Daft Punk - Epilogue

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Daft Punk

Daft Punk

12 дней назад

#DaftPunk #Epilogue

Ondra Schirra
Ondra Schirra 5 часов назад
The emotions are so real like I can see actual sad faces behind those helmets.
AgentJ386 5 часов назад
Still have my Daft Club card I got from the Discovery album in 2001.
co ca
co ca 5 часов назад
Vous restez dans mon cœur mais mon seul regret sera de ne jamais avoir eu l’occasion de vous voir en concert 😫 Vous avez marqué le monde entier moi compris Je ne cesserai jamais d’écouter votre musique et j’espère qu’un jour un artiste égalera votre talent
Hoi Boi
Hoi Boi 5 часов назад
Daft Punk still has a special place in my heart
Vishal Dwivedi
Vishal Dwivedi 5 часов назад
İvme Oyun
İvme Oyun 5 часов назад
Ben Ne İzledim?
Samson Shadin
Samson Shadin 5 часов назад
Your music ment the world to me thanks for making my life less painful
pierro fgx
pierro fgx 5 часов назад
Putain !!!! Vous avez pas le droit vous êtes des légendes !!! J'espère que vous allez revenir !! Merci pour les super moments et a bientôt pour un nouveau sons !❤️peace !
Oxy 5 часов назад
Thomas B
Thomas B 6 часов назад
The end of a career. The start of a legend.
Nicholas Pagliarani
Nicholas Pagliarani 6 часов назад
Total Builder Wars
Total Builder Wars 6 часов назад
😭😭Vous m'avez fait découvrir l'électro et je vous e' remercie beaucoup (il me semble que vous êtes de nationalité française donc j'espère que vous comprendrez)
NarcYT 6 часов назад
Legend's back
Sonicz97 6 часов назад
Thanks Covid.
Lance Smith
Lance Smith 6 часов назад
I agree f*ck covid
R Bjelan
R Bjelan 6 часов назад
Some of the best music on the planet. Wishing you both good luck.
x7xSINIST3Rx7x 6 часов назад
Gentlemen It's Time To Hang Our Hats And Go Home. . . The Party Is Over
Osvaldo Maeda Hernández 3C
Osvaldo Maeda Hernández 3C 6 часов назад
GR SlabHunter
GR SlabHunter 6 часов назад
It’s ok guys they’ll come back for “one more time” and we’re gonna celebrate
RUTH ALHAMBRA 6 часов назад
What an elegant way to finish.
adwait bhattacharya
adwait bhattacharya 6 часов назад
truly pioneers in the electro and dance music scene, their songs never get old. It was fun while it lasted
Szilveszter Dr. Szűcs
Szilveszter Dr. Szűcs 6 часов назад
Karol Alba 鯉
Karol Alba 鯉 6 часов назад
Hermoso ojala que algun dia se vuelvan a reunir como otra banda o esta :’)
asistente google
asistente google 6 часов назад
:( y yo apenas los acabo de conocer
VinnyGoGoat 7 часов назад
ANM 7 часов назад
I saw you guys in Sydney 2007. I've been a fan since I was a teen in the 90's. You will be missed.
BaldUglyMonkey 7 часов назад
The most spectacular goodbye ever.
Kaus 7 часов назад
Bruh, I really didn't want this video to appear in my recommendations...
OuRiron 7 часов назад
Se parcourt s arrête comme sa😢😭😭😭
god563616 7 часов назад
Sadness. All Great things must come to an end😥
shinsxoe 7 часов назад
gonna act like this ain't make me cry lmao :D
N3ÜTRØN Jonathan-Segovia
N3ÜTRØN Jonathan-Segovia 7 часов назад
Around the world
FarSet Channel
FarSet Channel 7 часов назад
Nice story must end... And dont stop in heart forever.
John Gab
John Gab 7 часов назад
This made me depressed seing daftpunk end breaks my heart.
Lance Smith
Lance Smith 6 часов назад
I agree it breaks my heart 😭😭💔💔
Bobafettgaming123 n00b
Bobafettgaming123 n00b 7 часов назад
I mean ofc this is sad but why is nobody talking that they haven’t posted on youtube for five years and than in 2021 they come up with this
Ever 7 часов назад
I’m not ready for them to be done.
Lance Smith
Lance Smith 6 часов назад
Me neither 💔💔😭😭
Bruno Francisco
Bruno Francisco 8 часов назад
