FC Barcelona 2010/2011 - Possession/TikiTaka/Goals

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Clesio Jr
Clesio Jr 36 минут назад
Procurem o Google tradutor pra ler isoo!!
Clesio Jr
Clesio Jr 37 минут назад
E o melhor time que já existiu hj em dia tá um lixo
syahid farhan
syahid farhan 12 часов назад
best team in the world in past
DJ DN da 19
DJ DN da 19 День назад
Equipe unida, da nisso! Uns dos melhores times..
Juso День назад
lucky enough to have witnessed this team play, the greatest team of all time imo, peps barca
香港最大狗公 2 дня назад
Daniel Lau
Daniel Lau 2 дня назад
I miss Tiki-taka. 😔😔
Daniel Tayeng
Daniel Tayeng 4 дня назад
Yo they are playing like pes
top on
top on 4 дня назад
I want to go back to this era. 😢
LUCAS PIRATA 8 дней назад
saudade do meu barcelonaaaaaaaaaa
A shiok
A shiok 8 дней назад
Nhật ký Nhà Trọ Vlog
Nhật ký Nhà Trọ Vlog 8 дней назад
Who remember seri Scandals of Uefalona??? => Chelsea 2009, Inter 2010, Arsenal 2011, Real 2011, Milan 2012.
Moises Gonzalez
Moises Gonzalez 9 дней назад
El barca es el mejor equipo de el mundo digan lo que digan Madrid segundón las copas de Europa estaban llenas de gafeeeeeeeee
francisco de paula
francisco de paula 9 дней назад
Desde muy niño he sido, soy y seré del Real Madrid. Aunque reconozco que Xavi Hernández y Andrés Iniesta, son los mejores futbolistas que ha dado España, Europa y el mundo. Lástima que no no les han dado nunca el balón de oro, lo tienen más que merecido. Mucho más que la cristiana ronalda. Porque son españoles, si no segurisimo que se lo habrían dado. Pero no les hace falta tenerlo para ser los más grandes genios de la historia.
Harsh Tripathi
Harsh Tripathi 9 дней назад
Destroyed by chelsea in 2012...lol
Moses Kalinda
Moses Kalinda 10 дней назад
You guys realise this is FORTY minutes of highlights right? Incredible.
med kemel
med kemel 10 дней назад
Xavi was something else ❤️
mr.mystery 97
mr.mystery 97 11 дней назад
You wonder why tiki taka doesnt suit us nowadays coz we don't have such players 😶
Thor06 Thor064
Thor06 Thor064 12 дней назад
The midfielder legend Iniesta and xabi just incredible. Forza barca.
Djalma Oliveira
Djalma Oliveira 12 дней назад
A falta q o Xavi e Iniesta e o Daniel Alves faz é gritante... Eles eram o motor do time. O Messi é um gênio, mais não pode decidir sempre. Não da pra entender pq o Barça abandonou esse esquema Tiki-Taki. Saudades 2020
Ferdinand Mikko
Ferdinand Mikko 13 дней назад
26:02 29:00
bigray basumatary
bigray basumatary 15 дней назад
My grandfather told me about Pele .and I told my son about Messi ..
Erdem Koç
Erdem Koç 17 дней назад
Ekremden gelenler
Preetham Veeranna
Preetham Veeranna 17 дней назад
the worst form of football
J Money
J Money 20 дней назад
i always knew christiano is gay..... 18:44 "valdes quite enjoyed wrappping his legs around christiano ronaldo after the ball had been toe-poked out of play" "certainly a risk he shouldnt be taking!"
King Fischer
King Fischer 23 дня назад
It was great and all but tiki taka is dead not because of barca unable to play like that but other teams already know how to defeat it, but honestly it truly changes how defending operates.
Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno 23 дня назад
I be studying this shit to help me in fifa 🤣
tuckingfypo tuckingfypo
tuckingfypo tuckingfypo 23 дня назад
If you like possession football, try PES.
