INCREDIBLY MOVING SONG | Lonely - Justin Bieber | Allie Sherlock Cover

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Allie Sherlock

Месяц назад

Hey guys! I decided to head to the beach and make something different because we are on lockdown again 😔 But this will hopefully be the start of a new cool series of covers - hope you enjoy! This is the first of many to come 💙 and feel free to let me know in the comments what type of videos you would like to see!
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Mark Urso
Mark Urso День назад
not too bad, girl
Ricardo Gabriel
Ricardo Gabriel 2 дня назад
Good girl. Respect and Congratulations.
grishinserg0 3 дня назад
-вот здесь классно - масочников не видно...
Yashwanth Lal
Yashwanth Lal 3 дня назад
Hill Billy
Hill Billy 4 дня назад
Girl you have a beautiful voice and a bright and beautiful future ahead of you you sang it beautifully thank you and God bless
Jurek Ludas
Jurek Ludas 4 дня назад
Mr. Lonely -
Himaraya Man
Himaraya Man 4 дня назад
richardsracingmad 5 дней назад
If you are that lonely, there are some options open to you lol ----- one is Facebook, one is called Instagram, another Twitter. But seriously, i do hope you are not really lonely, even though you have a massive. We all adore you - stay safe, and keep progressing fast as you have been doing. Top Girl, Top Dad, Best of Luck to you Both, from me x
michael durrant
michael durrant 9 дней назад
Its a lovely song - I wish I could have played guitar, like you deliver your voice. Thank you for your music, from a passed wanna be. Michael OZ
Carlos Gigena
Carlos Gigena 10 дней назад
I liked seeing you in this interpretation ... congratulations keep it up .....
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 11 дней назад
Sometimes allie seems to have a lonely vib but it brings you in even more. This girl is special.
Jolanta Kita
Jolanta Kita 13 дней назад
SERCE MOJE, CUDOWNOŚCI, Jesteś gotowa by oszałamiać głosem 🙉🥰🙃😍
Matthias Hartz
Matthias Hartz 14 дней назад
You’ve really came a long way!!😁I don’t doubt that this is still just the beginning!🙏
Сергей Иванович
Сергей Иванович 15 дней назад
Обожаю эту девочку, умничка!!!
G M 16 дней назад
Stan Wood
Stan Wood 16 дней назад
Beautifully done. Please keep your humility and your friends so you won’t end up feeling this way.
Christopher Davies
Christopher Davies 21 день назад
(He) who bares false witness against an innocent cracks the stone table!
Penny Yoas
Penny Yoas 22 дня назад
Sad + Beautiful. I'm old + it's way cool when you sing a song by a younger artist, whom I know of, but not their body of work! This is a touching song that I can imagine Justine singing. The ocean is the perfect setting for this one! STOP the shut downs, we need to get back to a normal life.
warren baisley
warren baisley 23 дня назад
Allie would you do me the honor of playing one of the song I have written. I have many to choose from. 1-250-765-1238
Ed ynho
Ed ynho 24 дня назад
Harry Kerdokian
Harry Kerdokian 24 дня назад
You are just incredible,keep singing I love listening & watching you enjoy your singing
Soul&Music Valeria Kotelnikova
Soul&Music Valeria Kotelnikova 24 дня назад
Gosh... Thank you. It made me cry😭
Colin Brown
Colin Brown 25 дней назад
Better than Bieber
Jonas Haara
Jonas Haara 27 дней назад
Gorgeous cover Allie
Vasco Sousa
Vasco Sousa 28 дней назад
Hello I'll make one more comment to this clip. After hearing it several times, I came to the conclusion that it is excellent, your voice is as wonderful as always, and technically I also think it is very good. Congratulations and merry Christmas.
Struwel Peter
Struwel Peter 28 дней назад
Where did you make this video? At the Channel?
