Hiding From A Killer In An Empty Hotel [At Dead of Night]

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John Wolfe

Месяц назад

At Dead of Night: store.steampowered.com/app/1450830/At_Dead_Of_Night/
At Dead of Night Playlist ► ruchat.info/playPLqfNLQec1ZRnyYgoFjJGr5zOlMByz78wC.html
At Dead of Night is a horror game in which you are trapped in a hotel with ghosts... and a killer!
Twitch ► www.twitch.tv/johnwolfe
Twitter ► JohnWolfeYT

Art/Music Credits: pastelink.net/johnwolfeyoutube

jhanzelita Час назад
every turn makes it more scary
Alex x
Alex x 4 часа назад
Genius title, you better be proud of it ! xD
H H 5 часов назад
H H 5 часов назад
Zeph Catibog
Zeph Catibog 5 часов назад
i was fidgeting while watching this to lessen my anxiety😭✋
Zero Akshi
Zero Akshi 6 часов назад
The game is good
Matthew Kuiper
Matthew Kuiper 10 часов назад
I have never once backed out of a door. And I'm definitely not about to start NOW
Sammy Aberdein
Sammy Aberdein 16 часов назад
This really reminds me of that game Hotel 626! Can’t be the only one who remembers it
brae raphael
brae raphael День назад
I love how his voice sounds like Louie CK’s!😂😂
Annerixia bruh
Annerixia bruh День назад
I feel safe in the comment section
Nayda День назад
Rewatching these series to cleanse my eyes from *insert popular youtuber* gameplay xD
Lexi Sherre
Lexi Sherre 2 дня назад
Games like this and FNAF I could never play. I don’t like jump scares or anxiety
Nodak81 2 дня назад
Girl: Just finished explaining why she was on foot. John: "Why are you on foot?"
yoongi'sbitch 2 дня назад
this is like an intense 'granny' 🏃🏽‍♂️💨
SA VAGE 2 дня назад
im not scared in this movie 😳
hey 2 дня назад
B M 2 дня назад
The graphics are so good. Its hard to tell that its not real
Janngcc 2 дня назад
I like how you urge to make the next move even if you know Jimmy is near. I would have hidden for an hour in the room behind wanting to move lol
Daniella Xo
Daniella Xo 2 дня назад
I just played for the first time after seeing this video and I’ve never had a jump scare as bad as the first time jimmy was behind a corner and hit me. This game is fucked 😭😭
*-ariana-* 2 дня назад
still watching the video as i’m typing this, but i’m super impressed by the tutorial, it love how it was done !
Vic Catherine
Vic Catherine 3 дня назад
I will sit beside an altar while playing this
Cathlea Rizky Baskara
Cathlea Rizky Baskara 3 дня назад
Austin Lund
Austin Lund 3 дня назад
Pretty sure I pulled a muscle flinching at the jump scares...
The90s Girl
The90s Girl 3 дня назад
Honestly, these indie horror games keep getting better and better. Especially those with real people and actors, I love that. And look at those graphics! A lit of thise indie games are better than the big ones who get all the hype
Divhenn Owel
Divhenn Owel 3 дня назад
my heart whenever the screen move bruhhh
Lightningmisa 4 дня назад
I was startled and shocked when jimmy suddenly appeared. And screamed, and everyone around me also startled and i almost got hit on my ass 🤣🥲
alka16555 4 дня назад
John is the 3rd person I've watched play this game and each person has had a completely different approach to how they try to avoid Jimmy. That's one of the 100+ reasons why I love this game 😍
adriana huda
adriana huda 4 дня назад
my boyfriend says this game is similar to the granny game but on steroids 😭
Jainis 4 дня назад
Awesome game! Ur channel is awesome too! ^-^
Anya Zolik
Anya Zolik 4 дня назад
basically every rule of a horror game did not apply to this one and its really good also i died when i saw the little girl at the start
Ret Ro
Ret Ro 5 дней назад
its frustrating me that hes not using the spirit machine at all lmao
