Power Rangers (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Truls Haugen)

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Original by Ron Wasserman
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4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

Fabio Monaca
Fabio Monaca Час назад
I cannot believe I did not find you earlier... I stumbled upon one of your covers by chance and man! Your performances are my new drug. I truly have not enough words to bestow the praise you deserve. I must say, when you and Truls are together, you reach a whole new level! I could not care less about Pokemon or Power Rangers as I was already too old for them, but I have watched both your covers a dozen times each. I already considered you a genius after watching House Of The Rising Sun, Africa, Sultans Of Swing, Thunderstruck and well... the other 100 or so I watched so far, but now I discovered Truls as well. He has one of those faces that are perfect for comedy. And he rocks as a singer and as a guitar player too! Carry On Wayward Son is a masterpiece. Please, please: more pieces together, I beg you!
Moho12 pro
Moho12 pro 17 часов назад
Asu weenakkk rek suarane
Rhonda Wileman
Rhonda Wileman 19 часов назад
Leo, my 7 year old lil boy is now a fan! He loves the Power Rangers! You made his day with this! All the best to you from central Pennsylvania! ✌🏻💙🙋🤘🏻
M 2 дня назад
asdf jkl;
asdf jkl; 2 дня назад
No no, you got the wrong one, the right one goes "They've got a power and a force like you've never seen before.."
Keith Hayward
Keith Hayward 2 дня назад
This is the Power Rangers Dino Charge song by Noam Kaniel...... not MMPR by Ron Wassserman. ;)
Jestir66 2 дня назад
PLEASE Steven Universe Theme Metal !!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
S. ROUX 2 дня назад
Great solos!
Brian Sarwer
Brian Sarwer 2 дня назад
I have to get some crocks
Endra Setiawan
Endra Setiawan 3 дня назад
can you please cover this Koil feat.The Rock - Kenyataan Dalam Dunia Fantasy
dinan comel
dinan comel 3 дня назад
Every thing is ok like this song 😆
David D
David D 3 дня назад
Oh all the cover artists who I didn't expect to let me down on this one... Sad... Still love you though.
Zulkarnain Kelovan
Zulkarnain Kelovan 3 дня назад
Im sory my love fmly im sick..sory take me
PretzelDude 4 дня назад
The Croc Thief as Marty Friedman cracked me the hell up.
Liz 6 дней назад
90's me was hoping for MMPR like a lot of other commenters. However, I'm not disappointed, I don't know which one this is from but totally good cover despite what I was hoping for.
P. S.
P. S. 6 дней назад
Leo and Co. Thank you for the PR Megaforce Cover. Plz can we get the MMPR Intro? Best Regards P. S.
Ledeas Oakenbough
Ledeas Oakenbough 7 дней назад
so.... the Red Ranger needs a Dancer's Belt.
NegligentReport Reloaded
NegligentReport Reloaded 7 дней назад
He should do a beetleborgs theme cover
Sixx Gunz
Sixx Gunz 7 дней назад
Love watching your videos, Leo! You always seem to have so much fun doing them! Keep Rock'n!
Dean guitarz
Dean guitarz 8 дней назад
IMO they named him Marty Friedman because the notes of the solo came from Tornado of Souls And Dread And Fugitive Mind..
Teddy Hatcher
Teddy Hatcher 8 дней назад
Which power rangers theme this on i forgot I’m almost 30 my word
residentCJ 9 дней назад
MORTAL KOMBAT cover please @Frog Leap Studios 😁👍🎸🎸🎸
David Windsor
David Windsor 9 дней назад
Metal guitarist: Show them to me now! Leo: The guitars are on the wall Metal guitarist: NO! Where are the wigs?!?!
Kraivette 9 дней назад
Ar Rahman
Ar Rahman 10 дней назад
Dalam banyak banyak lagu rock yang aku dengar,hanya lagu ini yang bikin aku tergiang-ngiang,by the way aku dari indo,salam kenal from Indonesian,aku fans baru kamu froq leap
阿補 10 дней назад
Mr. E Skull
Mr. E Skull 11 дней назад
Leo. Pleeeease. MMPR theme. Make my whole fuckin' decade.