Harm van der Wilt
Harm van der Wilt Месяц назад
Do you see how easy they make it look? Yet no team has managed to play like this since. Not even Peps teams. They were absolutely brilliant. Masters in their own art. I will never forget that 5-0 win over RM. Ive never seen a team in control like that. Also, great to see how Messi has developed from an extraordinary goalscorer into a players scoring 25 and assisting 20 a season. Such vision and intelligence. Unmatched.
berkeleybernie Месяц назад
What a joy to watch again. Besides the excellent ball control by the entire team, what made this possible was constant movement. Barça always had an advantage in any area of the pitch, especially due to Xavi's brilliant movement and vision. It's like they were playing a man up all the time. Need an extra man building up from the back? Xavi's there. Need help in the midfield? Alves is pushed up and Messi has dropped back in the false 9 hole. Need help in attack? Alves and Xavi are there. Hoping one day we'll see a team again which excels at movement and ball control. Maybe when Xavi returns to coach at Barça.
desmond achocky
desmond achocky Месяц назад
I just feel like crying when I watch this clips the best barca days which is a far cry from the mess that barca has become as a result of poor leadership.
AviLOrkQ Месяц назад
These years Barça is the most beautiful football ever played
Shubham Prabhakar
Shubham Prabhakar Месяц назад
I just watched this with tears in my eyes. This is football . This is Barcelona. #forcabarca #mesquenclub
Musa Richard Mathebula
Musa Richard Mathebula Месяц назад
Can we appreciate Sergio
Malek Raies
Malek Raies Месяц назад
we will back again ...
Khaled Blacko
Khaled Blacko Месяц назад
they won't last these days with the peer pressure applied
Rishabh 31
Rishabh 31 Месяц назад
Another reason for their squad remaining so fit throughout the season was their playing style.. almost effortless.. no long balls, no hard running, just quick simple 5-10 yard passes.. the only effort required was in pressing.. that too was for very short periods.. so naturally pep could play almost the same team throughout the season..
RR XL Месяц назад
Después de tantas palizas vengo a refugiarme en donde el Barça daba palizas #BartomeuOut
D'Shalih Месяц назад
Iniesta dribling Xavi passing Messi winning
Jamil Jahangir Sheikh
Jamil Jahangir Sheikh Месяц назад
2:21 that goal by xavi, damn
E_ Месяц назад
the most boring years of european football. thanks to ac milan who was the first time f*cked tiki taka tactic. then thanks to liverpool, real madrid , cristiano reminded to the world real football again what is different from handball
ed lopez V.
ed lopez V. Месяц назад
u stupid or what fool don't know nothing about true football
Darwin Mang
Darwin Mang Месяц назад
FCB got hurt with Puyol retiring and then Xavi and lately Don Andres INIESTA.... Now we are just clowns
Quas el fuego
Quas el fuego Месяц назад
Lol the commentator thought Xavi pulled that off by luck 😂
Suyash Pareek
Suyash Pareek Месяц назад
40min long orgasm
Oscar Black
Oscar Black Месяц назад
All I see is absolute trust in the team, no one hesitates, everyone believes that their teammate will be where they should be. Nothing will peak this team
the best and you?
the best and you? Месяц назад
if you compare that barcelona to the barcelona of the last 2 years its no wonder messi wants to leave.. there's nothing left of the greatness
Koda Dais
Koda Dais Месяц назад
For all the prospective youth looking to take information from this video: Play the way you're facing. Watch this again but keep that in mind - amazing how infrequently players need to complete dribbles because their passing is so good.
Saagar Shah
Saagar Shah Месяц назад
That 5-0 win against Mourinho's Madrid was the pinnacle. It was a display of perfection.
Myluckydaniel Месяц назад
That Messi as Dani alves chemistry
cooking with Berke
cooking with Berke Месяц назад
If you observe closely, its nearly always xavi or iniesta that manages to find space, get away from a defender and create which leads up to the goals. These players missing + the aging squad is the main problem why Setien couln't succeed with his posession football.
hadi saleem
hadi saleem Месяц назад
Wow what a football!👏
wewantfigures Месяц назад
Alvaro Alvs
Alvaro Alvs Месяц назад
Best team in the history of football.
Luisketos Месяц назад
2010 the best year of FCB 2020 the worst year of FCB
Ck Flims
Ck Flims Месяц назад
40 mins are too shorter for this video....
maxhi shorlek
maxhi shorlek Месяц назад
Thank you mourinho for beating these aliens
Alexander Hughes
Alexander Hughes Месяц назад
if this was a fifa team it would have 200 chemistry
Er Persie
Er Persie Месяц назад
el fútbol evolucionó, a esos nadie les jugaba con intensidad o si les jugaban así, perdían, olvidense de volver a ver otro tiki taka tan efectivo
Er Persie
Er Persie Месяц назад
@A AV Ah y otra cosa, ahora hay VAR, no te olvides del escándalo del BarcaGate, de Unicef y de la FIFA de ese momento y todos los escándalos con los que ganaron esas champions.
