12 Year Old Boy Humiliates Simon Cowell

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8 лет назад

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to this video, I don't make money off this video - Fremantle - Britain's Got Talent owns the rights and monetizes this video. As for the title yes, its a clickbait but aren't you glad you saw the video... :)
Original Title: Simon Cowell Humiliates a 12-Year-Old Boy
(Don't let the title fool you!) After Simon's typical rude behavior stopped this boy (Shaheen Jafargholi) from performing his first choice of a song, he went a different route...and blew everyone away! Even Simon. What a God-given talent.
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Linda Cox
Linda Cox 4 часа назад
Humiliated? Really? Where?
Ryan Grey
Ryan Grey 8 часов назад
1:45 just Simon flipping off the kid
Heather Mallory
Heather Mallory 8 часов назад
Mini Mendes
Owlqbdaban Wvqnsvakqbd
Owlqbdaban Wvqnsvakqbd 10 часов назад
ఆ ఆi love u girl
Maria Tor
Maria Tor 10 часов назад
Does anyone know what was happen with this young man after 8 years from that event?? He deserve all of recognition for his wonderful voice! 👏🎉❤
Robin Wright
Robin Wright 12 часов назад
The title is so misleading. It should have been how Simon helped this kid showcase his talent.
Hayden kennedy
Hayden kennedy 13 часов назад
he sounds like a girl
Rylan Criss
Rylan Criss 13 часов назад
Rylan Criss
Rylan Criss 13 часов назад
this is terrible
J.K. Hendrix
J.K. Hendrix 14 часов назад
Hmmm...silly me. Why was I expecting something other than Cowell giving the kid a second chance when he struggled with his planned audition song? WTF was I thinking?
Lisa Alaniz
Lisa Alaniz 15 часов назад
No humiliation Simon helped the kid out and he was right about him That kid is very talented and can sing really awesome I say good job simon👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Drew 15 часов назад
I dont think the first song was even bad, am I just tone deaf? Though of course the second song was incredible
Owlqbdaban Wvqnsvakqbd
Owlqbdaban Wvqnsvakqbd 16 часов назад
if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray
Leonel Perez
Leonel Perez 16 часов назад
1:56 look at simon hand, just why
Cat Lib
Cat Lib 16 часов назад
Dood, he just wanted us to press this, so he'll get more views. me: that's not how you should get subscribers. him: ok, so? Me: wtv. Him: ...
Greyson Shannon
Greyson Shannon 16 часов назад
me to
Jairo Lugardo
Jairo Lugardo 16 часов назад
DarkSide Mayne
DarkSide Mayne 17 часов назад
i thought he was gonna - wh- whaaaaa?
BEHZAD ASKARI 18 часов назад
Jacqueline Calleja
Jacqueline Calleja 18 часов назад
Awesome audition !!
yvonne Conte
yvonne Conte 18 часов назад
simon did not get humiliated at all...not even close Cheep way to get someone to watch you vids.
DeltaRed1 19 часов назад
Did Simon flip the kid off
Sea Asmr
Sea Asmr 19 часов назад
Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcbn vnmm1234567890@#$&*()’”%-+=/;:,.
Fernando Dean
Fernando Dean 23 часа назад
ఆ ఆi love u girl
Andreas День назад
Wouldnt surprise me in the least if that wasnt all rehearsed beforehand
MaMa Sans
MaMa Sans День назад
how the hell does a regular video nothing special about it get 113 Mil views. something not right
Arsen Arut
Arsen Arut День назад
really good
Breakz Torres
Breakz Torres День назад
Wooow keep going really Good stay safe po
Mesay Malinao
Mesay Malinao День назад
Wow amazing and nice😲
Txsla Whitt
Txsla Whitt День назад
dang, I thought there was gonna be like a 12 year old singing a dis track about Simon
Jackson Falkum
Jackson Falkum День назад
Frost День назад
cagate en tu mai
Owqkdbanabd Wdkqkqdbaa
Owqkdbanabd Wdkqkqdbaa День назад
ఆ ఆi love u girl
MAK День назад
old but good
GamerBoy1888 День назад
hes 20 now
Trevor McClark
Trevor McClark День назад
Freeman Laurie
Freeman Laurie День назад
0:22 my love video :X
Libra the Blue
Libra the Blue День назад
2:27 That moment when you predict 💩 and you're luckily right 😂
Nasreen Anwar
Nasreen Anwar День назад
OMGG that boy was in grandpa in my pocket
Nasreen Anwar
Nasreen Anwar День назад
You would know if you watched the show
Karen LaFrance
Karen LaFrance День назад
This seems like it was planned.