MarshyJoeJack 12 дней назад
Please please do 80s cartoon covers. Thundercats Wheeled Warriors Silverhawks
Nicolas Torquet
Nicolas Torquet 13 дней назад
So fun!!!!
thelonewolf002 13 дней назад
I see what you did there crocs.. "subtle advetisement "
Beaux Guidry
Beaux Guidry 13 дней назад
The next version or movie if there is another of anything should be Power Rangers Hevay Metal. Bob Halford should be the bad guy.
❊Wheels❊ 14 дней назад
As a 90s baby. Power Rangers was my ISH. I was the white ranger WITH the shoulder blades for my 5th Halloween. I'm a girl. 😂💕
Cyanide Bass
Cyanide Bass 14 дней назад
Where went miighttyy morrphiinnnn' -_-'
Roberto Mario Basso
Roberto Mario Basso 15 дней назад
Mike Buell
Mike Buell 16 дней назад
Probably the best OG cover ever.... If only we could get Swat Katz, Street Sharks, or Thunder Cats theme songs going... wait for it!
kyo cyruz
kyo cyruz 16 дней назад
The edge of the soul please
Andre Hess
Andre Hess 16 дней назад
Never thought Hairmetal will come back ( without hair) LOL
Wong Tani
Wong Tani 17 дней назад
salam dari Indonesia, kalian bener-bener gila, luar biasa!!!
A R 17 дней назад
Need PR original cover
KNTL manis
KNTL manis 17 дней назад
Power ranger indonesia
Amirul Ridzirul
Amirul Ridzirul 18 дней назад
-Dont look back in anger- please 😁
Marko Järvinen
Marko Järvinen 18 дней назад
Patrick Mcgreevy
Patrick Mcgreevy 18 дней назад
Really owning that pink ranger uniform gj man
jason adams
jason adams 18 дней назад
i think this is the power rangers dyno charge intro song . you should change the title . amazing version though
Jay Bojorquez
Jay Bojorquez 19 дней назад
Yeah I can't get behind this one. Sounds nothing like the original one
Jin Yuichi
Jin Yuichi 18 дней назад
It does actually. It's based on the opening from Power rangers Dinocharge. Which is considered the best opening.
Сухарь 19 дней назад
Henry Parson Reyes
Henry Parson Reyes 19 дней назад
Si que la rebana a suave....
kreuzerkreuzer 20 дней назад
that solo holly molly
will PH
will PH 21 день назад
Deleted battle music scene of endgame..
Anthony West
Anthony West 21 день назад
Had a Judas Priest vibe to it
Valdi Siregar
Valdi Siregar 21 день назад
Other covers: MMPR Frog Leap Studios: PR Dino Charge
DABK 3D 21 день назад
But I LOVE YOUR JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank for vidéos
DABK 3D 21 день назад
yourare so tired^^
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 21 день назад
there are not only Leos metal covers i like, i like the videos too - just amazing ! - i am still waiting for more music together with mary spender...
Eli Fulps
Eli Fulps 22 дня назад
Not the original I was expecting!!! Not that this wasn’t ok, just not go go power Rangers I wanted!!! Gosh Leo I love you but this one let me down.
FrozenTunaDeluxe 22 дня назад
So is the new season going to be the Metal zRangers? I’d pay to see that as long as this is the song!!!!!
darwin Quintero
darwin Quintero 22 дня назад
deatpool en el traje del power ranger rojo
A Adama
A Adama 22 дня назад
Was hoping for MMPR but Dino Charge is cool too. There are so many to try.
Dennis Doppenberg
Dennis Doppenberg 23 дня назад
I liked the Marty Friedman part. Didn't saw that coming!
Carlos Faganello
Carlos Faganello 22 дня назад
that broke me
Alexander Wagner
Alexander Wagner 23 дня назад
Your covers are always great Leo but goddammit there's only one real Power Rangers song and it's the original MMPR theme! Best opening riff and solo to a TV show ever!
Gilang Steven
Gilang Steven 23 дня назад
Metal corona efect 😂😂
ExoFox 23 дня назад
Saw Power Rangers and thought MMPR. But still good.
Killereggman 24 дня назад
pokemon go!
