James Carroll
James Carroll 7 часов назад
Seems like the true racist is Shannon Sharpe. It doesn’t matter what other QBs got paid on other teams. Even Brady got peanuts compared to other lesser QBs while he was racking up his rings. The Pats under Belichick have a history of letting good players walk rather than pay more money. That’s how they manage the salary cap and that’s how they have had a successful run for 20 years. All those “uncle tom” type comments about Michael Vick show your own bigotry. Life is a two way street unless you live in the “victim bubble”. Show Vick respect. People let Shannon Sharpe continue to defend hate-mongers like Louise Farrakhan, yet crucify Vick because he doesn’t embrace the racist-victim mentality.
OseanInMotion 7 часов назад
Skip response “yep” translation “shut up it’s my turn you’ve been talking to long bro”
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 7 часов назад
Skip... doesn’t seem like he’s feel too well.
etronics moses
etronics moses 7 часов назад
Indy quit on him, so he was just passing it online.
Cody Cunningham
Cody Cunningham 7 часов назад
HECK NO we don't want Rodgers
Destiny Campbell
Destiny Campbell 7 часов назад
Toronto is not that good. Haha. Shannon is in denial! Won a championship, still no credit to the Raptors! The ball is round. Will be a lot of surprises come playoff time! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Forestt austin
Forestt austin 7 часов назад
jeremy brydges
jeremy brydges 7 часов назад
TOMS WILL 7 часов назад
Good job guys. Breaking the game down
Captain Snake
Captain Snake 7 часов назад
Lakers better hope they don't see Dame, CJ and trent in the first round, their guards can't guard.
randallhansonjr 7 часов назад
I predicted this storyline
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins 7 часов назад
Jenny aged double time over quarantine
William Anderson
William Anderson 7 часов назад
I only tune in for Skip now. Shannon fell off. I don't know what happened to him.
Jacob Jonees
Jacob Jonees 7 часов назад
Everybody was saying harden and Westbrook couldn't play together. Now what? The world so phony 🤣🤣
wes alday
wes alday 7 часов назад
Tony Romo is like JR in wrestling, when it comes to commentary. He makes it more exciting
Ashton Wilson
Ashton Wilson 7 часов назад
Rockets winnin the chip
whysomanyhaters 7 часов назад
love how they still won't admit the hypocrisy of shutting down free Hong Kong talk but now push blm. like they are big social justice people, just not when it comes to Chinese people they can be enslaved. haha what a joke
Xavier Jackson
Xavier Jackson 7 часов назад
Skip over here sneezing and sniffing 😬👀
Just a guy
Just a guy 7 часов назад
Mike Arnone
Mike Arnone 7 часов назад
Preach Skip about Lebron! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Raptors are a great team, not a good team.
Roger Pirates
Roger Pirates 7 часов назад
Raptors is not an american team, that will explain it all.
Ray Ban
Ray Ban 7 часов назад
This is all media hype, and it’s just doing business. If he plays well he’ll be signed. I think McCarthy had some say in it and probably wants to see Dak play in his offense, even though Kellen Moore will call plays, we know McCarthy will have his fingerprints on it.
Jontrell Wright
Jontrell Wright 7 часов назад
I think Ocho Cinco is a Hall of Famer period
300k K0f
300k K0f 7 часов назад
The only way they win a ring is if they average 15 steals a game throughout the playoffs. Cuz with playoff pressure they 3 point % gonna drop and they really don't have any bigs, so they can't force mismatches to take pressure off those shooters. You gotta remember it's not ray Allen they got sitting in the corners it's pj Tucker and been Mac if I'm the other team I'll let them shoot with the game on the line, cuz they not gonna make it more often then they will
Joshua Woodard
Joshua Woodard 7 часов назад
KCP is terrible on offense and defese.
Anthony Wilde
Anthony Wilde 7 часов назад
jenny looking amazing
HopelessMunz 7 часов назад
I’m a Canadian Raps fan and obviously we don’t expect to be big in American media even if we win 10 titles in a row. But it’s literally awkward to watch them mention us as little as possible. Like, our team is still primarily American players. It’s just flat out weird how scared they are to re-associate basketball with Canada in any kind of way. It’s like they’re gonna have an allergic reaction like we’re peanuts or something.
