Ava Max - My Head & My Heart [Official Audio]

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Ava Max

2 месяца назад

"My Head & My Heart" Available Now
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Kevin Stephens
Kevin Stephens Час назад
0:35 ━❍──────── -5:32 My head and my heart ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺ VOLUME: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 10000%
Ava Max
Ava Max 7 часов назад
Love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mahdi Ghasemi
Mahdi Ghasemi 7 часов назад
Mahdi Ghasemi
Mahdi Ghasemi 7 часов назад
Mahdi Ghasemi
Mahdi Ghasemi 7 часов назад
Joey 25 Darde
Joey 25 Darde 10 часов назад
Si vous chercher l’original c’est la atc all around the world
Arevik Makaryan
Arevik Makaryan 10 часов назад
I like 👍 Ava max my head & my heart ❤️ 🎶 music 🎼
Arevik Makaryan
Arevik Makaryan 10 часов назад
I love ❤️ Ava max song 🎵 and this is beautiful 😻 kiss 😘
Sofia Sican
Sofia Sican 15 часов назад
cool music also it sounds like all around the world xd
Val’s bored again
Val’s bored again День назад
I’m literally overwhelmed by how much UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING MUSIC that Ava has been coming out with. It’s just unrealistic lol
Веси Попова
Веси Попова День назад
Aryan Kembale
Aryan Kembale День назад
All around the world copy
Brody Pankowski
Brody Pankowski День назад
She has such a beautiful voice
Axel M
Axel M День назад
If someone is looking for the original version (1998).. "Pesenka" by Ruki wwerch , a russian dance project. Later (2000) covered by german ATC band as "Around the world"
Thatrandommulletguy День назад
This has the same background music at the start as utfa
Lubchen74 Ukraina
Lubchen74 Ukraina 2 дня назад
Super geil!!!!!!!!
youtuber 2 дня назад
ATC - Around The World (La La La La La)
Alice Pereira
Alice Pereira 2 дня назад
Валерый Клімянкоў
Валерый Клімянкоў 2 дня назад
Руки Вверх -Песенка вечный хит.
Love it 😍 Ava Max done a great job
Jacob Liquet
Jacob Liquet 2 дня назад
I keep telling people how amazing she is😍😍 and when people talk trash about her I'm going to talk trash about them cause they don't have good taste in music or good people Ava max if ur reading this ur amazing,don't let anyone tell u different
Sol Maldonado
Sol Maldonado 3 дня назад
I love ittttt
OffdaRoots 3 дня назад
YT auto recommended next song: Joel Corry: head and heart 🤷‍♂️
Hungry Hamburger
Hungry Hamburger 3 дня назад
at least she has normal hair...
Alyzza the roblox god
Alyzza the roblox god 3 дня назад
I viben to this
GenjiBoshi 3 дня назад
Zoya Syed
Zoya Syed 3 дня назад
I listen to this and I be like: Around the world?! (Lalalalala)
Brody Pankowski
Brody Pankowski 4 дня назад
This song is great
An2021 4 дня назад
Ava max te dua
Evivox 4 дня назад
What a copy
Cezary Muchowiecki
Cezary Muchowiecki 3 дня назад
Atc all around the world
Jacob Liquet
Jacob Liquet 5 дней назад
She's so amazing and her work is way beyond anything I've heard I love it.
Maja #Teambeki
Maja #Teambeki 5 дней назад
I go and I sign: lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala ❤️🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵
Monsieur Bacteria
Monsieur Bacteria 5 дней назад
Damn this is kinda Like house music
Mi Amora Cadanza
Mi Amora Cadanza 5 дней назад
Ava Max is the best wahooo
Reeja Babu
Reeja Babu 5 дней назад
Love Ava mAx❤️
PanaRalf LP
PanaRalf LP 6 дней назад
All around the world is probably the most sampled song and every song that is sampled from this is a masterpiece! I love All around the world versions!
dracolina sus
dracolina sus 6 дней назад
This is a masterpiece. Screw all the other famous songs, this has to be number one.
