Tailing Missions from the NPC's Perspective

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Joel Haver

2 месяца назад

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Spejydog 33 минуты назад
Quality content, repect +++
shadowwound 36 минут назад
This just might be my favorite thing on youtube. Its so amazingly done. Everything about it is funny and genius!
Robert 54 минуты назад
The animation, art style and dialogue give me old school [ adult swim ] vibes. 🔥
Khen Niñofranco
Khen Niñofranco Час назад
The guy is just lagging
meroku0010 Час назад
Hey is there an unpressed subscribe button over there? No? Must have been my imagination.
R1 Час назад
Volvo strong like bull
Iroquois Pliskin
Iroquois Pliskin 6 часов назад
Alleyway is Metal Gear Solid in a nutshell
Alex Coble
Alex Coble 7 часов назад
Man... I gotta stop hitting the jet
97684475 8 часов назад
I think this is my favorite one.
Beaut Plays
Beaut Plays 9 часов назад
I can't wait for more of these. Freaking genius
Leosdigitalgames 12 часов назад
So that’s what I look like damn
apple 12 часов назад
Pablo n Gustavo getting away after they robbed the bank I see.
Price Rowland
Price Rowland 12 часов назад
OJ Simpson was only in that high speed car chase because he was trying to get out of the 40 feet Radius of Suspicion.
Mike Noob
Mike Noob 16 часов назад
*"Who's there?"* Suspicion bar _____.... *Crouch* Suspicion bar _......... *"Musta been my imagination"* That's how it should had went
turtlerr r
turtlerr r 16 часов назад
Tony lazuno "*gasp* tony lazuno" "i never knew it was tony- *gets shot*
Brad Leon
Brad Leon 17 часов назад
So guys I'm about to comment abou-did you hear that? Must have been my imagination. Anyways I was commenting because this video reminds me- did you hear that? I thought I heard something. Anyways, this video reminds me of adult swi-what was that? I thought I heard something. Must have been my imagination.
Furn 17 часов назад
This has no business being this hilarious
Speed 17 часов назад
i wonder who runs the whole operation.
Gamingturtle 18 часов назад
omg this player sucks
Mr. Douchebag
Mr. Douchebag 18 часов назад
Must've been the wind.
BON3S McCOY 21 час назад
High quality stuff boys
Caden Campbell
Caden Campbell 22 часа назад
Love it.
ARB1452 22 часа назад
This animation is fucking great I love the way their mouths move
Green_ Gringo
Green_ Gringo 23 часа назад
Must've been rats...
Zealot RHINE
Zealot RHINE День назад
Must've been the wind
Noah George
Noah George День назад
More of these things I’d like them
GamerGirlBLU День назад
The fact that the voice actors can’t keep a straight face really ties it together 100% accurate
Race Burum
Race Burum День назад
I still wanna know what Tony Lazuto did
Mordekaiser День назад
Must've been the wind
Zeke Dono
Zeke Dono День назад
I'm not subscribe? Must be my imagination...
ManUNkind День назад
*”now that we are on a leisurely strole from the car to the casino, in full earshot of everyone, allow me to tell you the secretes”*
ManUNkind День назад
*”obeying all the traffic laws at a comfortable distance? We gotta get outa here!”*
Daniele Schiavoni
Daniele Schiavoni День назад
Wait, is that Tony Lazuto from Elder Cactus?
Mike Ya
Mike Ya День назад
Who’s footprints are these
Jurassicjack3 День назад
Must have been the wind
Ruler Breaker
Ruler Breaker День назад
0:28 why does that guy sound like the annoying orange and made the face of the annoying orange too
Captain Octonion
Captain Octonion День назад
Cyberpunk level of gameplay
Jesper Bengtsson
Jesper Bengtsson День назад
release this without the animation thingy, this probably looks funny as hell in real life.
Andreiz Banuelos
Andreiz Banuelos День назад
XD This is pricelss!
Website Commentator
Website Commentator День назад
Probably nothing of my concern *gets stealth killed*
nickstonehenge День назад
i like how the boss knows exactly how many things the guy following them hit
LVindahouse День назад
Deezie Meezie
Deezie Meezie День назад
Mr. H
Mr. H День назад
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye День назад
anesu hakata
anesu hakata 2 дня назад
must have been his imagination 👨‍🦯
Trelior 2 дня назад
I love how they just totally break character at the end
LaurenDeLune 2 дня назад
“Must have been the wind...”
Da_Pikmin_Coder 2 дня назад
0:42 "I will disclose to you- *the secrets* " I love how he says that with such prestige.
Coty Condry
Coty Condry 2 дня назад
Tony Lazuto says hello
A Z 2 дня назад
Splinter Cell 1 in a nutshell
Gavin Longshanks
Gavin Longshanks 2 дня назад
Every time any NPC is suspicious of me in any game i play, i yell out "Tony Lazzuto!?" It's been 3 months of this, i've yelled "TONY LAZZUTO!?" probably between 200 and 300 times... it is NOT getting old.
Camystic 2 дня назад
Potato God
