Woke SJW CRINGE Compilation | Virtue Signaling Gone Hilariously Wrong PART 9

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Virtue signaling gone hilariously wrong during today's outrage. #SJW #CRINGE #SocialJusticeWarrior
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Michael Pearce
Michael Pearce 22 минуты назад
Fuck uniting and fuck healing. Let those dumb blue gums segregate themselves. Birds of a feather flock together. All I got to say about that is good riddance. Just don’t come around fucking with us. If you do you’ll be shot of fucking sight. Make war with us and we will annihilate them.
jtsct 4 часа назад
The biggest problem with this is, it's acceptable stupidity now.
Patrick Michael
Patrick Michael 6 часов назад
Hirono also said, “Me love you long time.”
Ann Martin
Ann Martin 12 часов назад
I think that we are part of a global scientific experiment 😳😂
Swift Currents
Swift Currents 13 часов назад
Wtf was that partially bald thing?
Cristinact 14 часов назад
I watched the part of the unshaven being twice just to look at the reaction on Tyler's face. Priceless!!
MrMacabre 17 часов назад
Mortal Kombat went transgender with the thumbnail.
ROBERT snyder
ROBERT snyder День назад
Please point out thatit was southern democrats that owned all the slaves and when the vote came up to free the slaves, not one,that's right,not one democrat voted to do so and that's history,suck iit up!
ROBERT snyder
ROBERT snyder День назад
Whoa! Wait a minute! Two votes for blacks???? I'm American Indian and I say weget four votes then just for thegenocide that was perpetrated on our peoples!
ROBERT snyder
ROBERT snyder День назад
Too bad you don't know anything about the "real" Lincoln. What he wanted to do with the black population at the end of the war for northern independence was to take all the black people in American and relocate them to Puerto Rico. He said the blacks coulld never get along with whites so this is how he was going to solve the problem
john Vincent
john Vincent День назад
you think these loonies thought this stuff up for themselves? ever seen one of them being interviewed? they couldn't tell you who's birthday we celebrate on the 25th of december. mass media hypes them and plays on their desperate, lonely need to be part of something no matter how ridiculous it is. useful idiots with political power in the shape of a vote they shouldn't have the right to cast
Alith ́Anar
Alith ́Anar День назад
I mean ...technically speaking. At 1:43 Can´t a White Person not just use both Sessions? White is still a color, so a white person can "identify" as a person of color, amr? Asking as a non american tho.
Brian Peters
Brian Peters День назад
Videos like this sicken my stomach
Robert Fullone
Robert Fullone День назад
There are quotes on the internet that indicate that Abraham Lincoln didn't consider black people equal...for the era he lived... that wouldn't surprise me.
derek flint
derek flint 2 дня назад
Beware toxic femininity and misandry. Instead of "women's studies " should be required to offer an equal amount of men's studies. Bigotry against men seems worse than against women .
J Olive
J Olive 2 дня назад
God Zeducation guy, you’re so white!! You’re the problem with this world 🌎!! This is definitely sarcasm people. I feel bad for white people!
J Olive
J Olive 2 дня назад
The fat lady was the funniest!!!😂😂😂😂
Carey Last name
Carey Last name 2 дня назад
Hell no, I don't want a beta male! That's an oxymoron - beta & male! Haha!! Give me a alpha male any day!!
Neal Freiermuth
Neal Freiermuth 2 дня назад
I have no words to enlighten you Ty, My apologies.
bob bob
bob bob 2 дня назад
the white house.the black house.
D Riley
D Riley 2 дня назад
I legit can't have any conversation now without everyone, everywhere becoming offended. Its so tiresome.
Mark Honerbaum
Mark Honerbaum 2 дня назад
What did they do to her hair,she'd be better off with a Mohawk, not that these things are going anywhere anyway,guys all over the world are embarrassed.
kelly jelly
kelly jelly 2 дня назад
You "Pitty" her! 🙃
Venus Luminaries Diina
Venus Luminaries Diina 3 дня назад
AM. I. *"SERIOUSLY. THE!. ONLY!. PERSON!." ... ... ... ... ... that would beat the EVERYLIVING SH!T "OUT" OF THIS "FAILURE OF HUMANKIND", FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT, "AND" *"RIP" her remaining hairs out, so she looks "BETTER" than she looks before???
