Whatever You Draw, I'll Pay For | ZHC Crafts
Whatever You Sculpt, I'll Pay For | ZHC Crafts
Xavier Calderon
Xavier Calderon 22 часа назад
She always wins
Kitty The Adventure
Kitty The Adventure 22 часа назад
FINALLY AN OTHER VIDEO! I hope I meet you irl but im a vietnam person.. (Asian)
Itsme_ eirrareighn
Itsme_ eirrareighn 22 часа назад
they are so creative!!! I loved it!
Omar Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez 22 часа назад
my boy is a fan of naruto
Aaliyah Ebinda
Aaliyah Ebinda 22 часа назад
ok how is viv out i think that she had the best one like rude much.
Shivani Rani
Shivani Rani 22 часа назад
Angi Francesco
Angi Francesco 22 часа назад
I hope l get that $100,0
Aly Ruiz
Aly Ruiz 22 часа назад
Can i please have the 1000 dollers i never win nothing 🙏🙏🙏
SK - 04CA 832832 Larkspur PS
SK - 04CA 832832 Larkspur PS 22 часа назад
Why is Parker wearing a mask
Carly McManus
Carly McManus 22 часа назад
Honestly I’m supervised I pick zhc over mrbeast
Juliette LaGrande
Juliette LaGrande 22 часа назад
Ok but don't wanna be mean but first, the fact that Viv was out before Michelle makes me sad...should have been the opposite but also, Viv should have won because her creation was amazing and it's unfair that Kenzie wins so much, she should be out of the future challenges so that other people win, cuz yeah she has talent but its getting annoying
harsh singhvi
harsh singhvi 22 часа назад
Viv should have been the winner
Yari Ruiz
Yari Ruiz 22 часа назад
Bro everytging viv made is amazing! She is so good but she barley wins? Thats not that fair in my opinion! :<
Yari Ruiz
Yari Ruiz 22 часа назад
She even did an amazing doll and then an amazing elephant!!!!
Juliet Evans
Juliet Evans 22 часа назад
Thaarusan 22 часа назад
Wtf is that thumbnail
Pineapple Power
Pineapple Power 22 часа назад
i wish i could win one of your giveaways
Dylan Schott
Dylan Schott 22 часа назад
Mr. Beast 2.0
Elaine Munoz
Elaine Munoz 22 часа назад
Can you do a art pause challenge?
PunkyPie's YT
PunkyPie's YT 22 часа назад
That Naruto shirt though...👌🏼
Mi-Ya Wallace
Mi-Ya Wallace 22 часа назад
Dog water
Pepper. TM
Pepper. TM 22 часа назад
Hey ZHC! I just wanted to say, I love ur channel and Michelle’s! Although I haven’t been watching that long(sorry), I still love both of y’all’s channels soooooooo much!!!😁❤️ I hope you have a great day!👍😁❤️
•MAYANK• 22 часа назад
Tbh the challenges made it worse 🤷🏻‍♂️
Noah's days
Noah's days 22 часа назад
U kinda stole kreet crafts name and mrbeast log
Noah's days
Noah's days 22 часа назад
Robert w.
Robert w. 22 часа назад
i like this prees on blue i sub 1:08
Jacquelyn Acosta
Jacquelyn Acosta 22 часа назад
i love yall so much
JB MATTHEW CUENCA 22 часа назад
iphone pls i need for online class pls my family just poor we cant buy cellphone for my online class pls see this iphone 12 pls pls
c bhagat
c bhagat 22 часа назад
already subscribed 😊
Nathan Roberts
Nathan Roberts 22 часа назад
viv always has the best one and doesn't win that's dumb
Lemon& Lime
Lemon& Lime 22 часа назад
the way jake looked when mackenzie said she betted on him
Creative Rachel
Creative Rachel 22 часа назад
They all are so talented
Sophia Castro
Sophia Castro 22 часа назад
i am the huge fan
Sophia Castro
Sophia Castro 22 часа назад
i am the huge fan
god. lovesart
god. lovesart 22 часа назад
Who always loves zhc's videos?
TREY ALEXANDER 22 часа назад
mackenzie is my friends cousin his name is kyler pruitt
Matthew Petravicz
Matthew Petravicz 22 часа назад
jake good Naruto shirt
Dianna Clark
Dianna Clark 22 часа назад
Awww me tooo
Sophia Castro
Sophia Castro 22 часа назад
i am the huge fan
Chels5096 22 часа назад
has anyone else noticed that they are all a color zac- teal michelle-pink jaz-purple viv-yellow mckenzie-red jake-green
ASIF ANSAR 22 часа назад
Yazan Ghanayem
Yazan Ghanayem 22 часа назад
Love ur vids but y dont u do a last to stop drawing video wins 10 k aka 10 grand
Makena Desermia
Makena Desermia 22 часа назад
Bob should have won!