nao acredito que acabou!!! Tantas viagens o vosso som me fez viajar....o vosso album Random Access foi tao importante na minha luta contra o cancro!!! e eu estou aqui!!!Venci o cancro!!! OBRIGADO DAFT PUNK
Артем Стретин
Артем Стретин 8 часов назад
Я надеюсь это не прощание, а начало чего то нового! Вы одни из лучших в этой вселенной! (и да. я пишу на родном языке осознавая это)! Мечтаю что miss hentai music поработает с вами!
BTS TEPKİ 8 часов назад
NOOO PLS NOO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Arshia Gold Music
Arshia Gold Music 8 часов назад
good job!!!
;; 8 часов назад
Mike Dank
Mike Dank 8 часов назад
MatrixOfDoom 8 часов назад
I'm going to go buy a record player and buy all of their lp's right fucking now
Il calzino
Il calzino 8 часов назад
A fitting send off, for the legends..... I will miss you!
Midnight Skye
Midnight Skye 8 часов назад
2:04 - 4:34 "What's wrong? Aren't you coming?" "I'm tired..." "Tired...?" ... "Please...for me..." "But...I'll miss you" "I know...but it's time" "As you wish, my friend" ... "Thank you, for everything" You guys were my childhood, thank you so much for being an amazing duo, for making memorable music, and for inspiring many others to follow in your footsteps. May your music live on for centuries to come.
Yeshua Ja
Yeshua Ja 8 часов назад
Icyriverz 8 часов назад
You will missed legend
thephotomatic 8 часов назад
I,m 41... also half french... their music was the soundtrack of my first space travels... I will always feel lucky of how they helped me to feel so free and also by making me dance... bon voyage mais amis... pour tojour dans mon couer!!
arkti haski
arkti haski 8 часов назад
Awn ther music will rest in or memories for ever
Angus Johnson
Angus Johnson 8 часов назад
Harder, better, faster, stronger - Artist Daft punk, album discovery
Decision 8 часов назад
Goodbye, LEGEND.
Angus Johnson
Angus Johnson 8 часов назад
Daft punk deserves a music hall of fame
Andrea Recchia
Andrea Recchia 8 часов назад
Giuseppe Maiorano
Giuseppe Maiorano 9 часов назад
Random Minecraft Sheep
Random Minecraft Sheep 9 часов назад
Satan 9 часов назад
Don't be sad that it ended, be happy that it happend :)
khunnapat buachan
khunnapat buachan 9 часов назад
M D 9 часов назад
I'm gonna miss these robots... Not so fun fact; I only found out I was neurodivergent because of Daft Punk. For the longest time (two or three years) my special interest was them and more specifically, their music and the robots they portrayed themselves as. And as such, they've helped me deal with so much trauma. Songs like One More Time, Instant Crush and Alive will always be comfort songs for me. But as all things must come to an end, I feel like this is a satisfying goodbye.
FroyoYolerito22 9 часов назад
the dislikes are from people that were crying and didnt seen that they clicked the dislike instead the like.
Behzat Ç.
Behzat Ç. 9 часов назад
Pls New viedo
crazydim123 9 часов назад
Надеюсь они вернутся...
Charles de la pomme dorée
Charles de la pomme dorée 9 часов назад
Oui j'ai pleuré mais ce jour là, non je ne pleurerais pas, non je ne pleurerais pas ! :)
Chuy - San
Chuy - San 9 часов назад
every beginning has an end and you must accept that that end will come
Abe Iwan 1183
Abe Iwan 1183 9 часов назад
No more daft punk............ Its over.......
Егор Манжосов
Егор Манжосов 9 часов назад
Viaxpresa Music
Viaxpresa Music 9 часов назад
es dificil no soltar unas lagrimas
Andre Sianipar
Andre Sianipar 10 часов назад
MaximusMillion 10 часов назад
"My work here is done." "But you didn't do anything for eight years." *Leaves* *Still gets sad*
Abraham Kanetian
Abraham Kanetian 10 часов назад
thanks man for fulfilled my dream and mind when Im a teenager, its been a long journey
Nathaniel war
Nathaniel war 10 часов назад