Dalton Taylor
Dalton Taylor 3 дня назад
“Wyight men”..... ill repeat “wyight men” For the ones in the back “WYIGHT MEN”. Im sorry but if you are this bad at spelling, do not share your opinion because you cant spell a color which is taught in kindergarten 🙄. This is not even just for this person, this is legit in general
Hörp Dörb
Hörp Dörb 3 дня назад
SJW and other overprivileged terrorgroups are the reason America really really needs a big war to cleanse the genepool.
Melissa 2020
Melissa 2020 3 дня назад
An ally to fat people???? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ people need to get back to work. They all have entirely too much time on their hands lol and the lady with no bra on, and the stinky hairy pits and the weird hair, is not a representative of me. Go have a seat sis
steve ascension
steve ascension 4 дня назад
Sjw's will be clearly remembered in history as wacko's. SJW's must hate Darwin's evolution with a vengeance exceeding the religious rights view by a million per cent. I'm positive some of these SJW,s should not breed as they will cause definitive damage to the homo sapiens species.
Latifala Fufu
Latifala Fufu 4 дня назад
Many parts of America do not have clean drinking water.
hugem6 4 дня назад
The lady with the blue hair is being serious???
Ryder Rose
Ryder Rose 4 дня назад
I think that the definition of equality has changed. Instead of the previously oppressed group rising up to meet the current state of the previously benefited group, the previously benefited group is being lowered to the state that the previously oppressed group was at. In other words, society is moving backwards.
Artsificial 4 дня назад
Remember to take notes and never forgive or forget.
Mikhail Dukem
Mikhail Dukem 4 дня назад
That SJW woman with the shaved-head was so disturbing on many levels!
Scrapienza 4 дня назад
Lincoln literally fought a war against his own country to abolish slavery, and succeeded, but it's not enough for black people? The entire embodiment of his actions was making black lives matter
Carey Last name
Carey Last name 2 дня назад
Right!? And he was killed for doing it!
Baalaaxa 4 дня назад
This is why you don't waste your time by arguing with stupid people. First they drag you down to their level, and then they beat you with their experience.
David P.
David P. 4 дня назад
How do these people get so STUPID???
Noel Farris
Noel Farris 4 дня назад
9:10 I literally started drinking from my water bottle. Lol I almost choked
ANN YEATES 5 дней назад
Leftists don't have a sense of humor. They're not joking.
Doubleplus Ungoodthinkful
Doubleplus Ungoodthinkful 5 дней назад
Black votes should count twice? That would be down 90-95% from this last election, I think.
Eve Orthynius Nova
Eve Orthynius Nova 5 дней назад
when people become the very thing they fight
Maria DeLuca
Maria DeLuca 5 дней назад
There are NO words... SMH, SO I guess I'm a racist for having weight loss surgery back in 05 because I wanted to live pass the ago 50 and because very obese is "Good Thing" according to these insane girls WTF?!?! SMH like I said there ARE NO words...
Patate Example
Patate Example 5 дней назад
(5:39) tea is cultural appropriation cuz its Chinese and got popularized by British's and same goes with coffee except it was discovered by Arabs
Nik MacFarlane
Nik MacFarlane 5 дней назад
She put glue in her hair, don't judge. You bigots.
TexnJet 5 дней назад
The 1,000 people who disliked this is what scares me
J Taylor
J Taylor 5 дней назад
Im 6'2" 170 dont tell me about finding clothes. Its actually really hard. Shits always to big. Young people are naive, different from being stupid. Race is irrelevant to all these so called issues. Actions speak louder than words. What have you done for any of these so called suppressed people lately.
Gavin Kirk
Gavin Kirk 5 дней назад
In all honesty; these people are seriously bored, unproductive, drama driven, attention seeking and even bitter individuals.