Davi 28 дней назад
j k
j k 29 дней назад
Best 🎼video🤔i like👏 👍🤸‍♂️🙋‍♂️🇫🇮
John Moore
John Moore Месяц назад
Love it when you sing
kamalaksha madgaocar
kamalaksha madgaocar Месяц назад
Best singer girl but u said the idiot thats a swear but its fine ok cool
Frank Cedrick Ilagan Basibas
Frank Cedrick Ilagan Basibas Месяц назад
Дмитрий Сабанский
Дмитрий Сабанский Месяц назад
Я тебя люблю Алиса..
j k
j k Месяц назад
The song and video were good, I liked the video, will you shoot more new videos after Christmas? 🤔 Will there be a part.2 /10 😉 God Bless You🙂
Teri Johnson
Teri Johnson Месяц назад
I love your voice. It has amazing range and it’s so strong! Love you. Do u do any of your own songs?
Sashqa Ya
Sashqa Ya Месяц назад
You're beautiful, it's true..
Diva Dwi Cahyo
Diva Dwi Cahyo Месяц назад
It's what I'm waiting for
Ken Wagler
Ken Wagler Месяц назад
This was Great and allies best song choices are definilty ballads!!
Adryane silpra
Adryane silpra Месяц назад
Amazing cover 🤧🥰👏👏
michail dell
michail dell Месяц назад
Steve Connolly
Steve Connolly Месяц назад
Amazing song. Amazing singer. Amazing that someone is in the sea.
кон тики
кон тики Месяц назад
Allie, hello from Russia.
Vasco Sousa
Vasco Sousa Месяц назад
Allie, after hearing this clip several times, I'm surrendered to your new style. I really like it. See you forever.
Lela Pena
Lela Pena Месяц назад
I would love to hear you since a Chris Cornell song!! Your voice is so amazing. Like his!!
Right Ways Fund
Right Ways Fund Месяц назад
Not, killing any more!
ABOSHQRA a Месяц назад
Newton Ribeiro
Newton Ribeiro Месяц назад
You should sing special songs in each touristic places in Dublin and sure will stay cool.
Jon Stoops
Jon Stoops Месяц назад
Great cover
Lucio Griffoi
Lucio Griffoi Месяц назад
grande allie, admiro tu modo de sacar fuerza y color y esa manera intensa y dirigida de decir, soy compositor y tus videos me dan energia y conocimiento, agradezco tu trabajo.
noah boes
noah boes Месяц назад
Amazing 🤩, listen to this amazing cover of lonely as well
智異山律慊 Месяц назад
Is the performance closed because of covid19? There's got to be a way out of a dead end. It's what every earthly person goes through. I hope you get through it wisely. Ally!
Cecil Sims
Cecil Sims Месяц назад
Likely one of the best and most touching songs and an exceptional location to express your thoughts and emotions. Wonderful!!
Iam1crptr Месяц назад
Love to hear Allie, put your voice to “son of a preacher man”
Andy Albright
Andy Albright Месяц назад
Have you ever thought of singing Teenage Idol by Ricky Nelson
Mario Donk
Mario Donk Месяц назад
I hear you
Wes Begoon
Wes Begoon Месяц назад
Outstanding performance
เรื่อง metariga
เรื่อง metariga Месяц назад
I love your voice..........
vigil Vigil
vigil Vigil Месяц назад
Susan Mistelbacher
Susan Mistelbacher Месяц назад
Fabulous rendition. Loved the setting
Guenter Hammer
Guenter Hammer Месяц назад
We thank you so much, Allie, for sharing your talent with us even in these difficult times. You certainly miss your friends from Grafton Street and making music with them. Some musicians perform together over the internet. I love for instance the videos made by Karolina and Daniele Vitale. I have no idea how they do it technically. There will be a time after corona when big part of the population is vaccinated. Keep it up enjoying us with your beautiful singing.
Steve Connolly
Steve Connolly Месяц назад
A moving voice. Moving lyrics: You have to be talented enough to become famous but even more talented to survive being famous.
Anderson Marques
Anderson Marques Месяц назад
Linda Canção.
Juan Carrasco
Juan Carrasco Месяц назад
Please Dont Stop Please
Oikeuars Месяц назад
no dubbed songs please
king reyes
king reyes Месяц назад
great music vedio wonderful
DULAT VLOG Месяц назад
*Allie LOVE YOU💖*
Wojciech Rdzanek
Wojciech Rdzanek Месяц назад
A beautiful song. I would only add after Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; ... Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
Teddy Lkk
Teddy Lkk Месяц назад
U seemed to really connect emotionally to the song too
Teddy Lkk
Teddy Lkk Месяц назад
Lovely setting for a music video. You're look and sound so natural in this setting
Juando Rivero
Juando Rivero Месяц назад
10zing Месяц назад
I jst love this song...... I dont know why.. It touch my soul.... N love u allie
John R
John R Месяц назад
You're amazing I could listen to you all day long .
