I turn Fridge Compressor into 4 stroke Engine

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Lets Learn Something

2 месяца назад

Let's Learn Something: Project no.29
Good day, guys
This is it Guys, after a few months of work here is the look of our converted engine from fridge compressor and I also used a vapor type carburetor because it is easy to make.
Enjoy and Stay Safe Guys.
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Ken Wenck
Ken Wenck 24 минуты назад
I don't know how you did all that in 36 minutes.
Miguel Suarez
Miguel Suarez 50 минут назад
Buena idea pero esos piñones que hiciste no te durán ni un dia
JR Apego
JR Apego Час назад
How about the engine oil sir.. that thing surely will heat.. and with out the engine oil circulating the engine, the concentration of the the heat is on its piston.. surely the piston will break if used for an extended time..
majid dolat abadi
majid dolat abadi 2 часа назад
جوک خوبی بود Oil pump پمپ نداره ؟
Sylvan Bald
Sylvan Bald 4 часа назад
I hope his shop didn't burn down.
Stephan Schlösser
Stephan Schlösser 5 часов назад
I have an old Siemens fridge come get it for free...
steveplays 21
steveplays 21 6 часов назад
I’m surprised the valves worked with no guides and threads on the stem
xhavier rhyane felipe
xhavier rhyane felipe 8 часов назад
Sir sa inyo po ba account ang "lets learn something" puro small letter lahat kasi ng videos nyo andon din sa channel na yun?ano nangyari sa acct. na to?na copy right ba tong channel na to?
Сергей Васин
Сергей Васин 8 часов назад
Во маньяк то👍👍👍👍
Mary benjamin
Mary benjamin 11 часов назад
Omg, I appreciate the good work of *EL_HACK71* via Instagram, I only access my partner account with just 1 try, it is professional and reliable 💯...
Mary benjamin
Mary benjamin 11 часов назад
Omg, I appreciate the good work of *EL_HACK71* via Instagram, I only access my partner account with just 1 try, it is professional and reliable 💯...
Adventure RM Channel
Adventure RM Channel 11 часов назад
juan pablo Restrepo
juan pablo Restrepo 13 часов назад
Me le quitó el sombrero
sergei angolenko
sergei angolenko 16 часов назад
Когда башка прогреется, переводи на дизель, так же будет работать и продавай разработку немцам. Жаль только что теперь холодильники подорожают.
Warsaw Jadore
Warsaw Jadore 17 часов назад
consider to add mini turbo
Ashish Yadav
Ashish Yadav 18 часов назад
Ji apna engine ke ander dala vo oil tha ya petrol
HBG55 Randomness
HBG55 Randomness 21 час назад
Dam good work Keep going on with your stuff
Lengoc Nghia
Lengoc Nghia 22 часа назад
Elton Pereira
Elton Pereira День назад
Pika d+
Tony DiCristofano
Tony DiCristofano День назад
Very impressive. However it is never a good idea to run an engine in doors. Carbon monoxide can be deadly.
Rogério Silva
Rogério Silva День назад
Muito bommm ... Parabéns vc é um Gênio 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Mista Lord
Mista Lord День назад
How unfortunate my life is. I make songs in english yet its hard to get listeners 😭 nobody wants to support me. Yes im indian and my indian people dont support me.🥺
Rosyida ida
Rosyida ida День назад
how to make diesel engine from old compressor
Délions Demonsouris
Délions Demonsouris День назад
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar День назад
Bhai apake pash sab mashin hai
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous День назад
As a kid, i always wanted a 4 barrel revolver.. i think i just may have found the right guy.. with skills like yours.. id have my own handgun industry. You beast 😎
ioloAvatar 84
ioloAvatar 84 День назад
This was the most interesting , satisfying experience I watched in a long while . I needed this after a negative day. Thanks for the video . Now I feel positive.
Spud58 День назад
Thanks for the memory throwback, love the name and profile pic. Takes me back to my childhood when I started playing (6 and 7/serpent isles).
Rich The Tour Guy
Rich The Tour Guy День назад
I have really learned something....
