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Memes that everyone can relate to
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Tsardine 15 часов назад
Everyone knows their own families footsteps
victor estigoy
victor estigoy День назад
Super hand eye coordination , working as a food service for a hospital with 500 patients everyday.
Mandaking Missi
Mandaking Missi 2 дня назад
mike 08
mike 08 2 дня назад
Im very good at removing tires, i am not a mechanic People think i steal tires,
Jose Escobedo
Jose Escobedo 3 дня назад
Lmao I like how it suspicious to run in high heels
Jose Escobedo
Jose Escobedo 3 дня назад
This is pretty every female sims in the sims 4
KaiserPengu 3 дня назад
Stormray 3 дня назад
Knowing someone’s behind the person like how do they know that 😂
Nightmare 3 дня назад
kalikid 3 дня назад
3:14 “This is how you tie a noose it’s practical for any use”
Noemi Balbuena
Noemi Balbuena 3 дня назад
The footsteps one is really common, it also depends on what shoes the person wears, are they barefoot or with socks. Not to mention some footsteps have weight to it. Its 3:30 am for me and I know my brother was the one who went to the bathroom because his footsteps have very little weight and he's barefoot.
synday 4 дня назад
I'm like first guy in this video, but the problem is memorising. once I've memorised I don't forget, but it's hard to memorise :(
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 5 дней назад
3:23 I’ve gotten so used to it that I can tell who is coming up or down the steps by the speed and loudness of them coming up or down the steps. Also,when I hear slow loud footsteps coming up at night I know it’s my dad coming upstairs to sleep in my parents bed, instead of on the couch (My dad falls asleep on the couch a lot when watching a show late)
Claire Sun
Claire Sun 5 дней назад
i have the weirdest memory, like if i saw a textbook page i could remember what side of the book it was on and a couple of random words (never the key words for some reason .-.) but never the real knowledge we needed to know-
wee nest
wee nest 5 дней назад
In Japan it's suspicious if you're too good at balisong, because teens use balisongs in crimes frequently.
Isaac Foley
Isaac Foley 5 дней назад
Im reasonably good at digging holes so that lead to sone suspicious looks and some interrogations
GooB !
GooB ! 5 дней назад
I can fake I laugh. am so good at it, its creepy, but useful
Quasi Moron
Quasi Moron 5 дней назад
Im a very calm guy so that gives me a few problems, one people think I'm apathetic (I can be at times tho so cant blame them), two they get worried that Im overly calm in a tense situation and probably the worst is the fact that people assume that I have my shit in order so much that they get weirded out when I actually show insecurity.
RIP Juice WRLD RIP X 5 дней назад
Kids of strict parents starter pack: -Silent walk -Identifying footsteps -Increased awareness -6th sense of knowing when SHTF -On the spot lying capabilities -On the spot escape and excuse tactics -Loophole detective -Increased prediction ability -Increased social awkwardness
RIP Juice WRLD RIP X 5 дней назад
Fr tho everyone thinks I’m a sociopath or something just because I stay calm. There was one time where I accidentally cut one of my fingers basically off while operating a table saw because of the kickback, and I said “ow”, turned the table saw off, and then calmly grabbed a rag, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and proceeded to disinfect it myself and then sew it back on temporarily until I could get into the ER (I had my ACT that day and couldn’t miss it). This was in high school and everybody was looking at me like I was either a badass or just crazy. Same thing happened when I accidentally caught my hands on fire, when my friend wrecked the car we were driving and broke his ankle, when we thought we were in an active shooter scenario but it ended up being a false alarm (cameraman had a VERY weird looking tripod) and I calmly ordered people around to get them out of the building quickly. Idk what it is but for some reason, I only ever panic for less than a second initially. As soon as that half second of panic washes over I immediately start to think completely logically. It’s handy
MusicAddictsAnonymous 6 дней назад
I subconsciously move very quietly and freak people out often, I’ve had to start announcing when i enter a room now
魂Richter 7 дней назад
When you reconize the lofi
Terrance Readus
Terrance Readus 7 дней назад
Being good at sniping in call duty Warzone
Vague Discomfort
Vague Discomfort 7 дней назад
Unintentionally memorizing people's habits to the point I can track them physically without seeing them
some kid
some kid 8 дней назад
Yo bruh I really damn tried to blend in with a group of kids in a game of hide n seek
Maverick Y.
