Ubisoft News Plays For Honor 9/25 | Ubisoft [NA]
J_Glocky Минуту назад
Limited skin?!?!
Kalin Ridenour
Kalin Ridenour Минуту назад
4:08 Glaz elite skin
Amber Beckford
Amber Beckford Минуту назад
It’s lit🔥🔥🔥. Omg 🔥🔥🔥
J_Glocky 2 минуты назад
Is the hibana and vigil skin limited?!?
No Name
No Name 8 минут назад
Hostage mode?????
Unapproving Grandma
Unapproving Grandma 13 минут назад
When you get a deal from netflix so you paint Hibana, Vigil, and the hostage red and call it a special event
Sheep C
Sheep C 15 минут назад
Why does Wamai look like a sith lord in the thumbnail
Nick R
Nick R 15 минут назад
I think they need tdm or a diff game mode I think everyone is bored of the same gamemode
Postal 16 минут назад
You guys should honestly just stop adding operators, you suck at balancing enough already
Ethan Baker
Ethan Baker 18 минут назад
When is the cross play!
Hing Jang
Hing Jang 19 минут назад
bruh they got the worst player to play this mode.absolute trash
Andrew W
Andrew W 23 минуты назад
Hostage on bank with cool outfits isn’t an event
Just a Valerian Sword
Just a Valerian Sword 23 минуты назад
Petition to make the hostage Arturo
Willy Lopez
Willy Lopez 25 минут назад
Does everyone look like the hostage to confuse everyone? To make you accidentally shoot him?
Mrdeath109651 Death
Mrdeath109651 Death 28 минут назад
Who the hell uses a red dot now a dayz
Miguel Gonçalves
Miguel Gonçalves 32 минуты назад
wtf do u mean "it cancels gameplay" ? bruh, u just denied a frag,flash; HENCE changing the whole gameplay, and approach.
PBear 32 минуты назад
2:51 That is a hairstyle
generic generic
generic generic 33 минуты назад
After the absolutely amazing Halloween event this feels lazy and pointless. I hope Netflix gave you a lot of money.
TicklyManChild 35 минут назад
Netflix: *partners with rainbow six siege* Payday: am i a joke to you?
I_360_No_scoped_JFK 38 минут назад
ELITE SUPREMACY 39 минут назад
we could have had a working train? 😥😭
lonely 999
lonely 999 40 минут назад
I love how the trailer took the most work not the gamemode but the trailer
Daniel Andreini
Daniel Andreini 40 минут назад
ForceIsHappy 41 минуту назад
whens the release datew
PRESTON HD 43 минуты назад
Please let us buy the cosmetics with renown please cause that show is amazing and I’m not able to buy the cosmetics with r6 credits. PLEASE UBISOFT
xDAM0CLESx 556
xDAM0CLESx 556 44 минуты назад
God Kali is hot asf
T_N_T 50 минут назад
So is this an online free roam
Aleo Aninda
Aleo Aninda 50 минут назад
You had such a good opportunity to make a bank heist mode for this special event, and you missed it! Disappointing
PRESTON HD 50 минут назад
I like the fact that all this event costs real money and not renown thanks Ubisoft for a trash event. I would’ve really like the vigil outfit but I can’t get it.
Draconaforce2 50 минут назад
Sooooo where's the event?
Azmonarth 52 минуты назад
thats not even an event, its basically just a promotion for the outfits and they dont even look that good..
Efrain Moreno
Efrain Moreno 55 минут назад
Why do they make a game mod that u can only play it for a few days..
Error 404
Error 404 Час назад
Why tje new operators introduce new guns in the agents (except the new bolt action sniper)???
SykoNB Час назад
Bring Sam Fisher to seige and or solid snake. Those two are badass in a wetsuit lol
trevor kent
trevor kent Час назад
what she should have said with why she implemented them in the game is that "they are rainbow six operators the best at what they do, rather it be a s&d, rescue, or recon." why send in someone that has had less training are what ever. that's just my opinion tho i just think she could have played more on who they are in the r6 universe anyone get what im saying?
Lord Chanka
Lord Chanka Час назад
I'm sorry to say this but captain marvel seems more interesting than your characters I know you guys try and that's an insult since captain marvel isn't interesting I appreciate everything you do but these ops aren't as interesting as the last season ones or two seasons ago
Jose Munoz
Jose Munoz Час назад
Please dont make anymore reworks... Dont touch the old maps, hereford base still hurts now its so bad i get out of the map as soon as i see it coming... Just make them new maps... Not reworks
CommanderV Час назад
They love portraying blacks as aggressive. More stereotyping.🙄
Sparky 7536
Sparky 7536 Час назад
That is a bunch of horse gunk. Why make people pay for the “gold” edition of the game if you are not getting anything out of it? Its like paying 100$ more for a pack of paper that comes in a colorful plastic wrapping. The gold edition cost me 90$ and I now I need an extra 50$ to enjoy the content that should be included in the gold edition? Bunch of selfish and greedy pigs. This is not proper game development. Sorry for being harsh but this company deserves every drop of it.
Good Meemz FGT
Good Meemz FGT Час назад
kenyan operator with futuristic gadget but it is in the top 50 poorest countries int the world
Leeav 123
Leeav 123 Час назад
No one: Profesor: ¿que llevas puesto?