Md Badal Miah
Md Badal Miah День назад
Please engine taimin possiceon Mark video sent
Ozeas Florentino
Ozeas Florentino День назад
Heard there is excellent software EnotGlobal for PF cheating, can someone here used ?
Ronald Rocheleau
Ronald Rocheleau День назад
Pretty ingenious great job
Addicted to Air
Addicted to Air День назад
Give this man a MILL!!
Manish Khare
Manish Khare День назад
Do NOT try at home
Asep Tedi
Asep Tedi 2 дня назад
Itu tanpa oli ,saher bisa cacad bos
សែម ឧត្តម
សែម ឧត្តម 2 дня назад
Daril Daril
Daril Daril 2 дня назад
Daanish Handa
Daanish Handa 2 дня назад
The axiomatic blue intraorally tame because brian encouragingly release besides a workable curve. puffy, same ukraine
Вася Пупкин
Вася Пупкин 2 дня назад
Пустая трата времени
Mohammed Elbanani
Mohammed Elbanani 2 дня назад
منتهى الإبداع في الابتكار بالتوفيق
Roadghost88 2 дня назад
Well, if the apocalypse happens, at least I know how to make an engine out of junk.
Евгений Киосса
Евгений Киосса 2 дня назад
Melvin Bishops
Melvin Bishops 2 дня назад
Very creative
plants documentary
plants documentary 2 дня назад
Good 👍
حيدر الدراجي
حيدر الدراجي 2 дня назад
اين خزان الوقود بل اين هو
Mišo Ilijevec
Mišo Ilijevec 2 дня назад
Svaka čast
Сделай сам
Сделай сам 2 дня назад
За изобретательность 5 за практичность 2. Пустая трата времени. Винтики вместо клапанов.
Athmik dev
Athmik dev 2 дня назад
Put it in a dirt bike or mini bike
Pagolu Ganesh
Pagolu Ganesh 2 дня назад
Bro if you do any thing consider efficiency and environment also
дмитрий например,Смирнов
дмитрий например,Смирнов 2 дня назад
Его бы энергию да в мирных целях
Uda Arie Official
Uda Arie Official 2 дня назад
2021 like
Uda Arie Official
Uda Arie Official 2 дня назад
Nice video
Uda Arie Official
Uda Arie Official 2 дня назад
Goodjob my friend
DAYANA CHANEL 2 дня назад
Goodjob my friend
DAYANA CHANEL 2 дня назад
Nice video
DAYANA CHANEL 2 дня назад
Amazing Vidio
قناة المحبة org portable مرحبا
قناة المحبة org portable مرحبا 2 дня назад
Muba Liya
Muba Liya 2 дня назад
Ihab Alabdly
Ihab Alabdly 2 дня назад
Admin 2 дня назад
Аппарат очень похож на наш спорткар "Маруся"
Aaz Zahir
Aaz Zahir 2 дня назад
FBI is also watching this video
Muslim Sabeeh
Muslim Sabeeh 2 дня назад
طبعا ولا عربي معلق ليش لان هذه فديو علمي مو محتوا جنسي او طائفي 🤚🏻😐
Denis Ovchinnikov
Denis Ovchinnikov 2 дня назад
Круто .этим двигателем можно раскручивать генератор ,а от генератора запитать электполизер и жечь водород вместо бензина.
Noah's Claw machine Dreams
Noah's Claw machine Dreams 2 дня назад
But it's cool....but. somthing is offf,, when you suck gas there should be no bubbles, it's not a water bong, if you suck air or smoke, like a bong,, there would be bubbles, unless it's running on the fumes only, but liquid gas is not running through that tube,
Noah's Claw machine Dreams
Noah's Claw machine Dreams 2 дня назад
Dosent look like gas, flowing through that tube, looks like air going in to the gas, and why would you need a battery? When he used a drill for the energy.....just .y thought
Addicted to Air
Addicted to Air День назад
Battery is for power source for spark plug
سـۦۦۦيـۦۦۦف الـۦۦيـۦۦوسـۦۦف {حـۦۦمـۦۦصـۦۦـي}
سـۦۦۦيـۦۦۦف الـۦۦيـۦۦوسـۦۦف {حـۦۦمـۦۦصـۦۦـي} 2 дня назад
والله أنكك معلم
Nilson de Oliveira
Nilson de Oliveira 3 дня назад
Tem que por hidrogênio (hho).