Mark VMD
Mark VMD 6 дней назад
Kernow Down time
Kernow Down time 6 дней назад
So like Touch of class All around the world 🔥🔥🔥🔥R3HAB .
Sourabh Playzz
Sourabh Playzz 6 дней назад
Why is she so underrated ??? This song is a master piece.
Ro-Ro_guinea_pig guinea_pig
Ro-Ro_guinea_pig guinea_pig 7 дней назад
It goes around the world lalalala
1 2
1 2 7 дней назад
Since listened so am i.. and then click others... kings n queens , whos laughing now, omg whats happening, take to the hell, etc... love all those songs !!!
Gianluca Pasqualini
Gianluca Pasqualini 7 дней назад
Chriz Jamez
Chriz Jamez 8 дней назад
this will be nr 1 all around the world for sure ! Well done Ava!
Hailey Satterthwaite
Hailey Satterthwaite 8 дней назад
Andrew Hienz
Andrew Hienz 8 дней назад
Việt Duy Hoàng
Việt Duy Hoàng 8 дней назад
All around the world & Blue (daba dee... ): hey, how's it going my children, Some say and My head my heart ?
Giovanni San
Giovanni San 8 дней назад
Tutti copiando curmayeur
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne 9 дней назад
The sample is PERFECT
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne 9 дней назад
Ok...this song is amazing
James Cormier
James Cormier 9 дней назад
Good job I are good
Thomas Reinthaler
Thomas Reinthaler 9 дней назад
big parts from all around the world by atc
Viv’s Toy Tales
Viv’s Toy Tales 9 дней назад
I love her songs!
Marvin Wessels
Marvin Wessels 9 дней назад
The only song from hert,hat i like
Puoliverinenprinsessa 9 дней назад
упоротый_апельсин 10 дней назад
Всё новое, это хорошо забытое старое (с)
Saw Dust
Saw Dust 10 дней назад
I have yet to hear a mediocre or bad song from ava Max. I'm not even tryna be cheesy but she is just that good
Hamza Benabdeslem
Hamza Benabdeslem 10 дней назад
Omg I love how Ava uses stuff from 00s that all of us love (barbie girl, and now this!)
petre 10 дней назад
made by JONAS BLUE :x
Noelle Hughes Seitz
Noelle Hughes Seitz 11 дней назад
I love you ava max I want see your concerts omg I love you ava!
Donna Brown
Donna Brown 11 дней назад
The la la la part was bugging me cause it brought another song to mind and I couldn't figure it out for the life of me finally did 2 in the morning Girlicious not exactly but so close that this song made that song come back to mind lol 😆
lena p
lena p 11 дней назад
Around the world
Ivan Stragan
Ivan Stragan 11 дней назад
This tune will go ALL AROUND THE WORLD LIKE LALALALALA!!! 😉 This is how you do a remix.
John Blake
John Blake 12 дней назад
“Around the World” came out when I was 15. I remember being at the “under 21 - club” and being in the middle of everyone cheering me on dancing cuz it was my ish! I’m 42 now. Dang...
Steve Collins
Steve Collins 13 дней назад
Best version or resample of some super cool songs 👍
Its Fabrizius
Its Fabrizius 13 дней назад
Rony tom raj
Rony tom raj 13 дней назад
Ava max ❤
Karno Naik
Karno Naik 13 дней назад
Really awesome sONg☑️☑️☑️
Ian O
Ian O 13 дней назад
The Beat and Melody of this music makes me wonder of Lady Gaga's "Free Woman" from her new Album "CHROMATICA" but this is a wonderful and inspiring song.KEEP GOING IN 2021,AVA!!! =)
Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed 13 дней назад
Madi 14 дней назад
I love this song🥰 I'm from Poland🇵🇱
Ben999max 14 дней назад
No credit for ATC
Abdelbasset Mdaini
Abdelbasset Mdaini 14 дней назад
La la la la la...
