BTS (방탄소년단) 7-second Interview
[Congratulatory Moving Image] 2019 V day
G.C.F in Helsinki
3 месяца назад
[Congratulatory Moving Image] 2019 JIN day
[EPISODE] 2019 FESTA Family Portrait Shooting #2
Diane Cuartero
Diane Cuartero 16 часов назад
Alvia Ananda bahrian
Alvia Ananda bahrian 16 часов назад
희망적으로 인도네시아에서 BTS 콘서트 다시
Shaleni 16 часов назад
V white and the 6 BTS
Lena Hdz
Lena Hdz 16 часов назад
LilianZ 16 часов назад
almost cannot hear the song due the scream. well done army! xD
Mila 16 часов назад
보고 싶어 Jungkook 💜
I. Marcani
I. Marcani 16 часов назад
12:00 am *otras personas* : durmiendo *me* : disfrutar de ver a los chicos comer
Gabrielle Turcotte
Gabrielle Turcotte 16 часов назад
6:54 i'm OBSESS with this part!!!!!!!!
Mila 16 часов назад
놀라운 비디오 오파. 당신은 매우 재능이 있습니다. 💜 그 재능으로 나만의 RUchat를 만들 수 있습니다😊🤭💜 의미가 잘못되면 죄송합니다. 번역을 사용하고 있습니다.
Rosy Lwin
Rosy Lwin 16 часов назад
what 's the name of the song??
so i am BTS ARMY
so i am BTS ARMY 16 часов назад
There is always a reason why i love bts so much
Tobbleton Esquire
Tobbleton Esquire 16 часов назад
When you have to watch it three times in a row so you fan watch Jungkook, Jimin and Jhope once each
Faria Farzana
Faria Farzana 16 часов назад
Wow look at that face expression and the move. 💜💜💜😊 00:58
Army louca por BTS
Army louca por BTS 16 часов назад
귀여운 ❤️
이지민 16 часов назад
Danica May Oliquino
Danica May Oliquino 16 часов назад
0:25 Jimin: V, Turn!
persona nongrata
persona nongrata 16 часов назад
Let's make ourselves safe by doing the preventive measures and wearing the personal protective equipments if really needed. In that way we can help to lessen and stop the spread of this virus. We can make it if we are all one and united.💜 Let's obey what our government ordered us to do so. Let's stay healthy and safe in our houses💜. Despite of all let us not forget to lend or time to pray which is the most powerful weapon to beat this world's crisis. I believe we would make it. Fighting!!!
Tooba Saleem
Tooba Saleem 16 часов назад
They're cause of my euphoria
Mila 16 часов назад
놀라운 비디오 오파. 당신은 매우 재능이 있습니다. 💜 그 재능으로 나만의 RUchat를 만들 수 있습니다😊🤭💜 의미가 잘못되면 죄송합니다. 번역을 사용하고 있습니다.
Tooba Saleem
Tooba Saleem 16 часов назад
I love them all
Ronic Duro
Ronic Duro 16 часов назад
Are they going to philippines tour?
LEX 16 часов назад
OMG! I love this performance
Mr. PINEAPPLE GOOGLY EYES 16 часов назад
*The fact that the rose jin threw is still there at jimins part*
Heartbeat MyHeartsOnFire
Heartbeat MyHeartsOnFire 16 часов назад
OMG this vid is so funny and cute
Mikaela Arcilla
Mikaela Arcilla 16 часов назад
1:03 yoongi is so cuteee accccckkk my sope heartu
Mysterious_Midnight1730 16 часов назад
When Taehyung drops the lyrics wae nae why I heard the other members teasing him back then on this.. But it's good to see them performing their songs before
Nur Seha
Nur Seha 16 часов назад
•Lōbå Čhån•
•Lōbå Čhån• 16 часов назад
와우, 그렇게하는거야?
Chantelle Germo
Chantelle Germo 16 часов назад
V killed the choreography. Period. 0:57. Are you kidding!?!?!?!!?
милена star
милена star 16 часов назад
I love you SUGA 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Shaana Cheriyan
Shaana Cheriyan 16 часов назад
4:11 V: I don’t try to look handsome Me: DO U KNOW U KILL US EVERYDAY WITH YO LOOKS Also V: continues talking after timer Timer: bruh I got other ppl
rosal ryan
rosal ryan 16 часов назад
Bts is lot of army the others is few fun noob
Rika Syarin
Rika Syarin 17 часов назад
3:53 jm: "get down ,n see s our pretties snow white"
Angela Pagayonan
Angela Pagayonan 17 часов назад
V is even more quiet now
uciha sasuke
uciha sasuke 17 часов назад
I cry lmao 😭... This is to beautifull😇😇
사랑스러운방탄 17 часов назад
All these people pointing out that the room is dark and its a sexual song forgot to mention that Jimin has a pretty obvious boner
l e l a
l e l a 17 часов назад
yoongi like not my lyrics you won't butcher baby boy
SevenDeadlySins 17 часов назад
Why do people dislike it like I mean if there hates they shouldn’t be here...