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace 8 часов назад
I still maintain that come playoff time, 3 point shooting is not viable because the pressure and ability to knock down the 3 consistently is just not going to work- it’s too much a low percentage shot. Teams that get the ball in the paint are going to have more success because butterflies, playoff pressure and good defense on average won’t affect the offense that shoots that type of shot as much. I don’t see Houston as much of a treat in the playoffs.
Todd Campbell
Todd Campbell 8 часов назад
Too many commercials I could have went and watch cable
Kevin Graves
Kevin Graves 8 часов назад
chad "only" has 67 TDs because the bengals offense, specifically carson palmer, couldnt move the ball within the redzone. almost all of chads td's were long catches and runs. its really not his fault he only has that many tds.
2.1.4 8 часов назад
2 first round picks & 2nd
Black Vs Brandon
Black Vs Brandon 8 часов назад
Nobody: Skip enjoying da Lakers lose🤣
gonzalo arroyo
gonzalo arroyo 8 часов назад
Lebron wonders if the Looney Tune squad is available to sign and trade😂
Rian Chambers
Rian Chambers 8 часов назад
They don’t want Dak the face of the cowboys
Doug Cronin
Doug Cronin 8 часов назад
Lol I told ya
Rian Chambers
Rian Chambers 8 часов назад
Dak needs to go where he is happy
FIVE FIVE NINER 8 часов назад
Still not better than Steph and Klay straight up! 💯
Ray Renee
Ray Renee 8 часов назад
Didn’t someone say the Pelicans were going to knock the Lakers out of the Playoffs?
druv pareek
druv pareek 8 часов назад
Three NFL legends at the table
Chris Young
Chris Young 8 часов назад
Skiuuup ... don't u ever disrespect the GOAT again .... Alex didn't turn the ball over the score keepers messed up ... jeez
Los Lo
Los Lo 8 часов назад
The way Skip loves Brady is sickening
D d
D d 8 часов назад
ewww, give me Dak anyday over Aaron Rodgers. eww. its hard enough to swallow mike mcCarthy as coach of my cowboys now. I love Dak
D d
D d 8 часов назад
i would have signed brady tho lol
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor 8 часов назад
Shannon!!! Tell skipper... we our the natives!
Rian Chambers
Rian Chambers 8 часов назад
They would trade for Rogers screwing Dak
elefantpee 8 часов назад
Rockets are fools gold, Harden will disappear during the finals like he always does
Dre Brown
Dre Brown 8 часов назад
K. Leonard showed some “emotion” to the NBA & took his talent to Canada & the gave him a ring
MackDye 8 часов назад
Got damn i love some Shannon Sharpe. Telling it like it is. lol
LPC 8 часов назад
MJ is supposed to be the GOAT not the NOAT
Ret SeL
Ret SeL 8 часов назад
Where's the goat mask Shannon???
Derrick Johnson
Derrick Johnson 8 часов назад
Skip would make a good green goblin
J C 8 часов назад
Rob Parker has the NOSE you like to punch
James Fralick
James Fralick 8 часов назад
im suprised skip gave us credit
Michel vachon
Michel vachon 8 часов назад
We saw Giannis at times is alone when they are more than 1 superstars in the other team
Michel vachon
Michel vachon 8 часов назад
When it’s all said and done and James career is over and peoples are less afraid to speak their mind on their friend and we all have cool heads. Lebron James wil be maybe 8-9-10 all time. MJ, Bird,,Magic, Kareem, Russell, wilt, Kobe will be above him. Why because, James is god gifted at his size, speed, strength and plays in the softest era to date. I mean every single games you see free uncontested path to the rim, like hey you go body, free dunk for you. All players are so friendly. It’s like you can get you 25 if I get my 30. No dog, no fight, no chip on the shoulder. Take all the greats I mention before and give them this soft era, with better training, nutrition, food, freedom to choose where to go when to play and all of them would crush James every single game they meet because they were resilient and tough as bail mentally. I mean 8-9-10 of all time is still great
Cosimo Crupi
Cosimo Crupi 8 часов назад
Not as good as last year...... Yet Kawhi-less... have a better record than last year
burnt out
burnt out 8 часов назад
These guys mind their p's and q's around Romanowski