Maverick Y. 9 дней назад
Being good at shoveling dirt or snow really well
bean 9 дней назад
7:13 I used to read VERY fast in 5th grade, and I would still get the right information for my work. But my group mates (I was in a book group thingy) told me to read slower and I found it super fricken annoying and I hated them, lol Edit:spelling
itz orbiess
itz orbiess 9 дней назад
I'm able to remember conversations from over 5 years ago.
JasonDragon 10 дней назад
Hiding bodies
Laine Stoopjr
Laine Stoopjr 10 дней назад
12:12 So she.. Got the school they both go to, the grade they most likely are both in, the name they easily can get from people.. Only thing she did was ask his hobbies?
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez 10 дней назад
1:43 I can do that to, I almost made my roommate slice her finger open the other day😂 7:29 I’m bad at math to but loooooooove reading People think it’s weird that I know how to connect with small children and animals. Their was this one ranch where this one horse was in a stable one my roommates told me “NO she will kick you!” I didn’t know what she was talking about,so I went into the stable gave her some alfalfa out of my palm and put the saddle on her and mounted her with ease. He told me “how did you that?!” I told him “she was just hungry and y’all didn’t need to be rough with her” one of the handlers told me “ever since her old owner died she didn’t let anyone touch her,your the first person that was able to mount her in almost two years” And for the kids...I can’t remember a good story but I am good at communicating with them
AlexPlayz 85
AlexPlayz 85 10 дней назад
Using knifes
One Million Zeros
One Million Zeros 10 дней назад
Eating a popsicle
Lee Felix's Egg
Lee Felix's Egg 11 дней назад
1:25 i know this all to well... To the point it angers my mother
ok_then _
ok_then _ 11 дней назад
6:42 hisoka??
M J Brown I I
M J Brown I I 11 дней назад
I’m 6ft tall and I walk silently unintentionally. I always have to make my presence known before I engage in conversation.
Hera Kahui
Hera Kahui 11 дней назад
It 𝗶𝘀 a good deal.
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 11 дней назад
Isn't a skill or anything but I'm really good at not eating for a long amount of time, one time I didn't eat for 2 days straight and when my friend asked if I'd eaten anything I said no, to which she pulled a concerned and frightened face- idk but something about the feeling when I'm hungry or starving makes me feel satisfied, happy in a way? Same with poking my arms with the tip of a knife, I'd always poke my arm to feel how sharp the knife was before making a meal. Obviously I'd clean the knife after if I was to use it.
Jessica Jayes
Jessica Jayes 11 дней назад
Being really good at certain games. After a while they think you are cheating. I tell them the method but it doesn't always work. After a while I give myself a handicap to even the field a bit.
DILLIGAF Dude 11 дней назад
Keeping calm in a crisis just means that person is able to control the adrenaline dump they receive when something unexpected happens. Its a wonderful skill to have that most first responders have or are taught. Mostly its just your brain saying "Ok. Time to survive."
Raccoon 11 дней назад
I used to play this online age where you could trade stuff and such. I have a horrid memory so by the end of each trade I usually forgot their username. One time I traded this girl and she was like "Hey I remember you!!!" I was confused. She told me we traded 7 months prior and literally named our exact trade. I went and checked my trade history and she was correct. Now, there's the really weird luck of ending up in the same server together twice and trading both times. But also how the fuck does she remember that?? According to her she remembers everyone she trades?? I was confused and creeped out.
