Xbox Series S Console Unboxing - The Smallest Xbox Ever

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Unboxing new Microsoft Xbox Series S next gen console. White gaming system with new controller. Up to 120 fps gameplay. 512GB SSD. Backwards compatibility. Xbox Series X unboxing coming later! Thanks to Microsoft for providing this free review sample for early unboxing.
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Please note: the price in euros is for Microsoft Store in Finland. Other european countries may have a different price for this console (probably slightly cheaper).
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TheRelaxingEnd Месяц назад
Excited for next gen?
Kisame Gamer
Kisame Gamer 4 дня назад
Abood Nasser
Abood Nasser 19 дней назад
I want this rather then the series s no CAP
Young Bartuś
Young Bartuś 23 дня назад
@Bennyboy7112 Słubice ten kanał
Devinisrealcool 28 дней назад
Hell yeah
Among us楽しい
Among us楽しい Месяц назад
Frosteye 10 часов назад
I wanted this so badly but got a Ps4
Matthew Pirkle
Matthew Pirkle 16 часов назад
Me setting mine up at 2am
Rony RL
Rony RL День назад
I love this video
Washim Akram
Washim Akram День назад
Is it too much to just type "Playstation"
《Cro》 День назад
I'm grabbing one of these with my PS5 next April, for sure!
Icy_cream 675
Icy_cream 675 День назад
Could u plz do oculus quest 2 and I’ll subscribe
Aleks Nowak
Aleks Nowak 2 дня назад
Gaystation is trash Xbox is king
TrippieTrev Tv
TrippieTrev Tv 2 дня назад
why is this man rubbing the box like he’s about to make love with it?
DoomKey Gaming
DoomKey Gaming 2 дня назад
5:01 lmao
Scarlet Parra
Scarlet Parra 3 дня назад
More like Asmr unboxing
LITHIUM YT 3 дня назад
Watch this video at 2x speed
Jamar Williams Jr
Jamar Williams Jr 4 дня назад
I’m a PlayStation fan but I think the Xbox control Ler is better
Noodle Train
Noodle Train 4 дня назад
Xbox series s for small, and Xbox series x for xtra power
Mist女 4 дня назад
Nooo doesnt it come with xbox live gold
Mclovin IT
Mclovin IT 4 дня назад
I thought the Stig from top gear started an unboxing channel
Frankie :D
Frankie :D 4 дня назад
I can't wait for the backwards compatibility :)
Aid-kit 5 дней назад
I think this is my favorite Xbox. I’m a Nintendo guy so the Switch and Wii are still my favorites overall
Okash 5 дней назад
Play station fans where u at?
Moiz Mohammed
Moiz Mohammed 6 дней назад
i am a ps fanboy but that console is cute!!!!
DreamZ 6 дней назад
6.66 subs..
HonkeyDoodleDonkey 6 дней назад
Looks like a Wii lmao
NGMF_Ope 6 дней назад
Boi if u dont1943
Boi if u dont1943 6 дней назад
When u cut the box it was soooooooooo satisfying
GamePromotion 6 дней назад
Rtx 3090 is bigger than xbox series s !!!
Make Money Guide
Make Money Guide 6 дней назад
This video is worth watching! More of this, please!
Asha Bhatt
Asha Bhatt 6 дней назад
He was Clearly Seducing The Xbox...
THEAA_SAVAGE 2 дня назад
César watel
César watel 7 дней назад
It cost only 299,9€
Sanahal nostrog
Sanahal nostrog 8 дней назад
Is there any include with game or without game
Claudio Ciucur
Claudio Ciucur 9 дней назад
is so very little this xbox
I.G. B.A.
I.G. B.A. 9 дней назад
Valdria la pena, si tuviese para discos 😐 Tendre que esperar a juntar pa la serie x 😞
Orlando Martínez
Orlando Martínez 9 дней назад
Por fin un comentario en español
lawipod 9 дней назад
I want one
Nicodemus Eann
Nicodemus Eann 9 дней назад
"Better than Iphone 12" Why iphone?hahahahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂
AT HIRSIZI 13 часов назад
Because it has an headphone jack
THEAA_SAVAGE 2 дня назад
At least xbox come with a charger and batteries
Fabianinio 9 дней назад
At first I wasn’t sure if I had pressed on the right video
KUCH BHiii 9 дней назад
This thing is 480p not even hd... fuck Xbox
Xboxresistance4 2
Xboxresistance4 2 9 дней назад
The controller is beautiful
BLACKBERRYBOY 1 9 дней назад
This nigga trying to do asmr with a xbox right now
Mao Mao Mario Advance 15
Mao Mao Mario Advance 15 9 дней назад
Xbox Series S console is here you done with gonna after save her.
