WWE 2K22 - Official Teaser Trailer
Outriders Review in Progress
День назад
Red Dragon Studios
Red Dragon Studios 10 часов назад
This looks fun actually
Proto 10 часов назад
This game sounds like vice city
Hanz M
Hanz M 10 часов назад
Oh no ese feo juego me persigue
Hreindyr 10 часов назад
Does this edition come with a fixed HUD Scale option, that'd be sick.. Only been a couple years.
Dark Arrow
Dark Arrow 10 часов назад
Me:Who built this Avengers themed campus? It was Disney all along!
Hasan Khan
Hasan Khan 10 часов назад
Is there a name for this song?
Angelo Sebastian
Angelo Sebastian 10 часов назад
Imagine if the game added a feature where you scan a hotwheel car and you get the car for free in the game.
AntoniO AlvareZ
AntoniO AlvareZ 10 часов назад
the old men talk, the young men fight
tankiem phituyet
tankiem phituyet 10 часов назад
It deserves an Oscar.
Igot Game
Igot Game 10 часов назад
Reminds me of farcry 5
Nerdy Early
Nerdy Early 10 часов назад
Woo Michael Swaim. Happy to see IGN scooped him up 😁
kevin nash
kevin nash 10 часов назад
It’s dope but...why?
salt life
salt life 10 часов назад
20 bullets for one z lol
Roberto Gavina
Roberto Gavina 10 часов назад
Bro imagine how scary a bloodsucker is gonna look 😳
Groskie or Spaces Maximamass The Space Marine
Groskie or Spaces Maximamass The Space Marine 10 часов назад
dear IGN, please stop wasteing bullets and aim, no offense sorry it is just anxious to see ammo being watsed like that, unless you were using a controller then it eill understandable
darthnaved 10 часов назад
The movements looks awful.
Kinginwithlo Woah
Kinginwithlo Woah 10 часов назад
Mr. bear
Mr. bear 10 часов назад
Onimusha Okami Reborn
john thor
john thor 10 часов назад
Still looks the same.
DFKnightmare 10 часов назад
Just make ice, armor, and fire sounds when she switches. Sheesh
kevin bailey
kevin bailey 10 часов назад
Looks super hot
Nick Nack
Nick Nack 10 часов назад
It looks like days gone mixed with the last of us
Joseph Iredia
Joseph Iredia 10 часов назад
This seems like a mobile game, minus the graphics
J4YB0N3Z 10 часов назад
Quick answer- NO
My Bogus Life
My Bogus Life 10 часов назад
so.....why make other super heroes when she is everything...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hola soy un gato blanco
Hola soy un gato blanco 10 часов назад
His friend: Hey, we don't have many bullets, don't waste them shooting so much Him: Ok A-10 warthog mode *A C T I V E D*
Cesar Candanozah
Cesar Candanozah 10 часов назад
Sweet ! Will play this with my lil cousins
V -Alfa
V -Alfa 10 часов назад
0:20 Hawkeye's hair
Ray Valentine
Ray Valentine 10 часов назад
Bro this is gonna be epic !
Subham Mund
Subham Mund 10 часов назад
Last of us with updated graphics and ray tracing will look amazing
Mr Walkman
Mr Walkman 10 часов назад
Is it just me or the gear they are using feels like an odm gear from aot?
Ronald Mckenzie
Ronald Mckenzie 10 часов назад
Can they please kill walker he's so annoying can't do anything right
Liam Trippi
Liam Trippi 10 часов назад
Chris Scott
Chris Scott 10 часов назад
Doom: But With Dinosaurs
King Raid
King Raid 10 часов назад
Jordzyi1 10 часов назад
Omfg this is so Fing dumb
Mjay Alim
Mjay Alim 10 часов назад
When our childhood wishes are coming true
blowmycake yt
blowmycake yt 10 часов назад
Gaming journalist aim mode: on
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight 10 часов назад
Is this better than age of calamity?
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu 10 часов назад
Looks sickkkk
Shabeo 10 часов назад
gotta be one of the top 10 best trailers
Hogia Sukola
Hogia Sukola 10 часов назад
Hey ign can we have 2021 rewiev that gives justice to this game, and dont just leave it at the story cause that is only the starting point for the game. Im not asking you to go kill all the bosses or clearing all the maps, but atleast get to like sirus or something do some of the conguerors and then talk about it.
Disney knights padilla
Disney knights padilla 10 часов назад
How cute it's like seeing a bunch of baby casper Gremlins.
Autism Gamer Lil Jon
Autism Gamer Lil Jon 10 часов назад
Not as impressed as super nintendo world
Donivan Afriady
Donivan Afriady 10 часов назад
BO AN 10 часов назад
This is trap
GamerJohn886 10 часов назад
"It hits different" Release: *The exact same as 2k20*
Mr. Ludio
Mr. Ludio 10 часов назад
Can we get Speed Racer Mach 5 in the game?
SlaX 10 часов назад
This guy needs a Castlevania game explained to him? Bet he didn't get far in Castlevania 2.
Hola soy un gato blanco
Hola soy un gato blanco 10 часов назад
4:26 to 4:35 **Aim dies**
David Chism
David Chism 10 часов назад
0:46. You're an alien?? Up to finding out that Kara's an alien, Barry thought that she was a human with several powers.
Mahmoud Nader
Mahmoud Nader 10 часов назад
People who hate this game are just people who play it wrong
Vro Bcoo
Vro Bcoo 10 часов назад
nice, but wish they would revert whatever they did to the gameplay itself. played verdun a lot when it was relatively new, loved it. came back after not playing for a while and it seems like they changed the movement or something, it just doesnt feel the same at all.
Jack Dune
Jack Dune 10 часов назад
Frankie Z
Frankie Z 10 часов назад
Who remembers watching it on their PSP?
SirScottland 10 часов назад
Does this take place in 2-3 years from now when everyone who took the “vaccine” turn?
Ram M.
Ram M. 10 часов назад
Breves 10 часов назад
Couldn't you guys find someone who actually play games to do these kinds of gameplays?
Efreet Balarama
Efreet Balarama 10 часов назад
Reminiscent of DAYS GONE escept MMO....? Make sure it has chunky weaponplay and physics and a polished interface. MMOS tend to be meh
esparda07 10 часов назад
You've seen one, you've seen them all.
atrain209 10 часов назад
Just like state of decay then
bruh moment
bruh moment 10 часов назад
So it’s basically the Forza horizon 3 hot wheels dlc but a whole game