black bear
black bear Час назад
Please don’t abandon this game ubisoft,make more expansions for it !
Muhammad Hamza
Muhammad Hamza 2 часа назад
Joseph seed and John seed they are the best villain
jonah Papalii
jonah Papalii 2 часа назад
Apex vibes??
TopTenTiTanFall 2 часа назад
This is such a good game
Juan rivera
Juan rivera 2 часа назад
Ubisoft hear me out pls give smokes to warden for rainbow six siege it will help warden out a lot
bot wesrr4
bot wesrr4 2 часа назад
RIP garage wars
Scorp YiO
Scorp YiO 3 часа назад
2020 and still better than the new AC titles
KingReynoso 3 часа назад
Only a matter of time lol But seriously, when's the next Splinter cell coming out?
see ya
see ya 3 часа назад
TODAY THIS HAPPENED 1 Thessalonians 5:3 [3]For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
Aaron Kraft
Aaron Kraft 3 часа назад
whats this songs called i need it man its too short for shazam...
Boy Gamer
Boy Gamer 3 часа назад
I'm nearly done with Ac2. Ac brotherhood is waiting for me
Scott Daniels
Scott Daniels 3 часа назад
Working on ops like rainbows with a team is waaaay out of character for Sam.
MATTY Ice 3 часа назад
Fortnite six Seige 😭
King1 Julian
King1 Julian 3 часа назад
Done with this game uninstalling it now good job on the damn game u suck
Immortal Playz
Immortal Playz 4 часа назад
Wish the graphics were really like that
Quad Slayer
Quad Slayer 4 часа назад
Its just like oasis
etihwtaerg Palmer
etihwtaerg Palmer 4 часа назад
I love it when characters actually look like their voice actors.
Me 4 часа назад
Even like 6 months later this is still awesome.
Brian Mwendwa
Brian Mwendwa 4 часа назад
Funny how even the devs are noobs in their own game😂
DLG GAMING 4 часа назад
Imagine Sam had a pistol with acog
Manuel Haas
Manuel Haas 4 часа назад
This Sam looks like the hobo Sam from the cancelled Splinter Cell Conviction Version
Nameless Dreamer
Nameless Dreamer 4 часа назад
Bring the old core combat system back
A.R 4 часа назад
Moto E6 Plus... Incompatível.
Braulio Gilberto De lo Santos
Braulio Gilberto De lo Santos 4 часа назад
Para mi Connor es el mejor asesino que han podido crear la gente de Ubisoft, excelente historia, actitud, destreza, mejores armas, entre muchas cosas más. hasta la melodía te hace sentir una mezcla de de adrenalina y nostalgia.
Mukya Pradipta
Mukya Pradipta 5 часов назад
Now bring kozak from future soldier in siege too..or maybe 30
Omkar Shinde
Omkar Shinde 5 часов назад
Who tf is this
Rayyan Fahim Dar
Rayyan Fahim Dar 5 часов назад
Plz add on phone like fortnite
Dana Alqaisy
Dana Alqaisy 5 часов назад
Love ❤️
Eric Jeske
Eric Jeske 5 часов назад
Out of all the Realms in this DLC which one is your favorite? A: Elysium B: Underworld C: Atlantis
Yildiz Karakus
Yildiz Karakus 5 часов назад
Muslim lives matter! Xinjiang(East Turkistan) Uigur Turks lives matter!
Sclerotics 5 часов назад
2 Years Ago Today 😪
Gabrielius 5 часов назад
Overpriced game.
Xprezzy HD
Xprezzy HD 5 часов назад
This is future☻
sløan 5 часов назад
There's literally no point buying this because every rainbow player will be using him
Jacob Rader
Jacob Rader 5 часов назад
Mw3 night vision sound lol
Caulin Whitewater
Caulin Whitewater 5 часов назад
If they made a game with Briggs as the main character i wouldn’t be mad. Let sam retiree if it means a new game just give me something. please.
Caulin Whitewater
Caulin Whitewater 6 часов назад
is this the guy from the ghost recon games? 🤔
Kirill Popov
Kirill Popov 6 часов назад
Насчёт короны, ребят, она реально лишняя.
MR T REVIEWS 6 часов назад
How do you do this on ps4 pleeaaassseee teeeellll me.
rehab bob init
rehab bob init 6 часов назад
Ubisoft for the love of god ban mnk on console the game is nearly unplayable for controller
K-TAB 6 часов назад
0:51 when you go on inspect element for the first time
Just Ekwah
Just Ekwah 6 часов назад
Does it have more or less Bugs when it comes out, than the other Ubisoft Titels
Just Ekwah
Just Ekwah 6 часов назад
RodMonk 6 часов назад
The hexfire needs a nerf too much ammo and damage and not enough recoil
FortuneR_Games 6 часов назад
Can I do this game on my channel
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway 6 часов назад
TeleFata 6 часов назад
Ezio's Family Theme plays distantly
Zampuus 6 часов назад
exotic_aqxa 6 часов назад
expl0sives4day5 7 часов назад
Imagine if you could grab characters with fisher and they say some voice lines from older games and say some new lines
rodrick700 7 часов назад
Anže Rabič
Anže Rabič 7 часов назад
Cosmetics in a first person game ? Again ? Lame
Carlos Javier Alivio
Carlos Javier Alivio 7 часов назад
Ace (the guy with the black mask) gives me arkham knight/red hood vibes
Yadvendra Singh
Yadvendra Singh 7 часов назад
I still remember clearing a unidad base with him with metal soundtrack
TeNoNOnE 7 часов назад
Damn this season went by real quick
We Alive and Living
We Alive and Living 7 часов назад
1st person? Nah
Y 3 3 Z Y
Y 3 3 Z Y 7 часов назад
we did it boys fortnite 2
KIULE 7 часов назад
Nurul Azizah Jackson
Nurul Azizah Jackson 7 часов назад
Bring ghost recon phantoms back please:""""(
NA NA 7 часов назад
When you see night vision goggles, only two people come to mind. Sam Fisher or the cloaker from payday. We are programmed this way.
The Shadow
The Shadow 8 часов назад
F... YEAH!!! But not hes voice 😥😥😥
Anton Williams
Anton Williams 8 часов назад
Mom: We Have Siege at Home Siege At Home: