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javier juarez
javier juarez 37 секунд назад
Bro he ate half of it or more on the last wing, hes gone
Brandon Минуту назад
Y'all should do a fan appreciation and bring a fan onto the show...
Kond1e 17
Kond1e 17 4 минуты назад
I loooooooooooove this one ... I think this is the best one😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Moto Johnny
Moto Johnny 5 минут назад
yo what the fuck matty that curveball at the end put me into tear town, lol. fucking love this guy.
Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall 5 минут назад
Eat the food 😡😡
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 5 минут назад
Tiffany can sit on my face no lie
SirrupSandwiches 6 минут назад
This was to pleasurable to watch
Phil of the Outdoors
Phil of the Outdoors 8 минут назад
In reference to the her Midwest comments, all I have to say is homemade biscuits and gravy, sure you feel your heart rate increase and slowly decrease because of the grease, but nothing says “Midwestern food”, than biscuits and gravy...
Ferd San
Ferd San 9 минут назад
Chance the pussy
Sean Batson
Sean Batson 10 минут назад
Sean you should try to get Obama to come do the challenge
cit laly
cit laly 10 минут назад
We demand a part 2
DIP-HOUSE.COM 10 минут назад
Mista dick if yo nasty
Chain5'9s 12 минут назад
Cancel the Rapper
Salwa Munir
Salwa Munir 15 минут назад
YAASS!!!! I've been waiting for Chance to come on here!!!
Da DDT 16 минут назад
Get j Cole on the show please
Nathaniel Cossio
Nathaniel Cossio 18 минут назад
Yall should get cuco on the show
ili g
ili g 19 минут назад
Get Devin The Dude on Here yaaaassss pleaseeeee
Paulo Quibilan
Paulo Quibilan 20 минут назад
*Gordon : drinks water* Gordon : it's dry needs some flavor
StrangerOf The206
StrangerOf The206 20 минут назад
I haven't watched yet but I hope you ask him if he loves his wife, then he tells you if he loves his wife... I wonder how he feels about his wife...
flying turd rocket
flying turd rocket 21 минуту назад
Everything litty i love when its hot 🔥 u should do young thug next
Nicco Spacely
Nicco Spacely 23 минуты назад
Is this nigga from the south? fucc naww, wtf is goin on??
Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez 24 минуты назад
🌽 🌽 🌽
MochaLizard6742 SSJ Rosé
MochaLizard6742 SSJ Rosé 26 минут назад
The hottest singer eating the hottest wings
Nicco Spacely
Nicco Spacely 29 минут назад
What the hell they do to poor Shia LaBeof?? ...LMAO, this nigga straight out the Wild Wild West or somethin
She She
She She 30 минут назад
Love me some DaBaby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brendan Anderson
Brendan Anderson 32 минуты назад
Who’s gonna explain to Khaled that eating hot wings isn’t jumping off a building lmao
MelaninGoddess Jewels
MelaninGoddess Jewels 32 минуты назад
Are u guys seeing how beautiful this man is 🙏🏾 wow
oh_maz_god 32 минуты назад
11:13-11:18 "That's what she said". But seriously, there should be an Average Joe series where Hot Ones selects just normal ass people. Like I would love to be on this show. Am I famous? No. Am I a Millionaire? Absolutely not. Am I a cool guy that's trying to make the best out of what I have? Of course! :)
Santiago Orozco
Santiago Orozco 32 минуты назад
Dope episode! Typo on the write up tho :O "But how his we spicy food? " just thought I'd let you know!
Mclovin9702 33 минуты назад
This might’ve been the worst one yet
Gina Papai
Gina Papai 34 минуты назад
I felt like I was on a personal level with Shia.
Adrian Laney
Adrian Laney 34 минуты назад
Bruh, this year chance released a bad album, and also tapped out of hot ones. Man, just not his year.
wayne1965 35 минут назад
This guy sucks. Overrated, just because he is a Brit.
Chrlieイケメン 36 минут назад
R.I.P. John Witherspoon imagine if that man did hot ones.
Tharsan J
Tharsan J 36 минут назад
but too date curtis sold more so they both won lit ep.
brian62793 37 минут назад
Get Obama on Hot Ones!
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney 38 минут назад
Bill Burr waz the Realist mf on this show...this ladiez and gentlemen iz what a real man looks like....# MANHOOD BIOTCH!!!
Andy Gill
Andy Gill 38 минут назад
basically its only expensive because of the rare ingredients.. doesn't mean it tastes like how its priced.
Allie Yerby
Allie Yerby 40 минут назад
Nobody: Shia: "I probably look so sad right now." "Look at me." "I'm so sad."
Logan Norcross
Logan Norcross 41 минуту назад
Rip chance to the hall of shame
Extra kid
Extra kid 41 минуту назад
God dang hot wings hot chicken
Amanda OnAPanda
Amanda OnAPanda 42 минуты назад
So awkwaaaard
Matthew Delfin
Matthew Delfin 42 минуты назад
Would love to see an Andrew Yang interview
ErikDerp 43 минуты назад
Get report of the week!