Reb Bradley
Reb Bradley 3 дня назад
Not a four stroke
Идрис Рахматов
Идрис Рахматов 3 дня назад
tulipano Chiara
tulipano Chiara 3 дня назад
Great genius 👏👏👏💪💪💪
3 дня назад
ArmyGrunt1986 3 дня назад
I've searched for an answer but no luck, so maybe someone here can help. Why are refrigerant compressors so much quieter then a shop air compressor? Even a tiny air compressor is like 20x louder then these.
Edi Susanto
Edi Susanto 3 дня назад
ВЛАД.К. 3 дня назад
мертвый проект ...1 охлаждения нет...2 гильзы в поршневой нет так как это предназначено--первоначально работать в масле...3 от клапанов я вообще в шоке...4 расход будет как у хорошего--мощного двигателя сами догадайтесь почему...хотя может быть и не-стоит этому удивляться так-как половина ширпотреба из китая именно такой сборки и качества
CapeTown002 3 дня назад
Smart World
Smart World 3 дня назад
Ahmet Asma
Ahmet Asma 3 дня назад
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Николай Орлов
Николай Орлов 3 дня назад
Воистину Кулибин!!!Bravo!
David Hunt
David Hunt 3 дня назад
Awesome - Ex GM engineer.
Shannock9 3 дня назад
Awesome. A real artist with the grinder. But I worried for him getting CO poisoning in that confined space.
Ilhamdh Saragih
Ilhamdh Saragih 3 дня назад
Silvavitorsilva Silva
Silvavitorsilva Silva 3 дня назад
Bro you are a fucking genius!!!
Nick Sherick
Nick Sherick 3 дня назад
Is this trigonometry?
Ben Diesel
Ben Diesel 4 дня назад
I broke out in laughter when you started making the sprocket, you are a true craftsman
Honda Motion
Honda Motion 2 дня назад
Marek Majsterkowicz
Marek Majsterkowicz 3 дня назад
Sprockets are expensive
Jaime Villada
Jaime Villada 4 дня назад
Cordial saludo desde Colombia. Personas como usted, son invaluables en la sociedad. Magistral demostración. Bendiciones de salud y bienestar para que siga deslumbrándonos.
larrbaII 4 дня назад
But will it Blend?
Emerson Santos
Emerson Santos 4 дня назад
Muito bom, gostei
Richard Maurer
Richard Maurer 4 дня назад
I love how he holds a valve down to start it. That compression ratio must be 20:1!!
معلومة مفيدة
معلومة مفيدة 4 дня назад
This is the mechanical equivalent of that guy making swimming pools in the jungle
Rich The Tour Guy
Rich The Tour Guy День назад
By the way you are right!
Zwenkun 4 дня назад
Exactly what i was thinking! something like primitive mechanic. :) Love it.
Magnus Wissler
Magnus Wissler 4 дня назад
Today I learned you are the angle grinder master of the universe.
pono ouiji
pono ouiji 4 дня назад
Awesome! Could you make an HHO device and add to this?
Daniel Segura
Daniel Segura 4 дня назад
Que velocidad alcanzará ese montoncito?
ramlala 4 дня назад
Mera science ka protect hai Agar yesa kuch bna lu sala pure school ki aankhe bahar aa jaegi But bhai tune isse banane me itni maseene use kri ki meri aankhe bahar aa gyi . Kuch sasta dekhna padega.
llanero ramiro
llanero ramiro 4 дня назад
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Adeel Munawar
Adeel Munawar 4 дня назад
the guy is total genius the way he built that head with screws and springs was totally mind blowing
ผุย ชุมแพ
ผุย ชุมแพ 4 дня назад
Merah Putih
Merah Putih 4 дня назад
Даниил Муратов
Даниил Муратов 4 дня назад
Mahfud Arifin
Mahfud Arifin 4 дня назад
Tanpa karbu kok bisa nyala ya
Best creativity
Best creativity 4 дня назад
good idea
SPC World Express Gangni
SPC World Express Gangni 4 дня назад
blind..... man....
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