Hearing Enemy Music in an RPG

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Joel Haver

2 месяца назад

What was that?
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“Drayloth the Mutilator, Destroyer of Worlds and End of Days” submitted by Patreon Supporter Nathan Gellin.

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Joel Haver
Joel Haver Месяц назад
Happy holidays everyone, here's one last animation to close out the year! I'm still in shock over how much the channel exploded this month. Thank you for watching and subscribing. Many more great things to come
jacob warren
jacob warren 12 дней назад
This is my favorite one
Jmac 12 дней назад
You mean Merry CHRISTmas*.
C Davis
C Davis Месяц назад
These are amazing Joel. Seriously.
Rabbit the One
Rabbit the One Месяц назад
Now go check out Mammoth in Space!!! And maybe, if you have time, later on, maybe again, you can check Nokeric afterwards. Mammoth in Space!!
TheHackett Месяц назад
These are amazing they deserve to blow up even more
phoenixfirehunt 3 часа назад
Undertale players once they find out they're in the genocide route:
minsugageniusjjangjjangmanboongboong 4 часа назад
this is my new favorite series on youtube
Lord Excalibursaurus M
Lord Excalibursaurus M 6 часов назад
Sick Rotoscope, Bro.
Kizaru Kizaru
Kizaru Kizaru 6 часов назад
I absolutely love the way he says "you wretched fiiiiend! You shall meet my blaaade"
5D Rex
5D Rex 7 часов назад
this is only the third video i watched and a already love this channel
Guapscotch 11 часов назад
Paused Start new game? very relatable
Hund 12 часов назад
alright so this obviously takes place in the first time he played the rpg, as iirc these two appear in the second time and he also gets rid of the health bar on that guy, so obviously when he creates a new game that leads to the second playthrough
Lyndsey Clark
Lyndsey Clark 13 часов назад
This is low key an Oblivion play-through.
vinfinity 09
vinfinity 09 15 часов назад
"That was probably a family pet"
Bim Ba
Bim Ba 21 час назад
_HOW_ is this smearing animation effect done? What??
Nadia Ruiz
Nadia Ruiz 22 часа назад
This is literally when you go around testing your abilities on npc lol
Justin Maze
Justin Maze 23 часа назад
There’s something about all of this that is so perfect. I could watch hours of content like this.
Jonathan Marus
Jonathan Marus День назад
It like it's full of render bugs but they decided fuck it. Love the artifacts nice art style, couldnt agree more.
Noah George
Noah George День назад
Before it is amazing make a four of them make for
pengun День назад
why do i hear boss music?
ink and myself
ink and myself День назад
I told you turn the friendly fire off
DãTacóShaq :
DãTacóShaq : День назад
The most accurate part is how he restarts the whole game because he felt bad
Moonlight Shine
Moonlight Shine День назад
that's it as soon as I start Oblivion I'm going to go on an evil killing spree forget being a hero I'm going to be the best villain there ever was and I'm supposed to be the main hero of the game there's no one that could stand against me!!! But let's be honest everyone's really going to be a jerk like that might as well be a villain.
Caleb Johnson
Caleb Johnson День назад
The fact that this has legitimately happened to me a few times really drives this home.
Woof Woof
Woof Woof День назад
So this is the sequel to “First Time Playing an RPG” and the prequel to “Second Time Playing an RPG” got now I know where everything fits in, good
koenigscat День назад
A good way to do tutorial dialogue now I think of it
kashif hisyam akram
kashif hisyam akram День назад
I laughed my ass off when he opened the menu XD Didn't expect that coming
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf День назад
No judging in RPGs folks
GradeY underY
GradeY underY День назад
the "good" is a masterpiece.
Kyaw Thu
Kyaw Thu День назад
Good thing I don't have a health bar I ain't dying today
Some Random Person On The Internet
Some Random Person On The Internet День назад
This guy fucks up a lot
Dan Bennett
Dan Bennett 2 дня назад
Totally fantastic!