Daksh Kothari gaming and tricks
Daksh Kothari gaming and tricks 22 часа назад
You are the mr beast of art
Diana Guevara
Diana Guevara 22 часа назад
Me in Texas pitch house
Bhumi Thanvi
Bhumi Thanvi 22 часа назад
Where is leo
jomar bandibas
jomar bandibas 22 часа назад
they should use fruits because its the easiest food to make a food art but still they made a great job
cashmonkey2394 22 часа назад
DBm Bjv c truck please
Ariella Schultz
Ariella Schultz 22 часа назад
I think Vic should have won she is the best artist there and he never picks her.
Izara’s Iife
Izara’s Iife 22 часа назад
Plssssssss i want to win
Ella Lavery
Ella Lavery 22 часа назад
I love Viv’s art sooooo much! She deserves to win, I mean The Elephant was AMAZING!!!!!!
little hoodie
little hoodie 22 часа назад
Joemalone27 22 часа назад
Mackenzie is the goat
Ariana Jain
Ariana Jain 22 часа назад
Awesome video. I love these challenges. Always so entertaining
Miltie Devin
Miltie Devin 22 часа назад
I subscribe a long time ago
Joeson Joseph Raj
Joeson Joseph Raj 22 часа назад
Joeson Joseph Raj
Joeson Joseph Raj 22 часа назад
Current credit card server is totally stuck due to ZHC 😂 Lots of Fans #zhc
Leizel Rivera
Leizel Rivera 22 часа назад
Zach is like mr.beast cuz he got tons of money
Ronald Dayao
Ronald Dayao 22 часа назад
Filipino attendance 🇵🇭🥰👋
Ariana Chilton
Ariana Chilton 22 часа назад
Can I get a currnet card please I have watched you for so long I started watching since you went to the worlds biggest art shop in Japan with your family and I am subscribed to everyone and every channel nd I love your vids I will probably use the card to but turkey because he is soooooo cute!!!! My insta is arianachilton28 I will give you my address their if you pick me!
Tengchi Marak
Tengchi Marak 22 часа назад
Zach always tryna make Michelle wins
Tengchi Marak
Tengchi Marak 22 часа назад
But that is cute
TheRed FalconGT
TheRed FalconGT 22 часа назад
Art out of plants?????
Artemis 22 часа назад
No hate to Mackenzie but I feel like Viv should've won this challenge
zoey robertson
zoey robertson 22 часа назад
Where is makenzie
tech boss
tech boss 22 часа назад
•Itz AnnaYT•
•Itz AnnaYT• 22 часа назад
i wish i can do that ToT
Landon 22 часа назад
$a vij
RANJODH SINGH 22 часа назад
Yooo ZHC its s humble request to u Plz collab with dp dude perfect and do something with your ausmmmmmn artt Plz ❤❤❤❤3000
Kevin Edwards
Kevin Edwards 22 часа назад
manaswi 001
manaswi 001 22 часа назад
I really feel like Viv should win
leo leo
leo leo 22 часа назад
I'm from tamil nadu
leo leo
leo leo 22 часа назад
Bro can you please give me a macbook pro please please please please please please please please please please please please
lємση•αν 22 часа назад
why does jaz look like charli d'amelio :v (im an old fan of ZHC not new) Is it just me or what
Rick Carlsen
Rick Carlsen 22 часа назад
I need a ps5
FCC CLOAKED 22 часа назад
Jake wins because of his shirt
Impulse Baker
Impulse Baker 22 часа назад
This will be my excuse when my parents say “ DONT PPLAY WITH YOUR FOOD”
Ishana Jamwal
Ishana Jamwal 22 часа назад
I've been subscribed for litreally forever. I wish I could click on it a million times to be in one of the videos 🙁
CoolBoys Gaming
CoolBoys Gaming 22 часа назад
Kenzie Cullen
Kenzie Cullen 22 часа назад
Anyone know who Aphmau is? if so this video reminded me of Kiwie~chan when Michelle said I’m baking a cake (Sorry if most of this is spelt incorrectly)
Justin Britton
Justin Britton 22 часа назад
On Jake t shirt
Kakashi Sensei avatar plays Shanchez
Kakashi Sensei avatar plays Shanchez 22 часа назад
Yes naruto shirt