I'm gonna miss them so much..
wd40br 10 часов назад
That really made me sad. Thank you for all these years!
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson 10 часов назад
There was me thinking that after the shit show 2020 was, that daft punk would have giving us something new and upbeat to lift our spirits from 2021 onwards. Sad to see them go but they will always be legends ☹️.
Chris Jonathan
Chris Jonathan 10 часов назад
I am sad I never got to see you guys live....... I loved your music and knowing your both done.... it's absolutely heart-breaking but thank you for the music you gave us, we all will NEVER! forget you :)
robin 10 часов назад
I only started listening to them today and I wanna beat myself up for being this late.
Ronak Saxena
Ronak Saxena 10 часов назад
We were on a break - ROSS .
Isabella Jabarin
Isabella Jabarin 10 часов назад
But every good thing has to come to an end. Solid fact: They would not still be DJ’s when they’re like 78... Im still very sad Believe it or not, this almost made me get deppresion (Bad Grammar)
Baird 10 часов назад
It's the end of an era.
João Pedro Moreira
João Pedro Moreira 10 часов назад
Freez Bee
Freez Bee 11 часов назад
These robots have emotions too and they need some maintenance because they are getting too old.
Oleksii Kryvoruchenko
Oleksii Kryvoruchenko 11 часов назад
НЕТ СУКА НЕТ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JAEZUS Lives 11 часов назад
Legacy Unmatched.
Hassaan Khan
Hassaan Khan 11 часов назад
I was hopping for RAM 2 :'(
Shot Dunyun
Shot Dunyun 11 часов назад
Quelle belle aventure avec vous. C'était incroyable, de bout en bout. Je ne suis pas triste de cette séparation parce qu'elle est le point à la fin d'une histoire vraiment magique. Et dans laquelle on peut se replonger autant de fois qu'on le voudra
Putrid Arsitocratic
Putrid Arsitocratic 11 часов назад
R.I.P daft punk
Dice Dicey
Dice Dicey 11 часов назад
I'm not crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Puff Puff
Puff Puff 11 часов назад
People who makes really shit videos about their music and don't even know them: YES THIS IS PART OF MY PLAN
Alex Nkulu
Alex Nkulu 11 часов назад
Merci pour cette musique unique et cette façon si particulière de vivre votre passion. C'est tellement inspirant. Votre travail vivra à jamais.
Duper Slapper
Duper Slapper 11 часов назад
An Era has ended of two legends.
Diamonnds* 11 часов назад
Guys, you dont have Idea how i love these 😥🥺
Pau Solsona
Pau Solsona 11 часов назад
But they haven't done anything in what, 7 years?
Lance Smith
Lance Smith 6 часов назад
8 years
CMDR BakedHoon
CMDR BakedHoon 11 часов назад
No activity for 5 years. 2021 "my main goal is to blow up, and act like I don't know nobody"
Hotspur21 12 часов назад
Challenging my attention span, very French cinema...
Randy 12 часов назад
Touch. Sweet Touch. You've given too much to feel. Sweet touch. You've almost convinced me I'm real ... I need something more, I need something ... more. Thank you, for everything.
Trepie 12 часов назад
Thank you.
jn99ny 12 часов назад
Hmmmmmmmm...this guy with golden helmet is sus
DY Lee
DY Lee 12 часов назад
Mrinalini 12 часов назад
I love you guys soo much.!! 😭 Thank you for all amazing music you've given us.!! ❤️❤️❤️
Brynica 12 часов назад
Girls: He Didn't Cry On The Titanic, Do The Boys Have Feelings? Boys:
acquarius 44
acquarius 44 12 часов назад
No vabbè sononsenza parole :( grazie per tutte le emozioni che ci avete dato
Mohand Mokrab
Mohand Mokrab 12 часов назад
French fuse a fait un super hommage a vous allez le voir IMMÉDIATEMENT SVP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denoツ 12 часов назад
A big F for the legends
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