You Can't Stop Us | Nike

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You can't stop Megan Rapinoe, Serena Williams, or Lebron James.
Just as you can't stop Naomi Osaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Baker.
Because as athletes*, we are never alone. Sport unites us. Strengthens us. Keeps us pushing ahead. No matter what, we will always come back stronger, together.
You can't stop sport. Because you can't stop us.
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Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete* in the world. (* If you have a body, you are an athlete.)
Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sport innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.
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al tep
al tep 4 часа назад
Very bad video
Panzer 4 часа назад
Lmao the muslim woman transitioning to some bald lesbian really upset a lot of my religious friends 😂😂😂
Samuel Owen
Samuel Owen 4 часа назад
Nike has no shame. Trying to virtue signal while using slave labour to manufacture their products.
mohammed rahman
mohammed rahman 4 часа назад
This is stupidly disgusting. What Muslim women are oppressed and then they should take their burqas off because you don’t like it? I was about to buy some Nike’s now I’m not.
Muhammad Shamoon
Muhammad Shamoon 4 часа назад
Best to report this video evil individuals who made this stupid video.
Khalid Walid
Khalid Walid 4 часа назад
A Muslim Woman To Lgbt Preacher? Great! 👎👎
Gato Rin
Gato Rin 4 часа назад
RINOR DARDANI 5 часов назад
My sincere call is ''JUST DO IT'' ,hit their congregations with truck laden explosive (VBIED).
callmetito37 5 часов назад
abu ishaq
abu ishaq 5 часов назад
may Allah humiliate everyone at Nike
Logan Wheeler
Logan Wheeler 5 часов назад
The Like/dislike ratio does NOT match the comments section... Hmm do I smell something fishy?
Smart Rabbit
Smart Rabbit 5 часов назад
Whether you agree with the Muslim religion or not.its just disrespectful to intentionally have someone in hijab and into homosexual. Knowing its against their religion. Its like showing a vegan then saying "we'll fit in" by showing one eating meat. It just disrespectful
M.A. K
M.A. K 5 часов назад
I gave it a thumbs up just cause the video is really well done.
Connor Riggs
Connor Riggs 5 часов назад
Nike, you have children working in sweatshops in South Korea. You aren’t an “ally” to the people who you CLAIM to be helping right now. Late stage capitalism has given corporations the power of modern governments, it’s absurd.
Eli Egbert
Eli Egbert 6 часов назад
we need to make money. quick go worship liberalism
KING MOKHTAR 6 часов назад
You hate Islam and we all know. You make your plans and Allah makes his plans.allah is the best of planners
No More
No More 6 часов назад
Nike should show this ad in the middle east. I'm sure they'd love combining Islam with gay right
Shahed Ahmed
Shahed Ahmed 6 часов назад
#Boycott nike
Nabil Mahir
Nabil Mahir 6 часов назад
Nike, you have bluntly disrespected Islam.
Danteabad 6 часов назад
Even though nike acusations are severe and terrible... this spot is awesome. Kudos for those that got to edit this outstanding piece of ad.
A Bretonnian Man-at-Arms
A Bretonnian Man-at-Arms 6 часов назад
Like wtf, having that burka/lgbt person wasn't right. Thats like having a priest wearing rainbow vestments during mass, thats disrespectful as hell.
Sket On Ket
Sket On Ket 6 часов назад
Nice advert Shame it's by Nike.
Jason Cupp
Jason Cupp 6 часов назад
The world is a worse place with nike. I mean that with all my heart
Josef Abrahamsson
Josef Abrahamsson 6 часов назад
Please report this racist ad
Truth about Islam
Truth about Islam 5 часов назад
Where is the racism?
BlackAmex Vlogs
BlackAmex Vlogs 6 часов назад
0:28 what's that about???
city4um Blake
city4um Blake 6 часов назад
Wow, I can't believe how you just portray Islam as a 'negative' religion in this ad. So for those who don't know what I'm talking about, they showed a Muslim woman skateboarding in her Hijab and Niqab (what Muslim women choose to wear to hide their beauty) and it's obviously given the negative connotation, then it's converted into this person holding an LGBTQ flag! Can't Muslims live in peace and just wear what they want to?! or is it only for others? Not to mention how Nike uses child labour because that's another whole story!!
Hajdin K
Hajdin K 6 часов назад
Remove this ad please...this is putting the Muslims down and trying to change them who they are. ISLAM IS GREAT! not Nike.
joe momma
joe momma 7 часов назад
Covid 19 can stop it. And BLM.
Noren Bjaiji
Noren Bjaiji 7 часов назад
Islam is the true religion nike have u ever talked to any muslim because they would tell you they love the burka also you guys force people to work in your sweatshops but were the bad ones. Nike just stop
Roman Artemyev
Roman Artemyev 7 часов назад
Nice Liberal propaganda. Neither me nor ANY of my friends and family will EVER buy anything from them.
