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Philip Velazquez
Philip Velazquez 2 часа назад
Post apocalyptic survival 101.
KleMs 2 часа назад
Where the fuck is the mic stand ??????? ( still love you boys ;) , but bring back the mic stand that one stink ))
Falko Dahlke
Falko Dahlke 2 часа назад
Ich freue mich schon auf das neue Album von Korn 🤘😈🤘
Paulo André Reis Jr
Paulo André Reis Jr 3 часа назад
Isso costumava ser uma banda de Nu metal boa....
Joseph Decker
Joseph Decker 3 часа назад
Sounded real to me
ромашка 3 часа назад
heavy mad max vibes
METALBOY 3 часа назад
Cuando Tim Burton escucha metal :v
Barry AsILayDying McHugh
Barry AsILayDying McHugh 3 часа назад
Always be a Korn fan forever!!
Keifer Yurgaites
Keifer Yurgaites 3 часа назад
lol This song is a push for a mobile app...
beheadoth 4 часа назад
Where's HEAD?
TIIIMEYYYTTT 4 часа назад
Noah McL
Noah McL 5 часов назад
See the END is coming....and all the GREATS like KORN are getting in one more of their great songs
A fridge with 152 MM
A fridge with 152 MM 5 часов назад
it's fun to see an annihilator got ammo racked by a tier 5
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 5 часов назад
*Slipknot e KoЯn, as melhores bandas de Nu Metal de todos os tempos*
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 5 часов назад
My neighbor called the cops on me for playing this song too loud. She got arrested
CPPower10Gamer -Norsk Gaming
CPPower10Gamer -Norsk Gaming 5 часов назад
I became a big Korn fan when I was two years old... I searched Korn by mistake on RUchat on my mom’s MacBook and the video for Freak On A Leash and Blind came up. I asked my mom immediately to buy me a Korn T-Shirt... I love Korn and I always will till the day I die.
American Capitalist
American Capitalist 5 часов назад
Хотя я сам в танки гоняю но только на пк
American Capitalist
American Capitalist 5 часов назад
Я не понял это че korn уже и танки рекламирует
Амин Фарода
Амин Фарода 5 часов назад
Matthew Peter Graham
Matthew Peter Graham 5 часов назад
Now that's what I call a family! Through thick and thin. Probably blood brothers (BB) too
Steve O Rondinelli
Steve O Rondinelli 5 часов назад
Leah Gawlik
Leah Gawlik 6 часов назад
Great collaboration, love Corey Taylor's voice it is perfect with Jonathan Davis
Joseph Ely
Joseph Ely 6 часов назад
Powerful D1
Powerful D1 6 часов назад
who was the stop motion creator?
Arsenio Oro
Arsenio Oro 7 часов назад
I don't like producers that get involved in the process of the making of the songs. Cause they aren't musicians. How about you Let them do what they do and you press record when needed.
jaizer nadal
jaizer nadal 7 часов назад
MCA would be proud
Владислав Никифоров
Владислав Никифоров 8 часов назад
Заебись! 😎
SwiftKey Flow 887
SwiftKey Flow 887 9 часов назад
ну клип норм я с блица если чё
Semporna Mari
Semporna Mari 9 часов назад
Era 2000 epicomeback !!!
bas eksak
bas eksak 10 часов назад
Anarchy 10 часов назад
Kinda sad korn hasn't been any good for like idk... 20 years now lol. Basically everything since the old stuff has been garbage
SirenOfTheAbyss 11 часов назад
YES. 🖤🖤🖤
тимофей ковров
тимофей ковров 11 часов назад
Hell Korn forever!
Visual Amnesia
Visual Amnesia 11 часов назад
When you hit Play Store and see... ...the game is finally Free! ... Korn still relevant for the post 2020 wasteland \m/
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński 11 часов назад
Every fan of KoRn must comment this video: ruchat.info/show/video/zGeV1JhoaG9meqo.html
knightchallenger 2020
knightchallenger 2020 13 часов назад
" im lost but never found "
netslave 13 часов назад
not gunna lie, I pretended the bits with tanks wasn't there, then its still a korn song, unless I'm missing the bit in the song that relates to world of tanks?
ana chan
ana chan 13 часов назад
crowds nowadays are so dead, nothing can beat the 90s
kfe Zn
kfe Zn 14 часов назад
BLITZ tank's Bang bang bang G G 💥💥💥
Vaily Pyshkin
Vaily Pyshkin 14 часов назад
Худшая песня Korn за последние годы.
