Melanie Martinez - The Bakery [Official Music Video]

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melanie martinez

2 месяца назад

After School EP Out Now:
Directed by Melanie Martinez
Executive Producer: Wes Teshome
Production Company: Summercamp (
Post-Production Company: Frame 48 (
Executive Producers: Seth Josephson & Katrina Kudlick
Executive Producers: Julian Conner & Tom Teller
Starring: Melanie Martinez & Jacqueline Molina
Production Manager: Mariah Morgenstern
Director of Photography: Tehillah De Castro
Production Designer: Kendra Bradanini
Costume Designer: Melanie Martinez
Hair Stylist: William Blair
Makeup: David Velasquez
Choreography by: Melanie Martinez
Choreography consulting: Brian Friedman
Cake Sword Creation and Boat Design: Scott Hove ( Visual Effects Supervisor: Jordan Allen
Editor: Joe Calardo
Director of Digital Production: Enrique De la Garza
Lead Compositor: Philip Ballard
Compositors: Lenny Solis, Chad Beuhler, Artur Elison, Anthony Barcelo, Stephen Gall
Modelers: Mariano Ruiz, Juan Fer Bravo
Sound Design: Gerry Vazquez
Color: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
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Milagros Arosemena
Milagros Arosemena 48 минут назад
Yo are so beautiful!!!!😍
Kxrrin 54 минуты назад
She looks like an imvu character in this 😂💗
Rhianne Ezri
Rhianne Ezri Час назад
How did it take me this long to notice the BLM and Defund the Police signs in the beginning ???? 💕💕
darshiit 26 минут назад
nevermind found it- a queen
darshiit 26 минут назад
wait where? :o
Courtney Jacobson
Courtney Jacobson Час назад
Your so beautiful ily💖
Peachii Cream :]
Peachii Cream :] Час назад
The way she dances though 🤭 *it’s amazing*
•エリ•Eri Час назад
Those heels How do you walk in those
Betty Boyce
Betty Boyce Час назад
OK can we talk about her heels I would die in a millisecond wearing those
Nicoly Avelino
Nicoly Avelino 2 часа назад
Yes her clothes are really showy here but for some reason I find it surprisingly accurate, I mean, it kind matches the atmosphere of the clip for some reason, I can't imagina how it would look if she was dresses all doll like. Also, she isn't fat at all I find thick actually
Jorge Emilio Ruiz Camacho
Jorge Emilio Ruiz Camacho 2 часа назад
Melanie Martínez i really loved your music and the album AFTER SCHOOL
•PeachyMoqa• 2 часа назад
This is literally the best thing I have ever seen!!💓😭✨❤️🥺 I love how she is so confident to show her body 😭😭😭💓💓✨✨❤️🥺❤️✨
robert yepez
robert yepez 2 часа назад
Who’s here after she said she’s the bunny
Jinxxy 2 часа назад
How is she doing all that in /those/ heels??? Also how does those hearts stick to her???
Glorified Person
Glorified Person 3 часа назад
how can she be so terrifying and alluring at the same time
msbraindamage 3 часа назад
I love her too much.
Denise Sampson
Denise Sampson 3 часа назад
as the start when they're going in the bakery it looks like the WAP intro.
Luna Rose
Luna Rose 3 часа назад
Are those hearts glued or stapled
mimi chan
mimi chan 3 часа назад
GUYS SHE WAS LITERALLY DANCING IN LIKE 16 INCH HEELS THE T A L E N T AND G R A C E!!!!!!! she never fails to amaze me!!
DantyDigger 3 часа назад
I'm a girl, but damn. she's beautiful. great dancer
me. 3 часа назад
Ok I love Melanie...but who eats a cookie with a fork and knife...?
