17 часов назад
This is my song. It really represents my life story it's about me and all the people I love who left me... I miss you and I am tired of losing you.
Lyndee Shallberg
Lyndee Shallberg 17 часов назад
So the yarn represents women just going into a men’s dominated work place and they all get along? Like I’m just trying to figure out the real meaning lol
-K O K O- bean
-K O K O- bean 18 часов назад
Why am I only realising how beautiful the score is now?
SPEK A NOOD YOLO 18 часов назад
Me as a male person that this The only Disney Pixar movie that make me cry so hard 😨😨😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jrod Vlogs
Jrod Vlogs 18 часов назад
What made me laugh was “To infinity and a kick !” Hahahaha
Саят Кыдырберген
Саят Кыдырберген 18 часов назад
Самый лучший саундтрек за всю историю кино
LeemonTree 18 часов назад
Let's see how positive this comment section becomes once the film actually comes out and they realise their criticism of the film didn't actually effect it's quality.... this only valid point people have made here is about how black characters always seem to be turned into something inhuman early on in the film
Lovely Peaches100
Lovely Peaches100 19 часов назад
Muhammad Arief Rahman
Muhammad Arief Rahman 19 часов назад
Wall-E,, long time no see
Lilly H
Lilly H 19 часов назад
Is it just me, or is this kind of like the Good Place, with the afterlife and ethics and stuff?
Edwin 20 часов назад
What is love? Baby dont hurt me.
HNTR L 20 часов назад
Guys, please! It's only a trailer! Inside Out was criticized before the movie came out and look at it now! This movie shows a blue blob guy, sure, but does that mean the whole movie will be about that blob? Come on. Give the movie time. Maybe it'll be better than we expect!
ڣــڕٰا̍ڜـِـ҉ౢۦۣۧۛ͜ـہهہ. .εïз
ڣــڕٰا̍ڜـِـ҉ౢۦۣۧۛ͜ـہهہ. .εïз 20 часов назад
GemBros Inc.
GemBros Inc. 20 часов назад
I’m calling it right now, those legs aren’t his dad’s legs.
AnthemGS 20 часов назад
Hunter Thixton
Hunter Thixton 21 час назад
Art and pop fizz from Skylanders academy are one of the best, awesome,nice,fun,and cool monsters ever guys!😎😊
Røad Kīłł
Røad Kīłł 21 час назад
Im not crying you are :,(
Zachary Seaton
Zachary Seaton 21 час назад
russel sounds different
Rubi Brothers
Rubi Brothers 21 час назад
Zain Awesome
Zain Awesome 22 часа назад
1 more please
Fer Ramírez
Fer Ramírez 22 часа назад
Omg they really put AJR 😍😭
dj MiGUEL 957
dj MiGUEL 957 22 часа назад
Que idioma es ese