Shaunak kulkarni
Shaunak kulkarni 9 дней назад
Image how big and cool gaming setup this guy will have
Elisha Holden
Elisha Holden 10 дней назад
Why do you rub everything
Daniel E Arnold Gaming
Daniel E Arnold Gaming 10 дней назад
512gb? Games today take up 100gb at most. Probably fit Cold War, Valhalla, and the new Halo game and all the space will be used up.
Michael Sativa
Michael Sativa 10 дней назад
Imagine the amount of silenced anger you would have if you kindly asked for the Series X and your mom gets you this for Christmas.
ExoticDryzle 10 дней назад
Who else got reminded of the invisible man movie??
Jan Bauke Spoelstra
Jan Bauke Spoelstra 10 дней назад
I do not like this one, i keep my good old one !
Junior Guevara
Junior Guevara 10 дней назад
But why can't xbox go with rechargeable controller too tho ?
Moh Shad
Moh Shad 10 дней назад
Can you gift me a gaming console
Der echte Berliner
Der echte Berliner 10 дней назад
Sara ss
Sara ss 11 дней назад
اكو عرب 😂
Jesse Flores
Jesse Flores 11 дней назад
Am I the only one that thinks that this is just the Xbox One S but smaller
otaku de um anime 2007
otaku de um anime 2007 11 дней назад
Lol here inn brazil the price is almost something like 950 dollars just because of the abusive taxes Edit: the series x*
otaku de um anime 2007
otaku de um anime 2007 11 дней назад
1:52 : its write in portuguese 😍 (i'm brazilian)
Doctor infinite
Doctor infinite 11 дней назад
I would love this console but the lack of a disk drive sends anger through my entire bidy
Sxlar Dripx
Sxlar Dripx 5 дней назад
Does it still run 120 fps like the other one?
James Howard
James Howard 11 дней назад
i need help
James Howard
James Howard 11 дней назад
my plug is different
LHermes23 11 дней назад
Ok the smallest Xbox is bigger than switch lol Edit: Nothing
JohnDoe 1
JohnDoe 1 9 дней назад
The switch has prehistoric mobile hardwares that's why it's tiny
Cec Jakes World
Cec Jakes World 12 дней назад
The original and Xbox series x are the biggest Xbox consoles And the smallest is the Xbox series s for sure
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia 12 дней назад
Honestly I don’t really think it’s about controller specs it’s more about like the graphics and frames and the Xbox is more powerful in graphics and frames though am I right?
Jawkoh 12 дней назад
for some odd reason watching your unboxing vid really is satisfying and amusing lmao :)
LJ 12 дней назад
The most satisfying part is when he wipes the piece of lit off the box.
Oscar Gam3r
Oscar Gam3r 12 дней назад
photos_702_ 702
photos_702_ 702 12 дней назад
I think it is great choise low price and small size
I’m Batman !
I’m Batman ! 12 дней назад
if it was in black and i did alot of Traveling this would of been perfect, black because blends in better, and if i travled alot then this would be so easy to take with me and connect to any tv
wail saadaoui
wail saadaoui 12 дней назад
Who wan t all of this ps4 ps5 xbox ... comment
AZXRO 13 дней назад
Am I the only one who feels like this guy is a serial killer.
Dazzlers Channel
Dazzlers Channel 13 дней назад
Wow I wonder how much this person earns now from RUchat given they just purchased a pair or white gloves and a good camera????
Armando C
Armando C 13 дней назад
Just bought this for a long business trip. This and the Switch I’m all set.
Daffa Putra
Daffa Putra 13 дней назад
Did you guys see that 1:00
PerFect UncNowN
PerFect UncNowN 13 дней назад
4:05 New music😀😀🤟🤟
Kucing Sangean021305
Kucing Sangean021305 13 дней назад
did series x controller work in series s??