Pamela Soledad Palacios
Pamela Soledad Palacios Месяц назад
Queda feo si le Ponen Autotune
Txxn4Life Месяц назад
It just comes so natural for you. I know you have put in the work and earned it all, but try and keep your feet grounded. You make it look so easy. It's plain to see your really something special. Happy Holidays young lady take a break and enjoy it. You have surely earned it.. God Bless sweet p
Ridwan Alwi
Ridwan Alwi Месяц назад
Love u allie.. Indonesia
JSTED Месяц назад
I've been making some music with my lil guitar. Appreciate if someone checks it out
Louise Coderre
Louise Coderre Месяц назад
Loneliness is a feeling, not the reality, because there are so many people for whom you are significative, all around the world, because you share emotions that they are feeling too! Love you Allie! Send you my Best Meanings! May the Life send very near of you people that you feel they are sharing the same path, and listen to you, and understand you very deeply! Mammy Louise, from Québec, Canada
Inday liezl vlog
Inday liezl vlog Месяц назад
You are so beautiful and have an amazing voice
Baldo Onofre
Baldo Onofre Месяц назад
Thank Allie you are wonderful ❤️
Diane Dyer
Diane Dyer Месяц назад
Loved every minute of seeing you Allie look such a lovely young person .You sing so well so professional . Well done 👍 love to you all .🌹🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Signals fibers fixes
Signals fibers fixes Месяц назад
That dude going into the water.
Abdelazeem Mostafa
Abdelazeem Mostafa Месяц назад
Rogerio Tavares
Rogerio Tavares Месяц назад
Canta muito, Fã do seu trabalho🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤🌹
Charles LaPrade
Charles LaPrade Месяц назад
You sang this better than the original!
Adrian Kelly
Adrian Kelly Месяц назад
Allie Sherlock people love your voice I am almost 70 . Love to hear you have a great gift. Good luck to you and your dad . happy Christmas
Caroline Tang
Caroline Tang Месяц назад
You are the female version of Bieber : so talented in such a young age
F Rahimi
F Rahimi Месяц назад
دوست دارم🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷❤
Galifianakis Manos
Galifianakis Manos Месяц назад
Hello Allie . Now I'm going to tell you that you sing it better than Justin Bieber .. With a lot of love from Greece
Stephanie Gustafson
Stephanie Gustafson Месяц назад
She's special, that's for sure ♡ I can't imagine it being a simple thing to get great vocal recordings at the beach....but this sounded perfect.
Stephanie Gustafson
Stephanie Gustafson 18 дней назад
@john kay that makes sense. I'm an idiot.
john kay
john kay Месяц назад
hi stef its a studio recording
Luciano Montanari
Luciano Montanari Месяц назад
Bravissima e bellissima .
Иван Коваленко
Иван Коваленко Месяц назад
офигеть краса
lovetogolf Месяц назад
You look so warm with the hat & coat..Nice cover :))
ziggygas rovers f.c
ziggygas rovers f.c Месяц назад
Beautiful Allie. Great performance. Nice one.😀
Ricardo Gabriel
Ricardo Gabriel Месяц назад
Best version
Marek Šturma
Marek Šturma Месяц назад
She looks like 30 years old, that scares me as hell... But pretty voice AW
Eugine Eugine
Eugine Eugine Месяц назад
Please sing this song All we got Robin shulz
eusebio teles
eusebio teles Месяц назад
Alejandro Miño
Alejandro Miño Месяц назад
Hermoso Allie. Saludos desde Argentina. Muy linda tu música.
Team Zueshunter
Team Zueshunter Месяц назад
THIS SOUND SO PURE !!!! great work !
Topten Dawg
Topten Dawg Месяц назад
She can do better. 💓
Vera Harrison
Vera Harrison Месяц назад
Gosh I love you Girl . Your voice is Beautiful in Every Way ♥️🦋♥️
Вскрыв завещание, жена Грачевского онемела!
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