Patrick's Planet
Patrick's Planet Час назад
Yee yee
Ethan Eramo
Ethan Eramo Час назад
You know I like the effort you put in to the game but you also ruin the game with micro transactions and a battle I love the makers but hate Ubisoft
GeneraLolicon Час назад
glaz crying in a corner
Facu .C
Facu .C Час назад
RochRich Час назад
Jager’s cutscene with him talking about what an accomplishment it was for him to get an ADS as small as he made it, seems a bit silly now with all these high-tech gadgets.
farsh asif
farsh asif Час назад
4:14 😏
SpacyGuy Час назад
2:49 does that blonde girl have a beard?
goku Ssjgssj4
goku Ssjgssj4 Час назад
Make more events and add more fun game modes
kyle price
kyle price Час назад
A walking dead event would be cool
Supreme Burrito
Supreme Burrito Час назад
Literally my parents watched this movie/Series a couple days ago
BrodyAEvans Час назад
If fortnite can release updates for their pve so can you!
kyle price
kyle price Час назад
Ubisoft should've done a walking dead event
T Час назад
Ubisofts for honor team should collaborate with artists such as beri_ incorporate the contemporary and historical fusion of his original works and stick it in game. Imagine modern day streetwear fused with samurai, or a punk viking mash up, it could be stand alone DLC so it doesn't break the historical context. Which is all over the place anyway
Dominic Games
Dominic Games Час назад
when is the new season coming out
Thug Noah
Thug Noah Час назад
burnt f1ames
burnt f1ames Час назад
Why didn’t they name it turning tides- oh that’s why
Gamepocalypse Gaming
Gamepocalypse Gaming Час назад
Tfw you have to have an event so that people will play hostage
Bilguun Bek
Bilguun Bek Час назад
Wow you call this an EVENT???
Sgt Snoke Em
Sgt Snoke Em Час назад
As a long time RB6 fan (even have the original BOOK), where's that CAMPAIGN mode like you should've made? PATRIOTS!?!
Jäger Fox
Jäger Fox Час назад
Ok, when?
ismail salah
ismail salah Час назад
This event is just for business $$
NobleDankLord Час назад
Nerf jager.
Alertacobra 12
Alertacobra 12 Час назад
4:17 noice, focusing on the right thing Ubisoft, perfect amount of assets and texture quality, you can really see the curvature on that 3d model
San Kool
San Kool Час назад
Imagine warden as the professor
Sweettea_with _saltiness
Sweettea_with _saltiness Час назад
The making of shifting tides? How about fixing hit boxes
Celebrimbor Час назад
Koleth Час назад
Yeahhh..... there is nothing here basicly. New uniforms, cool. But lackluster and lazy "event".
Tony Ly
Tony Ly Час назад
5:24 What software is this?
{[radical_ ruffian]}
{[radical_ ruffian]} Час назад
Are their even skins for either of hibanas/vigils shotguns and secondaries? What a bad bundle.
Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor Час назад
But, why can't we grab money's? Worst bank heist...
LetterNumber 2 часа назад
Subtitles would have been nice
swatpolice911delta 2 часа назад
I can't believe Ubisoft is releasing a OP operator. Sure every operator has a few issues on release but Kali is DEFINITELY overpowered with her one downed shot rifle.
Cant Eat Pineapple
Cant Eat Pineapple 2 часа назад
red dot btw
NeuKaiser 2 часа назад
Don't like the fact they are PMCs. Feel like they would not blend well in a Counter-Terrorism Operation considering they work for money, not for a flag or nation.
Ad revenue 1
Ad revenue 1 2 часа назад
We need some cia ops
Landon Bingham
Landon Bingham 2 часа назад
Making of shifting tides “Snorts a line of crack”
RaPtorteAm 2 часа назад
PMC in a joint-international counter-terrorism unit? Sounds like Kevin Spacy is gonna come out with Atlas soon.
Caboose 2 часа назад
This event shouldn't exist and they just should've sold the bundles instead of this waste of time.
Narxuyl 2 часа назад
Please make Gamepad Support to the game
Kevin White
Kevin White 2 часа назад
The event isn’t good but hey it’s still something
Steven Truong
Steven Truong 2 часа назад
the show was SO GOOD
Yosuke 8-bit
Yosuke 8-bit 2 часа назад
1:11 what is that game time wtf
I love u No homo
I love u No homo 2 часа назад
No cap professor the fucken god
Simón 2 часа назад
TxquilaIsGud 2 часа назад
Loses 4-5 “She has outplayed the professor with his own trick”
Celty Sturluson
Celty Sturluson 2 часа назад
Make ha update in casual I want to choose the map I want to play favela v:
alejandro barerra
alejandro barerra 2 часа назад
alejandro barerra
alejandro barerra 2 часа назад
Atleast it comes with free weekend
aleyna y
aleyna y 2 часа назад
The idea of that was very exciting but irl everyone waiting it to be like other events like we can buy a thing while doing missions so this is why some people dont like it for my side
M T 2 часа назад
Literally the worst event
Fatherkamp 2 часа назад
Siege always have trash events. Best one they had was outbreak and that was pretty trash
antlerman 2 часа назад
Every player on either team should be either vigil or hibana. Would of made it a better event.
Killertroll 2 часа назад
So no packs we just need to buy them with money? Okay
Arturo Munoz
Arturo Munoz 2 часа назад
worst event on siege
Elan Lynn
Elan Lynn 2 часа назад
why the fk didnt u guys make a ocean rig platform map????!that will be perfect for this season!
Ralph X
Ralph X 2 часа назад
No unique alpha packs to earn No purchasing these skins with renown No bonus renown for the day Yeah I think I play casual instead
aero 2 часа назад
“Wake me up when Ubisoft gives us more weapons” *Sees a sniper rifle* “Wait a second..”
XSugarCookiesXx GamePlay
XSugarCookiesXx GamePlay 2 часа назад
Playing hostage wearing red jumpsuits and masks. Not impressed.
Ricardo SV
Ricardo SV 2 часа назад
2:45 Gamer Girl