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Kelsiy Kniffen
Kelsiy Kniffen Час назад
Yall should do a video on when and how yall started talking about marraige.
Crystal Currie
Crystal Currie 8 часов назад
I use to smoke. As soon as that blue line showed up on that pregnancy test. I quit from that moment. My 2 boys are turning 12 and 13 years old. And still haven't had a smoke since that pregnancy test. I developed a eating after I had my boys. Been a single mum for 12 years now. My oldest has austim level 3 and my youngest has a heart condition. I still struggle. I was doing really good till now. Things have gotten bad again. It's lonely
Dorothy Irwin
Dorothy Irwin 11 часов назад
This was such a helpful and wonderful video. I know how hard it is to tell people about your life struggles. I am currently in recovery from an eating disorder and have been for over sixteen years. I want to get bad so badly and no how tough it is to just break free. You inspire me so much 💕 Thank you for videoing this
kelsey weiland
kelsey weiland 14 часов назад
You're such an inspiration and Drew is lucky to have such a strong mom
wooster0520 14 часов назад
I was and still am a young mom. I had my first daughter at age 18. I was not told how to eat properly as a pregnant mom. I gained a lot of weight. Fast forward years later I have 2 more daughters, a diagnosis of arthritis and connective tissue disease, 5 surgeries in 1 year, and 80 pounds later I hit rock bottom. I stop eating, obsessed about my weight, and make my health worse. I am finally getting to the point of loving myself for the first time ever. This Mother’s Day my 16 year old writes on Instagram how much I’ve shown her how to be strong and push through tough times in life. Sometimes you go through hard times for a greater purpose. Mine is for my daughters and showing them you can hit bottom and come up fighting stronger. Your video hits close to home. Thank you for the reminder to love myself for going through the tough times and being a mom. 🙏🏻
[email protected] День назад
Wow, 700 calories while training for the Olympics... that breaks my heart. So happy you got healthier and found a balance! 😘
Abbi Bahr
Abbi Bahr День назад
I graduated high school at 80 lbs. I was a gymnast for 13 years and weight gain effects pretty much everything but my athletic career was over at that point. The month I got pregnant (26 years old) I was 100lbs. I was 160 lbs at the time I gave birth. I was an emergency c section and I am now 156 lbs and completely disconnected from my core. I don’t know how to feel like myself again.... I’m so lost in motherhood I don’t know who I’m looking at in the mirror. All I know is that I’m so deeply in love with my baby
shrnc88 День назад
God Bless Andrew and his loving kisses! Is it possible to clone him?
Aubrie Chaney
Aubrie Chaney День назад
Great job Mama. Great job
Lauren Marie
Lauren Marie День назад
Thank you so much for sharing your journey so candidly and beautifully in this video. There are ways in which I relate tremendously, and I finally feel some hope that maybe I can be happy again and maybe I’ll come to feel I have a purpose again. And maybe I will truly heal... thank you, Shawn. 💕
Nataliya C
Nataliya C День назад
You are very well spoken and have a beautiful soul!! Thanks for sharing your story. You are a great mom and your body has gone through so much change throughout the years and is still beautiful even if you are not 100lbs! Healthy should be the new beautiful!
Lea Patterson
Lea Patterson День назад
Y'all are so much fun! I can't imagine a dull day in your home. Be blessed.
Ashleigh Savoury
Ashleigh Savoury День назад
Your photographer got some beautiful photos 😍
Lisa Manzo
Lisa Manzo День назад
Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey! 💖
Yashna Bhiwa
Yashna Bhiwa 2 дня назад
Lauren W
Lauren W 2 дня назад
I grew up in the ballet field and have struggled with body image and stuff like that in my 20’s. I relate to this so much.