gabriele quintana
gabriele quintana 11 дней назад
6:14 *stares in promised neverland*
Deku's broken Bones
Deku's broken Bones 12 дней назад
I have this wierd ability to manipulate people's emotions and pick pokets (i do this on the daily😈 not pick pocketing 💀) Example: i have pick pocketed to get things my sister takes from me like one time, my sister took my chain necklace i saw her put it in her purse and when she was walking i unzipped the bag quietly and took my chain back and when she noticed the chain was gone she looked at me knowing i can pick pockets really well and when she saw me with the chain i just said *"how do you think mom would feel if she knew you took MY chain that belongs to our DECEASED grandma you know she gave it to ME right🥺"* me knowing well what im doing on the inside:😏 (Dont worry i said "r.i.p."when i said my grandma's name)
Deku's broken Bones
Deku's broken Bones 11 дней назад
@gabriele quintana fr 🤚🏻💀
gabriele quintana
gabriele quintana 11 дней назад
deku's arms when they see muscular or the distraction robot. Guess i'll die
Jonathan Magalhães
Jonathan Magalhães 12 дней назад
11:25 ah yes, that's what I have
Erdi 12 дней назад
Drug dealing
Mateja Stoiljkovic
Mateja Stoiljkovic 12 дней назад
OK ngl I thought this video was a waste of time til I saw I had like 6 ish of these skills
Schniedelwutz 12 дней назад
Dude in the thumbnail look like Ted Cruz
Blake Ingram
Blake Ingram 13 дней назад
Being able to remember strings of numbers and letters, and the oddly specific details that people don't expect you to remember. With the strings of letters and numbers, it makes it easy to memorize phone numbers and addresses, but people get suspicious. Also, I do a lot of research into learning about vehicles, and being able to know what car you drive, down to year, make, model, and trim level, and asking if you were at this place at this time.
John Bucks
John Bucks 13 дней назад
I feel personally attacked by this video cause half of this I just do for fun
dragonhopb214 13 дней назад
going unnoticed on social media. I'm also pretty decent at telling when my mom's anxiety is getting worse.
D&D Owl
D&D Owl 13 дней назад
Multitasking. Not quite suspicious exactly but definitely becomes abnormal if you’re good at it
Super Noloo
Super Noloo 13 дней назад
Moving threw crowds quickly lost friends at concerts
MrSqueasil 13 дней назад
Did you know: People with a really good memory that can remember almost every event in their life or something like that most likely have Hyperthymesia, an ability/illness to be able to have a great memory of small things in life that are easy to forget
Shego _
Shego _ 13 дней назад
3:45 can confirm, a few years ago i saw my cousin had these pretty looking contacts and asked if i could try them. she said yes and proceeded to put one on successfully until she put on the second one and it started moving to the side/inner part on my eye socket. not wanting to freak her out even more than she already was, i stayed perfectly still and silent so she could *calmly* get it out. ended up being scolded cuz she was panicking even more at the sight of my lifeless still eyes for the longest 10 seconds ever in another case, my city fell victim to allot of bombs being shot midair to avoid hitting the ground and causing more damage or any damage for that matter. in response, it would cause a very loud and disturbing "boom" and i remember watching my aunts, mom, grandmas and many relatives jump or exclaim general fear meanwhile i would be sitting down eating ramen and watching youtube. somehow managed to freak them out even more than the loud "booms"
mls pro
mls pro 13 дней назад
I got 1, being so fluent and good at getting down video game controls and playing them that the other team thinks I'm hacking
guess acc
guess acc 13 дней назад
And the hand washing one mechanic forarms get grease on them pretty often so i wash to the elbow
guess acc
guess acc 13 дней назад
Im good at staying calm when its life and death but one time i noticed and burning smell saw a flickering light in my closet and assumed it was a fire so I walked to the extinguisher grabbed it and said mildly fire not loud enough for my dad to hear in my mom's like oh you're kidding right me who is already on my way back to extinguish it Cover 10ft my mom throws one of my favorite shirts over it to extinguish it that was one of my favorite shirts then I was pissed
guess acc
guess acc 13 дней назад
Ps i cant replace that shirt i earned for winning a racing championship
Rachel Wright
Rachel Wright 13 дней назад
Getting people comfortable telling me personal things. It's really useful for customer relations when you remember to ask about their new puppy or their kid who is taking dressage lessons when you talk to them again later.
Femboy Demon
Femboy Demon 13 дней назад
Changing my voice to almost any pitch, and being good at impressions to the point I freak my family out with them thinking I am someone else, also being able to sneak on my mom's phone to get her hotspot
DRAGON FYRES 14 дней назад
The walking silently thing tho, I've scared the shit out of atleast ten people in the halls.
drollest foot892
drollest foot892 14 дней назад
I do too many of these to be comfortable
Jester 14 дней назад
I freaked out an ex girlfriend of mine when a massive gang shootout happened right outside our apartment. I instinctively put her on the floor, handed her my phone and instructed her to go to the bathroom (the only room without windows) and call the police. I grabbed my flashlight and handgun and waited to see if an intruder would break through a window or door. I saw dark figures shooting at each other through the curtains of a window. When all was said and done, the police took our statements and my girlfriend looked at me and said, "How did you react so quickly and stay so calm?" I shrugged and said, "Military."
