Abdallah Essam
Abdallah Essam 11 часов назад
i dont understand how this was a draw
Ma1q 11 часов назад
Rivera is special he gon be big one day mark my words
Naim Wright
Naim Wright 11 часов назад
1:04 who TF was that screaming🤣😂
Michael Dooley
Michael Dooley 11 часов назад
Benavidez is a talented fighter but he's very flat-footed most of the time...not very light and agile on his feet.
BallisticaMetal 12 часов назад
12:40 At this moment Medina lost mentally...
Saviii Savages
Saviii Savages 12 часов назад
Yildimir Stupid Af He Celebrate 2 Early & Lost.😂😂
Mo 12 часов назад
The 2 year anniversary of Lara vs Castano is March 2nd. We need that fight
Jan Wade
Jan Wade 12 часов назад
This guy could go toe to toe with Canelo in the future!
Josha Toussaint
Josha Toussaint 12 часов назад
That ref was really good
Im the BMF
Im the BMF 13 часов назад
Punches everwhere 😁
CB 10
CB 10 13 часов назад
They definitely posting this cos they about to announce Tank vs Barrios in the next couple days...
Elin Brittany
Elin Brittany 13 часов назад
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Fox Mariota
Fox Mariota 13 часов назад
My man Dirill is still fighting. God bless you both
Gamebred Pitbull Hall of Fame
Gamebred Pitbull Hall of Fame 13 часов назад
Tank vs Barrios next?
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu 14 часов назад
* that boxers father just saw his son crumple into a corner in submission....more than once* 🤦‍♀️
ËL BøRRï 14 часов назад
Broner scared of rivera jaja
Rxd Rxd
Rxd Rxd 14 часов назад
Bruh... why their faces looks like they didnt have a fight... this is 12 rounds and yet didnt cause any bruises at all
Marek Mark
Marek Mark 15 часов назад
Gołota by załatwił Heleniusa w pół rundy.
Eric POTENCIANO M 15 часов назад
Shawn Porter won this FIGHT!!!
IMM BRICK 15 часов назад
Tank gone be the beat to ever do it 💯
James CF10
James CF10 15 часов назад
Fury went life and death with this guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
2Stroke Tyson
2Stroke Tyson 15 часов назад
The little commentator guy messed up names all night long
Gnarly_ Cro's
Gnarly_ Cro's 15 часов назад
looks like fury was able to combine the two circles quick enough
Gnarly_ Cro's
Gnarly_ Cro's 16 часов назад
LOL at 27:02 u hear one of the announcers yawn mad loud!
Markjoeeph Moraleja
Markjoeeph Moraleja 16 часов назад
Mikey Garcia for me😊
M&M 123
M&M 123 16 часов назад
M&M 123
M&M 123 16 часов назад
Ayit Remaong
Ayit Remaong 16 часов назад
ballhawk387 16 часов назад
1st and 2nd rounds: Commentators" "Wilder lands a *BIG* right" Fury: shrugs it off like nothing, staggers Wilder with a *jab* Commentators: "Fury has to be careful for the *big right hand* of Wilder's!" 4th round: (Wilder staggering around) Commentator: "Wilder still has that one-hitter quitter" (Fury lands savage body shot, Wilder's knees buckle, almost goes down) This, my friends, is what you call *cognitive dissonance*
علي فهيم البنا
علي فهيم البنا 17 часов назад
ياريت يا كابتن تراسلنى لأننى أملك معلومة مهمة لك. 01003944555 .
Seth Marie
Seth Marie 17 часов назад
Pretty good fight. But, Dirrell should have gotten the W. Hopefully a title shot still awaits him.
Kota Lz
Kota Lz 17 часов назад
Damn lost his belt cuz .4 fuck that’s nothing that’s a shit lmao
Onyebuchi Eze
Onyebuchi Eze 17 часов назад
Errol Spence @17:35 🤣🤣🤣
Dreadrick Taytum
Dreadrick Taytum 17 часов назад
Trying to Hint an show us Tank next opponent? I see ya.
SMALLS GAMING 18 часов назад
The excuses Wilder and his fans have came up with parallel in comparison to Trumps excuses as to why he lost the election,I wonder if Wilders going to start having rallies too!!