Lindsey Hamby
Lindsey Hamby 2 дня назад
I’m so proud of you!! Inspiration to all young women. You are such a great person. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I have so many tears for you. So glad you’ve over come so much.
hheenan 2 дня назад
there is so much i could say here about the food/weight/appearance issues but i just wanted to tell you that i got to meet you at one of the Celebrity Apprentice challenges and you were such a gem. i have been a fan for so long (and i’m much older than you lol) and it was my pleasure to finally get a chance to say hello. you were so gracious for taking a pic with me and it’s a wonderful memory. thank you for being so real and honest. following your journey has been so informative and helpful. (btw people can follow @thefitfoodcoach on IG for help with this stuff... it’s NOT ME!!! i just really like her approach. she’s been through all of it herself)
GamerzRed 2 дня назад
You are so strong for speaking tearing up cause i can relate to some things. ❤️
Fitty Freckles
Fitty Freckles 2 дня назад
i loved this video! thank you for sharing with us!
samir kafle
samir kafle 2 дня назад
Do you know family fun pack
Nunovurbznzsodontask 3 дня назад
Very brave of you to talk about this Shawn. You do realize though, that the team Pan Am gold medal will, and should ethically by USAG and FIG, be taken away not only from you, but from the rest of the girls. For all the talk of fairness and integrity, or lack thereof, they NEED to follow their own guidelines and strip you girls of the medal, as well as your own individual medals if you won any at that competition. This impacts not only you, but the ENTIRE team, girls that did absolutely nothing wrong. This is still within the statute of limitations, 10 years, and if USAG and FIG wants to regain any respect, they need to take action.
SLAMSwan 3 дня назад
I'm definitely an oatmeal or tofu scramble kinda gal. BTW, the black pepper helps with the absorption of the turmeric. 😊
Rare Adventure
Rare Adventure 3 дня назад
Thanks for sharing. The battle of self is so hard. I pray one day I can share more of my story.
Kristen Schoonover
Kristen Schoonover 3 дня назад
Thank you for sharing Shawn! Much love!
Megan Balderas VO
Megan Balderas VO 3 дня назад
You are beautiful in and out. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience. I’ve had three miscarriages and have two beautiful little girls. I also struggle with the pain of feeling like my body betrayed me. Though I have my girls, I’m still mistreating my body for what I perceive as it’s failures. Your story is really inspiring. I’d love to find a nutrition/therapist. I’ve never thought of that. Thank you! 💛
vheather05 3 дня назад
I'm 34 and want to be pregnant and have a baby with my husband but I am overweight, diabetic and unhealthy. Sometimes I feel hopeless. To be honest just hearing you talk about coming through the other end of your struggles and find healing gives me hope that perhaps I can also overcome my unhealthy lifestyle and become a mom. I recently started therapy also for the first time. Was there ever a turning point for you in therapy specifically that helped you find balance and healthy eating that would be helpful for someone who struggles with the opposite issue, of overeating.
Kethleen Labidou
Kethleen Labidou 3 дня назад
This video made me a brand new subscriber! I really appreciate how vulnerable and honest you spoke about your journey. Looking forward to this channel.
Joy neufeld
Joy neufeld 3 дня назад
Love u shawn. You are a great example of changing .
AquaCarb 3 дня назад
Is wanting to nibble you on your neck considered an eating disorder?
Kimberly S
Kimberly S 3 дня назад
Thank you for sharing! Best wishes to you and your family!!! ❤
Karen Brooke
Karen Brooke 3 дня назад
This was hilarious
Makayla Sanchez
Makayla Sanchez 3 дня назад
Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are truly an inspiration! I am currently recovering from an eating disorder and your story just gave me so much hope.
Shaun McCreary
Shaun McCreary 3 дня назад
Thank you for sharing!! You are a courageous young woman and an amazing momma!!