swers phrinfn
swers phrinfn 4 часа назад
The Bakery: Wow so much body *Strawberry Shortcake* entered the chat
mel’s box
mel’s box 4 часа назад
*Melanie would be the only person who can make a horror film with cute at the same time.*
Purple_ Glitch
Purple_ Glitch 4 часа назад
How does she do anything in those shoes
jg0626 4 часа назад
*"Top 10 best songs to play at your local church."*
waityall 4 часа назад
Melanie killed this bruh like she looks so amazing
Angel kim
Angel kim 4 часа назад
I would break my ankle if I wore those sandals
Sapphire 4 часа назад
mel is body goals
MARK ROBLOX •_• 4 часа назад
The grandma:slices mel Me:omg
Edixon Méndez
Edixon Méndez 5 часов назад
Arikikami 5 часов назад
lol if she looks pregnant the people that said this must have triplets, honestly wtf is wrong with anyone who said that, her body is fecking perfect and so is she. If you so claim to want to stop the problem don't be the problem. Ya'll hiding behind a screen on your safety judging people not thinking that words hurt more than actions, but when they do it to you it's not ok. This is a public song sure, but I am sure you judge people that are minding their own business as well, inside your head cause you don't have the balls to say it.
Nobody ImJustHere
Nobody ImJustHere 5 часов назад
What I wanna know is how the hell is she dancing in those boots!!!
J R 5 часов назад
•Strawberry Kisses•
•Strawberry Kisses• 5 часов назад
My lesbian self couldn’t handle it
{ Ellie Nightcore}
{ Ellie Nightcore} 6 часов назад
Sean Olin
Sean Olin 6 часов назад
Yani Boo
Yani Boo 2 часа назад
She’s an adult...that’s pretty obvious.
Ari Blox
Ari Blox 4 часа назад
shes 26, not 12.
ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ 5 часов назад
yujus sanity
yujus sanity 6 часов назад
She 25 fad
Chloe Griffin
Chloe Griffin 6 часов назад
This is brilliant the bit where she’s baked in the oven tho ! I just love Melanie 🤣👏🏻
Mya Ray
Mya Ray 6 часов назад
people in the comments acting like they ain't never seen skin before😒
Chucky 7 часов назад
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꧁ɴᴏ̂ɪʟ-ᴋᴜ̂ɴ꧂ 5 часов назад
no ablo taka taka u^u
Jornal do adopt me
Jornal do adopt me 5 часов назад
Amei a 5 regra KAKAKAKA entraria mais meu celular não suporta mais grupos
Emanuela Agapito Costa
Emanuela Agapito Costa 7 часов назад
Nicole Cate
Nicole Cate 7 часов назад
Melanie: just being her and looking like this perfect My sexuality: GAY GAY VERY GAY
Francis Franco
Francis Franco 7 часов назад
There is this app called celebs and it tells who u look like and I look like Melanie
rosquinha flamingo Ty
rosquinha flamingo Ty 7 часов назад
Alexis Spark
Alexis Spark 7 часов назад
Who be eating a biscuit like that tho?
Dahlia Rose
Dahlia Rose 7 часов назад
when they said the food gets hot in the oven, i didnt expect it to get this hot
Jasmine Cotto
Jasmine Cotto 8 часов назад
Fun fact: Melanie is the bunny 🐰 she just said it on IG live. Well that makes the video more enjoyable doesn’t it.
Andrea Beatriz
Andrea Beatriz 8 часов назад
you dont understand, IM OBSSESD
bella_ demon
bella_ demon 8 часов назад
can we just admire her dancing in those long ass heels. tbh, I would break my neck😭👠
Raylynn ying xoxo Acevedo
Raylynn ying xoxo Acevedo 8 часов назад
If you want a cookie like this commet 🍪🍪
Lazari Swann
Lazari Swann 8 часов назад
Ok is it only me or is the slaying in that outfit-
Sandra Sandoval
Sandra Sandoval 9 часов назад
Those hips tho get it girl
Lautaro Ruiz
Lautaro Ruiz 9 часов назад
we're going to 25 million🍰✨
toxiep 9 часов назад
those two
kaylah more
kaylah more 9 часов назад
You should do a song with billie elish shes a big fan of you 💕
Luna Mugetsu
Luna Mugetsu 9 часов назад
How does she walk in those heels? Let alone dance
ophelia's Pets
ophelia's Pets 9 часов назад
guys stop saying she broke her body positivity, shes not sucking in her stomach she has tattoos, shes just proving she beautiful without being paper thin
Laran gl9033940
Laran gl9033940 10 часов назад
she looks 78
Ari Blox
Ari Blox 4 часа назад
Amy C
Amy C 8 часов назад
Just no sis
Quaking Roach
Quaking Roach 9 часов назад
Laran gl9033940
Laran gl9033940 10 часов назад
Yani Boo
Yani Boo 2 часа назад
...And you commented this why? Are you trying to prove something?
