Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Минуту назад
only sport that saw fewer shots through the opening round than the Sharks tonight was Cowboy vs Connor McGregor
Cody 2 минуты назад
Now show the winning shootout goal where he looked like Tomas Vokoun facing Pavel Datsyuk
dauntless - pubg mobile
dauntless - pubg mobile 3 минуты назад
how many teeth does this guy have left
Mike Grizz
Mike Grizz 6 минут назад
Typical student of Dale Hunter
Александр Кузнецов
Александр Кузнецов 6 минут назад
Холдби один из лучший вратарей NHL у всех бывает черная полоса и да, Самсонов сейчас в лучшей форме, пришло его время!!!
Philip Evans
Philip Evans 6 минут назад
Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.
joku mies
joku mies 7 минут назад
They need Heiskanen. We see here why stars need him in every game. He’s too underrated.
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 11 минут назад
Ковалчак молодец!
Donald Parsons
Donald Parsons 15 минут назад
Wes McCauley Is A Legend! Hand Down!
43 Azeem
43 Azeem 16 минут назад
Stalock exaggerated that
GoldenKnightsFan 1337
GoldenKnightsFan 1337 17 минут назад
Högberg what a legend
Garygoogle Duremar
Garygoogle Duremar 19 минут назад
За 'птичку' опиздюлились по полной, Саня красавец!
edboy484 21 минуту назад
Loui has gone from the most hated player on the roster, to meme, to legitimate folk hero in just a few short years
2000 SQL
2000 SQL 23 минуты назад
ramms mutter69
ramms mutter69 25 минут назад
Haha man SJ sucks. What a baby. 👶 🍼
Humbled Heart
Humbled Heart 30 минут назад
remoteviewer57 30 минут назад
This Is Awesome! Loved it! Classy Move Mr McCauley!
BlackHawks97 31 минуту назад
This was a great birthday gift. Toews is that damn good.
Мади Байжанов
Мади Байжанов 31 минуту назад
Варламов ваще хуй поймешь какой вратар
WPG 31 минуту назад
Dallas wtf
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 32 минуты назад
emo Sharks looking angsty and angry out there -- there are worst groups of players in the league (DET) but SJS looking like the worst TEAM ... one of the fewest shots, worst shooting %s, worst goal differentials since DEC.... not even looking like a terrible TEAM ... just a group of players playing terribly and getting angry cuz they're no longer contenders and aren't used to it. and that's with all due respect to Shark FANS cuz they deserve a better team effort ... DET may have terrible players but SJS look like just a terrible TEAM -- if ever a team this year need a reboot or locker room culture change, it's da Sharks.
BlackHawks97 32 минуты назад
Toews alone owned all of Toronto’s so called big boys. No one even tried stopping him. I don’t blame them, forget Toews. They couldn’t even stop a rookie.
Karl Johansson
Karl Johansson 32 минуты назад
Makar will be your next Norris winner.
screeechbud 34 минуты назад
was looking at the careers of a few big stars that were drafted between 04 and 10 or so...the game has changed so much... skill just suddenly picked up so much... so even these elite guys started falling behind. eric staal had a 100 point season his second year in the nhl....
Dtrain 99
Dtrain 99 36 минут назад
It’s nice to see a good solid hit like that helps set the tone in games good job elder more of that’s one thing this teams needs a bit more sometimes you see it but it’s not consistent enough in games however when the Canucks do it created a power play opportunity made the sharks player mad and he retaliated
Macon 37 минут назад
I know it's unlikely, but hypothetically imagine if Ovechkin took a late retirement like Jagr and played until around 45, until he's demoted to a 4th line player. He could 1000 goals. He's the only player where that is a possible scenario.
Name Surname
Name Surname 38 минут назад
Second Vegas goal wouldn't have counted in Europe. Clear standing in the crease.
Nato Vato
Nato Vato 38 минут назад
serega brag
serega brag 38 минут назад
Даллас фигуристов привёз на игру)
Tyler Hansen
Tyler Hansen 39 минут назад
Who’s the homer commentator?