Drew Barzeski
Drew Barzeski 3 дня назад
Shawn, thank you for sharing your real story with us. I was a competitive cheerleader for almost 20 years and I watched you on TV as a young girl and always wanted to be just like you. I admired how you were short, just like me. You had thicker, Athletic thighs, just like me. And you were smiling in who you were and how you looked. Now that I am no longer an athlete I see how my body has changed and my weight has gone up. It's tough to see that. So, again thank you for being my role model. I love to see you grow. I love watching your family. And I love that me and your daughter have the same name ;)
Ashley Thomson
Ashley Thomson 3 дня назад
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am currently on a journey of finding food freedom and have just signed up for a 1:1 intuitive eating coach and I can't wait to be in recovery! Hearing your story really helped normalize for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Kelsiy Kniffen
Kelsiy Kniffen 3 дня назад
Oh my lanta Drew has gotten soo big!! She is so gorgeous just like her mama
caro 3 дня назад
thank you so much for describing your journey Shawn. it’s so helpful to have your words in my mind
Augustus Green
Augustus Green 3 дня назад
Can you do a series of Feel Good Friday videos featuring viewer-requested positive and uplifting good news stories and random acts of kindness story videos of people helping their communities and people doing something for the frontline workers and essential workers and people sharing good news stories during the coronavirus pandemic and these challenging times
I Am Second
I Am Second 4 дня назад
If you haven't already seen Shawn's I Am Second film, check it out here:
Gary McMahon
Gary McMahon 4 дня назад
Allison Cohen
Allison Cohen 4 дня назад
Thank you so much for sharing. For so long I wanted to be the best in my sport. Who DOESNT?? But, I wanted to be perfect and not let anyone see my insecurities show through. I saw the elite level athletes being “perfect” and beat myself up for not being able to be flawless myself thinking I could never go anywhere. By hearing you say nobody is perfect after hearing it from my coaches and teammates and parents for so long, it hit me... in a way different, GOOD way! Thanks again:)
Jennifer James
Jennifer James 4 дня назад
Your amazing Shawn, ya'll are seriously a great example of a great marriage. Thanks for sharing this❤🙏.
Grier Kirkpatrick
Grier Kirkpatrick 4 дня назад
You and ur fellow teammates are all BAMF! Keep ur chins up girls/ladies, as real humans with proper morals know better than to body shame. However, thank you for bringing this forward.
Samantha Prasher
Samantha Prasher 4 дня назад
After Competing as a Division I swimmer, I completely understand the burnout and then lack of purpose. I really and truly struggled once I was done swimming with regulating my food and weight. I still struggle with it. When I was swimming I was burning so many calories that I could basically eat whatever I wanted. Once it was done, I wasn't working out anymore but still eating whatever I wanted. I tried eating better but it was so hard to eat something "Healthy" when I could have something that I thought tasted way better. On top of that I have some pretty severe Anxiety and perfectionism that constantly has me having negative self talk. It's something I'm still working on, I want to see a therapist and figure out my issues. I really hate how hard this feels and like you just want to get out of this rut. I know it's always a work in progress. But I'm grateful you're sharing your story!
Gila Shroot
Gila Shroot 4 дня назад
Mrs. East, you need to copywrite your couple's therapy strategies!! I love these videos so much (not for Mr. East's sake). Sometimes I feel like a good dose of Mrs. East's couple's therapy episodes goes a long way to long, successful marriage ;-).
Gila Shroot
Gila Shroot 4 дня назад
Postpartum is serious. This is not a message to undermine its effects. There are all sorts of changes to adjust to after having a baby, but it means you have a baby and you cannot have a baby without going through postpartum challenges. Optimistic, yes, realistic, I hope so for every mother's sake.
Gila Shroot
Gila Shroot 4 дня назад
Imagine if you had been popular when you were a child. That could have meant that you would not have the character strength to achieve everything you achieved in gymnastics. Also you would probably not be as strong a role model as you are now. Not everyone is popular and has lots of friends growing up and I think that is why your voice is so powerful. It certainly is more powerful to me, now that I know this about you because it means you are talking from the same place as I grew up (and I am sure many, many others). Thank you for sharing.
Gila Shroot
Gila Shroot 4 дня назад
It is my hope that you, Mrs. East, continue to stay healthy with your eating for yourself. I also hope that you continue to stay healthy so that you can add to your family once you have regained your full strength again. This was an emotional video to watch. Thank you for sharing such an emotional experience. I am very proud of you for coming so far.
B 4 дня назад
thank you for speaking about this. you are so courageous and beautiful!
Sophie Schnake
Sophie Schnake 4 дня назад
Thank you for posting this, I can't imagine how it must feel to be this vulnerable to so many people. I look up to you as a role model and as a diver who deals with disordered eating, this was really helpful to hear. I'd love to see videos on eating/exercising/diet culture stuff
《Cara Miller》
《Cara Miller》 4 дня назад
I really needed this. Like this was such a blessing for me. I'm at that point where I feel lost. I had to give up my dream of competing NCAA, thanks to injuries. I feel so awful about my body. Any advice would be great. I love you Shawn! You are my role model.