AsessiHäy 24 дня назад
I want that suit! Where do you get them ?! :DD
toku3000 24 дня назад
Definitely wasn’t expecting the Power Rangers Dino Charge theme when I clicked on the video lol. Great job though I still do like that theme song hopefully the next one will be the Original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Coraly 24 дня назад
Please do a fleetwood Mac cover !!!
Forsaken 25 дней назад
Hey Leo just a thought what about Wynonas Big Brown Beaver ???
Keith Stevens
Keith Stevens 25 дней назад
Leo I freaking love everything you do but seriously WTF???? You will do a metal cover of WAP but not Mighty Morphin Power Rangers??? Please tell me it's in a cover soon to come
Charlie Mastin
Charlie Mastin 25 дней назад
Not the cover I was expecting/hoping for, but good none the less! Go Go Power Rangers, You Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!
amcreb 25 дней назад
hell yea!
Engineer D TV
Engineer D TV 25 дней назад
3:35 that's some morphin time!!!
Anthony Staffenhagen
Anthony Staffenhagen 26 дней назад
"You were expecting a cover of the Mighty Morphin' theme, but it was I, Di(n)o (Charge)!" I wish you said in the title that it was Dino Charge. I would've been much more motivated to watch it instead of being 11 days late. DC is one of my favorites.
Eric Lasalle
Eric Lasalle 26 дней назад
The show should use this version seriously
Eric Bussey
Eric Bussey 26 дней назад
Both of my sons were pumped that you did this even if the 6 year old questioned you wearing Mighty Morphin but doing the Dino Charge theme. He wanted me to ask you to do Life is a Highway though.
Niktofil Games
Niktofil Games 26 дней назад
У меня аж олдскул свело.
Shorty Smolak
Shorty Smolak 26 дней назад
Thank you for making my childhood tolerable again.
Luke HQ
Luke HQ 26 дней назад
Ryan Etherton
Ryan Etherton 26 дней назад
Would love to se Leo do a cover of every single power rangers theme song
Brian Nieves
Brian Nieves 26 дней назад
Same here, but hell they killed this one, this must of been a fun one for them
TetrisShark70 27 дней назад
Dino charge? Nice. Now do the rest of em
Michael Coffey
Michael Coffey 27 дней назад
Cool 😀
Artic Jay
Artic Jay 27 дней назад
I'm sort of disapointed it's not the MMPR one, But this was still pretty good
myodeth 92
myodeth 92 27 дней назад
where's Zordon🙃
Camilo Gómez
Camilo Gómez 27 дней назад
aww shit my hipe was so high bc the title jaja, it was good tho but i was expecting mighty morphing jasjajs LOL keep doing amazing covers leooo!!!
Daniel Sarquez
Daniel Sarquez 27 дней назад
Leo got the sort of red pinkish power ranger costume. LOL. FREAKING AWESOME cover
J. D. Montgomery
J. D. Montgomery 27 дней назад
Hazy Shade of Winter...
Andreas Buch
Andreas Buch 28 дней назад
Omg yes Thank you!
Mark Hyde
Mark Hyde 28 дней назад
Any future PR episodes MUST have this cover as its main title theme...... :)
gastly 28 дней назад
WTF. Not that Power Rangers man xD
IronLionZion 777
IronLionZion 777 28 дней назад
Truls lost weight. Just wished Leo could have found it
IronLionZion 777
IronLionZion 777 28 дней назад
You're right, folks blindly wearing mask look like they think they're a power ranger
Sir Q Morris
Sir Q Morris 28 дней назад
Would be awesome if you did a cover on Beyblade intro! It's such a banger!
john Dingo-Fox
john Dingo-Fox 28 дней назад
this isnt bad at all can you do dinothunder next please
cak Fat
cak Fat 28 дней назад
Ndak bisa bahasa Inggris..😭 Tapi Mantap bang👍👍👍👍👍...
Atrox Poolday
Atrox Poolday 28 дней назад
The Rattle RKO
The Rattle RKO 28 дней назад
Power Ranger Dino Thunder, And The Leader Leo
MDT 28 дней назад
Алексей Я-н
Алексей Я-н 28 дней назад
truls truly cool! and funny)
DEERHUNTERCOPE 29 дней назад
Wrong song... my child hood cry’s. NO MMPR....
L R 29 дней назад
Man truls is pretty good actually
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