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14 дней назад

Billie Eilish is a Gen Z icon, but her fandom spans generations - and includes more than a few famous faces. In episode 3 of British Vogue’s ‘Ask a Legend’ series, Halle Berry pops up to ask the star for songwriting tips for her daughter; Avril Lavigne wants to know about Billie’s future goals; and Sporty Spice is keen to hear her most life-changing moment to date. Her friend Denzel Curry meanwhile, just wants to know: “When am I going to see you again?” Watch the video in full to hear British Vogue’s June cover star on her first date, her favourite song from her own back catalogue, and whether she’d pick fresh sheets over fresh socks.
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Billie Eilish Answers Questions From Justin Bieber & 22 Other Famous Fans

British Vogue
British Vogue 13 дней назад
What would you have asked Billie?
bready Brett
bready Brett 3 дня назад
Black Flame
Black Flame 3 дня назад
Billie, what would you want people to remember about you a hundred years from now?
Dianne Guthrie
Dianne Guthrie 3 дня назад
Why do you look so ridiculous now?
Bianca Nedea
Bianca Nedea 5 дней назад
I would asked If She wants to collaborate with Megan Thee Stallion
Dorothy Parrish
Dorothy Parrish 7 дней назад
Will you be my friend?
Dave Baker
Dave Baker 31 минуту назад
I forget how young she is.
reese elizabeth
reese elizabeth 39 минут назад
the way she gives the same enthusiasm for every single persons name is so cute
Emma Ghysels
Emma Ghysels 2 часа назад
I don't know most of these people lol...😭
Drip Godxxx
Drip Godxxx 2 часа назад
The voice of our generation 💯
shannon parcell
shannon parcell 2 часа назад
So....not to be THAT person....but Billie seems super uncomfortable in those clothes. I'm sure it was her decision but it seems premature. She's not ready. 2 seconds ago she was in mad baggy clothes. Now this? I love her look but I want her to be comfortable, ya know?
Cassie Perryman
Cassie Perryman 3 часа назад
alternate title: Billie Eilish fangirling over celebrities for 19 minutes and 3 seconds
jannatul nayme
jannatul nayme 4 часа назад
I love you with your baggy clothes.who is agree with me???
Yassmine Elmasskaouy
Yassmine Elmasskaouy 2 часа назад
Hannah banana
Hannah banana 4 часа назад
what was the music in the background?
Mwariq 4 часа назад
at least now we know billie doesn't play roblox
simplyvirtuoso 4 часа назад
Love her!
jrbland18 4 часа назад
Emily Ashton
Emily Ashton 9 часов назад
She’s amazing!! Like the fact that this many differentiated celebrities respect and look up to her really reflects on her character. Love love love her
Emily Ashton
Emily Ashton 9 часов назад
She’s amazing!! Like the fact that this many differentiated celebrities respect and look up to her really reflects on her character. Love love love her
Emily Ashton
Emily Ashton 9 часов назад
Sergio Escarfuller
Sergio Escarfuller 11 часов назад
this is tight
Jorgietalks 11 часов назад
She’s officially sold her soul.
Emiliasss Hinesasa
Emiliasss Hinesasa 11 часов назад
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Yash Bhatt
Yash Bhatt 12 часов назад
Jessie 🥺 is so
emaaniee :D
emaaniee :D 13 часов назад
2:07 WITH WHO?
Stuti Mahato
Stuti Mahato 15 часов назад
She went on a date for the Frist time and the grin on her face shows how happy she is ..🥰❤️ i hope that she would meet better person now
MiloMonkey 16 часов назад
Who tryna play roblox with billie and me
ericka marra
ericka marra 16 часов назад
That was fantastic! She is an old wise soul. Love her energy.💜💜
emma brenes
emma brenes 16 часов назад
i love how she shouts everybodys name
John Hewitt
John Hewitt 16 часов назад
She’s soooo phony
K Harlan
K Harlan 17 часов назад
Industry plant ... bummer .
Sombra 18 часов назад
Very E X P L I C I T
Keiauna Hudson
Keiauna Hudson 18 часов назад
Billie girl you are beautiful no matter what you wear🤗🤗💜
ॐ Boi
ॐ Boi 19 часов назад
7:42 Billie isn’t vegan. She rides horses, not vegan. She wears leather, not vegan. She eats flaming hot Cheetos, not vegan. She still needs to go vegan, because even though she thinks she has been, she never has been vegan.
ORANGE 10 часов назад
@miwi 😶
miwi 13 часов назад
@ORANGE yes, some do lol
ORANGE 17 часов назад
@ॐ Boi chips have milk in them??
ॐ Boi
ॐ Boi 17 часов назад
@ORANGE It’s pretty ridiculous how companies put dairy in the most random items. Can we have chips without torturing a cow please?