Er Persie
Er Persie Месяц назад
@A AV Y entonces por qué Guardiola en el City ya propone un juego directo y vertical? y no el tiki taka lento predecible, Messi de joven era el encargado de romper todas las líneas y llegar con toques al área, o Iniesta y Xavi, pero más mérito de Messi, cuando salgan otro Xavi, Iniesta y sobre todo uno igual o mejor a Messi capaz vuelva ese tipo de fútbol, mientras tanto, se acabó.
A AV Месяц назад
Este comentario tuyo lo he escuchado de mucha gente y me parece una tontería. El debate de si jugar al toque sirve o no para ganar es tan viejo como el propio fútbol. Ya antes de que apareciera el barca de guardiola se decía que no se podía ganar jugando así porque este tipo de jugador con tan poco físico no tenía nada que hacer contra el típico futbolista atlético que era tan abundante. Pues bien, estos futbolistas demostraron que sí se puede jugar así y ganar y callaron a todos los "entendidos". El fútbol no ha evolucionado como tú dices, lo que ocurre simplemente es que ya no hay otro xavi ni otro Iniesta. El fútbol sigue siendo igual de físico que antes del barca de guardiola.
Rohman Danilo
Rohman Danilo Месяц назад
Miss him
Hermann Belinga
Hermann Belinga Месяц назад
After demolishing defeat bayern 8=2😖
Ryan Ryan
Ryan Ryan Месяц назад
When messi was not the best player in the team...
Rolls Месяц назад
Ryan Ryan Lol
Wayan Prema Astika
Wayan Prema Astika Месяц назад
Rindu barca kaya gini
Diego Cárdenas
Diego Cárdenas Месяц назад
XAVI es demasiado!
Evert from Nederland
Evert from Nederland Месяц назад
Couple of offside goals, but let's not get messy
Muhammad Nabil bin Ruslan
Muhammad Nabil bin Ruslan Месяц назад
Try to not crying while watching this
Gabriel Leguizamon
Gabriel Leguizamon Месяц назад
Estoy aquí por el calvo cruyfista de Seitan. Like si tú también.
Mohammad Umar
Mohammad Umar Месяц назад
No doubt this is music for the eyes. Loved this barca side and wish they could regain the lost glory with this style. However, I believe the game of football has changed. Athletes in this era are on a whole new level. The way they can press for 90 mins is insane. I doubt if this same Barca side could have been equally successful in the modern era. Yes this is the Barca philosophy and style and but its sports, its football, that must be adapted. Nothing is their forever, no team is unbeatable. Ones to adapt and overcome are the kings of this game. There's always someone stepping up, turning out better.
Eric 2000
Eric 2000 Месяц назад
This barca would destroy this year bayern munchen, they would score every chanse they had with the space
리야늴리 Месяц назад
first goal is offside, second goal pass Alves -> messi one offside, Pedro two offside. i dont see more video. barcelona is can't score goals without offside. tikitaka?? no. offside taka tiki,tiki,tiki,offside taka -> goal
Elvis Fuentes
Elvis Fuentes Месяц назад
I see an offside kinda-type in ur English.
David Martínez Frew
David Martínez Frew Месяц назад
Xavi is the best brain of football history
Raunak Majhi
Raunak Majhi Месяц назад
Dani alves is the Goat RB
alan aguilar
alan aguilar Месяц назад
I hate to say this but , as soon as Barcelona started signing players without la masaia dna , dembele greizzy coutinho umtiti etc, the pass and move system broke down . Without that system Messi cannot thrive. He is still amazing but he can’t win trophies without that system . The only place for him to go is man city. He will be exposed as above average without barcelona
Rodytur10 Месяц назад
Best football team ever and I don't think we will ever see a team of that quality. Alves, Pique, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi etcetera. Just awesome.
Anas Bin Al-Sheikh
Anas Bin Al-Sheikh Месяц назад
The year is 2020 the month is August. Messi is leaving us. Our mistake is those who learnt from Xavi, Iniesta, Prime bosquets, Puyol and Pique how to control the game, we let them go. And we lost our identity. We let go of Thaigo (a mix of Xavi & Iniesta), we followed the trend of buying big names when we won the most trophies with only Messi as a big name. الا ليت الزمان يعود يوما...
deion le
deion le Месяц назад
i am vietnamese american from california usa alway love messi
deion le
deion le Месяц назад
love messi so i came here messi is leaving barca
devang chauhan
devang chauhan Месяц назад
5:30 look at the real madrid players they are still 🤣🤣
Thomas Месяц назад
13:18 Xavi are you serious ??