natalia r
natalia r 14 дней назад
A: Awsome V: Valiant A: Amazing voice M: Master A: Adorable X: Xenas
Daniel Morita
Daniel Morita 14 дней назад
te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
JK’s #1 BITCH 15 дней назад
Adrian Dropinski
Adrian Dropinski 15 дней назад
Kto słucha w 2k21
Jada Lynne
Jada Lynne 15 дней назад
I found this on my radio and I was like OMG I FLIPEN LOVE THIS!!!!!!!
aomar abdallah
aomar abdallah 15 дней назад
I LIKE YOU 💟💟💟💟💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Leah Dale
Leah Dale 15 дней назад
I love this Song. I love your remx one
DEATHROID 07 GAMING 15 дней назад
All aroundthe world remix
flkajfd frier
flkajfd frier 15 дней назад
I will never ever get tired of this melody no matter how many times it get reused.
Maxim Z
Maxim Z 16 дней назад
Around the world
Dilek Sağın
Dilek Sağın 16 дней назад
2021 😅
hereIam 16 дней назад
Okay i had nothing against you but that just sucks, like seriously stealing a beat and literally ripped the verse? That’s just... ugh thief....
JK’s #1 BITCH 12 часов назад
@hereIam I found out lol, but there are many songs with this melody
hereIam День назад
@JK’s #1 BITCH all around the world lmao
JK’s #1 BITCH 15 дней назад
Chillllllll, there’s gotta be an explanation to this
Bobaka _BG
Bobaka _BG 17 дней назад
ATC are better
Oaklynplaysroblox 17 дней назад
This should go viral 🥺!
Сергей Деньгин
Сергей Деньгин 17 дней назад
А мне вот это больше нравится, чем другие похожие песни
Jacob Sable
Jacob Sable 18 дней назад
This song sounds exactly like around the world (la la la la la)
Michaelis Christen
Michaelis Christen 18 дней назад
I love this Song so much
quaresma kina
quaresma kina 19 дней назад
Just nice song. I love you so much.
TRIXER_55 19 дней назад
This song is stuck in my head in a good way
Jonasz Koran-Mekka
Jonasz Koran-Mekka 19 дней назад
2:16 it sounds similar to some song I cant remember its name. Anyone can help me?
JK’s #1 BITCH 15 дней назад
All around the world (la la la la la)
The Kid LAROI.
The Kid LAROI. 19 дней назад
Diego Alejandro Barrera Hoyos
Diego Alejandro Barrera Hoyos 19 дней назад
esta cancion originalmente es tuya o de r3hab un que creo que esta es mejor
Igor 19 дней назад
I have this heart 😠
Berht Red
Berht Red 20 дней назад
Arabela M
Arabela M 20 дней назад
Ramesh Chintu
Ramesh Chintu 20 дней назад
Love from india hyd super song ✌🤘
DasPolarlichtlein 20 дней назад
_how pathetic when you don't have your own ideas (or they are just garbage) and have to use melodies or samples from other artists, but the song still sounds awful. typical wannabe american uniform- and mass filth_ 🤣
DasPolarlichtlein 13 дней назад
@JK’s #1 BITCH oh...ok. thanks. now i understand...
JK’s #1 BITCH 13 дней назад
@DasPolarlichtlein the acronym stands for ‘I guess’
DasPolarlichtlein 13 дней назад
@JK’s #1 BITCH what do you mean by "ig" ? i'm not familiar with the "chat" abbreviations.
JK’s #1 BITCH 13 дней назад
@DasPolarlichtlein ig
DasPolarlichtlein 13 дней назад
@JK’s #1 BITCH ok. maybe it's said a bit harsh...but unfortunately it's the truth. quality music is dead...almost. crappy music rules the industry. low quality tracks mass-produced for quick money and fame, that lasts not that long. and nothing against the usa in general...there are good and decent people out there...but fact is, the most "garbage" comes from north america.
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