junaid ayaan
junaid ayaan День назад
harsh simon
hyedenny День назад
So, where's the "humiliation?" Someone needs a dictionary.
Toothdoc 9 часов назад
Right I know I was waiting for the humiliation. Too
Sandi Graham
Sandi Graham 14 часов назад
Good p
itsveronicaj 22 часа назад
To get people to watch
AL Mangaya
AL Mangaya 22 часа назад
o lol
Peter Oyetade
Peter Oyetade День назад
90 subs before 2021?
90 subs before 2021? День назад
his moms name is karen that is a oof
Dave Bova
Dave Bova День назад
the title is just to attract viewers. Humiliated He saved the boy from humiliating himself.
Paulette Yellovich
Paulette Yellovich День назад
He's so darn cute with those dimples. Good vocals too!
Norma Adame
Norma Adame День назад
I don’t understand how Simon got humiliated, he brought the best out of the little boy
Jessica TV
Jessica TV День назад
Great video I enjoyed it
Freddy Christensen
Freddy Christensen День назад
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan
Owqkdbabsb Sbqnsbaaj
Owqkdbabsb Sbqnsbaaj День назад
Bham Bass
Bham Bass День назад
Great video with a misleading title.
Nirmala Moodley
Nirmala Moodley 2 дня назад
Simon you touched the right cord to discover this budding artist in the making. Great Spirit Simon . AGT is a magnificent platform showcasing talent in its highest. Mrs Neermala Devi Moodley Umkomaas S.A.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 2 дня назад
He didn't just go with his mum, he went with his single mum! This is why I can't watch TV
Constance Harrison
Constance Harrison 2 дня назад
1:40 dog: help my please
Aria Will
Aria Will 2 дня назад
1:19 to 1:40 Simon asks the boy what else do you sing
Helene Fields
Helene Fields 2 дня назад
1:40 dog: help my please
Kameryn Simpson
Kameryn Simpson 2 дня назад
That was the day before i was born
Mano G
Mano G 2 дня назад
Isn't Simon a real arsehole? He simply has no manner of talking to young people without humiliating them.
James Wong
James Wong 2 дня назад
I'm liking this video only based on the title.
Denden Papilota
Denden Papilota 2 дня назад
I’m here because my teacher was showing a vid about exercising and saw this vid in the recommendation so I’m here
F DAC 2 дня назад
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James Watson Atheist Gamer
James Watson Atheist Gamer День назад
All gods are myths.
quacky 2 дня назад
112mil views omg
Kscott McCauslin
Kscott McCauslin 2 дня назад
he didnt get humiliated at all. he mearly tested the boy in him.
Jon Surrogate
Jon Surrogate 2 дня назад
I cant see how he humiliates Simon Cowell, he sings another song which was great and if Simon had not of stopped him in the first song we would not of heard how great this young lad was.
Axis Realm
Axis Realm 2 дня назад
Karen called the manager oh frick
Josef Klus
Josef Klus 2 дня назад
Either that restart was staged, or Simon knew the kid could do much better. Music already onhand in a split-second's notice? Uh-uh. But all shows need drama to keep audiences. Just look at the pauses judges take now film editors put the clips together.
