Kayla Nguyen
Kayla Nguyen 33 минуты назад
where's Howie?
Brawl_Stars E-Sport
Brawl_Stars E-Sport 33 минуты назад
Hector Martinez
Hector Martinez 33 минуты назад
Made in Venezuela papap
Kim jung il
Kim jung il 35 минут назад
Her :being brave and not sceard ME when it comes to dark : *screams like a crying rat*
Marshall Hester
Marshall Hester 36 минут назад
Rip to everyone else in the same choir class as her.
juniper_salad 37 минут назад
This was so funny lol 😂
A_crackeadkpop STAN
A_crackeadkpop STAN 39 минут назад
Person: *would you rather jump in a pit of fire or be with the sacred Riana for the rest of your life* Me: *still deciding because I’m to scared to say i don’t wanna be with her because she might kill me in my sleep*
Mahdi Hussaini
Mahdi Hussaini 39 минут назад
What the song name?
DAVOOD ULHAKEEM 42 минуты назад
Imagine the whole world understand the meaning and importance of this song...😍😍 I'm dreaming it..
Lizzy Pooh
Lizzy Pooh 40 минут назад
Yomayra Perez Arocho
Yomayra Perez Arocho 43 минуты назад
De verdad pensé que le iban a dar el pase de oro porque canta espectacular
Lin Vloger
Lin Vloger 45 минут назад
I love America's Got Talent❤
Max Jacobi
Max Jacobi 46 минут назад
I wanted to skip intro but when I hear her voice I changed my mind. She sounds nothing like child. I wonder how her singing voice sounds like.
Shylo Strawberry
Shylo Strawberry 47 минут назад
Katherine Hansen
Katherine Hansen 47 минут назад
αlєรรαиdяσ d'αlєรรi
αlєรรαиdяσ d'αlєรรi 48 минут назад
I think the old man who looks like a hairy scarecrow didn't like the performance 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Louise Gibson
Louise Gibson 48 минут назад
This young man is amazing & he if can't warm your ❤ & bring a tear to your eyes there is something wrong with you! Much 💘 you will go far!!
Karshie Panarigan
Karshie Panarigan 49 минут назад
Victor Monge
Victor Monge 49 минут назад
Que voz más privilegiada. Muy bella. Muy potente.
Nabil King
Nabil King 50 минут назад
Demi lovato I guess
La-Nya Richardson
La-Nya Richardson 50 минут назад
If i was a judge i would have said yes
Heidy Tangarife
Heidy Tangarife 52 минуты назад
No entiendo ni verga🤣
Sabina Le Gall
Sabina Le Gall 52 минуты назад
To painful to watch.
hùng phi
hùng phi 52 минуты назад
2:01 🤣 🤣
Zach Aitken
Zach Aitken 53 минуты назад
Abolish the death penalty.
Itz_Alex The Weeb
Itz_Alex The Weeb 54 минуты назад
... Imagine going there.. LIVE.. And they fail to keep the pan to cover themselves 😐 😨
I am a girl
I am a girl 55 минут назад
jessica sarinana
jessica sarinana 57 минут назад
He reminds me of bruno mars idky 💕
Vladimir Puente
Vladimir Puente 58 минут назад
<<Peruvian in the house>>🥃🎈🎊😁
Robert Wolf
Robert Wolf 59 минут назад
Trump Pence will b running from these power Gals
vanilla50 Час назад
What's with the European & Russian speaking trolls leaving all their negative comments on Roberta's performances? You don't see that trolling on Daneliya's performances by polite Canadians.
Jay Peterson
Jay Peterson 57 минут назад
completely agree. they feel threatened for sure
Lin Vloger
Lin Vloger Час назад
I love America's Got Talent❤
Toonskid Час назад
Watch her become the next Adele
Nisha Kodancha
Nisha Kodancha Час назад
Love his voice😍😍🙌
Cristina M
Cristina M Час назад
Simon is incredible!!!!!
JoAnn Peeler
JoAnn Peeler Час назад
We need to stop judging children on a curve. While she was good, I'd wager that a 20+ year old would have come off as good but not great. So while I enjoyed her performance I have to judge her the same way I would an adult performer -- good but not great.
Nisha Kodancha
Nisha Kodancha Час назад
2:27 😂😂😂 Lol
Joe D
Joe D Час назад
She has Ehlers Danlos syndrome. My older daughter has the same thing. Fortunately she still has her hearing. She is confined to a wheelchair.
keekeemyfirstcat Час назад
That sucked. Wrong song choice?
Carrie G
Carrie G Час назад
She is absolutely AMAZING! This brought tears to my eyes.
Michael Angel
Michael Angel Час назад
Somehow they aren’t famous yet people like Camilla Cabeo sell records. Gross.
Jason D
Jason D Час назад
Talk about being about story.... He did not sound good at all, nor did Shaquira, yet they acted like they were the most amazing singers ever. Roberta was the only great singer of the night and double dragon were pretty good.