Maria Galue
Maria Galue 43 минуты назад
Sean is a honey badger.
Howie Davis
Howie Davis 44 минуты назад
OK, i have to come clean. I gained new respect for Shia LeBeouf.
Ricky Lzanlla
Ricky Lzanlla 45 минут назад
ws Bobby having HIV symptoms
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney 45 минут назад
Chance iz a pu$$y...he bitez chcken wingz like a lil girl...excrpt my 14 yr old neice cuz she eatz like a real man...wuss
Cyruz 1145
Cyruz 1145 46 минут назад
Winner winner fillipino dinner that made my day😂😂
Lt 3
Lt 3 46 минут назад
Chance is so overrated, shit rapper
Tony P
Tony P 47 минут назад
I dislike bon Jovi so much I once drove an hour to a party and a B J cover band was playing. I had to tell the bday girl " I'm terribly sorry but I have to leave. Have a good night " and went home
TheCanadianBubba 48 минут назад
JayhsSzn 48 минут назад
Friend: you tryna skip? Me knowing I’m failing: 12:05
Blake B
Blake B 48 минут назад
We need Antoni from queer eye! Or all of the Fab 5!
Kyle Duazo
Kyle Duazo 48 минут назад
RagingMinotaurus454 48 минут назад
Bruh can yall get KevOnStage on here?
Cyruz 1145
Cyruz 1145 49 минут назад
That's our boy doin it out there let's go jokoy
She She
She She 50 минут назад
I love Chance ❤️
Troy French
Troy French 50 минут назад
This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a long time.
Anthony 51 минуту назад
I want to watch Trump do a Hot Ones.
Ruben Rangel
Ruben Rangel 51 минуту назад
Get Justin roiland on this, can only imagine his reaction 😂
Adam Tropp
Adam Tropp 51 минуту назад
it's a whole lotta degrees
Markus Bengtsson
Markus Bengtsson 52 минуты назад
Is he the first to NOT do the last one? Boring as hell anyways...
Devin O'SULLIVAN 52 минуты назад
Matthew McConaughey how many ppl want to see him? Alright ! x3
iesha986 54 минуты назад
Kristen Stewart 🥰
HaloMediaRecords 55 минут назад
Chance: im tha man Chance’s brain: you tha man Chance’s asshole: FUK YU
R3ll5 Official
R3ll5 Official 56 минут назад
Can y’all get me to 200 subscribers please I really need your help subscribe to my channel right now please
Joe Torbett
Joe Torbett 56 минут назад
great stuff
An Anxious Man
An Anxious Man 57 минут назад
It was a ted talk lol
Y33tMAn 57 минут назад
Sean: “no one has had better guest features this year than you” J. Cole: *am I a fucking joke to you*
Watzit Tuya
Watzit Tuya 59 минут назад
The Sox logo looks like the silhouette of a long necked T-Rex. Am I the only who thinks that?
Jack Louis
Jack Louis 59 минут назад
How much does he love his wife?
Puppet lover
Puppet lover Час назад
Petition for the following rappers to come on here: Lil Wayne, Eminem, Jcole and Kendrick. Get on it!
Cindy Lopez Ruiz
Cindy Lopez Ruiz Час назад
Ok boomer
Nastassja Tranquille
Nastassja Tranquille Час назад
this man is fine
Jess Час назад
I just realized cardi b hasn’t been on right? If not we need her that would be so funny
OrieL TheeBeauty
OrieL TheeBeauty Час назад
*The wings look so small in his hands!* 😆😆
Kyle White
Kyle White Час назад
Chance: *You got an unlimited ice cream bar?*
Puppet lover
Puppet lover Час назад
Dude was barely eating the shit... pussyyyyy
slow mofo
slow mofo Час назад
I hate how no one eats all the meat off the bones in this
Alma Vences
Alma Vences Час назад
Chance: “I want to fight you” Sean: “I understand, we’re in this together” *also scoots back chair* 😂😂
kopes28 Час назад
Kinda sounds like a black seth rogen
BlaaQ Hippie
BlaaQ Hippie Час назад
Omgosh i loveeee offset!! You official af.
Gigi La Moore
Gigi La Moore Час назад
Did he say "selling crack"?
Alyse Cameron
Alyse Cameron Час назад
Did you have fun? Billie-No.
Danielle Dukes
Danielle Dukes Час назад
Shia's been my guy since Even Stevens...I fucks with him tough...
Manuel Choy
Manuel Choy Час назад
kristen is dying! :)
obamayomama9 Час назад
I miss when he did acid. Nigga a pastor now lmao
Zach Blanco
Zach Blanco Час назад
Get Legendary Ultra Runner HAL KOERNER!!!!!