ORANGE 18 часов назад
Wdym cheetos rnt vegan
Fakeful and Disgraced Slave Class
Fakeful and Disgraced Slave Class 19 часов назад
She played and liked Portal and Portal 2? So random. Not the expected answer I thought I was gonna hear for that question.
ayşenur balcı
ayşenur balcı 22 часа назад
Rosalind Maass
Rosalind Maass 22 часа назад
She does not look good in blonde hair! Bring back the dark hair.
one in a million
one in a million 22 часа назад
stormzy seems to be such a nice and cute person, like just, imagine being his bestie
cyncyncyn 22 часа назад
this hair is so not going with her
oMyBadHairDay 22 часа назад
12:24 - I need this Avril Lavigne feat. Billie Eilish/Billie Eilish feat. Avril Lavigne song to happen before I die. ✨🖤
Daniel Filipe
Daniel Filipe 23 часа назад
Can anyone tell me the name of the background melody?
Kamo Aghbalyan
Kamo Aghbalyan 23 часа назад
does someone know the background slow song?
Halée-Simone 17 часов назад
Tell me if you find out!
Mia Tiller
Mia Tiller 23 часа назад
She needs a movie on her life man
Le Touski
Le Touski День назад
that’s a pretty good concept instead of a dude asking question that the artist already knows
MelLovesToDraw День назад
moa sandblad
moa sandblad День назад
I LOVE U Billie Eilish
Chiraq_ KD
Chiraq_ KD День назад
Ima have to catch a fade with the dude who took her on a date
ms keisha
ms keisha День назад
Ngl the interview was pretty boring and the really close up shots of her face were kind of awkward
[Kit] Melonite
[Kit] Melonite День назад
a note on thrifting as another person that LOVES thrifting, is that I liked the fact that not everyone had this shirt, or jacket, and it made the clothes I picked much more unique to me and myself because I was brought up to be, Me... which is a Unique person.
JAYSON День назад
Seeing Avril gave me the chills 😩❤
James Hisself
James Hisself День назад
I have great respect for her and love her work, but is she really a legend? Let's check back in 10 or 20 years.
Eduardo Cuellar Gutierrez
Eduardo Cuellar Gutierrez День назад
You are a legend 😍❤️
Luna Lee Lee
Luna Lee Lee День назад
Love this, she’s so cute and funny!
Cassie День назад
Billie : "idk why people think I am from London! " Channel name : You are now 😈
Afina Dolinskaia
Afina Dolinskaia День назад
So natural behavior, she remaines herself anyway, like she's so impressed to find out that some big celebrities like Justin Bieber are her fans, but she's also an icon already and she deserves all this
Маша Орал
Маша Орал День назад
В компах канал спросил,"что бы ты сказал Билли" И,я не могу отправить ответ,(хоть там 420ответов) "Я ООЧЕНЬ тебя люблю,рада что ты так много добилась,я смотрю ООЧЕНЬ давно тебя, ❤️"
Cassie День назад
billie hellish said she is honoured because people often think she is a demon.... lol better lol it just lol it
Маша Орал
Маша Орал День назад
Обожаю ее❤️
The Cosmic Dust
The Cosmic Dust День назад
Billie is so beautifully different. Maybe because she's homeschooled, vegan and has supportive family.
Baby Cabo
Baby Cabo День назад
2 Sox my queen. Ion love doe . It’s the ....
HelloKelly День назад
I LOVE HER! You can tell she’s been through a lot being that her fame struck at a young age yet she is so genuine and humble i can’t any wait to see her livening September 😭
TrapXan День назад
2:24 what I came for
Phil J.L Fig
Phil J.L Fig День назад
Those eye brows LOL 😆
E. Nigma
E. Nigma День назад
Kno wshe loves the biebs growing up but I Mglad they put his question when they did, that was easily the least thought provoking or insight providing questions of all of them. Not so 'yummy' JBiebs, just worry about your own clean laundry you social wierdo LOL (jk ofc), love you all, these were so fun to see :D
Udskidt Hotdog
Udskidt Hotdog День назад
Precious' Moments
Precious' Moments День назад
That's great that she has this opportunity! She's come very far, congrats to her!
its me
its me День назад
Can we all take a moment to appreciate missy elliots cut crease
jjmcwill День назад
I'm A 40 year old man. How did I just become obsessed with this musical talent?
Galen Kane
Galen Kane День назад
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niduoe stre
niduoe stre День назад
I love how Billie gave each person a compliment before answering the question.🥰
Alison Piccalo
Alison Piccalo День назад
Billie is starting to act a lot more scripted
M J День назад
billie hellish said she is honoured because people often think she is a demon.... lol better lol it just lol it
Makayla Brown
Makayla Brown День назад
I swear i could listen to this woman talk for hours and never get bored. Everything she says is either extremely related or so deep and inspiring.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre День назад
Billie eillish where do you live
Johmathan .B. Swift
Johmathan .B. Swift День назад
This is as good as ASMR , or watching golf for taking a nap.