Angelina Adger
Angelina Adger 14 дней назад
2:20 i do this to my classmates and other people from the same grade i'm in when we're outside
Raven Bloodrose
Raven Bloodrose 14 дней назад
The walking silently thing is painfully accurate, I've gotten punched more than once just for walking behind someone...
Phoebeast 14 дней назад
2:24 yes ...wait I've watched this before
Phoebeast 14 дней назад
Burying a body.
Lol 14 дней назад
3:28 me too
GalaxyOfReeses KIng
GalaxyOfReeses KIng 14 дней назад
Playing Phantom Forces I've said enough
Big County
Big County 14 дней назад
I’m surprised more people don’t know about how easy some doors are to open with a credit card. Try it at home and if it seems a little to easy you might want a new lock system lol
Mate Amongus
Mate Amongus 14 дней назад
Counting by 2s to 16 in a second.
Rian Huizar
Rian Huizar 14 дней назад
From a personal experience, knife handling/dexterity and the ability to walk without making too much noise REALLY put people on edge.
Obliviously Ollie
Obliviously Ollie 15 дней назад
i can take a scene from my day to day life and envision it to the smallest detail in my head, but from another persons perspective it also works with other people guess it would be a bit creepy if i told someone i could see them 360 walk down the stairs
Doodle Bug
Doodle Bug 15 дней назад
Having an excessive knowlage of how to despose of a body without leaving evidence. My friends think I've done this before.
Voodoo 1 Viper
Voodoo 1 Viper 15 дней назад
Being so good at a game that you get called a hacker
Torana Dev
Torana Dev 15 дней назад
Completing card swipe first try. I was wrongfully ejected with that being the only reason. Now I just stand there for a while after swiping to seem less sus.
Dallas Coleman
Dallas Coleman 15 дней назад
48 laws of power
Ghost 15 дней назад
I once remembered a guy's name after going on a weeks long course with him, 6 years later I was able to recall a tonne of info about him and he was freaked the fuck out
Enderwolf 15 дней назад
11:22 I used to have a skill where I could listen to people type their passwords and then type it back perfectly Also memories in them for years
The Pegacorn
The Pegacorn 15 дней назад
2:44 THATS MY SISTER xD i used to think she always lied, now i know she's genuine, and when other people are like "idk that doesnt sound right" i just "nono, i know she sounds fake, *but she isnt*" xD
The Pegacorn
The Pegacorn 15 дней назад
Enderwolf 15 дней назад
1:34 I have around 50 people at school convinced I can teleport cuz I can walk completely silently
a 15 дней назад
3:17 People with strict parents know this
Terrie Adams Rokicka
Terrie Adams Rokicka 15 дней назад
I'll cut you a deal... I've already liked and subscribed...you keep making cool a** videos...Deal??
Drewbert Monoy
Drewbert Monoy 15 дней назад
I have this uncanny ability of reading movements and predicting actions based off of small details and behaviourism alone. It makes me a pretty good middle blocker in volleyball and a good sniper in gaming.
Angela Gong
Angela Gong 15 дней назад
Climb everything. A tree or the roof of these small garages. I only used to get a football which was stuck tho
Angela Gong
Angela Gong 15 дней назад
To simply just notice information and write it down . All my classmates are creeped out cause i know their birthday. They don´t know that I alredy started with their adresses.
Maximum Effort
Maximum Effort 15 дней назад
Being able to undress in .2 seconds
Anime Expert
Anime Expert 16 дней назад
The walking silently one is totally me I have scared people cause they didnt know I was behind them
Travis Paulsen
Travis Paulsen 16 дней назад
I have a natural talent for knowing every little detail of complete strangers like FBI profilers in the BAU
sswhaleshark 16 дней назад
The walking quietly thing, I have boots and heels and the loudest shoes on planet earth, but if you tell me to walk quietly, you won't think I'm moving anymore.I am also very, very good at lying, I do it everyday and nobody is ever suspicious, they almost always believe me.