_KING _ 39 минут назад
Chris Vasey
Chris Vasey 45 минут назад o DOLLAR PLAN
rexona2412 47 минут назад
Please take back the old pictures
Jordan Perepolkin
Jordan Perepolkin 48 минут назад
All the games top comments are just SPORTSNET stop with these new thumbnails they suck and yah they kinda do!
Jordan Perepolkin
Jordan Perepolkin 50 минут назад
I luckily knew scores before watching games tonight I hope people see this tho and agree we need the logo thumbnails back these ones rn for today’s games spoil the winner and are hard to spot! I’m not commuting on every game but I think every games top comment today was not about the game but about the stupid thumbnails
Nicolas Lahky
Nicolas Lahky 51 минуту назад
That was a clean hit. Not sure what's Labanc's problem here
Hebs 51 минуту назад
iPermanently 51 минуту назад
Remember last Lunar New Year game vs the Sharks ? Lots of improvement since then! Go Canucks Go!
Jordan Perepolkin
Jordan Perepolkin 52 минуты назад
Lots of goalie pulls today mostly early and road teams lots of times it could have happened and didn’t
anonimuso 53 минуты назад
Isles get rekt again lol
jacob brandt
jacob brandt 53 минуты назад
Corey perry taking over from ole Tom Wilson as the new head hunter
Bubbleflexman 53 минуты назад
Saanu isältään ton raivon millä se hakkas tän svedun
TheGR7 NHL 58 минут назад
Hawks win🤩
Jakub Tallee
Jakub Tallee Час назад
Corey Perry is the Brad Marchand of 2020
Dtrain 99
Dtrain 99 Час назад
Great win for the Canucks it’s nice to see them with a lot confidence right now it’s a young and they keep getting better
Jordan Perepolkin
Jordan Perepolkin Час назад
Wow who would’ve thought bobrovsky gone and the bread man gone won’t hurt the team and with injuries and Elvis is on fire 3 of his last 4 games were shutouts! He’s the MVP the jackets might be the best team rn and they look hot
RedWings Girl
RedWings Girl Час назад
WTG Larks!! 🚨🙌
Андрей Чайка
Андрей Чайка Час назад
Ну вот это настоящий Кови
Alex Lucian
Alex Lucian Час назад
Toronto fans were saying Andersen is better than Georgiev. What happened?
Mocha Man
Mocha Man Час назад
Was it early enough 😂😂😂
GearsDemon Час назад
Kovalchuk and Price could carry these boys to the playoffs. Tatar is doing great also.
Cbeddoe19 Час назад
Picking up the chiclets. An act unique to hockey after taking a puck or stick to the face.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Час назад
Awful officiating this year. Are they intentionally this bad?
scxnic Час назад
Typical leafs fans
RedWings Girl
RedWings Girl Час назад
WTG Sheahan!! 🚨
aaron wong
aaron wong Час назад
Yeah Loui earn that paycheck!
UrbanOutlawsSk8Co Час назад
Лесник Час назад
Саня огонь, Холтби пока играет в интересах Ильи.
Thea Padre Juan
Thea Padre Juan Час назад
he said 😐
Galaxy A5
Galaxy A5 Час назад
Представьте, как Троцу было сложно. Пытался просчитать ходы. Он знал, что перед ним "ожерелье" из бриликов. И Вашики это доказали.
Jordan Perepolkin
Jordan Perepolkin Час назад
I do hate O’Halloren from Vegas last year but it was the correct call tonight
Jvat88 Час назад
What an awful highlight package. Wanted to see some of the grit and fights in the game and none of it here...
Андрей Смирнов
Андрей Смирнов Час назад
Признаться честно, после 1:4 думал, что конец, хорошо что ошибся
Jordan Perepolkin
Jordan Perepolkin Час назад
Kubalik is awesome
RAN DOM Час назад
верните старые превью👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
J Jr
J Jr Час назад
Tatar still salty about being trade to MTL?
