I'm Coming Out.

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I love you all so much…
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

NikkieTutorials Месяц назад
*I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖
Boujee Beauty
Boujee Beauty 26 дней назад
Love u back
Sham Ml
Sham Ml 29 дней назад
We love you more 💙 & so proud of you 💛🌈
Love U Sis💜💙💚💛❤
ponseliana melianvi
ponseliana melianvi Месяц назад
I love u ♥♥♥
PacisEritVobiscum Месяц назад
Still messed up of you to not be upfront about your biological sex with your fiance. It is dishonest and no amount of excuses can justify it.
Karen Barton
Karen Barton 15 часов назад
You are a very beautiful, courageous young woman and you rock! Keep on being you! You do it beautifully!
Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner 15 часов назад
127.000 dislikes? What’s happend with the world?
Sleepy Lilac
Sleepy Lilac 15 часов назад
A beautiful, intelligent, and kind women, I'm so proud of you for being yourself 💕
Roxanne Cabal
Roxanne Cabal 16 часов назад
I have been a fan for a long time. But I’m not too convinced. I still love her craft. But I’m just so confused. Nobody in the world of being a celebrity not even Michael Jackson has ever kept a secret for that long without anyone having a clue at some random point. I still love her. But I have a gut feel this is sketchy.
Angel Highlight
Angel Highlight 16 часов назад
He looks like a woman omg
Sleepy Lilac
Sleepy Lilac 16 часов назад
Because SHE is
Love It
Love It 17 часов назад
Coming out as a result freak. This world has gone to hell in a handbasket. Sick perverts.
Capti CS:GO
Capti CS:GO 16 часов назад
Laura Jane
Laura Jane 18 часов назад
Wow! Your amazing ❤ whoever was blackmailing you is truly evil and they had had no right at all. I'm sure everyone loves you and supports you ❤
wayne reynolds
wayne reynolds 18 часов назад
Seems like the most honest lady ,in the true sense of the word, that I have ever witnessed...I'm straight..and by watching this video message, I've learned a lot about respect, human rights, compassion and about myself..this video has inspired me to change my attitude, and be more considerate...thanks Nikkie.
Capti CS:GO
Capti CS:GO 18 часов назад
That's crazy and all but I don't remember asking.
kmasten01 18 часов назад
Nikki.......GUESS WHAT???.....YOUR STILL NIKKIE!!!
Luana Moraes
Luana Moraes 18 часов назад
Don't worry, Nikki! Things are still the same. You are the same person. Hard working, talented, kind, generous... I wish you all the best in the world Love, from Brazil.
Gaby Ziff
Gaby Ziff 18 часов назад
I’m so confused I still see you as a beautiful person
Jason Velastegui
Jason Velastegui 20 часов назад
It's ok now that I know that I want to watch your video's even more and now I love u more girl do u and if someone doesn't like u for who u are then just don't listen to them and brush your shoulders off
Rbx.02 22 часа назад
why so many dislikes
Satomi Suzuk
Satomi Suzuk 22 часа назад
33M views !!!! Me wondering how much she made from this video 😩😍😍.
Satomi Suzuk
Satomi Suzuk 21 час назад
Satomai-unique. Thank you
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn 22 часа назад
Satomi Suzuk whats yo snap u cute
Дарья Лютковская
Дарья Лютковская 23 часа назад
You are so strong girl, baby I couldn't keep my tears while listening Nothing changed. But we love u even more now
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn 22 часа назад
Дарья Лютковская whats yo snap u cute
Sekhmet Songstress of Amun
Sekhmet Songstress of Amun 23 часа назад
How beautiful to hear how your Mum was completely accepting of all of you!!! What a blessing! Good for you, girl!! (this is the first of your videos I've seen by the way) 😊🙏💕😘
arelys popys
arelys popys 23 часа назад
What an icon
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn 22 часа назад
arelys popys whats yo snap u cute
just me
just me 23 часа назад
awwwwwww i love youuuuuu 🖤🖤 you are so cute 🥰🌈
Elizabeth Scollard
Elizabeth Scollard День назад
I'm so sorry for what happened to you
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn 22 часа назад
Elizabeth Scollard whats yo snap
Ghofrane wahid
Ghofrane wahid День назад
I knew it from the first time i seen her 🤭🤭
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn День назад
Ghofrane wahid whats yo snap u cute
Alex Hendry
Alex Hendry День назад
I think all of us knew anyway honey, but we didn’t care cause we love YOU
jess whyuwannaknow
jess whyuwannaknow День назад
Should have exposed the person who tried to blackmail you Id go after their job and all 🤸🏽‍♀️
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn 21 час назад
jess whyuwannaknow i wanna talk 2
jess whyuwannaknow
jess whyuwannaknow 21 час назад
Well u don’t have to have an Instagram account to look at mine ...u wanna see how i look or something? Chickachichi223...
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn 21 час назад
jess whyuwannaknow nah i dont have insta😂 make a snap fa me plz😉
Rbx.02 22 часа назад
jess whyuwannaknow jhjh
jess whyuwannaknow
jess whyuwannaknow 22 часа назад
Deshea Shawn i don’t use snap u want my Instagram?
Ella Smith
Ella Smith День назад
AWW I freaking love you so much❤️🥺🦋
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn День назад
Ella Smith whats yo snap
Felicia McCumbers
Felicia McCumbers День назад
I just started watching you. Omg you're beautiful! Love you.