Ari Blox
Ari Blox 4 часа назад
boo you
ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ 9 часов назад
alix 10 часов назад
Neva Root
Neva Root 10 часов назад
At 1:40 she changed shoes. I think I've watched the video enough now 😂😂
Tyrone Tarango
Tyrone Tarango 11 часов назад
Dang when i crack eggs im making sure if Melanie is in there!!!
ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ 10 часов назад
Tyrone Tarango
Tyrone Tarango 11 часов назад
How come when i make eggs or when i crack an egg Melanie never came out?
Andrea Abigail Benitez Hernandez
Andrea Abigail Benitez Hernandez 11 часов назад
I hear this 1 millon of times i like it the bakery i love it♥️😍🤩🤭💗😝💖💫🌠
Bel Gameplays De Roblox
Bel Gameplays De Roblox 11 часов назад
i liked more 2019 melanie martinez like k12 one
Jim Kiparidis
Jim Kiparidis 11 часов назад
i love her omfg
Henrique PM
Henrique PM 11 часов назад
Que mulher :))))
Nia Bowens
Nia Bowens 11 часов назад
She's my fav singer
ღ ᴘɪꜱᴄᴇꜱ ᴍᴏᴏɴ ღ
ღ ᴘɪꜱᴄᴇꜱ ᴍᴏᴏɴ ღ 11 часов назад
This is art💜💖🍰
Bunny Bro
Bunny Bro 11 часов назад
So this is what happens when I leave autoplay on for four hours Can't even remember why I opened RUchat to begin with
Yani Boo
Yani Boo 2 часа назад
...Then don’t do it...
Ari Blox
Ari Blox 4 часа назад
cant remember why you left this comment, maybe because you like normie music?
Dylan González
Dylan González 8 часов назад
Did you like the song?
ღOnii_u3uღ 11 часов назад
Me da mucha curiosidad Y terror Los videos De melanie xdxd 🌚🔪
Diego Vieira
Diego Vieira 11 часов назад
Isabella Rosalez
Isabella Rosalez 11 часов назад
I love how ur showing ur body mealanie
Martinez Side
Martinez Side 12 часов назад
Jayda Perkins
Jayda Perkins 12 часов назад
you posted this on my birthday OMG
Kayden Paul
Kayden Paul 12 часов назад
Oliver watching this like .... Oliver: oooh that body
nicole 90s
nicole 90s 12 часов назад
fatratappreciate hehe
fatratappreciate hehe 12 часов назад
who eats ginger bread with forks grandma what are u doing
ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ 13 часов назад
Please be aware that Melanie is neither fat nor has any disease, stop saying shit about her body that she is perfect as she is, it surprises me that in this decade there are still people with the thought that if you are not anorexic then you are obese or you have disease, stop to talk shit about other people's bodies. (I say this because I have seen several comments that literally say at the end that she is fat)
santiago 13 часов назад
Abro hilo de cuando me rompi mi brazo Pues yo como tengo un papa con discapacidad lo llevamos al dif y yo hay todo tranquilo y pues veo un pasamanos y digo me voy a subir al pasamanos y me subo y como soy pendejo me cai voy a el doctor y me dejaron internado fin xd
Rebecca Imevbore
Rebecca Imevbore 13 часов назад
This song is soo good
litiux Castro
litiux Castro 13 часов назад
Its good thats she has body confidence and she gave us this song right know while 2020 is burning outside YOU GO QUEEN LOVE YOU
Mollie Miller
Mollie Miller 13 часов назад
Nao ღ
Nao ღ 13 часов назад
To everyone getting mad at her for showing skin, she is showing a non-photoshopped body. Which props to her for that! That's incredible! Plus, imagine how much confidence she had to have to show the amount of skin she did. So everyone, leave the queen alone. She's beautiful the way she is.