LizBy021 4 дня назад
I had almost this exact experience. My whole life was living up to others standards. The min i got pregnant with my first, it all changed. I started following you after finding your miscarriage video after we lost a baby in the second trimester. Thank you for always sharing the good and bad
Michelle Ray
Michelle Ray 4 дня назад
Thank you for sharing your story! I have never felt comfortable enough to share this publically, but I have lost 4 babies. I am now in my 50's and was not able to give my husband a child. The guilt was overwhelming. I didn't feel like a woman socially or personally. Over the years I have come to terms with it and have forgiven myself for allowing the guilt to fester for years. Your story will help so many woman heal. Not just from the loss of a child, but your ability to find your way out of your own darkness. I have loved you since I first saw you compete and have so much admiration for your ability to stay true to yourself. God bless you and your lovely family.
Jacki B
Jacki B 4 дня назад
Im sorry you went through that. Thank you for sharing
steph32588 4 дня назад
For as honest you guys are .. why does Shawn always edited her face in Instagram so much? Why not be natural !!
Sugar thekitty
Sugar thekitty 5 дней назад
This was just such a wonderful way to do a sponsored video. It was just simply a part of your story, and genuine, and I can really see how it would be so helpful to you and many others. I'm glad you got to sponsor with such a fitting service.
SHAN B 5 дней назад
How do you feel about the new Netflix Documentary about USA Gymnastics?
Lindsey Allen
Lindsey Allen 5 дней назад
I love how sweet and genuine you have always been! You are still that same shawn we have loved from the start! You are adorable, and we love you for just being you! You have such a cute family! Keep kicking butt girl, and thank you for being so real.
Tamara Jeter
Tamara Jeter 5 дней назад
Thank you for sharing your story. That was really brave of you
dancersingerlover 5 дней назад
This is kind of everything I've been going through for the past 6 years after I left dance...this is everything I needed right now and for a while.
Belle Etoile
Belle Etoile 5 дней назад
You’re amazing and inspiring and wonderful. Your openness is just so heartwarming and brave. Thank you 💜
Holdener Family
Holdener Family 5 дней назад
I’m pregnant with baby #7. Your family is the sweetest. You’re getting me excited for another one. God bless 😘
Kathlina Cabral
Kathlina Cabral 5 дней назад
You are incredible. Congratulations on all your progress and beautiful family
cp03 5 дней назад
Beijing 2008...
Tasha 5 дней назад
Shawn is just goals all around. Such a beautiful person inside and out. Shawn and Andrew have to be some of the most compassionate, kind, genuinely good people ever. I always come here any time I'm feeling down.
Heart To Heart Wellness
Heart To Heart Wellness 5 дней назад
Thank you so much!!! This is such a valuable talk 💞
Kayleigh Shultz
Kayleigh Shultz 5 дней назад
Andrew's random kisses were the best <3 So cute! <3
Liza Parker
Liza Parker 5 дней назад
Thank you for sharing! Still on a journey to self acceptance. I’ll continue striving to get there.
Kaytlin Bender
Kaytlin Bender 5 дней назад
The happiest I ever felt was when I gave birth to my son. However, postpartum depression has been a huge struggle and it’s had a major affect on how I view myself.
Katie Renggli
Katie Renggli 5 дней назад
I definitely went through a simular feeling of what now after retiring from gymnastics. Having multiple surgeries, recovery, and late puberty or I call it 2nd puperty. then not having gymnastics to go back to was so hard. I felt very lost and confused on how to work out and eat. 10 years later and I still have those feelings sometimes. But watching your videos inspires me Shawn so thank you for them and thank you for sharing. <3
butterflyaway1_ gurl
butterflyaway1_ gurl 5 дней назад
Your such a strong warrior 💪 ❤️ thank you for your story your an inspiration 🙏
26mandys 5 дней назад
I love you so much. Olympic level commitment and bravery in everything you do.
The Lidgett’s
The Lidgett’s 5 дней назад
Your the most amazing women! Thank you for sharing your journey and helping other women like myself feel more related to your situation. It’s definitely an inspiration to see you grow and change to become the fantastic mother you are now! 🥰
Angela Vasquez
Angela Vasquez 6 дней назад
I loved this video Shawn. Thank you for sharing ❤
Nichole McClure
Nichole McClure 6 дней назад
Thank you for sharing. 💛
lpoco000 6 дней назад
you should disclose it in the title when the video is a sponsorship
Valeria Martinez
Valeria Martinez 6 дней назад
Where is your jacket from?