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn День назад
Felicia McCumbers whats yo snap
Juliana Makeup
Juliana Makeup День назад
I love You so much nikkie💙💙💙💙
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn День назад
Juliana Makeup whats yo snap u cute
Evelyn O
Evelyn O День назад
Reagan Woodson
Reagan Woodson День назад
Reagan Woodson
Reagan Woodson 17 часов назад
Deshea Shawn thank you!! it’s shashiebae101 🙃
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn День назад
Reagan Woodson whats yo snap u cute
Randialena Anderson
Randialena Anderson День назад
I LOVE YOU NIKKI!!!! You’re soul is beautiful and your courage is inspiring!!!!!!!!!!
Dawn Piker
Dawn Piker День назад
Gurl.... 1st of all not sure why our own bodies are anyone’s business but ours unless we choose to share!!! You are Gorgeous and such a lovely person from what I can tell from your videos and interviews....... Be you .... pooch the haters ..... dem jelly bishes ..... WE LOVE YA BOO!!! Stay you!!! Always be you!!!! Everyone!!!! I couldn’t have said this motivation moment any better .... YOU’RE SO WONDERFUL!!! Sending lots of LOVE AND LIGHT YOUR WAY!!! Air hugs!!!
Brenda P
Brenda P День назад
When person is BORN male .. no surgery can give you a vagina... you will NEVER HAVE YOUR PERIOD.. you will never have kids.. you have no ovaries.. you will always be 25% Male
Serendipity 16 часов назад
The surgery is actually very good, and is pretty much indistinguishable from a biological woman's. No period....so what! millions of women do not have a period, and many wish they didn't. Having kids, or not having kids is not what makes a woman. 25% male?? Where the hell did you pull that statistic from. After a certain point, there is no going back, the changes are permanent.
Lola Smith
Lola Smith День назад
what about infertile women? They’ll never have kids either...
Filoi День назад
*still a woman*
Milena Mogk
Milena Mogk День назад
very strong woman
Andrea Arellano
Andrea Arellano День назад
Queen yaaassss
Deshea Shawn
Deshea Shawn День назад
Andrea Arellano whats yo snap u cute
Emélie Nn
Emélie Nn День назад
NikkieTutorials We love you so so much😍🥰💖🌈 You are amazing !! Beautiful inside and outside 💖♥️ Vrouw ->> Knappe vrouw 😍 Dat ben jij !!
FFS If you are you and I am me then why the hell do we need to know what's between your legs. Give me a break. I'M A FEMALE! AND I HAVE A VAGINA BETWEEN MY LEGS. .... It's none of our business what you are. I have Gay friends that I've known since 12 year old and what they do privately is their business. What I do with my Vagina is personal. It's about time all this nonsense STOPPED...... Just be what you want to be and live. We don't need to know
AsherCat 21 час назад
i mean, she came out as a way to not be blackmailed. its less about the coming out and more about the taking back power
Конч За 500
Конч За 500 День назад
Конч За 500
Конч За 500 День назад
Alana Smith
Alana Smith День назад
We love our Nikkie. Always. 💗
Jeremiah Boyer
Jeremiah Boyer День назад
Nikkie I'm so proud of you! I love you so much keep going girl
Tatijana Tannous
Tatijana Tannous День назад
*everyone in the comments: this changes nothing *me:oml i love you even more you fricken slayy
ButterflySimona День назад
Amanda Hutchison
Amanda Hutchison День назад
You are truly a beautiful WOMAN
Uniquely Me
Uniquely Me День назад
You do you Nikkie 👍🏼 if somebody can't accept you for who you are, as you are, oh well 🤷‍♀️
ثقافة ومعرفة
ثقافة ومعرفة День назад
I can't believe that
ثقافة ومعرفة
ثقافة ومعرفة День назад
How do you feel about this??
jaqueline valenzuela
jaqueline valenzuela День назад
Before and after pictures ?
Bianca Hernandez
Bianca Hernandez День назад
You’re beautiful. you’re you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you!!!!!!!!
Oscar Pulgarin
Oscar Pulgarin День назад
Valantina Leitter
Valantina Leitter День назад
i thought she was going to say she was gay not trans but who cares . WE LOVE YOU NIKKIE
SweatyHomophobe День назад
I’m waiting for the deep voice to kick in randomly
Serendipity 16 часов назад
You will be waiting a very long time. Nikkie never went through male puberty.
The Professional
The Professional День назад
Was this actually something that people didn't know?
The Professional
The Professional День назад
If we're talking about 'being real and being you' this whole channel is a bit oxymoronic.
Aleah greenall
Aleah greenall День назад
Are they still getting married?
Jayjay Fig
Jayjay Fig День назад
I love you for who You are😘😍💕
Kalyn Votaw
Kalyn Votaw День назад
This is so inspiring😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️So proud I Stan the biggest queen out there
Fabian Cabrera
Fabian Cabrera День назад
I still love you girl
Ruby By Beauty
Ruby By Beauty День назад
FairyGodMova День назад
Your beautiful and I love yall so much. I've learned alot from u. Thank u for being u. I'm happy u had a beautiful mom to support you. ❤❤❤
T e a
T e a День назад
I would have never guessed Nikki was a guy. She’s so beautiful and she’s so kind and gorgeous! We’ll always love you Nikki 💖 it takes a lot, A LOT to come out like that to so many people that love you. SLAY QUEEN!! ☁️💞
Tegan Clarke
Tegan Clarke День назад
Sydney Maier
Sydney Maier День назад
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