Suxxiebloomz 13 часов назад
She is so beautiful :D
leonard Reyes
leonard Reyes 13 часов назад
realize that melanie in this video has 24,508,623 views and only has 11.9 million subscribers :,(
leonard Reyes
leonard Reyes 4 часа назад
@Ari Blox Well, what I have to say is that I don't speak that much English, but at least I can speak it and you are absolutely right. As long as melanie has fun making the music and the video everything will be fine :)
Ari Blox
Ari Blox 4 часа назад
because the other half of the people hated this video for some reason
harper otaku
harper otaku 13 часов назад
People talking about her body and her fashion or whatever while I’m here still wondering who the fuck eats a cookie like that
MinToonMin 14 часов назад
im disgusted
Yani Boo
Yani Boo 2 часа назад
Why? Are you jealous?
Ari Blox
Ari Blox 4 часа назад
you disgust me
The bubblegum under your desk
The bubblegum under your desk 9 часов назад
Why tho just leave we don't need your negativity (1)
Ldog50000 gamer vlogs
Ldog50000 gamer vlogs 12 часов назад
Why tho just leave we don't need your negativity
ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ 13 часов назад
Sienna Diaz
Sienna Diaz 14 часов назад
Melanie, how do you dance in thoses shoes?
Camille Taylor
Camille Taylor 15 часов назад
She's perfect💓
Role playing with aubrey !
Role playing with aubrey ! 15 часов назад
Caroline Emrich
Caroline Emrich 15 часов назад
bro someone pls tell me what she did to be one that pretty do I need to like sell my soul or something to look like that
Ari Blox
Ari Blox 4 часа назад
God happened
mariah 15 часов назад
i cant belive my blind self just notice the defund the police sign in the beginning
Abby Ours
Abby Ours 15 часов назад
Yolandi Visser look alike
Abby Ours
Abby Ours 15 часов назад
Ok so why does she remind me of Anri from Die Antwoord? Isnt that her haircut??
Toshia Price
Toshia Price 15 часов назад
I love this song :)!!!!!
Swagatam Majumdar
Swagatam Majumdar 15 часов назад
What this songs mean please anyone can explain?? Or some hint ?
ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ 8 часов назад
@Swagatam Majumdar you're welcome ✌
Swagatam Majumdar
Swagatam Majumdar 8 часов назад
@ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ hmmm , thank you for answering 👍🏻
ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ 9 часов назад
@Swagatam Majumdar more or less, I understand some things
Swagatam Majumdar
Swagatam Majumdar 9 часов назад
@ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ do u know English language?
Swagatam Majumdar
Swagatam Majumdar 9 часов назад
@ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ LoL
Aleah Lanier
Aleah Lanier 16 часов назад
This song is fire. I like it
Juan Diego Henao Agudelo
Juan Diego Henao Agudelo 16 часов назад
Mk me dio miedo xd 🖤
ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ 13 часов назад
que? xd
lemon tea
lemon tea 16 часов назад
Okay just the whole body shaming thing is just ew. Like why, she looks fine. I'm more confused on what the song is about. Is it just a cool ass song or is it more???
Camille 16 часов назад
Bunch of people with an 8-year-old mentality being offended by a belly 🙄
Sanne 16 часов назад
Arrest the lady eating Melanie with a knife and a fork, that's illegal 🙄✋🏻
xPsycho88 16 часов назад
she need to do some fitness! so many are blind and beeing all the time manipulated with this diversity shit time.. thinking this is a good thing to be chubby.. this is so serious sick! i hate that diversity shit time. eat healthy most of the time and do some workout.. dont make stupid excuses! (sorry not my mother tongue) i like nice people.. but not stupid ones.
Yani Boo
Yani Boo 2 часа назад
Melanie does have a healthy body. You disgust me. She feels comfortable and confident enough to show her body. What you call “chubby” is her ORGANS.
xcharlie_x ox
xcharlie_x ox 8 часов назад
Melanie dances all the time, she is fit and healthy.
ʙᴜғғʟɪɴɢᴛᴏɴ 13 часов назад
Do you know that Melanie doesn't have any disease, isn't she stupid or fat? the people with your thought shouldn't really exist, for people like you many people commit suicide because of what they say about their body, medicate, because you need it
Angxlic 14 часов назад
girl relax- you dont need to have a flat tummy to be healthy
Caroline Emrich
Caroline Emrich 15 часов назад
um she looks amazing so dont attack her perfectly normal and beautiful body
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