Alyssa Kidd
Alyssa Kidd 6 дней назад
You are absolutely amazing! I was a power tumbler for 10 years and I absolutely hate my body and struggle on the daily. I’m married with one amazing little girl and I also had a miscarriage after my first child. I still hate my body, the stretch marks, the extra jiggle, all of it. I just wish I had an ounce of your self confidence.
Dakota Hegler
Dakota Hegler 6 дней назад
Thank you so much for sharing your story.
Ria Marapao
Ria Marapao 6 дней назад
Keep on blogging
DeAndraBrian Shores
DeAndraBrian Shores 6 дней назад
Thank you for talking about this. This needs to be a topic that is talked about way more often.
Amanda Wheaton
Amanda Wheaton 6 дней назад
Thank you so much for sharing!!
Megan Deuel
Megan Deuel 6 дней назад
Just Thank you! For sharing, for being open, and for talking about this! Thank you!
Katie Neil
Katie Neil 6 дней назад
Needed this today!!! I’ve dealt with body issues due to my first boyfriend telling me unkind things when I was around 12-13 years old. I’m just starting to finally feel “okay” about my body. Such a long road and daily struggle but any progress is something to be happy about. Thanks for sharing!
ivetcd1 6 дней назад
it's refreshing to see Shawn being vulnerable and more human, instead of always watching her like an "olimpic medalist" or a highly "perfect" accomplished athlete that sometimes is hard to relate to.
Barb Doherty
Barb Doherty 6 дней назад
Thank you so much for sharing such a personal journey. It will help someone out there. God bless!
Shawna Keast
Shawna Keast 6 дней назад
Thank you for sharing! I wasn't a gymnast but a young woman who has had body image issues, appear to be life of the party laughing all the time but hid many issues I experienced through my life. I binged and purged for over a decade and can drink a lot of alocohol. I'm a mom and recently hit that low where I WANT to change. I've started counselling, stopped drinking recently and just beginning my journey to live myself so I can be the best mom for my daughter. I'm biking, started hiking and just feel positive and looking forward to the journey. I have to remove myself from certain thing's that will help me start going up the hill so I can take off and fly!❤. You're an inspiration. Huge fan by the way. Lol. Love to THE EAST FAM!❤
Bella Vita
Bella Vita 6 дней назад
Watching the haircutting video you did such a great job Shawn! And wasn’t a ‘B’ at all A was being rude and immature:/ while you were trying to focus on doing a good job, he was disrespectful 100%. And loved you sipping the vino bf! Ha! Great job Shawn! Andrew it’s good to listen to your wife and show respect.
Elizabeth 6 дней назад
If no one had ever commented on her weight, this never would've happened to her. Imagine a world where no one made comments about a person's weight. Be the change when it comes to that. Also, Larry Nassar gave a young woman an addictive psychopharmaceutical that has terrible side effects? Shocking (that is sarcasm). My God his odiousness is just the gift that keeps on giving. Anyway, good for you Shawn you are truly a role model in how you've embraced health.
Nicole Pelky
Nicole Pelky 6 дней назад
Such a great video! Andrew is so sweet!💓 Thank you for sharing.
MaryAnne Elliott
MaryAnne Elliott 6 дней назад
Just had my 8th baby 5 months ago. Believe it or not... 8 beautiful kids later I still suffer from post partum body issues. Pre pregnancy with all of my kids I did get back to my normal size. Prior to baby #8 I started lifting weights and got myself into the best Shao of my life. When I'm pregnant I gain a lot of weight. I eat a lot bc that is what my body needs to survive. It takes a lot of hard work to change that post baby. And I cannot sacrifice calories bc my milk supply will drop. I am much older than you... Just turn Ned 40. It's quite the emotional roller coaster each time. But, God is good and I'm beyond grateful for my kiddos. Ps... I live in Fishers, IN.... Indianapolis area!
Stephanie Toews-Cochran
Stephanie Toews-Cochran 6 дней назад
Thank you for your honesty!
Erin Kelly
Erin Kelly 6 дней назад
fun idea