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Hitman 3 - The Final Preview
13 дней назад
Jo Gr
Jo Gr 4 часа назад
finaly the game comes to a fitting platform
Mr Ash
Mr Ash 4 часа назад
They're trying too hard. But I'm sure lots of 30 year old men will love this. Doubt any kids will though.
Stephen Kish
Stephen Kish 4 часа назад
This looks absolutely awesome!
NDN KEN 4 часа назад
Could you guys start talking about old games like Gladius and Jade empire??
three0two 4 часа назад
I won't play this but I'm thrilled that a new toy of StealthGamerBR is published.
Samuel Giampiccolo
Samuel Giampiccolo 4 часа назад
Look how they massacred my boy
J Capps
J Capps 4 часа назад
5 nights at Freddy’s anyone ?
Agama 55
Agama 55 4 часа назад
Hold up, did DA just go futuristic!!??
James Artaxet IV
James Artaxet IV 4 часа назад
I’m 31 years old and I have to have this....
johnny enconecter
johnny enconecter 4 часа назад
Hitman 3 is dlc, until its released on steam vr I don't buy
Ishaq Ali
Ishaq Ali 4 часа назад
LMAO.....Wow. This is the reason I love you guys.. And thanks to IGN management for approving this goofy yet awesome video to be out here in the wild.
Emanuel mitre
Emanuel mitre 5 часов назад
Stay strong Michael dont leave us your my hero
Zayed Goki
Zayed Goki 5 часов назад
Why does she sound like a mongol
Entony Ruscetta
Entony Ruscetta 5 часов назад
There are 2 kind of people: the ones excited to try new things and the ones who buy nintendo
Katja 5 часов назад
My friend: oh you should watch neon genesis evangelion, it's my favorite anime *me watches it * Instant regret
THE -DUDE GUY 5 часов назад
Bru it’s not just the quality it’s the lies
mr t
mr t 5 часов назад
Lol, why so many down votes?
NDN KEN 5 часов назад
So don't buy the game till holiday 2021
TheRAMBO9191 5 часов назад
2021 spartan squad wya
Nathan NUFC
Nathan NUFC 5 часов назад
“7 years ago”
RSTAR7824 5 часов назад
I love mine! Super cheap ultra legit!
Clash Zero
Clash Zero 5 часов назад
I want to play this game.
David B
David B 5 часов назад
Do all the NPCs in foriegn countries still have the same 2 American voice actors from California?
Syan Reeze
Syan Reeze 5 часов назад
The Forest but with different tribe
letterhlive 5 часов назад
greg: the game
L9stFreed0m 5 часов назад
Hitman is never the same thrice.
Salvador Villagomez
Salvador Villagomez 5 часов назад
As of this moment the multiplayer may be a mess right now in some places but you gotta give them credit for the amount of work they were able to do working from home. The campaign is amazing though. I feel like the multiplayer will be in a better state in a few months. Cyberpunk on the other hand. Absolutely no excuse
Jeffrey Warden
Jeffrey Warden 5 часов назад
Wow... NOT
Assassin Novice
Assassin Novice 5 часов назад
Please update the hairstyles. Please update the hairstyles. Please oh please, ohhh pleeeasse....
Obsessive Fanatic
Obsessive Fanatic 5 часов назад
I can’t watch this. I don’t deserve it
rewindjunky 5 часов назад
The lack of people coming back to this original review after what we now know was a complete lie is outstanding.
Bas1c_Gam3r_4 5 часов назад
I wish I had a fall guy in a family lol
Laimon Palkim
Laimon Palkim 5 часов назад
Super... My favourite video game of hitman franchise... I've been fan of series since hitman blood manoey.
bloozism 5 часов назад
Lies. The game is just flat out missing content.
cachudo Enamorado
cachudo Enamorado 5 часов назад
Guns work in space?
Reed Egan
Reed Egan 5 часов назад
Awesome performance and FPS review
Micah Williams
Micah Williams 5 часов назад
Finally a protagonist that doesn't scream and run
Dylan Laws
Dylan Laws 5 часов назад
Im still shocked at the fact that I remember being a teenager 20 years ago and being so damn thrilled at dragging the body of my first kill in a dumpster. It was not about the violence, it was about being able to do something you never could have imagined possible before.
sniff 5 часов назад
hmm interesting seeing Moff Gideon before he went to space
Herison S.
Herison S. 5 часов назад
Spirit of Manaus
Poseidon Proxy
Poseidon Proxy 5 часов назад
Absolution is still the best
ColombianThunder 5 часов назад
They wanted to originally call this Green Inferno didn't they
David Diaz
David Diaz 5 часов назад
I love the look of the animation I wish we can have anime like this 2021
Kinda Sapphy
Kinda Sapphy 5 часов назад
Bad Grammers
Bad Grammers 5 часов назад
“It makes you FEEL like hitman”
Bloxyoyo 5 часов назад
Lemme guess, russian mafia?
Andrew 5 часов назад
So the opening level combines “mission impossible: fallout’s” atmos jump with “mission impossible: ghost protocols” Dubai skyscraper climb. While another level recreates the nightclub from “John Wick”. This leads me to believe the other levels are grabbed from other current action films.
Elijah Mertinooke
Elijah Mertinooke 5 часов назад
An 8 out of 10 is insulting. Why? This game is one of the best that I (and many others) have ever played. Just look at the 98% positive rating on steam, the really great devs and community, and the ATOMIC BOMBS that you can craft in bulk later in the game. This game deserves a 10/10 hands down.
Ali Mohammed Mahdi
Ali Mohammed Mahdi 5 часов назад
Kinda weird...
The Nemesis Project
The Nemesis Project 5 часов назад
he said in the wORLD!!
Michał Walawender
Michał Walawender 5 часов назад
Finally !!!
Carlos Salas
Carlos Salas 5 часов назад
No wonder this game drop price so fast!!!!
CLASSIC DANTE 5 часов назад
I'm buying it for the sole purpose of throwing pennies at homeless people
FTW Gaming
FTW Gaming 5 часов назад
cyberpunk 2077 9 out of 10 ROFLMAO
Midnight Plasma
Midnight Plasma 5 часов назад
Why in the hell is this now recommended🤣
Balzac Gemini
Balzac Gemini 5 часов назад
Hard Pass.
DRoach 5 часов назад
Do the people at IGN play the games they review?
Luta Tatonka
Luta Tatonka 5 часов назад
Damn just got this for the PS4 but wouldn’t mind having it on switch might even play it more on switch than ps4
Big_FoE 5 часов назад
Cool guess i will wait for the Steam release
Andy Coira
Andy Coira 5 часов назад
I gave this a like for the effort, plus, I also want a PS5
Tamara Anderson
Tamara Anderson 5 часов назад
Brad Snow
Brad Snow 5 часов назад
Imagine ruining a legend
djb presents
djb presents 5 часов назад
So every other review say bass suk
TechTite 5 часов назад
I miss the days when reviews only reviewed parts of the game(gameplay,audio,technical hitches) and not telling us how it begins and ends and everything in between. FFS
Damian9303 5 часов назад
Love how each time this toy surges once again in popularity, playthroughs by little kids flood my recommended stories.