Midorixian День назад
What about the "Justin Bieber & 22 famous fans" thing
E. Nigma
E. Nigma День назад
Great - so when is the full four hour version being released? ;D
Darion Escobar
Darion Escobar День назад
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IGultimate День назад
jayden День назад
Mark_Bar День назад
OMG This is really scary. Slipped from cool to underground. What is that supposed to represent? Extremely unattractive 👽👎🏼
Elle День назад
I teared up when I saw Avril! 👑
Yasmin День назад
She reminds me of Carl from Shameless.
Jeffrey Myers
Jeffrey Myers День назад
I've sen all the meat and dairy Industries video and all it did was make me want a burger
Jeffrey Myers
Jeffrey Myers День назад
This shot is sooo cringe. And vegan is the stupidest thing you can do for your health. Missing in sooo many vitamins.
Alvin Seebarratt
Alvin Seebarratt День назад
Like the vibez Billie's goin for💖💖
E. Nigma
E. Nigma День назад
Does she understand how much most everyone falls more and more in love with her being, on almost like a frustratingly and beautiful deep spirit-sister/mama level when she answers questions that resonate deeply with your being. Just me? :D
SugarFlash Lord Sisters
SugarFlash Lord Sisters 2 дня назад
Billie eillish where do you live
SugarFlash Lord Sisters
SugarFlash Lord Sisters 2 дня назад
And your clothes
SugarFlash Lord Sisters
SugarFlash Lord Sisters 2 дня назад
And I like your makeup
SugarFlash Lord Sisters
SugarFlash Lord Sisters 2 дня назад
Billie I like your hair
SugarFlash Lord Sisters
SugarFlash Lord Sisters 2 дня назад
SugarFlash Lord Sisters
SugarFlash Lord Sisters 2 дня назад
Billie where do you live
SugarFlash Lord Sisters
SugarFlash Lord Sisters 2 дня назад
Or 18 years old
SugarFlash Lord Sisters
SugarFlash Lord Sisters 2 дня назад
Billie I’m 5 years old and I think your 19
SugarFlash Lord Sisters
SugarFlash Lord Sisters 2 дня назад
Shourya N
Shourya N 2 дня назад
Is it just me... or she doesn’t seem like herself :( She’s not wearing her same clothes. She doesn’t seem that care free and she looks like she can’t give a real reaction even though it seems like she rlly wants to. I wanna see her in her normal baggy clothes and her style and her real personality :( Bc she’s amazing that way. I also think her songs have changed like that. Her newest songs sound way diff and not like her style. She’s starting to sound like a typical pop star instead of her own voice and her own style :(
Youtuber101 День назад
@Shourya N I’m ngl I didn’t read anything that u said in the paragraph I just replied to it with ‘no’.
Shourya N
Shourya N День назад
@RUchatr101 ?
Youtuber101 День назад
clara remy
clara remy 2 дня назад
I'm sorry but how did Billie not shout when she saw that the actual TIM BURTON took his time to ask her a question ?!
Hobi- wan-kanobi
Hobi- wan-kanobi 2 дня назад
Why yall did her like that in the thumbnail tho😭
Let's Talk Cents
Let's Talk Cents 2 дня назад
My question would be , did lockdown help you digest some of the sudden fame to help ground yourself back out.
Let's Talk Cents
Let's Talk Cents 2 дня назад
Hes right. Her songwriting ability is what makes her the ART
Let's Talk Cents
Let's Talk Cents 2 дня назад
Billie i am jacked that ur two songs are the 2 songs i can not get enough of. Ilomilo and I love you both have ao much HEART
Let's Talk Cents
Let's Talk Cents 2 дня назад
I think its cool that this is her 3rd year of the vogue interviews.
Hezel Chesca
Hezel Chesca 2 дня назад
"The feeling of content"
Salomé Bdh
Salomé Bdh 2 дня назад
Aren’t we gonna talk about the fact that justin bieber is the only one with the least interesting question? It seems like he doesn’t care 😂
carly suessenbach
carly suessenbach 2 дня назад
Billie????? Is that u???
ShredderTainment 2 дня назад
Question for Billy: do you still practice aerial acrobatics and would you ever want aerialists in your shows? If so, can you please pick me to perform with you? I do aerial fire acrobatics with all the hoops and whips!🔥💞 Thank you for being so passionate about music! Good luck on the dating game. I’m guessing it would be very difficult at your level of fame. I have had enough struggles and I’m only locally famous😋. Okay, much Love and contentment to all reading this!!!
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