윤지뉸지 17 часов назад
이 얼굴 보느라 집중 못했넴 =3=
Shao 17 часов назад
Did jimin made a mistake at 2:30?
Karen Ruis
Karen Ruis 17 часов назад
Y por que te gusta bts pues? Miren esta joyita
Meme Man
Meme Man 17 часов назад
the 4.9k that disliked were fried rats in disguise
Constanza Cadenas
Constanza Cadenas 17 часов назад
Athirah Channel
Athirah Channel 17 часов назад
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔTIA sugar Chan brʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔTIA sugar Chan brʕ·ᴥ·ʔ 17 часов назад
Haaaaaaa i love i love 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Reem Aloufi
Reem Aloufi 17 часов назад
LOVE JK 🐰🍼🍌😔🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
فرح فرح
فرح فرح 17 часов назад
SQuIsHy PoTatO
SQuIsHy PoTatO 17 часов назад
Did I just watch a video 16:15 minutes long and not understand a word *Y E S* Did I love it *Y E S*
Faith Sheridan
Faith Sheridan 17 часов назад
namjoon and that girl is giving me a bisexual panic
فرح فرح
فرح فرح 17 часов назад
LijenC2357 17 часов назад
I thought it's jin's birthday and they locked him outside. Yeah lol, poor jin hyung.
고은애 17 часов назад
Ruby 17 часов назад
Rika Syarin
Rika Syarin 17 часов назад
4:11 "hey slap my ass u dumbass"
Jungkooks Kookie
Jungkooks Kookie 17 часов назад
Stay safe y'all♡
Sri Yanti
Sri Yanti 17 часов назад
Jungkook ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
TDT [] ARMY 17 часов назад
•Jeøn Køøkie Giselle•
•Jeøn Køøkie Giselle• 17 часов назад
Nobody is here now lol
sasuke uchiha434
sasuke uchiha434 17 часов назад
I like this music and MV , its really perfect
Min Melany
Min Melany 17 часов назад
격려의 말씀에 감사드립니다. 잘 돌봐 #방탄소년단and아미 #멀리서 함께
ꨄWolfie_Gachaシ 17 часов назад
Our little meow-mewo is all grown up but is still a baby❤️ #HappySugaDay #HappyBirthday
SQuIsHy PoTatO
SQuIsHy PoTatO 17 часов назад
4:28 Jimin and jungkook: ohhhhuohhh Hoseok: ohhhuohaohao This isn’t not to make fun of hobi I just found it funny
Jennifer Weaver
Jennifer Weaver 17 часов назад
I'm pretty late, but... does anybody know the reason behind why they put this dance together. I notice it was posted like 2 days after JK's birthday. Was this his "coming of age" dance performance? Some kind of announcement about his maturity? And, if so, why dance with Jimin of all people? Any info is appreciated.
fakeu love94
fakeu love94 17 часов назад
I loved the pun. That's what happens when you leave bts to their own devices. Get it?
Jill Cuaresma
Jill Cuaresma 17 часов назад
Jimin got the more seductive one XD
Zzz zzz
Zzz zzz 17 часов назад
JK dễ thương, thật may vì Bangtan bên nhau
Kurmi Choque
Kurmi Choque 17 часов назад
Айсель Алекберова
Айсель Алекберова 17 часов назад
Мне было страшно,когда тэхен прыгнул в море😭😭😭
ChimChimMochi 17 часов назад
They all came soo far from a tiny practice place to this huge room.Lets appreciate all that they have done for us.💜💜💜💜💜
Dora Martines
Dora Martines 17 часов назад
Love yall I hope jungkook will see this
monica contreras
monica contreras 17 часов назад
They didn't change their voices😭😭
Nishma Katwal
Nishma Katwal 17 часов назад
Babe you are such a angel
sapphire gray
sapphire gray 17 часов назад
G.C.F Jimin feat. Tokyo
timmystatistics 17 часов назад
I just love how hope hits every mf beat, even when he jumps and walks it’s on beat and in character. what an amazing dancer and performer
BTS since 19
BTS since 19 17 часов назад
Quarantine time. I willl watch every single video of BTS on RUchat. 5/28/20
Alhie P.
Alhie P. 17 часов назад
They are so adorable!!! I just love them! Mygad!! 💜💜💜
سفر 1
سفر 1 17 часов назад
진 드라마를 한국 드라마에 맡겨주세요 투표 할 기회를 원합니다
Bad Bitch Who? I Only Know JIMLIET
Bad Bitch Who? I Only Know JIMLIET 17 часов назад
The whole "Jimin's got a boner" thing didn't really fuck me up too much until I noticed the way he opened his legs and LOOKED AT IT _just_ before the camera cut-
glenpleis y diversion
glenpleis y diversion 17 часов назад
Ammm no entender inglishh
lisa larsson
lisa larsson 17 часов назад
näyttäspä suomi näi nätilt oikeesti :(
Laura valdez
Laura valdez 17 часов назад
Jk cute Jimmy & sugar jin v RM J-epoh