Trelior 2 дня назад
I love how the walk animation is as awkward as walking to the bathroom after shitting your pants.
Alicks 2 дня назад
Those gloves! I'm so glad you picked up the gloves!
Commander Apollo
Commander Apollo 2 дня назад
WhO gOEs tHeRE ¿¡
Jim Roberts
Jim Roberts 2 дня назад
Did you.. are those his gloves? Lol
Socky Noob
Socky Noob 2 дня назад
If only there were RPGs like this lol. Really awkward moments when you fuck up, being able to make enemies friendly and vice versa merely by simple words or actions, no deep lore, etc.
こもりScarlet 2 дня назад
i have stumbled upon a gold mine xD
Markus Herdebrant
Markus Herdebrant 2 дня назад
"All unsaved progress will be lost" GOOD
Karish 2 дня назад
This is a masterpiece.
Bruno Baw
Bruno Baw 2 дня назад
the pink guy looks like the cantina bully/rebel guy in Total Recall that Arnie kicks
pshuttle 2 дня назад
Reminds me of Don Quixote!
Kyore 3 дня назад
Ooooo those are oblivion’s bribing sound effects. I knew it sounded familiar!
Patate Potato
Patate Potato 3 дня назад
We want more of the knight adventures !
Jeremy Chamberlin
Jeremy Chamberlin 3 дня назад
The Fine Gloves is the ultimate skyrim reference for me. I always needed a pair.
Israel Empire
Israel Empire 3 дня назад
If you face palm your face multiple times then you would be slapping your face a lot on this video
paulson E'manson
paulson E'manson 3 дня назад
"Are you gonna fight me?" "Nope, I kinda lost my appetite" hahahahahahahahahahahha
Boyds of Paradise
Boyds of Paradise 3 дня назад
Brilliant! I'm suddenly wanting to play Skyrim!
Chris Yefchak
Chris Yefchak 3 дня назад
this feels like classic youtube
Catastropheshe 3 дня назад
He came at me with aa.. ... Scream, he was screaming!
0KU Yasu
0KU Yasu 3 дня назад
"All unsaved progress will be lost." "Good"
Kyle Santos
Kyle Santos 3 дня назад
Why is this me in Skyrim frantically looking at the sky when I hear enemy music...
The Answer is 9
The Answer is 9 3 дня назад
This feels like a deleted scene from Monty python and the holy grail
New World
New World 3 дня назад
Sry hahaha🤣 i laughed
Johnny Schmith
Johnny Schmith 3 дня назад
"All unsaved progress will be lost" >>Go back >>GOOD lmao
Emre Birinci
Emre Birinci 3 дня назад
This is so oldest lord of the rings style :D
fastsneakers 3 дня назад
when you have to kill everyone in the simulation to find your father in fallout 3
TrackmaniaKid27Gaming 4 дня назад
0:25 when you realize “AHH THE MEATLOAF!”
Daniel Bernal Rojas
Daniel Bernal Rojas 4 дня назад
this is making me question my gameplays in rpgs
Kid Gamer
Kid Gamer 4 дня назад
You are like Circletoons but actually good.
Divemaster Daniel
Divemaster Daniel 4 дня назад
Kaden Volan
Kaden Volan 4 дня назад
This is giving me an appetite for Fallout 4 now
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom 4 дня назад
Imagine if games had npcs so complex and smart it felt like real people
danis k
danis k 4 дня назад
*kills innocent man* *steals his gloves* *RPG LIFE!*
Mr. Grizzly_Builds
Mr. Grizzly_Builds 4 дня назад
Idk why but I love whenever Joel says fuck. I know it’s childish but his delivery is really good.
JOmegaRadical 5 дней назад
"That explains why I'm still level 1"
SUNGIL ROH 5 дней назад
Finally, walking animation patched
Alec Dorval
Alec Dorval 5 дней назад
Love how he says blade
Batador- istalk
Batador- istalk 5 дней назад
Man, I want to know how you could create something funny and also akward at the same time xD
brendon6371 5 дней назад
Mephistofeles 5 дней назад
Devourer Of Bigmacs
Devourer Of Bigmacs 5 дней назад
Sans awaits you.