Андрей Лысенко
Андрей Лысенко Час назад
Браво капиталисты. Ови красава)
Hockey is life
Hockey is life Час назад
Fleury literally made the save then spun around to make it look fancy haha
15% Battery
15% Battery Час назад
Where you at Loui... Way to go guys....Keep it rolling...🏒🔥🚨👀
:3 :3
:3 :3 10 минут назад
I read your comment and then got the 15% battery notification
Yuvraj Dhaliwal
Yuvraj Dhaliwal Час назад
0:43 Loui actually got a proper goal what a goat
Benikers Час назад
definition of a duster is steve bud.
Max Час назад
More like Labitch
Gobi Pakora
Gobi Pakora Час назад
U can see the face of hall looks like he doesn’t want to be a coyote after this game.........
vikku si
vikku si Час назад
James Wronski
James Wronski Час назад
I didn't know kovalsuck can actually score
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Thompson Час назад
Words can’t explain how much I hate the altitude announcers, biggest homers in the league
Johnny Dong
Johnny Dong Час назад
Clean hit
Павел Час назад
No russians = No Red Wings
jason moser
jason moser Час назад
430 views at this posting - Canadians obviously know what is going on here.
jason moser
jason moser Час назад
@Blueman Welder bro, not the same thing.
Blueman Welder
Blueman Welder Час назад
Can't wait for hockey to be PC with no fighting. "That's real fun to watch." Said no one.
Blueman Welder
Blueman Welder Час назад
I am from the states and this is Collin Kaepenick all over again.
15% Battery
15% Battery Час назад
Hey Labanc.... Stay off the tracks when the Edler train is coming... 🚂💥👀😂
Вячеслав Хан
Вячеслав Хан Час назад
В Лос Анжелесе очень тяжело заиграть. Набрали одних старперов. Копитар, Браун их нужно срочно выпинывать на пенсию.
Dave Ressman
Dave Ressman Час назад
Gets hit in the mouth with a puck. Teeth falling out leaking everywhere. Still is talking smack and yelling across the ice. This is what a hockey player is
set kronen
set kronen Час назад
Ovi, gods be scared of you,ты лучший, ждем клуб 800
Nicholas M
Nicholas M Час назад
Poor clueless vegas fans cheering for deboer probably don't even know that their gms made franchise altering mistake. They were a top 5 team in the league 2 weeks ago with gallant, and they are going to choke every single year in April with peter deboer.
whiteninja 267
whiteninja 267 Час назад
What a play by Loui on his goal. He lifts Karlsson’s stick which allows the pass to get through to him and he buries it
Loui Eriksson
Loui Eriksson 48 минут назад
Whos this karlsson?
Mantaray55 Час назад
Zalapski Час назад
Why would I want Hollywood dink types discuss hockey?
charm68 Час назад
Its nylander, you cant win with him, trade him for dman while his value is high...
screeechbud Час назад
almost every flames fan said 'start talbot, rittich pulled something' ... first goal is off hammer's stick, 2nd and 3rd are off rittich not being able to stretch out the same leg, 4th is him kicking out the rebound on the same leg.... and then the empty netter.. ughhhh. and you just see the shot counter as a flames fan and groan. can't put the puck in to save their lives this season. if the devils, stars, kings and sharks didn't all lay an egg today, they'd be 29th in gf/g...
Z.W.M Час назад
Монреаль с победой !!!
15% Battery
15% Battery Час назад
Kovalchuck has KILLER instincts around the front of the net.... 🔥🏒🚨👀
SemiSolid Snake
SemiSolid Snake Час назад
We all secretly love Gary, let's be honest
Artjoma vlogs :)
Artjoma vlogs :) Час назад
Elvis is in the building
Nekoback Час назад
oh the sound is back!
Tommi Koistinen
Tommi Koistinen Час назад
Go back to the logos only. You are spoiling the games with the thumbnails!
liamsimpson1994 Час назад
Yus Black
Yus Black Час назад
Stop spoiling games. I hate you. Can you just disappear and leave only nhl channel. You wasted a day of games for me.
habshabsrule Час назад
I know Im getting ahead of myself but I feel like Bergevin should sign Kovalchuk for a couple of years. He's definitely loving Montreal and he seems really passionate and energetic about playing there. He's been exceptional since game 1 🔥
liamsimpson1994 Час назад
Tyler Stevens
Tyler Stevens Час назад
There will be no player suspensions. MLB is going to bury this.