Nisha Kodancha
Nisha Kodancha Час назад
I've been waiting to see this guy's performance after the first one! Cuz he was funnnyyy😂😂
Charlotte Lovato
Charlotte Lovato Час назад
WOW!! This young girl has an amazing voice at 10. Imagine when she gets older. Great job sweetie, and God bless you.🙏👍💜
Katie Bolduc
Katie Bolduc Час назад
The way that Howie looks at grace when she starts singing is just so adorable 😍 😍
Jason D
Jason D Час назад
He and Roberta were the only ones who really deserved to be in a finals of a talent show. But I like voting for the number to move on, so I also voted for the sword guy, double dragon and the salsa dancers.
Aqsa Ahmad
Aqsa Ahmad Час назад
I remember Selena Gomez posting about this song when it came out. ❤️
. Час назад
these are just very slow dogs
Jason D
Jason D Час назад
All of the backgrounds in the various acts took away from it because it was distracting and the people not standing out, ie blended in with too much stuff on the screen your eyes would go back and forth to. If AGT was determined to have sets and backgrounds they should have done them where the performers contrasted well and not in such crammed looking places.
Milagros Amistoso
Milagros Amistoso Час назад
Good job,love your song and good choice,British Columbia Vancouver
Ornella Cei
Ornella Cei Час назад
Roberta sempre più bravaaaaaaa complimenti!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jason D
Jason D Час назад
For any of you who have watched AGT many years and remember the brother and sister from the Fearless Flores (they rode motorcycles in a cage), their family has done everything that was done in this act, except I don't think they did the fire part. Also another family or two has done it and all of them did it better, in my opinion. Not that I am putting down this one. I sure would not be able to do it. I wouldn't even be able to climb a 10 foot ladder. lol.
Shihad Kp
Shihad Kp Час назад
Serg Vargas
Serg Vargas Час назад
Wow! Totally move the entire world he is need it at this time one song can change people for ever god had this time for you god bless!!
Nisha Kodancha
Nisha Kodancha Час назад
What a gift she has!!! Lovd this!!
Alex457 Dog
Alex457 Dog Час назад
I feel like if he made the live shows he would have made it to the finals
Sabina Le Gall
Sabina Le Gall Час назад
Confused? Too much talking from stupid Sofia. TOo much going on, to get to the actual, talent. Didn't like it!
Gina Friend
Gina Friend Час назад
..and at the end if you heard, Sofía asks .. "did I do a good job?" 😄
MicMic Час назад
I dont understand why he didnt get the gold buzzer
Nisha Kodancha
Nisha Kodancha Час назад
3:42 The guy's like i got you!😂😂
Yuki Rai
Yuki Rai Час назад
The Original song is so good!
Super Kara
Super Kara Час назад
I feel like there was little to no jokes in the act. It’s was just a story. no votes from me
Michelle Lobo
Michelle Lobo Час назад
Las amo son INCREIBLES!!! me ponen la piel chinita cuando las escucho 😍😍😍😍 Saludos desde Costa Rica 😘😘
Sabina Le Gall
Sabina Le Gall Час назад
She may want to push the pasta and bread away.
Jen Brovinski
Jen Brovinski Час назад
Stupidest comment ever! Insulting a child, grow up seriously. She is beautiful
Nisha Kodancha
Nisha Kodancha Час назад
That is scaryyy!!!
Rohan Jamdade
Rohan Jamdade Час назад
We proud to be Indian bcz of these people who represents India as internationally ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👍🤗
Super Kara
Super Kara Час назад
The backing track is to over powering. Therefore it did not due her voice any justice.
Just Lorien
Just Lorien Час назад
All the pigs have male names but they are all female.
M Grace
M Grace Час назад
I heard he was creeping (leaving messages) on a woman's live stream on Instagram. Is that true?
Gunilla Johnson
Gunilla Johnson Час назад
Some people say that only a "sob story" (incredible understatement here) will get you forward at AGT. I would say that when the emotions from story transcends the number itself, it just makes the whole thing so much more powerful. You cannot separate the two. Like with Kodi Lee, you could hear the intensity of his feelings in his song through and because of his disability. So powerful. There are great acts with tremendous talent that still just leave me cold because they don't make me feel anything,
Riclaudio Olivas
Riclaudio Olivas Час назад
alone in that little island and singing , she is not scared at all.. if i were her, i would freak out. i need a rescue..
Pombrat Beatbox
Pombrat Beatbox Час назад
I all ways wonted to be on America’s got talent ;)
Gaby Zambrano
Gaby Zambrano Час назад
ARRIBA PERÚ!!!!!!! Las gemelas Ramosss las mejores🥰❤️
Chucho Jesus
Chucho Jesus Час назад
Que aburrido boxeo si parese pinocho que pero en versión niga ajajjaj
Abe Jaa
Abe Jaa Час назад
2:19 just a real quick i want to say that i love the way that the beautiful lady’s look at him while he is singing. she got my attention 😍
dogpaws20 Час назад
Kinda missing the judges comments and reactions....
Paul Marco
Paul Marco Час назад
Where is Simon??
Elias Peralta
Elias Peralta Час назад
Ese niño hace magia con los dedos
Haley Bee
Haley Bee Час назад
i hope his prison buddies seen this and smiled :)
Chunky dog Fan
Chunky dog Fan Час назад
I hope the afton s come to America’s got talent
YouThere Hello
YouThere Hello Час назад
His happiness is so contagious😊 Would love to see more of Craig!! Judges chose wrong and should have put him through!