Tander101 5 дней назад
I've found my niche videos
Jordan Zavala
Jordan Zavala 5 дней назад
“Don’t apologize to me... apologize to him.” 🤣🤣
Daniel Prieto
Daniel Prieto 5 дней назад
I guess adventure awaits, literally yes
Anthony Monto
Anthony Monto 6 дней назад
This is me everytime j play a bethesda game. *Spoilers!* It's usually a bat it something. I always spend like 20 mins just trying to figure out what's attacking me.
Voxelize 6 дней назад
This is when you decide to do a chaotic evil genocide run.
Sulaiman Khan
Sulaiman Khan 6 дней назад
I almost forgot to watch this today.
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 6 дней назад
When that first guy screamed, that caught me off guard lol.
Fusion Bunker
Fusion Bunker 6 дней назад
These are great 👍 Keep it up
38 FYCM II Diptesh Koli
38 FYCM II Diptesh Koli 6 дней назад
00:46 I like that you used Prince of Persia swords sound.
Idee Fixe
Idee Fixe 6 дней назад
This gold where has this been
nomad jensen
nomad jensen 6 дней назад
I can attest, this is very accurate. Especially in elderscrolls games.
Elisabeth Spooner
Elisabeth Spooner 7 дней назад
Why is he walking like there’s poop in his pants and he’s trying not to squish it up and make it harder to clean when he gets to the bathroom?
Enraged Snail
Enraged Snail 7 дней назад
How is this animation made? Do you just animate over actual people that you took a video of? I love it whatever it is
torrented gamer
torrented gamer 6 дней назад
i think its motion capture, but it isnt animated over properly, just a new image per 5 seconds explaining the weird blur
Derpydogz025 7 дней назад
sequels are usually known to be the worst in the series, with this I am impressed lol
Garrett Taylor
Garrett Taylor 7 дней назад
I really did not like when his face got all detailed
Apollo 7 дней назад
The oblivion music
Alcatraz 2099
Alcatraz 2099 7 дней назад
This channel is a gold mine
Simcity Jayplay
Simcity Jayplay 7 дней назад
Truly awkward, that some "people" eould do such a thing
The Sun Is nigh
The Sun Is nigh 7 дней назад
Haha joke's on the troll. The only people that have a healthbar are enemies to themselves.
Corusame Occasum
Corusame Occasum 8 дней назад
"What about the dastardly Hilichurls awaiting in ambush?" "You mean the two that were sitting on top of the hill watching the sun set together?" "Okay, erm... fuck."
Ray Cat
Ray Cat 4 дня назад
Need those mask and arrowhead..
EnglandBengal 8 дней назад
This guy needs to calm down.
Darth Dovahkiin
Darth Dovahkiin 8 дней назад
Is that music from Oblivion?
y33tboy 8 дней назад
Who the hell suddenly starts screaming and charging at you from behind. You would’ve at least noticed him from a distance.
Doyoulike TaCos
Doyoulike TaCos 8 дней назад
lol these are great
Cam L-G
Cam L-G 9 дней назад
these are great a real treat Joel, thank you keep it up
iunnor 9 дней назад
How you make the destroyer of worlds lose his appetite?
CalamityBaird 9 дней назад
Imma be honest, I only clicked because I read enemy as eminem and was confused. But I wasn't disappointment.
P G M 9 дней назад
The script here is lovely. I really enjoyed this, things like this are better than TV. Please do some more Joel, you are talented.
Serhat Duran
Serhat Duran 9 дней назад
Josh 9 дней назад
For once the bad guy has the bigger moral compass
Cyber 9 дней назад
Pause the video at 0:40
Carl Angelo Entapa
Carl Angelo Entapa 9 дней назад
*don't apologize to me, apologize to him* me who kills innocents in skyrim just for gold: ( ‾ʖ̫‾)
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