Why am I here
Why am I here 16 дней назад
11:23 Most relatable for me at the moment. Story Time: I play the clarinet and in 6th&7th&8th grade I was the one person that memorizes their music by accident including the measure numbers. I was wanting to get glasses in 7th grade because I had developed far-sightedness, meaning without the correct prescription of glasses I wouldn't be able to do my work without assistance unless there is a small amount of text or read sheet music. My band directors wasn't able to see that I needed glasses because after being handed new music I would use twice the amount of energy than normal to "focus my lens" and read the music just fine. That was until one day I didn't show up for my 5,6, 7th class(Band) in the second semester(7th grade) when I finally admit to not being able to see well up close before going to band because my eyes were hurting badly after lunch, at that time I already knew that I didn't have any food allergies so I knew it wasn't that. The teacher that I asked if I could text or call my mother that day had a rule against cellphones so I was hoping I would just be told to go to the office to call my mother so that I could just wait there. I was unexpectedly allowed to do so since they had been noticing my difference in reading comprehension between when I read notes off of where they write them and type it to where it would be more of a summary of everything of whatever the lesson of the subject was over. I was dismissed and put as an excused absence because my mother told them that she had scheduled a eye doctor appointment the same day(I still don't understand how because I messaged her 15 minutes before she picked me up.) We then went home to drop off my backpack and laptop, after doing so she took me to the SET UP ON THE SPOT appointment where I was prescribed a pair of glasses which I would receive on an estimate that Friday. The next day(Thursday) I went to school and told my teachers that I would be getting glasses, so when I told the band directors they were surprised because I was apparently the best sight-reader in the band. I then told them that after class on the way home I would look into the sheet music with no plan to memorize it, they learned that day to not judge a determined to play student by their appearance. TLDR; I hid the fact that I was far sighted for more than 2 years and accidently became the best clarinet player in the band by unknowingly memorizing the music in FULL DETAIL, and ended up shacking the band directors with how well a self-taught(I taught myself more than half the curriculum for 6th grade in 2 months out of 5 months) can play when they have too much alone time.
Morgan Hood
Morgan Hood 16 дней назад
my mom's fiance does the walking silently thing and let me tell you i have definitely been scared a few times when i turn a corner and hes just there XD we have hardwood floors too, so you would expect at least a little but of sound but nope, he is just the quietest person to ever step foot in that house
Jadesword69 16 дней назад
it is considered illegal in some places to know how to properly tie a noose( 1 hint: 13 wraps)
Dank Doomer
Dank Doomer 16 дней назад
Being “sneaky” and I’m a good at lying, I don’t lie often other than when o really need to
likira111 16 дней назад
This explains why autistic people do weird social shit.
Mal Stott
Mal Stott 16 дней назад
I do the eavesdropping thing because I work in retail and I’m used to constantly listening to customers to see if they need help because a lot of people are afraid to ask for help but will talk to whoever they are in the store with about what they need help with.
CossacKING 16 дней назад
Profiling people. Everyone makes quick general assumptions about people based on the information they have on someone to judge how they should act around them right? Well i got really good at accurately profiling someone and getting them to like me with just a few questions. (didn't make me genuine friends, only short term fakes) I was quickly pegged as a manipulator by a few close-ish friends when I told them about it and proved it. Never telling anyone about it again, except for you guys.
Eljay Mhar Tabla
Eljay Mhar Tabla 16 дней назад
"Come here, (name here)" thats some Jedi force abilities there
Michael Woodard
Michael Woodard 16 дней назад
I gather lots of information on everyone for no reason just incase something bad happens, i once caught a guy lying about being in the bathroom because he put his belt on with the other hand in a hurry.
Flame Fierce
Flame Fierce 16 дней назад
My classmates somehow "accidentally" left the classroom key. My math teacher was complaining and all then someone suggested lock picking forgot how I got a piece of metal but hey. My math teacher took it and was just playing around without actually doing anything I took the metal piece back remembered the games I used to play and unlocked the lock pad. First time did it and wasn't last, teacher told me not to use that skill anywhere else unless emergency
Ferret King
Ferret King 16 дней назад
5:15 my dad can do the same thing! it doesn't freak me out since i can too, but he is able to mimic the sound P E R F E C T L Y.
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