SMALLS GAMING 18 часов назад
Thank god we finally have a champ with some honesty and humility and he’s not from the United States and I’m still loving it!!Good luck Tyson Fury.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 18 часов назад
Dirrell is shop worn
Evelia Vela
Evelia Vela 18 часов назад
Este plant si le gana a Canelo
Ultraman 18 часов назад
Joe Goosen and Brian Kenny should never call a fight again. Goosen calls punches that aren’t significant and Brian is like “really Joe” lol clowns
Massimo Colotti
Massimo Colotti 19 часов назад
Che soddisfazione!!!! aaaahhhhh!!!! la vera boxe ha trionfato!!!
Javier Perez
Javier Perez 19 часов назад
Benavidez is like a shark when he smells blood. Tsss
Premiumboxingtips Predictions
Premiumboxingtips Predictions 19 часов назад
I can't believe Dirrell didn't get cut.
Tim Jackson
Tim Jackson 19 часов назад
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Zachary Red
Zachary Red 19 часов назад
ref is ass
C A 19 часов назад
Kenny Bayless should be fired........this guy only supports his people....fucking ref.
Dantji Sabono
Dantji Sabono 20 часов назад
AJ RX 20 часов назад
I remember when Peterson dominated Swift before the ski-mask way.
Eclectic Car
Eclectic Car 20 часов назад
Has Broner ever won a fight??? I always see his fight, and he always loses to everyone, has he ever won anything?
mookie george
mookie george 20 часов назад
He walked out to famo from the KEE'S (AKA) (KANKAKEE ILLINOIS) That Is
mookie george
mookie george 20 часов назад
K3 Stand Up
Roberto Santoyo
Roberto Santoyo 21 час назад
Dirrell win that fight un My opinion beter fight than canelo fake right
CheckMATE! 73
CheckMATE! 73 21 час назад
The commentator beef made this fight better.
Grade A Clorox Bleach • 47 years ago
Grade A Clorox Bleach • 47 years ago 21 час назад
Imagine a fist fight with one of these dudes. You’d be out cold in a *jab*
Robert Griffin
Robert Griffin 21 час назад
That was a real heavyweight fight. Best I've seen in years
Robert Griffin
Robert Griffin 21 час назад
Both of them should have had there pay doubled
Jay-R Escalante
Jay-R Escalante 21 час назад
Ailyis 21 час назад
That screaming lady annoying af
Nelfi Novas
Nelfi Novas 22 часа назад
A M 22 часа назад
early stoppage anyone??? pedraza looked like he as capable of continouing??
ballhawk387 22 часа назад
Anyone else notice the ring announcer botched the Fury corner in the introduction, having both in the blue corner?
tekubus 22 часа назад
"The next time Wilder is seconds away from being decapitated, I'm just going to make a Tik-Tok." -Mark Breland
Gabrielle Simone
Gabrielle Simone 22 часа назад
Nobody: Absolutely NOONE: Mayweather: he ain’t gon shoot no jab, he too slow to shoot a jab 😭😭
J Arce
J Arce 22 часа назад
Lol Ruiz was like oh this is where I’m supposed to go down
tekubus 22 часа назад
They are both lucky Charlie Zelenoff didn't show up.
Jimmy Boado
Jimmy Boado 22 часа назад
Durrell wasn’t focus of winning, he focused talking trash and making faces to his opponent. Way to go derailed. My bad I meant dirrell.
scatpack 23 часа назад
Lets go barrios
Marco Antonio Molina Morales
Marco Antonio Molina Morales 23 часа назад
Sería una buena pelea la de Benavidez contra canelo, son los mejores en la división
VMG Lifestyle
VMG Lifestyle 23 часа назад
Nasty ain't even the word for that uppercut...sheesh 🥶
tekubus 23 часа назад
Listening to this girl pretending to be a boxing announcer is intolerable.
w!1d3r 23 часа назад
Ruiz vs Wilder is the next fight
Yazmo 23 часа назад
great fight regarless
w!1d3r 23 часа назад
Fury is huge
MGM 7 23 часа назад
Spence said let’s just brawl in the middle the entire fight lol he a dog
Bill Esposito
Bill Esposito 23 часа назад
Broner is a mess . He's embarrassing .
Soldier of The Risen King
Soldier of The Risen King День назад
Boxing smh Dirrel won that one.
Valerie Williams
Valerie Williams День назад
Just an Amazing young Fighter...Tyson the 2nd!
Erick Burgos
Erick Burgos День назад
This was way better than the main event event on DAZN.
-Tee- -Bee-
-Tee- -Bee- День назад
Put enough Vaseline on??? WT.............
Bryan Briggs
Bryan Briggs День назад
Dirrell seem to be doing better tho.