Gavin Kirk
Gavin Kirk 5 дней назад
1st world problems
Big Bad Joe Grizzley
Big Bad Joe Grizzley 5 дней назад
When America is so great our citizens particularly left have to complain about petty issues that really have no effect on day to day life. Go deploy to a third world country and see if your transgender pronouns hold up.
Fredrick Zio
Fredrick Zio 5 дней назад
This is disgusting. If we were in India, China, Russia, these people would be crippled by govt! The fact that we have to accept this galling hatred from the left is disheartening. It’s frustrating, leaving people furious. It’s about to go down for these haters and I feel they will all regret it sooner or later! Bleeding heart liberalism should be outlawed. They’re fake and disrespectful to all black people.
Tony Wilson
Tony Wilson 5 дней назад
Timothy 2:12 I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over man. She must be silent - God
Thomas Dempsey
Thomas Dempsey 5 дней назад
The guy with the half shaved head looks like the clown from the movie it
Thomas Dempsey
Thomas Dempsey 5 дней назад
This makes it harder for people that actually have medical issues that cause weight gain i know 2 women that have thyroid problems and try as they might they try everything I see them walking everyday no matter how bad the weather is and they are 2 wonderful people
Reuben PARNELL 6 дней назад
Ah yes, Christmas, celebrating Jesus, a JEWISH man, is WHITE and RACIST. *sigh*
Danilo Castro
Danilo Castro 6 дней назад
Why, do you separate, whay? Smh, we don't do that in Europe, soo idk i dont understand this
Noah Animation Studio
Noah Animation Studio 6 дней назад
7:29 you just made a huge WHITE version of George Floyd bro
MrKenstar2 6 дней назад
You are awesome
Nae Nae
Nae Nae 6 дней назад
What's the best way to not be held accountable for your actions? Label anyone who tries as racist, oppressive, fascist, or bigoted.
Cornelious Stradivarius
Cornelious Stradivarius 6 дней назад
4:30 WTF was THAT THING!!!?
Blaugranian 6 дней назад
I was planning to move abroad for higher engineering degree, initially i was planning for US but after seeing all this madness i think i should opt for Europe!! Note : i am a brown guy
Nachoman Nate
Nachoman Nate 6 дней назад
What's next? MLK JR. didnt do enough either?
Jeff Nameis
Jeff Nameis 6 дней назад
What happened to all that money donated to starving kids in Africa lol we been donating since the 90s come on
Brandon William
Brandon William 6 дней назад
yes equilty is depriving old people , the people who need it the most, because of there race.
Jeff Nameis
Jeff Nameis 6 дней назад
The fat one had me dying. So dumb
Silke Eberle
Silke Eberle 6 дней назад
I am a real Woman. I feel ashamed that these emotional wrecks belong to my category. Have some self discipline, pull yourself together and get real because you are faking yourself out. Leave real Men out of your discussion, you don't even have a clue about being a real Woman.
Joshua Pietersen
Joshua Pietersen 6 дней назад
Hay zed what are you going to do about it
slashdragon 7 дней назад
This is what happens when life get to easy
Subzone 7 дней назад
these schools should be vandalized
Lisha Lou
Lisha Lou 7 дней назад
Your hair cut and armpit hair tells me eeevrything I need to know about you. Who ever knocks her up is going to be just as bad, or some poor drunk soul that could not see straight and was about to pass out. Either way it is a shame that blood line could continue.
J X 7 дней назад
"The good guy needs a bad guy to ease the pain of his own inadequacy. This is why his enemy will never perish, for if it did it would bring the good guy great internal pain Without a Cause to take his mind off of his own wretchedness he would be lost" -Anton Lavey, The Devil's Notebook
Jamie M
Jamie M 7 дней назад
Armpit hair girl just makes me sad. I feel like she has had a very sad childhood/ life.
Mason Lynch
Mason Lynch 8 дней назад
7:10 Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Christmas originate from a “Colored people”.
superpiginho 8 дней назад
The good thing about internet is that just anyone can let their voices be heard. The bad thing about internet is that just anyone can let their voices be heard.
