Ghost of Tsushima -The Ghost | PS4

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Set aside samurai traditions and forge a new path, the path of the Ghost, as you embark on a vast open-world adventure and wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Tsushima.
Out Summer 2020.
May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.

Alex Ron
Alex Ron 2 дня назад
Name of the background theme PLEASE
Orion 5 дней назад
I haven't gotten to the Ghost bit yet, what is the sword on his back for? Does he use it?
Mathew Diaz
Mathew Diaz 7 дней назад
Just beat this, this game deserves game of year in my opinion I hope there is a second or something similar!! Stay safe everyone
ZIYAD ZUHAIR 8 дней назад
nouara ridouard
nouara ridouard 13 дней назад
hollywood undead
Cinthia Aglae Gil Panduro
Cinthia Aglae Gil Panduro 25 дней назад
Nice game!! We have 6 hours playing ! And it’s marvelous
gonewthworld 28 дней назад
I'll rent it not worth paying for single player games anymore
Rahilego Guy
Rahilego Guy 19 дней назад
This game will have a multiplayer mode in fall.
Alex Brockmann
Alex Brockmann 28 дней назад
What armor/dyes are are being worn in this trailer (not talking about the starting armor)?
Diego Carrillo
Diego Carrillo Месяц назад
I saw the walkinthroug of this game and the armor of the ghost does not look like anything, nor improving it
Ucha Annissa
Ucha Annissa Месяц назад
Lord shimura
Lord shimura Месяц назад
Xbox fans: we make the best exclusives and consoles Sony: 2:28
Greengabe Месяц назад
They started with a sucker punch game, and going out in a blaze of glory with a sucker punch game
Andy Lahens
Andy Lahens Месяц назад
LEER CRITICA DEL JUEGO - El juego tiene unos Gráficos excelentes - El audio de las voces por lo menos en español latinoamerica son muy buenas y muy similar a las voces en inglés - El sistema de Combate y la IA de los enemigos es muy bueno, inmersivo, realista y extremadamente entretenido - Las misiones tanto principales como secundarias tienen muy buena historia y son entretenidas - Punto Negativo del juego. Carece de contenido y entretenimiento una ves culminas la historia y misiones secundarias Me ubiese gustado q en este juego ubiesen puesto enemigos que te busquen con un mayor nivel de dificultad, un lugar como una Arena de Combate en donde enfrentes oleadas de Mongoles para hacer records personales, que las bases enemigas se restablezcan para poder volverlas atacar o por lo menos q los mongoles las ataquen y estén todos los NPC corriendo como locos como pa' avisarte q están atacando los mongoles.... Cosas así para disfrutar un poco mas del juego después del final. La verdad es que una ves te lo ganas carece completamente de contenido y no debería ser así porque es un Mundo Abierto...
Aurorien Месяц назад
4:00 he's wearing ghost armor in prologue.. new game plus hint? :o
Chocolatespaghetti Месяц назад
0:57 that's my wallpaper now
The Ghost
The Ghost Месяц назад
Shintaro Месяц назад
A moment of silence for all who don't own a PS4 and got to see the amazing ending...
TopHatDroid Месяц назад
I saw it and then I got a ps4 with the game.
kubson Месяц назад
Is this scene in game?
OMG! WORLD Месяц назад
I dont own a PS4...but let me code Wrongturn and 3 fingers for your ready
Ndera Maharie
Ndera Maharie Месяц назад
The voice acting in this game is superbly done.
Green G
Green G Месяц назад
Game was a masterpiece. Everything from graphics to gameplay. Game of the year, imo.
Jonathan Getachew
Jonathan Getachew Месяц назад
Some of the scenes in this trailer aren't in the final game for some reason?
Rahilego Guy
Rahilego Guy Месяц назад
Sekrio: I’m the best fighting game! Ghost: I challenge you to a stand-off. Sekrio: Ok I run that back, you’re better.
Ivan_bot Месяц назад
so hyped y'all
Watch Forward Play
Watch Forward Play Месяц назад
Awesome game!!
Edric Bunthara
Edric Bunthara Месяц назад
Hey i am from the future and i've seen this game, it was a great game
Rodrigo Garcia Abal
Rodrigo Garcia Abal Месяц назад
Assasin's creed with another name
Rr Месяц назад
That's what you get for not wearing masks
Talon Q-Q
Talon Q-Q Месяц назад
Is that a Samsung horse in a sony game???
Yuduneeda Kno
Yuduneeda Kno Месяц назад
3:24 I fr thought this was a mission when that title popped up. Notice how in the game the mission title is introduced the very same way. This game is extraordinary!!
TheUnchosen 1
TheUnchosen 1 Месяц назад
I'm wondering why this scene was cut out of the game?
Ttt Ccc
Ttt Ccc Месяц назад
Worst game camera control i ever played... Bad combat game had glitch and reaction in movment and combat when dozen of enemy attack u on fuckn ps4
Tony Gaming
Tony Gaming Месяц назад
Why is this age restricted!
England is my city
England is my city Месяц назад
Man I just wish that masks showed up in cutscenes
England is my city
England is my city Месяц назад
@Freddirak thanks bruh
Freddirak Месяц назад
You can alter that in the settings.
Tetriz Demon
Tetriz Demon Месяц назад
How can a game cause so much hype yet STILL manage to exceed expectations? I wasn't expecting it to be as fun or as emotional as it is.
That Tricky Trickster
That Tricky Trickster Месяц назад
Here after playing for about 16 hrs of the game. It’s TOTALLY WORTH IT.
Jonathan Sátiro
Jonathan Sátiro Месяц назад
Joshua Hendricks It’s cinematic , it’s not part of the game
Joshua Hendricks
Joshua Hendricks Месяц назад
Hey do you remember seeing this part in-game? I don't think I did
Rui Rocha
Rui Rocha Месяц назад
Joseph Grizzly
Joseph Grizzly Месяц назад
3:58 So I'm guessing that's proof of NG+....please give it to us already!!
Paragon Bytes
Paragon Bytes Месяц назад
@Tetriz Demon and load out slots for attires and charms. Or more slots for the charms. It breaks the immersion going every time into your menu to select charms. They could make 2 slot charms for every style of play. Exploration, combat, ghost, and bow. Or one main and one minor charm slot of each type. Equip and forget about them til you find something better. And maybe more use like Sekiro for the grappling hook. Other than that, one of my favourite games
Tetriz Demon
Tetriz Demon Месяц назад
Let's hope. It is by far the most requested thing.
V man
V man Месяц назад
These guys can make great Deadpool game. 🔥💯
Csaba Famin
Csaba Famin 2 месяца назад
R.I.P Assassin's creed!
xTheShadowLordx 2 месяца назад
What a way to end the ps4 saga, with this beautiful masterpiece.
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