Potato God 2 дня назад
"Must've been my dad." "Is it just me, or have rats been making more noise recently?" "That was odd." "I need glasses."
Jackie Chun
Jackie Chun 2 дня назад
Tony Lazuto says Hello.The Incomparable Saga of Tony Lazuto
Karish 2 дня назад
I love this animations.
Franek 2 дня назад
When girl looks at me: What was that? I swear I saw something, must have been my imagination
Stormcloak Shreds
Stormcloak Shreds 2 дня назад
"The whole operation is run by Toni Bamanaboni"
White Cat
White Cat 2 дня назад
gta tailling mission in nutshell
liweizhou1143 2 дня назад
"Must have been my imagination."
TableFruitSpecified 2 дня назад
If I was a guard: "I heard a noise." *turns around* *sees Player with dual RPGS* "I swear, I heard a noise.*
trash.videos 3 дня назад
i just discovered your channel and it's immediately become my favorite channel. Awesome content.. and SO MUCH!
Israel Empire
Israel Empire 3 дня назад
This video is hilarious
Harry Guidotti
Harry Guidotti 3 дня назад
Tony Lozuto?
funky monkey
funky monkey 3 дня назад
Y’all every played Judgement?
Boy Named Kelly
Boy Named Kelly 3 дня назад
I freaking subscribed.
Not An Alien
Not An Alien 3 дня назад
I swear I saw something. Must've been my imagination.
Cloud Flight
Cloud Flight 3 дня назад
OMG you got a new subscriber, please do more parodies on game mechanics haha
razen908 3 дня назад
they always start laughing at the end
Catastropheshe 3 дня назад
Must have been the wind!
Marcel 3 дня назад
Must’ve been the wind
Chris Topher
Chris Topher 3 дня назад
Couldn't hold it together at the end, huh? It's ok me either..
Mr R08o7
Mr R08o7 3 дня назад
Best laugh in a looong time, the end part got me good
mr Katlet
mr Katlet 3 дня назад
I love this
Merlin Quark
Merlin Quark 3 дня назад
sneak level - 100
fastsneakers 3 дня назад
dude adult swim should hire you
redstreepe MC
redstreepe MC 3 дня назад
when they are doing the script they didn't handle to not laugh at the guy squating at the dumpster lol.
The7Guy 4 дня назад
Tony Lazuto says hello 👉
Jim Phaldiahanwashcanzarquinfreinfreigfuk
Jim Phaldiahanwashcanzarquinfreinfreigfuk 4 дня назад
“Did you hear something? I thought I had just heard something. Must’ve been my imagination.”
WhoKnows? 4 дня назад
How do you make these with the filter?
SailingSaturn 4 дня назад
He has a video explaining it
RIPxBlackHawk 4 дня назад
This is one of the funniest skits
Ash 4 дня назад
i swear these could fit right in Adult Swim as little skits perfectly
BlueEngland 5 дней назад
"Must have been a bird" "I've gotta stop taking drugs" "Why did I kill that guy who was having a bath" "I should move to Africa to avoid the CIA"
PandaDrug 5 дней назад
Blighted Ashes
Blighted Ashes 5 дней назад
This is some 1970s lord of the rings animation and I love it.
Return3 5 дней назад
Bruh lol. Nice lol.
Anshuk A.
Anshuk A. 5 дней назад
Tony Lazuto says "hello"
Joseph 5 дней назад
Fuck I can barely breathe I haven't laughed that hard in years 🤣🤣🤣
AYoung Lad
AYoung Lad 5 дней назад
I was wondering how they were able to do that with a straight? Then they broke as soon as I thought that.
Daveybutter 5 дней назад
Adult Swim needs this
Fatal Dread
Fatal Dread 5 дней назад
Extremely accurate when you accidentally get to close so you jog away from the suspicion distance
Da_Pikmin_Coder 5 дней назад
Kinda reminds me of Spider-Man PS4. "So anyways Tombstone wants us to- Did you just hear something? I heard webs." "Oh shoot do you think it's Spider-Man? Let's look behind us. Nope. Not there." "Do you think we should try looking up? I mean we heard webs. Maybe he's web-swinging." "Are you kidding me? He's been web swinging all day, his arms are probably all tuckered out. There's no way." "That's true, I mean. Yeah, that's true. But he can also climb up walls. I think it's still worth looking up." "Dude, all the blood would be going to his head. If he's really on the walls or ceiling, he's probably passed out by now." "You're right. You're right. Well anyways, I just saw a web that came from above shoot that trash can. Made the trash can make noise." "Shoot we better go to that trash can. Seems suspicious."
Heropon John
Heropon John 5 дней назад
An Illusion?! What are you hiding?
Bill Taktikos
Bill Taktikos 5 дней назад
Must have been my imagination
Jason Brock
Jason Brock 5 дней назад
You just earned a subscriber.
Assasins creed in a nutshell
yuuuhhhh 5 дней назад
This man is Adult Swim bound, mark my words
Amneet The Delicious Sandwich
Amneet The Delicious Sandwich 5 дней назад
These guys never miss, the accuracy is through the roof.. every stealth segments in action game missions goes like this.
brendon6371 5 дней назад
SEBEN ELEBEN’S YARD 5 дней назад
"Man i shouldve eat that sandwich"
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