HerrTerror 5 дней назад
Huld Martha (Jimmy) just mentioned in an AMA that they haven't played the game yet, but have watched your playthough!
Ricardo Matheus
Ricardo Matheus 5 дней назад
What an amazing game
Maki Kaeru
Maki Kaeru 6 дней назад
I wonder what would’ve happened if she had said yes to the comedy show...
Hoobliga 6 дней назад
getting some hardcore Hotel 626 vibes
arowanis_habigotis 6 дней назад
how is this game so cheap? like they put a shitload of effort and it's well-made but it's only for 15$
Doctor Sleep
Doctor Sleep 6 дней назад
ArnoldCS 6 дней назад
Who else saw a few pixels of his body while he was passing at 30:55
Ruth Rivas
Ruth Rivas 6 дней назад
Hang on, the graphics are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee.
redruby luke
redruby luke 6 дней назад
pov: ur here cause markimoo isn't uploading
Vanessa Erika
Vanessa Erika 6 дней назад
dude I shouted so loud Jimmy!!
Jaxon Davis
Jaxon Davis 7 дней назад
What if u astral project and shift into this game. I think the f not.
Aiko 7 дней назад
This game looks amazing
vag4l vevo
vag4l vevo 7 дней назад
Why cant they make games like this one for xbox and ps. 😥
mikshin 7 дней назад
For those playing it currently (other than John because he has a video to host) feel free to hum "Midnight, the stars and you" from "The Shining" as well as saying "Here's Jimmy!" every so often. I know I was.
Andrew Montgomery
Andrew Montgomery 7 дней назад
Hey there! Your surname reminds me of the Clone Commander Wolfe in Star Wars The Clone Wars.
Alice Lidén
Alice Lidén 7 дней назад
I have watched this series literally fem times because it's so good. I know what's going to happen but I get equally as scared every time.
liquidelation 8 дней назад
The way this game looks is incredible wow
Danny LaRamirez
Danny LaRamirez 8 дней назад
Thought it was as real
Kimberly V.
Kimberly V. 8 дней назад
Holy crap an actual RUchat gamer who isn’t incredibly obnoxious? Instant subscribe this gameplay is so dope
Buwan Araw
Buwan Araw 8 дней назад
This reminds me of the mobile game called “The Forest” same fear hahha
Jacob Marshall
Jacob Marshall 8 дней назад
Jesus Christ is Lord. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior today!!! God bless you all!!! Amen.
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez 8 дней назад
i like how you dont do the tutorial even tho i would personally; but as a content creater it helps as we too the audience have to pay attention and get engage to the game
Gemma Anderson
Gemma Anderson 8 дней назад
When he entered the room and you were in there I nearly passed out
Maria Listya Puspitarini
Maria Listya Puspitarini 8 дней назад
Gemma Anderson
Gemma Anderson 9 дней назад
Jimmy suddenly being behind you actually made me scream out loud😱
Gemma Anderson
Gemma Anderson 9 дней назад
I cant play games like this, I just freeze in fear,... I love watching horror movies but playing games like this my imagination freaks out coz it's like its happening to me....
Original Alex
Original Alex 9 дней назад
Bill nie face ass
fatman9141 9 дней назад
Never seen your content before but you’re awesome! Like the gaming Louis C.K! Subbing for sure
Vlad Igor
Vlad Igor 9 дней назад
Timmy! Timmy Timmy Timmy. Timmy? I keep thinking of Timmy from South Park!! 7:20
nevergiveup092 9 дней назад
Lmao 😂 your comment about the carpet and how people would blow the comments up if you didn’t mention it is so true lmao 😜
G Propho Loading
G Propho Loading 9 дней назад
Started watching on my phone. But I had to throw this on the 65 inch for the full experience
Chey 9 дней назад
The way her head turns so quickly gives me anxiety
• A N G E L A •