BlockWorkYT 13 дней назад
Still playing on my ps3 brrrrrrr
Genesis Archer Rivera
Genesis Archer Rivera 13 дней назад
are those batteries rechargable???
BappoBonk 14 дней назад
Looks like the original wii tf
Fernando Henrique
Fernando Henrique 14 дней назад
Tu e gay man
Fernando Henrique
Fernando Henrique 14 дней назад
Kikikikikikikikik 😂😂😂
Govind Jadhav
Govind Jadhav 14 дней назад
When i see your videos on a normal speed, i feel like i'm watching a slow mo video. And when i turn it on to 2x speed, it feels normal to me. 😅.
Wait A Minute
Wait A Minute День назад
AyeItzFearzY 14 дней назад
Isn’t it 512gb or 1tb? What’s the price on 1tb? And also Xbox Series S owners, on a scale on 1-10 how much is it a bang for your bucks?
Diego Morales
Diego Morales 14 дней назад
Yes I am excited for next gen!
Unknown j.13
Unknown j.13 14 дней назад
satisfying 😍
Mr. Meme
Mr. Meme 14 дней назад
I just ordered it. I am so ready to play. Just wondering... does anyone have problems with it?
Mr. Meme
Mr. Meme 13 дней назад
@quaker47 Thx for replying😀 Hope they fix it...
quaker47 13 дней назад
menus get laggy sometimes but every other time its great
Skittz LT
Skittz LT 14 дней назад
Ive never been more disturbed watching a unboxing...
Reem ٩٩ kraft
Reem ٩٩ kraft 14 дней назад
خوش 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Riteshbabu Allam
Riteshbabu Allam 14 дней назад
The Xbox is so small ! I thought it's gonna be bigger than this !
mybluepickles 15 дней назад
I like xbox and all but why'd they still use batteries for controllers?
Bryan Gomez
Bryan Gomez 14 дней назад
GoatSavage 15 дней назад
Switch has entered the chat
SlavFries I guess
SlavFries I guess 15 дней назад
So now we got black fridge and white speaker (couldn’t imagine something else)
Shaun Standridge
Shaun Standridge 15 дней назад
and we got a wifi router from sony
Vy bz
Vy bz 15 дней назад
when you said it was slippery no it isn't it's your gloves
TxF_REE 15 дней назад
Omg satisfying this is amazing
Cameron Beverly
Cameron Beverly 15 дней назад
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 15 дней назад
I love how the box shows cover art for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, while the game is set to release at least in April of 2021
Schreck 14 дней назад
@Dio Brando ...what song?
Schreck 14 дней назад
@Dio Brando umm, are you okay...?
Lucas meza
Lucas meza 15 дней назад
that is sick 😀
ali aydın
ali aydın 15 дней назад
Tyler Thibodeaux
Tyler Thibodeaux 15 дней назад
I got a xbox series s from best buy
Super Dolphin broz
Super Dolphin broz 15 дней назад
I like the series s better
Mohamed Bah
Mohamed Bah 15 дней назад
Test it with games
EVERYTHINGFAN200 16 дней назад
Nice console, I'm Part Of The Nintendo Switch And PS5 Fandom but xbox is still great because xbox 360 was my first console before I upgraded to a PS4
DX 16 дней назад
XBOXTINI, The smallest console in the world-
Crystal Cuffee
Crystal Cuffee 16 дней назад
It dies so fast
Ibanez_372 16 дней назад
Xbox Series S: the Switch lite of the Microsoft world
Darth Maul
Darth Maul 15 дней назад
@Lil Potter 445 Switch Lite is good if you dont have friends or just want a simpler, cheaper console that runs Nintendo Switch software and are aware of its limitations.
Lil Potter 445
Lil Potter 445 16 дней назад
Yea but not as terrible as the switch lite
Maximum Bruko
Maximum Bruko 16 дней назад
Yesterday they changed the price to 600 dollars.
Eddy Mercado
Eddy Mercado 16 дней назад
No they didnt lol idk where u live but in usa its 300$
El Kenny
El Kenny 16 дней назад
Still remember when this guy did call duty zombie videos
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