Mary Careaga
Mary Careaga 10 секунд назад
I agree with almost all of them
Mike Kofi
Mike Kofi 48 секунд назад
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Arnd Völker
Arnd Völker Минуту назад
I agree with you Steve and hope you got them all right which means that my Flames will advance...🔥🇩🇪🥰
Arthur Au
Arthur Au Минуту назад
Imagine Montreal winning the Stanley Cup and Toronto winning the NBA Finals. Toronto winning the NBA Finals will be a suitable substitute in exchange for the Leafs constant playoffs failures.
Joshua Ward
Joshua Ward 2 минуты назад
use me as lets go canadians button
Mattbroncos 97
Mattbroncos 97 2 минуты назад
It feels good that hockey’s back that’s not a dang it
Ba11istic Matt
Ba11istic Matt 4 минуты назад
Columbus in 4
Insignificant Speck Of Dust
Insignificant Speck Of Dust 5 минут назад
When will NHL fans figure out how rigged this game is...the entire playoff picture is decided beforehand...the money generated by more games and more TV time is the only thing that matters..they are selling excitement that is predetermined..the entire league is part of the show...the owners...players..coaches..staff..TV execs...league officials are laughing all the way to the bank every single you think they care if they win or lose?...they all make millions regardless of the outcome...teams in high value markets such as Toronto know that they don't have to win anything to fill the stands and sell overpriced merchandise to people who keep saying..Go Leafs Go !!...when they have gone absolutely nowhere for the last 5 decades....the Leafs lose game 5 but still collect their huge paychecks with no shame whatsoever....when they start giving the money to charity when they lose then they might get the respect of those of us who know the truth....Golf Leafs Golf!!
Raptiz606 MW
Raptiz606 MW 7 минут назад
Haha I'll be surprised if Montreal wins. I'm a Montreal fan. But wowza go Montreal
QuantumDeathCat 7 минут назад
Montreal or Columbus will win the cup, because as a leafs fan, you know that whatever the worst case scenario is, it will happen.
Chazz Treat
Chazz Treat 8 минут назад
Tampa CBJ matchup is going to be wild
jordan tony
jordan tony 8 минут назад
It is what it is see u next season leafs nice try tuff with covid colobus was the better team they won vs Tampa last year their not fucken around
Asiah Flores
Asiah Flores 12 минут назад
Yes upload all the hits that lead to injuries and upload all the nhl fights
Captain Benipal
Captain Benipal 12 минут назад
Canucks gonna win against blues cause the Canucks have a record of 2-0-1 against blues in regular season. Canucks know what to do against blues.
Zane Smugala
Zane Smugala 3 минуты назад
Regular season means nothing come playoff time
Pendy_29 4 минуты назад
The devils swept the lightning and then they lost in 5. Regular season means nothing
Arjun 11 минут назад
Good point but the rangers swept the canes and got swept the winner between the blue and canucks is gonna be the team with more passion and compete
JD Mayo
JD Mayo 13 минут назад
Ahh Steve cheering for the Canes now. Makes me happy.
John Cena
John Cena 14 минут назад
Use me as an “I hate the Bruins” button
Supreme Shane
Supreme Shane Минуту назад
@Mattbroncos 97 yeah thats more like it
Mattbroncos 97
Mattbroncos 97 3 минуты назад
use me a like button I hate the leafs
Supreme Shane
Supreme Shane 12 минут назад
Use me as an I like the bruins button
Coolcreeper97 14 минут назад
Hi steeeeeeveee
Willthethrill14 15 минут назад
Boston is gonna turn up
Asiah Flores
Asiah Flores 15 минут назад
Yes upload all the hits that lead to injuries and upload all the nhl fights
Kyle Schnieder
Kyle Schnieder 15 минут назад
Hello steve
Rodi Kalicharan
Rodi Kalicharan 15 минут назад
I have been saying this before and throughout the pandemic that this team cannot win. They don't have heart or toughness. What happened was they thought they could sign the big contract and then sit on their contract like Sundin, Phaneuf and the greatest floater that walk the face of the earth Tomas Kaberle
iAhFool 15 минут назад
lightning get their rematch for the cup tomorrow, excited to see that
Gunner The Bummer
Gunner The Bummer 18 минут назад
Ok I’m from America and ok kneel for the us national anthem but what did Canada do 🇺🇸🤝🇨🇦
John 3:16
John 3:16 19 минут назад
Dont make fun of Loui Eriksson 😡
Cory Green
Cory Green 20 минут назад
And the worst line change of all time goes to:
Phyllobates Terribilis
Phyllobates Terribilis 29 минут назад
philindien 29 минут назад
At least Beaulieu did'nt fought with his father this time...
Kim Gilligan
Kim Gilligan 29 минут назад
You forgot the Dallas Stars first three games including the exhibition game against Nashville
RHaines76 33 минуты назад
, and In other news, leafs still suck!
Larry Copeland
Larry Copeland 37 минут назад
I suppose if you're going to get caught with TMMOTI, then you might as well do it in style.
Kevin Crabtree
Kevin Crabtree 38 минут назад
The leafs
Phyllobates Terribilis
Phyllobates Terribilis 42 минуты назад
Steven Livingstone
Steven Livingstone 43 минуты назад
I don't understand what is wrong with this team. they have had some of the greatest players ever and they can't get it done but yet when the players moved to other teams they accomplished Stanley Cups and all kinds of awards. This team is either riged or cursed .