Michael Lange
Michael Lange 8 дней назад
Phil May
Phil May 8 дней назад
Why are fat people so upset about being told they are fat? I mean, they obviously know they are, so we’re just pointing out the obvious. If they don’t like it......stop being fat! I don’t get upset when someone tells me that I’m tall and slim and white and old.
Anna Kelly
Anna Kelly 8 дней назад
I thought white was a COLOUR !!!!!
bill smith
bill smith 8 дней назад
Guess I better change my name.
Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri 8 дней назад
Dude...I love the channel...love your work. But this stuff makes my blood boil. I already see enough of it in my day-to-day.
John Kruzel
John Kruzel 8 дней назад
I hate when democrats call Republicans crazy dumb etc etc but then they got people who look like that on their side
Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing 8 дней назад
5:59 This lady should maybe research who gathered her ancestors and sold them as slaves to slave traders?
Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing 8 дней назад
The Klan is alive and well and in office they will have the ignorant hating each other before you know it. All will be segregated over 100 years of fighting for civil rights will be erased.
SK 23
SK 23 9 дней назад
The fat ally video really got me
Kevs woohoohoohoo
Kevs woohoohoohoo 9 дней назад
Instead of profiting of the anti white things happening help start a movement to fight back. We must defend ourselves
JPN 9 дней назад
Nooo no beta boys please😂🤣
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas 9 дней назад
I'm in Britain. USA you nearly pulled off a Utopia, but you gave power and influence to ingrates, and as always we are 5 years behind you and getting these banshees here soon. It is sick. Sad so many people lost their lives to let these morons destroy it all.
BucsTB12 9 дней назад
why is their white ppl in the color session??
drwhatson 9 дней назад
These freaks belong in a zoo. They have nothing but mild entertainment value to offer society.
J Wick
J Wick 9 дней назад
You cant fix crazy
Caeser Romero
Caeser Romero 9 дней назад
"Currently watching the Fresh Prince of Bell Air. Shocked at the lack of diversity. Hoping the Cosby Show will be better,"
Caeser Romero
Caeser Romero 9 дней назад
I'm going to only drink beer from now on. No more water. I don't want to 'uphold white supremacy'.... :)
garylizard 10 дней назад
At 1.26. We all know that segregation was abhorrent but I would have been more annoyed that I only got the bullshit tiny sink and that the socket was over on the white guys side and my shaver was was all stretched out and didn't reach my face
Tom Young
Tom Young 10 дней назад
I will no longer complain about dead people voting.Their is dead people among us with hairy pits.
Sara Donaldson
Sara Donaldson 10 дней назад
What the hell was that a Klingon wife
Joel Matos
Joel Matos 10 дней назад
The girl that said "funk the patriarchi" make me say "no, the patriarchi does not want you".
Larry Royovitz
Larry Royovitz 10 дней назад
Um...I think your armpits are NOT the problem here.
dave schmidt
dave schmidt 10 дней назад
your right I should shut up ps that was a joke
SkyWriter25 10 дней назад
I was gonna post but they made me shut up.
ach nix
ach nix 10 дней назад
Lol your take on the Army hair was so dumb... like the army will ever fight against china 🤦🏻‍♂️🤪
David Moomoo
David Moomoo 10 дней назад
How do I get one of those George Floyd dolls. I could have a lot of fun with it
hawkmoon419 10 дней назад
At 4:42 - I've been wondering what happened to Neelix since Star Trek Voyager went off the air...
Dave W
Dave W 10 дней назад
I really enjoyed your videos and have subscribed I like your take on things happening across the pond myself I am British and white I have been to America many times and love your country but I have to say that I am surprised at how f****d your country is I thought Britain was f***** but it’s no we’re near as bad as America . I’m at an age now where my past is longer than my future and to think that this generation not only in America but throughout the world is going to be responsible for the future of the planet is worrying. Thank you for the videos stay safe and keep well
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