• A N G E L A • 9 дней назад
my feet ache when I get scared.
French potato
French potato 9 дней назад
That girl outside the elevator scared the shit out of me
Maricela Jacobo
Maricela Jacobo 9 дней назад
is that bill nye the science guy? lol
Kyle B
Kyle B 9 дней назад
This would have been so much better if it didn't PTC gameplay. But nevertheless, looks sick
IDK BOOP 9 дней назад
When he first appeared I screamed and threw my phone- LMFAO
Park Min Rin
Park Min Rin 9 дней назад
kinda reminds me of Hotel 626 hmmm....🤔
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson 9 дней назад
Today on "Jumpscares With Jimmy," 21:04 35:19 49:10
Manothe Greatest
Manothe Greatest 9 дней назад
I am tryna be a RUchatr just like you
Manothe Greatest
Manothe Greatest 9 дней назад
New subscriber I love it
Yong Morris
Yong Morris 9 дней назад
We are not good we are not good LOL
Master Ethan
Master Ethan 9 дней назад
This looks so good and smooth
Ronan Speed
Ronan Speed 9 дней назад
When he first attacked my soul left my body and jumps scares rarely get me
Shauna Attewell
Shauna Attewell 9 дней назад
is it just me or in the beginning does Jimmy sound like Tom Hiddleston/ Loki??
george iman
george iman 9 дней назад
can u imagine playing this using VR?
Romi jp
Romi jp 9 дней назад
Damn the jumpscares always got me, guess its time to remove the game from my wishlist and just watch this
MyCHANNEL with Dwayne Random
MyCHANNEL with Dwayne Random 9 дней назад
is this a game or a movie???
Duzten Smith
Duzten Smith 9 дней назад
when he snuck up behind him at the beginning i jumped so hard bro
Jnn Slm
Jnn Slm 10 дней назад
I love horror games but this made me dizzy from the fast movement and looking around they should've change that
Bu Jaye
Bu Jaye 10 дней назад
This game has blown up since you played it, thank you for letting more people know about it’s existence and being respectful of the game developers wishes. This is why I keep coming back. Amazing taste, amazing content, and an amazing dude. What more could you ask for? ❤️
Nuna Gamer
Nuna Gamer 10 дней назад
32:28 "We're good"... 32:36 "WE'RE NOT GOOD!!" 😂😂😅
Kevin 10 дней назад
What’s wrong, Jimmy-kun?
Ebony Burton
Ebony Burton 10 дней назад
I jumped sooo hard ! when he got you🤣
Erik Borgerson
Erik Borgerson 10 дней назад
I want to play this but I don't have a windows operating system. It needs to get on Xbox One.
MC.E JR 10 дней назад
33:47 😦 If I saw that in real life,I would leave all of my clothes,and leave the hotel.I would run like Naruto.😂
Noor Ria Emilya
Noor Ria Emilya 10 дней назад
My soul left the body every single time jimmy come from behind😭
Ayla Fortuna
Ayla Fortuna 10 дней назад
I was watching this shit on my tv dude. When he sneaked up on you the first time I got so mf scared. Shi-
L J 10 дней назад
This is awesome
mfeagan1980 10 дней назад
Damn Jimmy. I’m supposed to be working!! 😂
LeberkasFN 10 дней назад
Is this a game or a film?😂
طيبة عماد طاهر
طيبة عماد طاهر 10 дней назад
You look like ryan reynolds
Marilyn Xiong
Marilyn Xiong 10 дней назад
Honestly we need more horror games where the ghosts/spirits are on your side and try to help you
Ryan Cheong
Ryan Cheong 10 дней назад
It would be a lot cooler to play this game in VR
cherish henley
cherish henley 11 дней назад
Kinda like hello neighbor the game in a sense
Amberlee Golden
Amberlee Golden 11 дней назад
Literally jumped and scared my cat when Jimmy first came at you
Thais 11 дней назад
I hate Jimmy!
Kim Kim
Kim Kim 11 дней назад
If that was me , I bang in the font door and out along time ago !
lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to
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