Hockey Fan 87
Hockey Fan 87 43 минуты назад
Loui Eriksson the legend
Die in the face
Die in the face 47 минут назад
I don’t know if getting hit in the face with a shot counts as a blooper 😂
Jakob Syvén
Jakob Syvén 48 минут назад
You forgot Hedman's fall
Anthony Klassen
Anthony Klassen 52 минуты назад
Why do i like steve's terrible mic
Travis Ehrenholz
Travis Ehrenholz 57 минут назад
Concidering they’re all playing in the same couple rinks chopping up the ice, its no surprise everyone is messing up.
mtl- grk
mtl- grk Час назад
Is this from this year?
Anna Tetro
Anna Tetro Час назад
Wayne finished losing and came by to show I still got it, he was here, praying. when I showed this showed they forced Oilers to lose, do or die, then the Leafs had to go back to lose 3 0. evelyn D R France.
Last name First
Last name First Час назад
4:50. Does Ryan play soccer? Actin like he was impaled looooool.
xJuiCYxxJaYx Час назад
they are still very rich, chin up suckers
Nolan Wilson
Nolan Wilson Час назад
I was at this game. INCREDIBLE goaltending by Mike Smith there in OT.
Anuj N
Anuj N Час назад
Haven’t been a leafs fan for even 1 season and I’m dipping to the knights
Cody Ting
Cody Ting Час назад
Ronald Humen
Ronald Humen Час назад
All glitter, no substance. Your Toronto Maple Leafs. 2019-2020. RIP.
Melanie Beeby
Melanie Beeby Час назад
Feel bad for the Winnipeg player. i mean that cheek swelled up like a balloon. ouch
manichounds Час назад
Playoffs is 95% goal tending. Korpi was better. NEXT!
S M Час назад
Sorry to say Mitch is way overpaid, nice guy. Time to relax. Columbus better coached, and stronger. Leafs have skills , but if they dont score downer.
Christopher Fernando
Christopher Fernando Час назад
Marincin playing L1 there 😂😂😂
Brendan Kelby
Brendan Kelby Час назад
Goals Of The Week!
Brendan Kelby
Brendan Kelby Час назад
Goals Of The Week!
Thomas Vohsen
Thomas Vohsen Час назад
The blues 3rd period play is a blooper reel in itself. Let’s get it together blues
Kevin Ross
Kevin Ross Час назад
And now he can improve his golf game.
Mike K
Mike K Час назад
4th year in a row early exit first round. You traded the heart and soul of the team in Kadri. You have all that firepower in 4 guys Tavares, Mathews, Nylander, Marner and make up the majority of your payroll. They could not score a goal in the game that mattered the most. Yes, time to point fingers. Kyle Dubas Mr. Analtics it's time to move along considering you can't move past a round. That is a joke! Don't worry, there is always next season. LMFAO!
Asiah Flores
Asiah Flores Час назад
Yes upload all the hits that lead to injuries and upload all the nhl fights
I M CUTE Час назад
richard bui
richard bui Час назад
Ryan hartmans faceplant/dive against the nucks isn't funny but a puck to the face is? Who in the world is making these videos
Phix Час назад
The Leafs were one big blooper. 😫
stewy meerkat
stewy meerkat Час назад
From a Caps fan, you guys will get there. Stay the course.
Shadownet Час назад
I knew the Eriksson stick break would be in here. I was not disappointed.
billy bugaloo
billy bugaloo Час назад
Austin Matthews sitting there with his 70s porn stache after getting shut out 3-0 lol
Jaimes D
Jaimes D Час назад
Weird, I didn't see the Maple Leafs players or management front and center?!
Rob Andrews
Rob Andrews Час назад
6 YEARS into Shanaplan and this team has not won a single playoff series! When is this so called "plan" going to start?
Brendan Kelby
Brendan Kelby Час назад
Whoop si daisy!😂
Brendan Kelby
Brendan Kelby Час назад
Whoop si daisy!😂
ScooterNash 303
ScooterNash 303 Час назад
Worst call ever
lemonteklunchbox Час назад
Love hearing Mike Maniscalco's voice on these highlights but damn does it make me miss a good ol' "hey hey whadya say" from Johnny Forslunds.... GO CANES!!!!
Max L.
Max L. Час назад
What is on Mitch's chin?
BadBoiFilms 2 часа назад
Should’ve posted the 5-6 times stalock flopped in the Canucks wild series
Ace Belisle
Ace Belisle 2 часа назад
goodbye leafs who never hit and got no balls
No Name
No Name 2 часа назад
So this is pretty much like Steve’s dang it’s or weird nhl.
vedicardi 18 минут назад
poor mans weird nhl
Jorrma Ollila
Jorrma Ollila 2 часа назад
Is that the cat woman?
Tyler Aven
Tyler Aven 2 часа назад
That’s a dang-it
Costa Santos
Costa Santos 2 часа назад
The Maple leafs keep winning this imaginer Stanley Cup every year embarrassing
marco falcone
marco falcone 2 часа назад
Where is JT Miller's toe drag goal in game 2?
Zane Cherniak
Zane Cherniak 2 часа назад
LMAO, Jays fans got so mad when this happened. To sum up, the Mets got half a season out of Stroman, before he goes to free agency. Meanwhile we got two prospects in Kay, who’s been killing it so far this year, and SWR, who I think can be equally as effective in the future. Yeah, pretty sure Jays won this one, so you can eat your words complaining about it
Nelson Ellis
Nelson Ellis 2 часа назад
Leafs are the biggest joke in pro sports. Slightly below the Browns.
Josh Hylton
Josh Hylton 2 часа назад
"Put up a good game against the Boston Bruins" Anyone with google can figure out they lost the series in 4... so.. easy there haha
spencerr2323 2 часа назад
How do you not have Burakovsky’s goal in here?
AnimJeeArt 2 часа назад
Anyone who knows how a camera shutter works knows that that puck was in at 0.1 already.