Cliff Farmer
Cliff Farmer 2 дня назад
EMILIE SUMBU 2 дня назад
He is such a good singer 🤩🤩🤩. But i don’t get why it says “ simon get humiliated “ first of all that’s false. Anyways stay safe, stay home and have a good day 💕
Lola Nino
Lola Nino 2 дня назад
Suk it Simon...👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Hipolito Shepherd
Hipolito Shepherd 2 дня назад
Is my is my mother goose club out
Extremejaime Ninja
Extremejaime Ninja 2 дня назад
Omg that kid is Troy from grandad in my pocket
Yones Taha
Yones Taha 2 дня назад
the boy when he starts roasting simon
Nabaasa Richard
Nabaasa Richard 2 дня назад
Nice singer
Gaming time
Gaming time 2 дня назад
You lied he did not humalate Simon
Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter 2 дня назад
I couldn't really tell HOW good a singer he actually is, bc of the audience's screaming, clapping & hollaring. I don't even know how THEY could have really heard it either. It sounded more like Showtime The Apollo Theatre in Harlem than a talent show where the contestants are listened to instead of being screamed at.
Huh 2 дня назад
Okay but the irony of a young boy singing whos loving you by MJ. 👀
Owqkdbabsb Sbqnsbaaj
Owqkdbabsb Sbqnsbaaj 2 дня назад
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan
The New Voice
The New Voice 2 дня назад
Hello! I will be very glad if You check out my first song. Your opinion is important to me :)
Nbzzmkzjhzbzjzjz Bbzkzkzjzjz
Nbzzmkzjhzbzjzjz Bbzkzkzjzjz 2 дня назад
Love you
emily atilano
emily atilano 2 дня назад
I see simon middle finger
Ed 3 дня назад
This is such a setup its obvious. This was one of Michael Jacksons special little friends, and the kid sang at his funeral. Pffy Hollywood, and all the simpletons buy into Simon and the entertainment industry... but its so dishonest.
Crystal Dillehay
Crystal Dillehay 4 часа назад
R u joking? Or for real?
Bob's house
Bob's house 3 дня назад
Get out of the u.s.a.,get out.
Ant Wilson
Ant Wilson 3 дня назад
My guy looking like shark boy
Ching Chang
Ching Chang 3 дня назад
Wow he is 20 years old now
Wavy Verte
Wavy Verte 3 дня назад
Simon is a Genius fr.
Lillian Rexing
Lillian Rexing 3 дня назад
I think the boy should not be embaresed
Javon Edenfield
Javon Edenfield 3 дня назад
This kids going somewhere
sabina S
sabina S 3 дня назад
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Jessicatheundefeated Malcolm
Jessicatheundefeated Malcolm 3 дня назад
I think this boy sang beautifully and happy how he disappointed Simon
lorilee rios
lorilee rios 3 дня назад
¡Bonita criatura, bonita voz!
wait till he hits puberty
Sassafras Paul
Sassafras Paul 3 дня назад
Disagree with the title, but think this young man is phenomenal!!! He has a strong voice and so unshakable! Thank you, Simon Cowell for guiding this young talent!!
Sloane Mitchell
Sloane Mitchell 3 дня назад
Very nice.. not as soulful but a very good rendition....
Oh adams
Oh adams 3 дня назад
He did not humiliate him he is a genius who knows where the strengths are and he was out of tune in Amy wine house song. So he gave hi. Another chance and it worked well
Shelley McLean
Shelley McLean 3 дня назад
This boy did not humiliate Simon at all. This was a great call on Simon‘s part. It really shows what is young guys voice can really do. WTG Simon
BabaJaiy День назад
Exactly...and actually when you see Simon do something like this it's because he sees they have potential and wants to make sure they have a good audition through a good song choice for their talent. Otherwise he will just let them continue and buzz or give a no at the end.
Maximo Rosario
Maximo Rosario 3 дня назад
Quarantine OOF
Hazael Flores
Hazael Flores 3 дня назад
Hazael Flores
Hazael Flores 3 дня назад
Andrei Gunko
Andrei Gunko 3 дня назад
01:56 You are not gonna win this contest, kid!
GamerAllDayAlex 3 дня назад
Bruh, Simon Humiliated The Boy... LOL
Ibrahim Faisal
Ibrahim Faisal 3 дня назад
Simon is very stupid
His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!
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