T’s Life
T’s Life 15 часов назад
Shows how much cash FTP games make. Bought the first album on CD ,now music has to advertise a game to sell. Love Korn but never liked the industry.
ana chan
ana chan 15 часов назад
"so i decided to love him forever" man i am crying she is so lovely i love that korn did this for her korn are the most amazing people in the world. That embrace at 5:21 i cant stop crying
Tim 15 часов назад
Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour
Audio JamesTV
Audio JamesTV 15 часов назад
Justen 16 часов назад
I would kill for you guy's 👑
Justen 16 часов назад
Korn will always rule in my book ☀️
Lujurius Tenebrio
Lujurius Tenebrio 16 часов назад
Nunca los vi caer
Swatychopsuey 16 часов назад
Check out my cover I did of this song on my channel !
Awoodward7899 18 часов назад
My Gawwwd...been fan since demo and this shixt.....this shixt rigghhttt here!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ángela María Jojoa Hurtado
Ángela María Jojoa Hurtado 18 часов назад
2 géneros poderosos juntos , la rompen
Jerick saw
Jerick saw 19 часов назад
Como quisiera volver a los 98, 99 había tanta pero tanta buena música sonando en todos lados. 😔
August Lane
August Lane 19 часов назад
My question is. Why not look away .since Jonathan Davis was featured on the actual song
Freddy Racer
Freddy Racer 19 часов назад
Keep doing what your doing, awsome !!!
Amy Mills-bouwman
Amy Mills-bouwman 20 часов назад
I’m finally free
Froilan Alegre
Froilan Alegre 20 часов назад
What you see is what you get 🔥
FEAR 21 час назад
I wanna play this song, while playing war thunder.
Luis Pereira
Luis Pereira 21 час назад
GOOOOOOOD THIS IS THE HEAVEN?OR IS THIS THE HELL WHERE I AMM¿?¿¿¿this music will be ever one of my favs
camilo ignacio suarez vejar
camilo ignacio suarez vejar 23 часа назад
No me convence
Ingwid X.
Ingwid X. 23 часа назад
NU-SHIT, killed me.
Denis M
Denis M 23 часа назад
I was listening In Utero and Korn (first lp) switching discs in my player... And what's going now?
hitryiy_ lis
hitryiy_ lis День назад
Зачетный смайлик :)
Organic Black
Organic Black День назад
Korn. Forever number one in my 🖤
brandon mosley
brandon mosley День назад
First video I've seen without his iconic mic stand! Hmm ** interesting **...
Laura Lisovich
Laura Lisovich День назад
Love these guys!
jota jota
jota jota День назад
johnny's voice has never let me down, it always sounds powerful <3
SÜBZĒRØ День назад
This is wat happens when two powerful genres meet together...#death_metal #dubstep
Nick lord
Nick lord День назад
Такое никчемное видео! Смысла ноль, и трек слабоват.
maria loulakaki
maria loulakaki День назад
damn covid-19 i had tickets for novarock...still crying
Rodrigo Marcelo
Rodrigo Marcelo День назад
jonny hull
jonny hull День назад
How can people dislike this
Nicholas Erasmus
Nicholas Erasmus День назад
KoRn - playing pop-metal since the early 2000s.
Irish Phillips
Irish Phillips День назад
Sucker Punch brought me here
Irish Phillips
Irish Phillips День назад
Been Korn fan since the 90 . They never get old
Jeff Herron
Jeff Herron День назад
Oh yea korn is one of my favorites been listening since they first came out damn I feel old lmao
pazuzul nu
pazuzul nu День назад
STUPID story and incredibly SHITTY CGI.. Korn, oh come on, guys! Don't give up. You can do better like the good old days
Awoodward7899 18 часов назад
Gax comments
Huntez День назад
WoT Blitz ♥️
Jessi Chishi
Jessi Chishi День назад
One of my profound absolutely daring king of hell
I Pul
I Pul День назад
Kurang enak bund lagunya
DuskWho День назад
Korn on the cob? I need a new job. Gonna try those mic skills, go to the dentist, get a new grill. 🤘