Thomas Месяц назад
The best team of all time. It was art at this point. they were so good at keeping the ball that every player had basically 6 options to give the ball, all the time. Thats how good they were. No one can match in history
Al Gandar
Al Gandar Месяц назад
Andres iniesta===> El illusionista.. Xavi Hernández===> El Magico... Nada mas....
Alfredo Plata
Alfredo Plata Месяц назад
Im here after the possible leaving of Messi... Im never going to forget what we were
Harshavardhan S
Harshavardhan S 2 месяца назад
The level of football those days 🔝🔝. www.theturffootball.com/articles/fc-barcelona-ups-and-downs-2008-2014/
Colo Productions
Colo Productions 2 месяца назад
Im not crying... Im not crying... Im crying...
Jade William
Jade William 2 месяца назад
Here after Messi said he’s leaving 😔
Haylow TopsyKreet
Haylow TopsyKreet 2 месяца назад
Bayern Munich were the ones who solved the tiki taka puzzle And then now the 8-2
Soul King
Soul King 2 месяца назад
2010/2011 Barca is the most entertaining football team that ever exist.
prince baker
prince baker 2 месяца назад
I remember all these games and for me it was a super season
Abha Agrawal
Abha Agrawal 2 месяца назад
And now messi is leaving....
gobinath g
gobinath g 2 месяца назад
Watching after 8 - 2 ,. Not sad I am so happie.... 😂😂😂😂 ... barca never creat this team again... not half of this team caliber... 😂😂😂😂
geraldinho fitness
geraldinho fitness 2 месяца назад
Nothing close to this Barca when I watch any match in cruise mode
Pixulz 2 месяца назад
I’m crying out for this, our philosophy. It brings me to tears to see what we are doing nowadays
Akshat Singhal
Akshat Singhal 2 месяца назад
www.theturffootball.com/articles/fc-barcelona-a-club-in-shambles/ We all know the current situation at the club, here are my views on it. Please give it a read and would love to have a discussion with all of you on the current situation and what can be done going forward. Mes Que en Club ❤💙
FarGo 123
FarGo 123 2 месяца назад
I am here after 8-2 match This hurts differently😭😢
Daniel Rezayat
Daniel Rezayat 2 месяца назад
I just watched high graphic material on RUchat The way they play, they dancing and show art of teamwork,
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 2 месяца назад
Barcelona played with speed the passing was quick the movement of the Ball was quick now its slow the passing is slow the movement off the ball is slow. This why I don't like pundits and commentators saying tiki taka is out dated, we just don't play tiki taka anymore compare johan cryuff and peps manegerial reign compared to setién or valverde (styles of play) it's in comparable
Ultimate Opportunist
Ultimate Opportunist 2 месяца назад
I feel like crying watching this
BryanisSmart 2 месяца назад
The good old days. This team would never lose 8- 2
Maurice Dobson
Maurice Dobson 13 дней назад
Trust me this Barcelona team would have beated bayern and dominated them as well
Outlaw Soul
Outlaw Soul 2 месяца назад
lmao at the madrid defensive line bringing up their hands for offside when it's their pass that gets intercepted by superior tactics. always a dirty team. -- at 4:10. that collapsing valencia team was coached by Unai Emery, the same Emery that was PSG coach when barça eliminated them 6-1 from the Champions League.
Mauro Assunção
Mauro Assunção 2 месяца назад
2:35 *team is literally passing, dominating and controlling the ball for about 2 minutes straight and scores. Narrator: "A huge slice of luck"
Mauro Assunção
Mauro Assunção 2 месяца назад
@Outlaw Soul oh that makes sense haha
Outlaw Soul
Outlaw Soul 2 месяца назад
that guy is a former madrid player and a huge fan. he's a moron. his partner in the second half of that same game says "barça cutting madrid open with ease" when a barça pass gets intercepted by pepe and he thinks that means the game is turning.
Gonzalo Gómez
Gonzalo Gómez 2 месяца назад
All I can say is thanks for keeping alive those moments that made me fall in love with Barça. Thanks for all those moments in which we could knew that this Barça was able to do everything. We miss them and let's hope they can bring it back.
Azis Vengeance
Azis Vengeance 2 месяца назад
I miss this barca
Ralph Muskinyaar
Ralph Muskinyaar 2 месяца назад
The greatest team ever assembled.
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