L. Messi
L. Messi 7 часов назад
all NIKE needs is change football uniform designer
forky trash
forky trash 7 часов назад
People shouldn't be racist anymore. When I saw a Muslim wearing a headscarf, I really saw that NikE is not racist.So beautİful
Benjamin Johnson
Benjamin Johnson 7 часов назад
Nike is trashhhhh
Mo Aatif
Mo Aatif 7 часов назад
0:25 What do you mean ,if you don't fit in this world then we will change this world?? Niqabis don't fit in this world??? Why a change in tone too
Mo Aatif
Mo Aatif 7 часов назад
Mo Aatif
Mo Aatif 7 часов назад
Don't mock a religion!!!
med id
med id 7 часов назад
Wait wtf 0:30 why are you so triggered with Islam
Truth about Islam
Truth about Islam 5 часов назад
cause islam is crazy
Amine el
Amine el 7 часов назад
Islam is my way , with ALLAH permission I will not change my way to fit in this dunia .
Rashid Fadhaye
Rashid Fadhaye 7 часов назад
I feel sorry for Nike, the arrogance!! putting Allah name on the shoes, what is next "claiming divinity"..
Kay 7 часов назад
You’ve lost many Muslim customers. Shame on you Nike!!!!!
Kay 5 часов назад
@Sam Barakallahu feekum akhi
Sam 6 часов назад
Kay Asalamualikum ! im not going to give a ruling but I’m sure the scholars will know what to do. As for now brother I would never wear them again, repent and hope to be forgiven as we didn’t know. I can’t give u advice but I can teach you something that will hopefully benefit The Prophet (sallalahu alayhi wa Salam) said: “Shirk among you is more subtle than the sound of the footsteps of an ant on a rock. Shall I not tell you of something which, if you do it, it will take that away from you, both minor and major forms of it. Say: Allaahumma inni a’oodhu bika an ushrika bika wa ana a’lam wastaghfiruka lima laa a’lam (O Allaah, I seek refuge with You from associating anything with You knowingly, and I seek Your forgiveness for that of which I am unaware).” Saheeh al-Jaami’, 2876. May Allah reunite the Muslims in Jannatul Firdows. ameen
Kay 6 часов назад
@Sam Yeah subhanallah. I have some of their items. Should I throw it away or give it to charity akhi? Its a kufr brand so giving it to charity may not be a good idea...
Sam 6 часов назад
Tbh they lost muslim customers the minute we found out that they named themselves after a false deity worshipped besides Allah (subhana wa ta’ala).
Kay 7 часов назад
Why use a niqabi for that transition???
Can Dehy
Can Dehy 7 часов назад
Remember me nike i just have now 200$ in my pocket, when I saw this ad that you disrespecting the muslims remember this "you will see me in the next 10 years taking over your markets" Inshallah Take this as a challenge💪
Abu hamzaa Bin Hasan
Abu hamzaa Bin Hasan 7 часов назад
Boykot NIKE
Afidudin 8 часов назад
I as a muslim, feel ashamed of nike. Will stop buying their products
Slave Of Allah
Slave Of Allah 5 часов назад
Stay strong brother. This company is filthy
Flag of Tawheed
Flag of Tawheed 8 часов назад
Boycotting NIKE as a Muslim....
Kay 7 часов назад
Vitalij Kulagin
Vitalij Kulagin 8 часов назад
Don't like at all. We are tired of this information. No motivation. Worse Nike ads
Eni prog
Eni prog 8 часов назад
Офигенский ролик👍👍👍
Iiiinj lileod
Iiiinj lileod 8 часов назад
Where the child workers at Nike 👀
Muhammad Shaharyar Siddiqui
Muhammad Shaharyar Siddiqui 8 часов назад
Remember, this is a company that makes shoes
Ibelieve Creation
Ibelieve Creation 8 часов назад
People who are commenting about child labour don't know the other side of the story. In many countries in South East Asia , there are families who lives in below poverty line, they don't have proper job, they don't have proper home to stay, they don't have proper education, the government isn't looking after homeless kids nor providing them with free education or hospitality for the homeless. In such cases, what you want these kids to do? Die of hunger? Or work for a factory which should provide them job to survive? Stop being dumb and apply some basic logic and brain behind such situations.
The Miraç
The Miraç 8 часов назад
i swear if we had the technology of today but the society of a hundred years ago, nike would make videos discriminating minorities, this isn't cause they support x group, its cause supporting x group earns them money, whether they use modern era slaverism labor or not
Roman Artemyev
Roman Artemyev 7 часов назад
100% agree
Alfred Stimoli
Alfred Stimoli 8 часов назад
At NIKE we run the sweatshops so you can virtue signal. Just Woke It.
Trending Videos
Trending Videos 8 часов назад
Where are positive comments?
Nadina Muslija
Nadina Muslija 9 часов назад
0: 31 This is a shame! I will never buy your product again! Never!
Maxmuud Cali Qooshane
Maxmuud Cali Qooshane 9 часов назад
Don’t let this distract you from the fact Nike uses slave labor.
Vats & Vats
Vats & Vats 9 часов назад
Thank You. Nike. You are Elite
mindbreaker robin
mindbreaker robin 9 часов назад
This is offending to a lot of muslim sisters. Its a horrible thing to do.
mk tm
mk tm 9 часов назад
Dure 9 часов назад
Truth about Islam
Truth about Islam 5 часов назад
muhammad had a gay living in his house and his companions were getting tempted by men's butt while prostrating
farid yusuf
farid yusuf 9 часов назад
Great job at portraying Muslim women as oppressed, and "not fit for sports" with the full-on scarf, in this ad. And highlighting how anti-LGBTQ Islam is! Thanks Nike
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